LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e01 Episode Script


[epic music playing]
-[Grimspawn 1 laughs]
[Grimspawn 2]
Come on, come on, come on.
[Grimspawn 1] Got you now!
[people screaming]
[tense music playing]
He's using the hourglass.
Back, Grimspawn.
You have no place
in the Dream World.
Um, yeah we do.
These dreamers
and their imaginations
belong to
the Nightmare King now.
That's the worst Dreamcrafting
I've ever seen.
There are still
dreamers out there
who have the creativity.
I can feel it.
[Night Hunter]
And their creativity will
power nightmares,
not your silly hourglasses.
You'll never conquer
the Dream World.
Ooh, Cherry!
I'm so scared.
-[Sneak chuckles]
-Ha! Who's gonna stop us?
[Night Hunter] Hand over
Lunia's hourglass.
There's nowhere to run.
Who said anything about running?
[suspenseful music playing]
You let him get away!
-Hey! You let him get away.
-Nuh-uh. You did.
-[Sneak] Every single time.
-[Susan] No. You did.
[Night Hunter] Wherever
that hourglass is,
we must find it.
This dream realm will fall.
Same as the others.
The Nightmare King will rule!
[opening theme music playing]
[crickets chirping]
[dog barks in distance]
[Mateo snores]
[suspenseful music playing]
[ominous music playing]
[laughs maniacally]
-[breathes heavily]
-[car alarm beeping]
Come back inside
and we'll eat some pickles.
[Mateo] Izzie.
-[car key beeps]
-[car alarm stops]
I just had the weirdest dream.
How how weird?
[wind howling]
[siren wailing in distance]
[dog barks in distance]
[siren wailing in distance]
[phone chimes]
Is Cooper still ignoring you?
No. He's just not talking to me.
[birds chirping]
[pop music alarm ringing]
Stop messing with my phone.
Got ya out of bed, didn't it?
Dad, where's my sign-up sheet?
Mateo, where's yours?
Yeah, I don't understand
the appeal of
having things thrown at you.
That's not a sport,
it's torture.
Sheep Week
is more than just dodgeball.
Oh, right. There's tug of war,
capture the flag, the
-Sudden Death Tetherball!
-[Jose chuckles]
Why don't you
sign up with Cooper?
[Izzie mumbles indistinctly]
Right. Uh
Well, you gotta think
outside the box.
This could be a chance
to make new friends.
Real friends.
[Jose] Yo!
Mateo, what did I say
about drawing your characters?
You said,
"No drawing on my tablet
until homework is done."
Not what I had in mind.
Gotta think outside the box,
[lively music playing]
Hey Izz,
do you remember
your dream last night?
I do remember
waking up and wanting pickles.
Mm, pickles.
[Mrs. Castillo]
Bacon breakfast burrito.
[Latin music playing
over speakers]
[horn honking]
[Mrs. Castillo humming]
Buenos dias, Izzie.
Hola, Mrs. Castillo.
May I have
a mahi-mahi breakfast burrito?
Oh, oh, and a cobra-style
with extra pickles,
por favor.
And you, mijo?
Can I get
a kimchi breakfast burrito?
No, wait,
I love the huevos rancheros.
But isn't that just
an open burrito?
Don't overthink it.
Sometimes the key is
to look at things upside down.
[Zoey] Yo, Mrs. C.
These are
the freshest eggs possible.
-Hm. How fresh?
-[Mateo] Ah!
Number thirty-seven please.
-[school bell rings]
-[lively music playing]
Aw, look.
Matty has an imaginary friend
on his Sheep Week team.
Good luck finding yourself
real teammates.
You should call yourself
"The Nobodies".
Right, Coop?
Of course.
It's not a sign-up.
It's just more Z-Blob comics.
You really wanted this kid
to come to Coney Island with us?
I did, but all he wants to do
is draw comics in his bedroom.
At least I can create something
and not just follow
a jerk like Logan around.
Hey, you finish that comic yet?
I'm very, very close.
I have a lot of good ideas
about the fight scenes.
[Mr. Oz] Hey, hey, hey,
what's going on out here?
Aren't you
supposed to be in class?
We're fine, Mr. Oz.
We were just
discussing Sheep Week teams.
Hm, curious.
I didn't take you
for much of an athlete, Mateo.
Sick burn, Mr. Oswald.
[continues laughing]
No? Okay.
I wasn't burning anyone.
Now get- go on.
Expand your minds
before it's too late.
Let's go. Come on. Get going.
