LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Dream Chasers

[Dream Bandit]
Keep looking, Zian.
The Night Hunter's
around here somewhere.
Get those dreamers
into the holds.
We have a trap to set.
Hey! Could you move any slower?
Sheesh. You're slower
than a turtle with crutches.
[Zian screeches]
Not so fast, Grimspawn.
This one is mine.
-[Dream Bandit grunts]
-[Snivel] Ow!
-[Grimspawn growls]
-[Dream Bandit grunts]
Who are you?
[breathes heavily]
[Grimspawns laugh]
Yes, Dream Bandit,
who are you?
And what do you want
with my dreamers?
You'll never steal from them
what you stole from me.
Not on my watch.
Hey, Boss, we got the beasty!
[Dream Bandit grunts]
This is not over.
Yes, I agree.
But what can one Dream Bandit do
all alone
against the full forces
of the Nightmare King?
[Cooper] No! Wait!
Get me out of here!
Are you sure, Dreamer?
That one
plays by its own rules.
The Dream Bandit's plans for you
could be even worse than mine.
[theme music playing]
-[Mateo] Pencil.
-[Izzie] Check.
-[Mateo] BunChu.
-[Izzie] Check.
-[Mateo] Z-Blob.
-[Izzie] And check.
You get to bring
your cuddle blob.
[both grunt]
Okay, in our dream,
Cooper was trapped
in some sort of
walking-monster jail thing.
he got stuck in the dream,
and now he can't wake up.
We have to find him
and save him.
That's the plan.
Find him. Save him.
Seems a little basic, no?
Hey, I'm new at this.
If Cooper can't wake up
because of something
that's going on in our dreams,
does that mean
we'll be in danger too?
Hey, aren't you the one
who always tells me
not to overthink it?
Ugh, even in your dreams,
your breath smells like pickles.
so far the plan is working.
How do we know
which door takes us to Cooper?
It's a dream.
Just imagine that wild forest
where we saw him.
Oh, right,
I'm sure it's that easy.
[ground rumbling]
See? It's a dream, Teo.
It's easy.
You just have to let it be easy.
Easy peasy.
[exhales sharply]
Let's be heroes, Z-Blob.
Okay, sidekick needs some work.
-Uh, Mateo.
[Grimspawn screams]
We've been expecting you.
What's the plan for this?
[Izzie] That works.
[breathes heavily]
Sleeping should not involve
this much exercise.
There! A village!
Block the exits!
There'll be no escape
for these two.
[Dreamlings scream]
[Grimspawns laugh]
Aw, look at these
cute little guys.
-We gotta help them.
-Izz, focus.
We're here for Cooper.
But look at their
sweet little mushroom
Right, Cooper.
Where is Cooper?
[Grimspawn roars]
[Dreamlings scream]
Uh, I think I found him.
Coop, we're here to rescue you.
Rescue me?
Who's gonna rescue you?
[Grimspawns laugh]
I-I never thought laughter
could be so so not funny.
So glad to see you.
You have something that I want.
What do you mean?
use your imagination.
You know what?
I will.
-[Mateo grunts]
-[Night Hunter laughs]
We need a real weapon.
Not a metaphorical one.
Bring the little artist to me.
[Grimspawns laugh]
[Izzie screams]
Mateo! You're doing it again.
Oh! Is he a
-[Susan] He can't be.
-A Dreamcrafter?
[Night Hunter] What are you
waiting for?
Get them!
I didn't know
I could even fight like this.
This is epic.
Yeah! Ah!
[Grimspawn grunts]
You'll never get me, suckers.
[Grimspawn laughs]
Yeah, I made it too big.
[Izzie screams]
[Grimspawn grunts]
[Susan] Incoming!
Argh! You imbecile.
[Izzie grunts]
Get away, you giggling turkeys.
[Grimspawn screams]
I'm warning you.
I watch a lot of anime
and apparently
I know what I'm doing.
Mateo, what do I do?
How did you do the pencil thing?
It's a dream, remember?
It's easy if you let it be easy.
Oh yeah, and don't overthink it.
Smart advice.
Aw, look at
the cute little sharky.
