LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Chased Dreamers

[sinister music]
[Night Hunter]
I fear I have failed you.
You failed because you are weak.
everyone has a weakness.
We will find theirs.
[Nightmare King laughing]
[theme music]
[Cooper yawns]
Uh, I thought you said
this place was "bonkers".
But it looks more like
an inspirational poster
that says something lame like,
"Be Exceptional".
Hey, did you bring any snacks?
Let's go do something fun!
Hold up. Mr. Oswald said to wait
for him here at the landing.
He said it's our safe zone.
[doorknob rattles]
[whimsical music]
Yo, what's that?
We going somewhere?
Somewhere exciting.
Somewhere awesome.
Somewhere like
[Mr. Oz] Whoa. Hey, hey, hey.
Not so fast.
You have no business
wandering the Dream World
without proper training.
It's too dangerous now.
You aren't like
regular dreamers anymore.
[Mr. Oz] For you,
dreams are more real.
[Izzie] Well, dang, Mr. Oz,
when do we start
training already?
Let's go.
[Mr. Oz] Seatbelts, everyone!
Seatbelts in the Dream World?
[Mr. Oz] The Dream World is
a vast and wondrous place,
full of different realms
of imagination.
And it is up to us
to protect these realms
from that.
[Logan grunts, groans]
-[all scream]
[cackling continues]
The Nightmare King has returned.
[Logan screams]
Ah! Ow!
[Logan] Must get back
to seat.
[thunder rumbles]
[Mr. Oz] We will use
all the tools at our disposal.
Chief among them being
the Dream Chaser's hourglass.
[Mr. Oz] Oh, whoa,
hang on to something.
-[all whimpering]
-My god, son,
you don't know
how to use a seatbelt?
[electricity crackles]
[Izzie] Where do we get
our hourglasses
so we can join this fight?
That necessitates a visit
to the Dream Forge.
[Mr. Oz] And we've arrived.
Seatbelts off, everybody.
[Logan] Oh, man.
[Mr. Oz] The Dream Forge is on
the other side of these woods.
[Logan] Hey, hey, hey. Wait up.
Guarded by the Forgemaster.
He sounds
He most certainly is.
A very powerful
Dream World entity
who will test your worthiness.
Pass that test
and you will face the Forge
to acquire your hourglass.
I don't understand
why we need a dumb hourglass.
Only the most exceptional
become Dream Chasers, Logan.
And to become
a true Dream Chaser,
you need an hourglass.
Pff. I'm
the most exceptional one here.
I bleed exceptional.
So I will see you at the Forge,
Normally, he hears
the word "test"
and runs
in the opposite direction.
Mr. Oz. Come on,
there's usually a lesson
before the test.
Or even a study guide.
Ah, worry not, young man.
The best form of training
is in fact
being thrown from the nest
and learning to fly.
[Mr. Oz]
Don't let him spook you.
What's the saying, uh,
"You always wake up
before you hit the ground."
What's up, little man?
You know where I can find
the Dream Forge?
[ground rumbling]
[dramatic music]
So far, I am acing this test.
[sand rustles]
[Logan] Ah!
I got sand in my mouth.
I got sand in my mouth.
not cool, little man.
-Not cool.
How are we supposed
to get across?
The Dream World is
pure imagination.
The product
of our collective dreams
made real.
[Mr. Oz]
And with an hourglass to focus,
you can harness the very essence
of the Dream World to create.
Inspiration, creativity, focus.
These are the keys
to dreamcrafting.
[magical music]
[Logan, Izzie and Mateo] Whoa!
Cool lecture.
Dream Forge is in that tower?
We gotta get inside?
I got this.
[ominous music]
[bangs on door]
[intense music]
Uh, maybe
I don't got this at all.
-Be exceptional!
My dear boy,
Sir Oswald just explained
how to dreamcraft.
-Inspiration, creativity, focus.
-[Logan] Argh!
Come on! Here comes the pain!
[Logan grunts]
[Logan screams]
Yep, looked painful all right.
-[all gasp]
-Oh, no!
Don't worry. He'll wake up
perfectly all right.
A bit humbled perhaps, but fine.
Now, uh,
who's next?
Choose an object
as your inspiration.
[Mr. Oz] Use that
to spark your creativity.
Focus on your idea.
Uh, go on, Coop.
-You've got this.
Build upon an idea, Cooper.
I can make a car of some sort
to race by him.
I-I guess.
[rock music]
[Cooper] Whoa! Hey! Whoa!
not enough creativity.
[Izzie] Ah-hah!
-It's time to roast this turkey.
-[tense music]
I will plush you
off this bridge.
-[Mr. Oz sighs]
-Too much inspiration?
[music intensifies]
[Mateo] Izzie!
She lacks focus.
D-Don't worry, Mateo.
She'll wake up all right.
Just focus.
Tune out all distractions.
Let go of your fears.
Have confidence in yourself.