[game music playing
over headphones]
Cut it out.
You really do
need to get out more.
Says the girl who's
watching anime by herself.
Because Nova
said it was awesome.
Dad was right when he said
you're gonna
lose all your friends
and die alone and sad in a cave
if you don't try
new things sometimes.
Dad did not say that.
Well, he should've.
[upbeat music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[birds chirping]
[birds chirping continues]
[whimsical music playing]
-You can say that again.
-[Mateo grunts]
Wha-wha- what are you
doing in my dream?
Your dream?
This is clearly my dream.
Isn't it?
Hey, I feel like
I've had a dream there.
And there.
either Dad packed me
a live squirrel for lunch
or there's something in there.
Well, of course there is.
It's a backpack, silly.
OMG., we are totally
sharing your dream.
[Mateo] Z-Blob?
This is so cool.
Oh, my god.
I just want to squeeze him.
Wait, why don't I
have a backpack?
Mine would totally
have rad things in it like
Izz, why is this happening?
How's it possible that
we're sharing a dream like this?
I don't know, ask him.
I can't.
Dude, yes, you can.
Look what you did.
You literally made a new friend.
No. I mean,
in my comics he doesn't talk.
I never drew him a mouth.
Well, that seems like
a missed opportunity.
[doors rattling]
[tense music playing]
[Izzie] No way.
That is awesome.
You think they go to those
dream island things?
But which
[Izzie laughs]
Oh, okay, you're gone. Cool.
Okay. It's just a door.
In a dream.
A big swirly thing
that could lead to anything.
Anything at all.
[suspenseful music playing]
No, Izz, I'm not
gonna die alone in a cave.
[Meteo screams]
Huh? Ah!
[whimsical music playing]
I've never had
a dream like this.
Isn't it amazing?
I'm still assessing that.
So if this is a dream,
and I know it's a dream
Do you think I can fly?
-Oh, why, thank you.
Maybe we can't fly,
but I've never
felt this athletic before.
[Mateo grunts]
[Mateo] Oh, too bad
Mr. Oz can't see.
Izz, what are you doing?
[Izzie mumbles indistinctly]
It's a dream.
I can be whatever I want to be.
It tastes like
cotton candy.
Are you seriously
drawing right now?
Live in the moment, bro.
I'm drawing the moment.
-[thunder rumbling]
-What is
Okay, yeah.
I think it's time to go.
-Uh, Izzie?
-What? Why?
Look how majestic.
Uh, they're
majestically headed this way.
[Mateo] Wait, we need that.
[Izzie] Hey, Mateo.
[evil laugh]
Izzie, run!
[grimspawns laugh]
Get 'em. Come on. Come on.
Oh, over there. Over there.
[grimspawn laughs]
I'm gonna get ya.
I'm gonna get ya.
What happened?
I think they're turning
this dream into a nightmare.
Wait! Buddy!
[grimkeeper growls]
Um, nice monster?
[Izzie] No, bad monster. Bad.
Ah, watch out!
-[Mateo] Run!
What did you just do?
I- I don't know.
But it was awesome.
[Izzie] Can you do it again?
[Mateo] Uh, I don't know how.
I don't think
I like this dream anymore.
How do we wake up?
[grimspawns laugh]
[grimkeeper growls]
-[pop music alarm playing]
-Wait, is that my phone?
[music cuts off]
[grumbles indistinctly]
-Knock it off.
-You let him go.
-Get off me.
-And you do this every time.
-Oh, me?
-Yeah, you guys always
It's all your fault.
[all gasp]
[chain rattling]
His Darkness won't be pleased.
You let a couple get away on us.
Oh, I think
they'll be coming back.
[tense music playing]
I take it all back.
I love K-Pop.
[pop music playing]
-Best dream ever!
-Worst dream ever!
-Oh, come on.
How cool was it
that we got to share a dream?
How many people can say that?
Yeah, it was pretty sweet.
-Bathroom dibs.
Alright. Okay, everybody.
-[Mr. Oz] Logan.
-[Mr. Oz] Keith.
[Mr. Oz] Cooper.
Okay, absent it is.
-[Tommy] Here.
-[Mr. Oz] Shelly.
-[Shelly] Here.
[stomach grumbling]
[students laugh]
[Mateo laughs]
[Mr. Oz] Mateo.
-[stomach grumbling]
[students laugh]
[whimsical music]
No way.
-[Mr. Oz] Mateo.
-I mean, yeah.
Yes, here.
Everything alright over there?