Oh oh, that's not good.
He's got my arm.
He's got my arm.
-[Grimspawns laugh]
-I said not to overthink it.
Go big or go home, right?
Not so funny now, huh?
Nah, it's still pretty funny.
You ready for this, buddy?
It-it worked.
Right on!
You get extra cuddles tonight,
Mr. Sharkyjaw.
Two Dreamcrafters?
Look alive!
You call this a rescue?
Would you rather we just,
you know, go?
Ah. Nope.
Z-Blob! Duck!
Now, Z!
Time to end all this.
Look out!
Dude, this is the weirdest dream
I have ever had.
You have no idea.
Fall back!
Come on! We have Cooper.
We gotta get out of here.
Mr. Sharkyjaw!
[Izzie] Mr. Sharkyjaw!
Mr. Sharkyjaw!
Thanks for the present, brats.
Let me show you what
real Dreamcrafting looks like.
[Izzie] Run!
[Night Hunter] After them!
He turned my sweetie
into a meanie.
How'd you end up in
the belly of that thing anyway?
Dude, I was just having
a nice, normal dream
when that psycho
and his big monster grabbed me.
And there were other kids too.
What do we do now?
[Cooper] I don't know.
But if this is all a dream,
can't we just wake up?
[Grimspawns laugh]
[Night Hunter] His Darkness
will be pleased.
Three for the price of one.
[Mr. Oz] Not so fast, Grimspawn.
[Night Hunter] Ozzie!
Mr. Oswald?
[Mr. Oz] Of course.
Who'd you expect, Mateo?
I mean, not my science teacher.
I should have known
you'd be out here.
[Night Hunter]
Still tryin' to play hero.
Now, hurry!
You're in way over your heads.
Who's holding your leash now,
Night Hunter?
[Night Hunter laughs]
Oh, you know,
an old friend of yours.
[Grimspawn grunts]
You're not going anywhere.
[Grimspawn screams]
grab that desublimator.
Use it on me.
Today, Mateo!
[thunder rumbling]
[Mr. Oz grunts]
You've got some explaining
to do, Science Dude.
The Dream World is real.
But it will be a nightmare
if we don't get going!
Just get these kids to safety.
I'm working on it.
Um, did that monkey just talk?
Yes, I most certainly did.
And I am a chimpanzee,
thank you very much.
-[Albert] Whoa!
-[Mr. Oz grunts]
[mumbles indistinctly]
Wait, how'd you
make that gun back there?
It's called Dreamcrafting.
What is our science teacher
doing in our dream?
My dear boy,
if you think Sir Oswald
is merely a science teacher
I'm a Dream Chaser.
An agent of the Night Bureau.
The night what?
It's an organization that's kept
the Dream World secret
and the Waking World safe
for centuries.
[kids scream]
Uh, can we maybe work on making
the Dream World a little safer?
Mr. Oswald, what is that?
So, it is true?
The Nightmare King has returned.
Hang on to somethin'!
[horse neighing]
Can't we just wake up?
No, no, no!
It's too dangerous to wake up.
You don't know
what you might bring back.
You have to try to
Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay. I'm awake.
-Look what happened to him.
-What happened to him?
Hey, buddy!
-Mateo, what about?
We've gotta go wake him up.
Dude. Here.
A phone call?
What is this, 1999?
I'm trying to wake him up.
Come on.
Wake up.
He says to come outside.
[Night Terror grunts]
[Izzie] That was crazy, right?
[Cooper] Okay, what was that?
Did you see me
fight those beasties?
It's pretty dope.
And what about Mr. Oz?
Why was our science teacher
in our dream?
This was all real, right?
Like, I'm not going crazy?
-You've gotta show him.
No way.
Yeah. I'd say it's pretty real.
Dude. How did you do all that?
Uh, still trying
to figure that out.
Well, it worked.
I-I guess
all that drawing came in handy.
Thanks, man.
Is this what counts
as an "I'm sorry"?
Me too.
Hug it out?
Too soon. Okay.
What do you think
the Nightmare King wants?
He kept talking about
eh needing more dreamers.
Needing our imaginations.
-[Logan grunts]
[Logan] Who's
the Nightmare King?