[Mateo] Hold up.
How am I supposed to focus
without an hourglass?
There will be times
when you don't have one.
Or when you run out
of dream sand.
What will you do then?
[Mr. Oz] Give up?
Get creative, Mateo.
You've got this.
[soft music]
[uplifting music]
-[music stops]
You didn't make it either?
[Mateo sighs]
What are we not seeing?
[Nightmare King]
We cannot reshape
the Dream World
if Oz and those children
figure out what they have
in their possession.
I must have it!
[Night Hunter] And you will
eventually, your darkness,
but you don't have
the power to waste
chasing these kids around.
[shouts angrily]
That hourglass could be
my undoing!
[Nightmare King in normal voice]
That fool Oswald
will surely lead the kids
to the Dream Forge.
The Dream Forge
must not be left standing.
I'll see to it myself.
Your job is to find me
more dreamers.
[Nightmare King] We will extract
their precious imagination.
Turn it and use it
to grow our army.
Those kids will never reach
the Dream Forge.
They will never obtain
their hourglasses.
Never learn to dreamcraft.
Never become Dream Chasers.
Nightmares will rule
the Dream World!
Let loose the nightmares.
[sinister music]
[Nightmare King laughs]
-[thunder rumbling]
-[sinister music continues]
[breathes heavily]
[evil cackling]
-[cackling continues]
-[Nova gasps]
Yeesh. And I thought
we had a rough night.
Hey, Nova.
You feeling okay?
How are we supposed
to cross that bridge?
Nothing about the Dream World
makes sense to me.
I always find my first dream
is my best dream.
And it is the one
that I should share
with everybody.
-You mean, think like a dream?
Mrs. Castillo,
do you remember
anything about your dreams?
I don't remember my dreams.
Oh, but I remember
the breakfast burrito
I was thinking of
when I woke up.
Korean short rib,
black beans and eggs. Iicccii!
Oh, I need that in my belly
muy pronto, Mrs. C.
[Mateo] My first dream.
[school bell rings]
Sheep Week bracket, nice.
[Mateo] Guys, I figured out
how we can enter
the Dream Forge.
-[Logan] Ugh, so lame.
-[Dallas laughs]
Who is this now?
Dallas, you've known Mateo
since second grade.
I'm their teammate.
Good luck with that, Logan.
You were saying?
[Izzie] Have you guys seen Nova?
She looked super out of it
this morning
and I haven't seen her
since then.
Huh, what's with the rat?
Hamster, dude. Obvi.
It's Nova's turn
to watch him tonight.
Science class stuff.
But I haven't seen her all day.
[Izzie] I don't know
if she came to school.
She's probably just sick.
Or worse.
People still get
regular sick, Izzie.
Oh, come
Well, don't all try at once.
Come on!
Look, none of us has
an hourglass.
So how can we be expected
to dreamcraft well enough
to beat this scary old knight?
[Logan] I'm not scared.
My point is,
maybe this test is to get us
to think outside the box.
To think like a dream.
Very good, Izzie.
Just because you're learning
to dreamcraft,
it doesn't mean you always
have to dreamcraft the solution.
So wait,
you coached us this whole time
towards the wrong answer?
Not cool, Oswald. Not cool.
Well, I'm sure
the Nightmare King
will be much nicer to you.
I mean, if this is all like
a dream or whatever
What if
[Logan] He-hey, suckers.
Yeah, you guys.
Oh yeah, oh yeah.
-[Logan beatboxes]
-[Albert] Well, I'll be.
The lughead did it.
He reached the Forge.
Wait up, Logan,
we're joining the party.
[Logan laughs]
Come on! Let's get it on.
[all gasp]
Well done, kids!
Very imaginative.
Are you ready to go in?
-[all] Yeah!
-Let's do this.
Welcome to the Dream Forge.
you're the Forgemaster?
Pretty cool, little man.
Pretty cool.
Mr. The Forgemaster,
we passed your test.
We've got a lot on our plates,
so can we have
our hourglasses now?
You have proven
you are not ordinary dreamers.
But do you have what it takes
to acquire an hourglass
and become Dream Chasers?
-Most def!
-For that,
you must face the Forge.
What's in the Forge?
Well, it's different
for every dreamer.
But know this,
if you are not up for the task,
the Dream Forge will exact
a heavy toll.
Don't worry, our dad puts funds
on our subway
metro cards weekly.
Ever since I got stranded
in Manhattan
after a disastrous field trip
to the Museum
of Natural History.
He's referring to those
who are not prepared.
For them, the Forge is too much.
Their minds can't take it.
They lose the ability to do
even basic dreamcrafting.
If they wield any power at all,
it is wildly unpredictable.
Wait, so
we might become
normal dreamers again?
Mr. Oswald,
you said we'd have training.
You never said anything
about risking Z-Blob
or forgetting the Dream World.
I-I need some time
to think about this.
Yeah, me too.
