Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e07 Episode Script

Born to Direct

[opening theme music plays]
-[sirens blaring]
-[horn honking]
[tires screech]
[blaring continues]
I am City Fire Chief, Freya McCloud,
here to give you
three important fire safety tips
for your school.
One, if you see an area of your school
that doesn't have a smoke detector,
let your principal know.
Two, if you hear a steady
beeping from a smoke detector,
tell an adult the battery needs changing.
And finally, four,
in case of an actual fire,
have an escape plan.
Oh, cut! Four? [groans]
There are three tips, three!
Why do I keep messing that up?
Sorry, everyone.
[Billy] That was awesome, Aunt Freya!
Award-worthy! Have some water.
[yells] No time!
Oh! Sorry.
I'm on unfamiliar ground.
This could be so epic!
What if we dolly back
from an extreme close-up
to a reverse truck-in
with a smoke detector
in the background?
That does sound "epic,"
but I need to direct more scenes,
act, edit and send this film
to all the local schools
by tomorrow afternoon.
Oh, a wide release.
[sighs] Why do I do this to myself?
I have so many other things to do.
I'm not a movie person.
I'll direct for you!
I totally have a vision for your video!
Maddy's even made a couple
of her own movies.
In the park.
I can do this!
"Above the line! Match cut."
See? I speak film!
[bright music]
Well, I do need
to get back to the station.
Promise me you'll keep it simple?
No "epic" necessary.
So simple.
Just like my extended cut
of Maddy: Into the Maddy-verse.
Back to one, people!
Billy, you're promoted to star!
[anxious music]
Uh, Maddy, the script seems a lot,
uh, different from what the Chief wanted.
[nervous chuckle]
Yeah, now it's closer to my vision.
Hmm. Feldman, can you give the shot
a little more oomph? A little more
[Madison growls like a tiger]
Uh [nervous chuckle]
That's okay. Maybe I can
Oh, yeah, that's it!
You know what? I'll just hold it.
[nervous chuckle]
Have a great day!
Fire safety tips PSA,
"Tell the Principal."
-Take one.
[screams] Unexpectedly loud!
[Madison] Okay, Billy, you're walking,
you're looking for the smoke detector
[stumbling in background]
Where's all those lights
we had a minute ago?
[Madison groaning] Cut!
[ominous music]
And look for the smoke detector!
[Clemmons screaming]
There's no smoke detector!
[Madison] Cut! That'll work!
Good ad-lib, Clemmons! Moving on.
[pensive music]
This is a lot more complicated
than Aunt Freya was planning.
Yeah, my vision has more, "Wow,"
more, "Whoosh."
Okay, Feldman,
for the lighting on the next scene
Where'd she go? Where's Roastie?
I think they thought
you had it under control,
so they left.
Oh. Okay.
I'm sure I can handle
directing and lighting together.
Let's keep this going!
B-Dog, baby, you were
sensational, by the way.
You're really going after him
in this scene.
You want the facts!
I have just one question for you
Principal Schwartz.
-[sound cutting in and out]
-Where were you
on the morning of April 7th?
[makes wizard-y noises]
By the cloak of Ilsgord
the slightly chilly!
That's a cut on sound rehearsal!
Take five, everyone!
[mystery music]
Is that you holding a map?
Yes! Founders Day, long ago when I was
but a sorcerer's apprentice.
It was the last day anyone saw
the original map of the City.
Original? What happened to it?
The map disappeared
just after this photo was taken.
Actually, I think somebody said
one of the older businesses
in town had it, but I forget which.
[mysterious music continues]
Hey, Clemmons,
I was thinking, for this shot
Actually, can I tweak the mic a little?
-[mic thumps]
There. You know what, Clemmons?
Why don't I take it for this shot?
-What's up, B-Cool?
No, it's okay, you stay focused.
I'll tell you later.
Well, if I'm not doing sound,
I'm going back to firefighting.
It's safer and more relaxing, anyway.
Where was I that day?
I was in the east hall,
greeting my young wizard-lings,
I mean, students.
[Billy] Did you look up?
Did you or did you not see
there's no smoke detector there?
[Madison] And cut! Let's move on, people.
With Feldman and Clemmons gone,
you could bring someone in to help you.
Nah. Then I'd have to train 'em,
and there's not enough time.
Aunt Freya wanted this
to be simple, remember?
Yeah, it'll be simply amazing!
[Madison groans in annoyance]
Okay, Billy,
it's you and the smoke detector.
The big showdown!
[dramatic showdown music]
And you're hit by the beeps!
[groaning dramatically]
You got me!
Oh! [dying groans]
[Madison] Cut!
[light music]
Maybe we should get a take
of someone actually saying,
"If the smoke detector is beeping,
tell an adult to change the battery?"
It's already there, if you pay attention
to the subtext.
[Madison] Hey, Harl,
could you help me out?
That's what I do!
Maybe we could try
an angle from over here
Or we could rig up a dolly
and some track
My idea is pretty complex.
Why don't I cover this shot for you?
Sure! If the best way
I can help is to leave,
I'll see you later!
Before you go, can you make sure
the drone camera is ready outside?
You bet!
Okay, your entire crew has left.
And the video is due
in just a couple hours.
[Billy] Unless you want this
to turn out really bad
Great emotion, B-Money.
Channel that for our action packed ending!
[dramatic action music]
Come with me if you want to escape.
I have a plan for all of us.
[Madison] And run for the window!
Keep moving forward!
One at a time! Keep calm!
[Madison] Cut! On to the drone shot!
-[drone buzzing]
-[light music]
Maddy, what is your vision for this video?
Because I honestly can't figure it out.
It's You know how
I guess I can't explain it.
But I can see it in my head!
Okay, everybody, this is the last shot.
Make it zowie!
[drone buzzing]
And you're exiting the school
calmly and safely
[Billy distantly] Keep moving forward!
One at a time! Keep calm!
Better make sure the drone's mic
can pick up the dialog.
[Madison yelping]
-[threatening music]
[Madison] Cut! That's a wrap!
Seeing all the footage together
[groans] It's terrible.
It's not even close to what I imagined.
Maybe I should have figured out
how to explain my vision
before I started filming.
Yeah, and the crew might've stuck around.
And maybe they would've had
some great ideas
I hadn't thought of,
if I was willing to listen,
and this would have been so great
and what your aunt wanted.
She'll be here any minute.
And she's gonna be ticked off.
Don't worry.
I think you actually got some cool shots.
We'll make something awesome
with what's here.
I have a vision, Rad Mad!
"Rad Mad?"
And later, I'll tell you
about a lead I picked up today
about the founding of the City.
I am City Fire Chief, Freya McCloud,
here to give you
three important fire safety tips
for your school.
Did you see
there's no smoke detector there?
[Freya] One, if you see an area
of your school
that doesn't have a smoke detector,
let your principal know.
Two, if you hear a steady beeping
from a smoke detector,
tell an adult the battery needs changing.
And finally, have an escape plan.
-[suspenseful music]
You got the message across,
and you made it fun!
Everyone can enjoy this!
That was my
our vision!
Oh! Maddy, we could have you
direct a series of videos
with fire safety tips!
We could even do a series
with police safety tips!
Everyone loves sequels, right?
[closing theme music]
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