What the heck is he doing here?
I texted him.
I wanted to let him know
I'm okay.
Look. You're both my friends.
J-Just get over it.
Okay, look, I am not hanging out
with someone
who still has bad dreams.
We're not talking
about nightmares.
You weren't there.
You didn't see
the things we saw.
It's time to grow up, Matty.
There's no such thing
as monsters under your bed
or the Boogeyman,
or the the Ah!
What is that?!
-[Mateo] We brought it back?
-[Night Terror shrieks]
-[Mateo] Ah!
[Izzie] Mateo!
[Mateo screams]
[Izzie pants]
Are you coming or what?
[Mateo screams]
Let go!
Never mind. Don't let go.
[Mateo yelps]
Ah! Ah!
Hang on, Z-Blob.
Light. Light hurts it.
[Cooper] Mateo!
Shh! It's in here somewhere.
[Mateo] Ah!
Light. We need light.
Come on, dude. Yes!
[Night Terror screeches]
S-S-Someone want to tell me
what the heck that was?
[Mr. Oz] Yes. I do.
That was a very bad dream.
-What is going on?
-Will it come back?
-Where did that thing come from?
-Are there more of them?
Hey, hey, hey!
One at a time. One at a time.
Alright, alright. Much better.
Now, Mateo.
Why does the Nightmare King
need our imaginations?
And how were we able to do that
awesome Dreamcrafting thing?
He's a bad dream gone worse,
and I thought we defeated him
a long time ago.
If the Night Bureau
doesn't put a stop to him again,
he'll turn everyone's dreams
into nightmares.
And I bet dollars to doughnuts
it has something to do
with this.
Lunia's hourglass.
She was the most powerful
Dreamcrafter in all the realms.
I forgot that was in there.
What is
Mr. Oswald. What's happening?
Did the Night Terror touch you?
If Mateo hadn't grabbed it,
it would've attacked us.
Can you fix it? I mean,
you fixed your shoulder
in the Dream World.
This ain't the Dream World.
Mateo, you need to come with me.
The rest of you
need to go on home.
Fat chance.
I am not leaving my brother.
Where Mateo goes, we all go.
-Right, Logan?
-What? Oh, yeah. Right, right
Oh, for
Help me get him into my car.
We don't have any time to lose.
[Logan chuckles]
Nice grocery-getter.
[Cooper] This is the car
a secret agent drives?
This is the car a middle school
science teacher drives.
Don't let him fall asleep.
Mateo! Mateo!
[Cooper] The old observatory?
What are we doing here?
Yo! I thought
we were going to a hospital?
A hospital
does not have the gear we need.
[Mr. Oz] Just hang
in there, Mateo.
[Mr. Oz echoing]
Stay with us. Come on.
Hang on, Mateo.
[breathes heavily]
[Mr. Oz] How ya feelin'?
Okay, I guess.
What happened?
Hm. You got lucky,
the Edison Ray was charged up.
So, uh, let's avoid touching
Night Terrors from now on.
Edison Ray?
Where are the others,
Mr. Oswald?
Where am I?
Welcome to the Night Bureau.
No one outside the Bureau
has ever seen this.
Izzie told me
what happened in that village.
You both have abilities
that few people possess.
Whatever happened back there,
it was
I thought I was basic.
A nobody.
But now you see
that you and your friends
can do incredible things.
Well, yeah, but
I don't have a lot of friends.
Yeah, well,
I don't know about that.
It's the quality of the friends,
not the quantity.
They insisted on stayin'
'til you came around.
And I brought soup.
You know
what that looks like to me?
Don't ever
come close to dying again.
Mr. Oz says next time we'll know
how to handle a Night Terror.
Next time?
Once you join the Night Bureau
and train to become
a Dream Chaser.
You want me to become
a Dream Chaser?
Not just you, dork.
I just figured if we're gonna be
teammates in the Dream World,
we should be teammates
in the Waking World.
You'll need to unleash
and control your creativity
and learn to Dreamcraft.
[Mr. Oz] There are a lot
of dreamers out there
who need your help.
Your training
starts tomorrow night.
[closing theme music playing]
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