My dreamcraft is
unpredictable enough already.
I could do this on my own,
but I figure you all should see
how great I am.
They're clearly not ready.
And I can't wait around
until they are.
The Dream World needs
these kids.
[thunder rumbling]
One more night, please.
Oh, fine,
but ready or not, they must face
the Forge tomorrow night.
The Nightmare King
grows stronger as we speak
and just one weak link
will break the chain.
Hey Nova,
it's your night to watch-
[gasps, whimpers]
Gee, Nova, what's wrong?
I'm sorry, I
I don't feel well.
Do you have a cold or something?
No, nightmares.
All right, guess who's been
in Nova's nightmares
for several nights in a row?
Uh, I don't know
-The hamster?
The same turkeys
who captured Cooper
and corrupted Mr. Sharkyjaw.
We need to get
our hourglasses, Mateo.
[Izzie] We need to help her,
just like we helped Cooper.
The team needs to help her!
[Mr. Oz]
But did they let those fears
stand in the way of something
that would benefit all mankind?
-Or did they
-[school bell rings]
[Mr. Oz]
All right, fine, get outta here.
See you tomorrow.
I'm really gonna lose it.
[somber music]
[Mr. Oz] Mateo
I know I'm supposed to do
the right thing here.
But what if
I'm not cut out for this?
-You said it yourself.
If we don't do this right,
then the whole Dream World
will be in complete danger,
but we're just not ready yet.
And I can't lose Z-Blob.
What if
What if, what if
Wh-what if you succeed, Mateo?
Listen, you have more creativity
than anyone I've seen
in a long time.
[Mr. Oz]
You don't lack the inspiration.
And in time,
you will learn to focus,
I'm sure of it.
the one thing you don't have,
[Mr. Oz] I found this.
Mateo. The Dream World needs
all of you
if it's gonna withstand
the darkness that threatens it.
Be the guiding light
your team needs.
Face the Forge
and emerge together
as true Dream Chasers.
[Mateo] You can do this, Mateo.
Just like Mr. Oz says,
"Be confident."
Bring the team together.
Piece of cake.
We got this, buddy!
[Logan] I don't want
to tell him, you tell him.
I'm not the one who had to open
his big fat mouth! You tell him.
What are you guys talking about?
Izzie's already been gone
a few minutes.
[suspenseful music]
Uh, yeah,
your sister totally ran off
to help her friend, Nova?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
This is bad.
See, I told you.
But you had to egg her on.
We've got to find her
before the Nightmare King does.
What about the Dream Forge?
If we don't go back tonight,
we might not get another chance.
Oz says Dream Chasers help
dreamers in trouble,
and that's what I'm gonna do.
Where is she,
where is she, where is she?
[Izzie screams]
[both panting]
[grimspawns cackling]
Come on. You did it before!
-What the
-[Izzie] Mateo!
I found Nova.
And those turkeys!
[Izzie] You know,
I had this under control.
Yeah, clearly.
Go back to wherever
you came from, or else
[Night Hunter] Or else what?
You'll draw me a mustache?
Wasn't he a flying ship?
[Night Hunter]
He's whatever I want him to be.
[Logan] Here comes the pain!
-[Logan grunts]
-[Cooper and Mateo] Yeah, Logan!
I'll be taking this.
[Night Hunter] Get those kids!
[grimspawn cackles]
[Mateo] Guys! You came!
[Izzie] Bullseye!
You want some of this?
In your face.
Take this!
-And this!
[grimspawn] Hi, boss!
[Night Hunter
groans in frustration]
[suspenseful music]
Coop, think you can dreamcraft
something to get us out of here?
I don't know.
I imagine this thing
just like my model kits,
but it doesn't work.
Think like a dream, Coop!
Oh, great.
What are we supposed to do
with this?
We get creative.
[suspenseful music continues]
[Night Hunter laughs]
I feel like your dumb rat!
[Izzie] Hamster!
I told you, hamster.
[all scream]
-[all grunt]
-[Izzie] Headshot.
[Night Hunter] Oh, no.
I'll never make fun
of your rat again.
[Izzie] Hamster.
Mateo, dude,
quick thinking with that wheel!
When someone's in trouble,
you know just what to do.
-[Cooper sighs]
-Hey, we all made it work.
All I know now,
I want that dang hourglass.
Yeah, I mean
I could have totally pulled off
some sick moves
if I had an hourglass.
So, uh, what are we waiting for?
[Logan] Clocks a-ticking, right?
Teo, you ready?
I think we're ready.
If we stand together
like Mr. Oswald said.
Man, Mr. Oz is gonna flip
when he hears about this.
You know what's really
gonna curl his beard
You see the look
on that big turkey's face
when I grabbed it?
My mom was right,
I-I've got to stop eating
so much sugar before bed.
This is the weirdest dream.
Good thing you won't remember it
when you wake up.
[epic music]
[closing theme music]
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