Oh, yeah,
that's just my stomach.
Not up to
the kimchi burritos, bro?
Mr. Oz,
can I have the bathroom pass?
-Yeah, of course.
-[students laugh]
This burrito was so good.
It was so chees Ah!
[Izzie] How many times
do I have to tell you
I'm not reading
Lord of the Rings.
What? No, not that.
But again,
you're really missing out.
The dream!
What if it was real?
What if we made it come true?
Okay, look, that was crazy.
I'll give you that.
But it was a dream, broseph.
But what if it wasn't?
But what if it was?
See, we could do this all day.
What are you getting at?
You have to promise
you won't tell anyone
what I'm gonna show you.
Ugh. I'm supposed
to be in P.E. right now.
I don't have time for this.
Just promise.
Oh, okay. Okay. Sheesh.
[suspenseful music playing]
-[Izzie squeals]
-[Mateo shushes]
Shut the front door.
I just want to
cuddle him so hard.
Look at this guy.
We can't let anybody see him.
Especially not a teacher.
Yeah, we don't want him
taken to some
secret evil government lab
for tests.
No sirree.
[mimics zapping]
But how is this even possible?
I mean, seriously, how?
I don't know. But it means
anything is possible, right?
The doors.
The islands.
That thing I did with my pencil.
All of it.
And I feel like
Z-Blob is trying to tell me,
but I can't quite understand.
I really should have
drawn him a mouth.
Oh, I think he's
trying to tell you he's hungry.
What does a Z-Blob eat?
He eats purple moon rocks
from Planet Narbula.
Without a mouth?
[Mateo] What do I know?
Let's see.
-[Z-blob burps]
-[girl laughs]
Maybe he's vegetarian.
[Zoey clears throat]
Everything cool over there?
Dang girl,
you really get around.
Izz, if Z-Blob is real,
do you think the other stuff
in our dream could be real too?
I hope so.
I love fairies.
No. No, I saw Cooper
in the belly of that monster.
And then
he wasn't in class today.
Wait, you mean,
like, he's really stuck
in the belly of some
giant walking cage beast?
Is that so hard to believe?
I mean, yes, but
Mateo, feeling any better?
Uh, yeah.
Yes, just hunger pains.
You know, growing boy.
Thank you for your concern.
[Mr. Oz] Good. Good.
That's good.
But it dawned on me
when you ran out of class that
you might be trying
to keep something from me.
What?! No, I mean
Homework, Mateo.
You ran out without
turning in your homework.
And now I see why.
Oh, did you sneeze
in your backpack again, silly?
Not a lot of answers here.
You have
so much potential, Mateo.
But, you're gonna
need to come see me
after class this afternoon.
[school bell ringing]
Sorry, Mr. Oz. Gotta go.
Cool beard.
H-Hey, don't forget about our
little rendezvous after school.
Bon appétit.
Oh, well, sorry. Sorry I'm late.
let's get to the bottom
of what's going on with you.
So, Mateo,
what kind of big dreams
do you have?
Oh, me?
No, I don't want to
bore you with my dreams.
Ha! Something tells me
your dreams
are anything but boring.
You know, I used to have
big dreams myself.
To be a science teacher?
People can be more
than meets the eye, smart aleck.
You seem to have
quite the imagination.
Oh, that's nothing.
imagination is a powerful thing.
Now, don't take my word for it.
[Z-blob burps]
Yep, there's that sneeze again.
O-kay, gotta-
I just remembered
I gotta go walk my sister home.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
But before you go,
I have a favor to ask.
I need you to run
some homework assignments
over to your pal, Cooper.
Ah, he's home sick today.
Sounds like
he might miss a few days.
Look, if you ever need to talk,
I'm I'm always here to help.
I'm not the one
who needs help, Mr. Oswald.
[mysterious music playing]
[Cooper's mom] I just
I feel so helpless.
He's never
been sick like this before.
[Jose] Just keep an eye on him.
Let me know if anything changes,
and I'm gonna be by
after my shift.
[Izzie] He doesn't look so good.
Maybe we should get him
some soup or something.
You know I got the best recipe
What are you doing here?
Uh, he needs more than soup.
Uh, you give someone soup
when they're sick.
It's what friends do.
You have no idea what he needs.
He was my friend too
until you came along
and jerkified him.
That's not even a word.
Guys! Look at his color.
[Mateo] It's like he's fading.
What's wrong with him?
Izz, we gotta go back.
We gotta save Cooper.
[ending theme music playing]
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