Lego City Adventures (2019) s04e06 Episode Script

The Trojan Slooshie

[opening theme music plays]
[siren blaring]
[horn honks]
[tires screech]
[blaring continues]
Volunteer junior officers Billy McCloud
and Madison Yea reporting for duty,
Chief Wheeler, sir!
That's, "Reporting for duty, dude!"
Ah, it's so rad of you to spend
"Serve Your Community Day"
here at the station house,
or as we like to call it,
"Excitement Central!"
[keyboard clacks]
[sarcastic voice] Oh, yeah.
Feeling the rush.
Since it's a slow day,
could I use my laptop's
cloud account to access
your connection
to the City Library's digitized archive?
I'm data-sifting
on whose family founded the City.
[wheels rattling]
Maddy, we're supposed to be here
to serve our community.
You don't think finally finding out
who founded the City
is a service to our community?
Besides, can you imagine any situation
where the police would need our help?
Anyone know
what this hippy-dippy thing is?
All the rainbow who-hah stuff woke me up.
[comical music sting]
It's a Slooshie machine!
It makes frozen drinks.
This one's got three flavors
Mango, Consommé
and one called Pirate's Cove.
"Pirate's Cove?"
It's blue.
Why not just say, "blue flavor?"
Looks like maybe it's a gift.
"Thanks for the great work!
Sincerely, the City."
There's no way this isn't legit.
There are kittens on the card!
Let's totally pour some Slooshies
and toast our terrific taxpayers!
I'll grab Maddy!
[Madison] Billy, this is incredible!
The City's original charter
was miss-filed in the Library Archives.
And it mentions an old map
drawn up by whoever founded the City.
We need that map!
Yup! And get this, the charter says,
"the City founder owns the land
for all time!"
Whoa, this is huge!
Let's go get a Slooshie
and come back to this!
Alright, let's raise our cups
of icy fruit,
or soup, or blue pirate
to the City we serve!
Fendrich and Sinclair both think
their families founded the City.
Yeah. Next thing we do
is run an archive search
for their names and
[moans and groans]
Sweet jumpin' socks and cupcakes! My head!
They've got brain freeze!
[Wheeler] I'm toast.
Please, tell my half-pipe,
I thought she was rad.
This isn't just brain freeze, Maddy,
it's glacial brain freeze.
Some nefarious criminal tricked us
with free drinks and innovative flavors.
Good thing
the Institute for Brain Freeze Research
is right here at City Hospital,
best in the world.
Let's get everyone over there fast.
Didn't you have any Slooshie?
Sure I did. This is my second cup.
-[tense music]
Oh! That's bad! Aggh!
You know,
I'm starting to imagine a situation
where the police would need our help.
[whimpering, groans]
You kids were just in time.
We're not specialists in this area
But the entire force has a serious case
of Glacial Brain Freeze.
For now, we can only treat the symptoms.
But mark my words,
one day, we will find a cure!
[both] This we swear!
Okay um
Thanks, Doctor Flieber.
Thanks, Doctor Spetzel.
Duke! Go with
the other officers!
You need treatment!
No! I must stop the
crooks that did this!
-[phone ringing]
-[Duke groans]
-[phone ringing]
[Hubert] Hello? Officer DeTain,
I'm so sorry to bother you
but no one's picking up
at the police station.
Little Hubert?
Duke can't come
to the phone right now.
Are you okay?
I'm fine,
but there are bandits here
with an ice cream truck.
They've taken over my factory,
and they're making some
kind of evil frozen drink.
The whole place smells
of a light, elegant broth
and pirates!
Hey! What's going on here?
And there's
a giant ice cream cone
on the top of their truck
that I think might be
some kind of cannon!
Okay, goodbye.
-Have a nice day.
Little Hubert said the Ice Cream
Truck Bandits are behind this.
Did he say there might be
a cannon on their truck?
What are they going to do,
shoot ice cream at things?
Or Slooshie
Maddy! With enough Slooshie
and that cannon,
those bandits could give
brain freeze to the entire City!
Then they could steal everything
that isn't nailed down!
We have to get down to Little Hubert's
and stop them!
But how?
Justice never freezes!
[siren wailing]
[suspenseful music]
[tires screech]
Oh, my aching upper palate! [grunts]
[tires screech, siren wailing]
You're doing great, Duke.
Left, right, right
Wrong! Not into the park!
Oh, look out for that frisbee!
Look out for that dog
chasing that frisbee!
Look out for that woman
chasing that dog chasing that frisbee!
[upbeat music]
[groaning in pain]
Look out!
[tires screeching]
[Billy] Left!
That's it!
[tires screech]
[suspenseful music]
Okay, last drum.
Hey, when we're done,
let's come back here
and make a new flavor!
That's a great idea!
Let's talk about it later.
Right now, we have to get going.
Let's name the new flavor, Walter!
Walter? That's not a flavor name,
that's our uncle's name!
Now, "Doom-swirl," that's a flavor name!
[Truck] Walter!
[tense music]
[groans, grunts]
[groans, whimpers]
[Duke] All right,
Walter Doom-Swirl
Hope you're ready to spend
the next three to five on ice!
[screams, groans]
[Duke groans]
[awkward music]
You know, if those kids
warn the City
about our Slooshie plot,
they could ruin everything.
-[Cream] Yep. Yep.
-[Truck] That's very true.
So let's get 'em!
[action music]
[vehicle approaching]
[Truck] Hey! That's our ride!
[brakes squeal]
[light music playing]
[ice cream truck melody plays]
-Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
-[ominous music]
[Ice] Maybe try it without the suit?
[Duke screams]
[Duke] The song just makes
the brain freeze worst.
[upbeat music]
[tires screech]
[Duke groans in pain]
Make it stop. Make it stop!
Billy, find the controls to stop the song!
From here, not only can I stop the music,
I can power up the cannon,
make Pirate Cove,
Consommé swirl, you name it!
[rumbles, zooms]
[siren wailing]
[tense music]
[tires screeching]
Here come the bandits.
Duke! I have a plan! Stop the truck!
[suspenseful music rises]
[tires screeching]
[music stops]
[engine revs, crashes]
-[quirky music]
-[camera clicking]
Just give us our truck,
and no one gets hurt.
Just frozen.
[yelps, thuds]
Aw, do the widdle bandits
want their Slooshie?
What do you think?
Yeah, we want our Slooshie!
Slooshies all around!
-Oh, boy.
[upbeat music]
Fire! I mean, frost when ready!
[Billy] Mango!
And Pirate's Cove!
[gulps, chokes]
Nice shooting, Billy.
You got them right where they eat.
[groans, whimpers]
[siren wailing]
[brakes squeal]
[light music]
Chief Wheeler! You're cured!
The brain freeze just wore off.
The docs are still working toward a cure.
They'll get there.
Those dudes are committed.
You didn't just serve
your community today,
you saved it.
Thanks, Chief. I have to say,
volunteering turned out
to be pretty cool!
[both laugh]
Has anyone seen our missing patient?
Eat two scoops of justice, lawbreaker!
Blast you, brain freeze!
We'll end your reign of terror yet!
[both] This we swear!
[closing theme music]
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