LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

The Dream Forge

-[peaceful music playing]
Hey guys,
there's something following us.
Maybe we can ask for directions.
[Mateo] I don't see anything,
Oh, great.
Now which way?
[both grunt]
A giant turtle.
[Logan] Just when I thought
this place
couldn't get any weirder.
[Mateo] Is that
Oh, what are you doing here?
There is a storm coming.
Mrs. Castillo! Senor Tortuga!
Actually, we're looking
for the Dream Forge.
Hm. A forge.
[Mrs. Castillo mumbles,
Bro, you're asking directions
from a lady
driving a pawn shop.
[Mrs. Castillo grunts]
No. I got nothing.
-[thunder rumbles]
-[Izzie groans]
[thunder rumbles]
[ominous music playing]
Darkness falls
and nightmares
are soon to follow.
The realm is in danger.
We need
to get to the Dream Forge
before we wake.
Yeah, we may lose our chance
to become Dream Chasers.
Okay Uh, Mateo!
What's the plan?
We need to keep going
towards the forest.
Dude, don't look at him.
That little green blob
doesn't make him the boss.
He had us going in circles.
Lo-gan the Barbarian,
on the other hand,
was born to command.
Relax, all of you.
I'll lead us there. Duh.
Who else stole
-a totally awesome crossbow
-Ah! Woah woah woah! Crossbow!
-from that Night Hunter dude?
Izzie, put that away
before you hurt someone.
Or yourself.
Regardless of who's in charge,
which way are we going?
Go ahead, fearless leader.
Which direction?
I say we go that way.
-[bird screeching]
[Mateo grunts]
[Izzie screams]
[Mrs. Castillo] See? Darkness.
Yep. It got weirder.
[theme music playing]
[grunts] Oof!
And stuck the landing.
You're so beautiful.
Back off, you big owl-cat-eagle
looking thingy.
I'm warning you.
[softly humming music]
Hey, that music.
If you want this bow,
you're gonna have to take it
from me.
[clock ticking]
[grunts, yelps]
Done. Anything else?
You thief!
That was
so flipping awesome.
How'd you do it?
I'm not a thief.
I'm a bandit.
And where did you get
this crossbow?
Hey, you're
the new girl at school
who pretends
to be too cool for everything.
Who says I'm pretending?
-[Grimspawns shrieking]
-[Mateo grunts]
-[Cooper gasps]
Are you crazy?
Guys, we need to sneak in
and see
if Izzie was brought here.
Oh, first you weren't ready to
face the Forge
and now you want us to
sneak in there and play hero.
You're all over the place, bro.
I have to agree with
Lo-gan the Barbarian here.
We need to focus on getting back
to the Forge and Mr. Oz.
Maybe he'll know
how to find Izzie.
-[Grimspawns cackle]
-[Dreamlings whimper]
[all screaming]
[Logan] Is this bad?
[Mateo] Oh, did we not tell you
about those?
[Dreamlings scream]
-[screaming continues]
-[Logan] I think it's bad.
[chains clang]
[Susan] Look at all those ideas.
[evil cackling]
-[Sneak] I wanna see.
-[Susan] Will you just let go.
-No, you had your turn.
-You're such a credit hog.
[Nightmare King] I heard
you lost your weapon.
I I'll craft a new one.
Using your imagination.
How quaint.
And these pesky children?
We'll find them.
I have my best soldiers
scouring the realms.
Capturing kids
is what they're trained for.
Hey, it's my turn
to give it to him.
Even so,
they have escaped you.
[Snivel] Oh,
here comes the good part.
Corrupting new realms.
Building your army.
We could use more Grimspawn.
[Nightmare King]
No, you're right.
Let me show you how to
properly harness imagination.
I don't care what it takes.
Oz and those children
must not succeed.
Oh, I just love this part.
Yes, your Nightmarishness.
You, you're you're not gonna
replace us, are you?
[Sneak] Hiya fellas.
-Fly my pretties.
-Welcome to the party.
[Sneak] Hey- hey, wait for us.
[Nightmare King] Show these kids
what a true nightmare
feels like.
[evil cackle]
So, you need to get back to this
Dream Forge to get an hourglass?
All so you can join some
secret organization
that has a bunch of rules
for what you can and can't do
in the Dream World?
Yeah, there are rules.
You know how teachers are.
But mostly it's training so
we can fight the Nightmare King.
You should join.
I've been fighting this battle
for a while now.
I don't need some
old science teacher
or lame kids
telling me how to fight it.
And you shouldn't either.
In fact, I'm surprised you would
let anyone tell you what to do.
You seem tough enough to me.
I mean, ye- well,
yeah, you're right.
Great. That's settled.
Now you can go.
You shouldn't even be here.
Take it up with this fella.
He's the one
who brought me, Zoey.
It's Zian.
Is that like
your Dream World code name?
No, his name is Zian.
He's a really dangerous gryphon.
Hey, why were you singing
the Night Hunter song?
It is not his song.
It's mine.
He took it from me.
That's what he does.
Wow, he steals people's music?
He can't just write
his own material?
Did you not copyright your song?
He doesn't just steal music.
Oh my gosh Izzie,
you're giving me a headache.
the Night Hunter takes
things that are meaningful.
And he uses them against you.
Like Mr. Sharkyjaw.
Zian thinks you should help me
get back to the Dream Forge,
become a Dream Chaser
and then we can rescue
Mr. Sharkyjaw.
How do you
Do I look like
someone who would help you?
You look like someone who
protests pizza day at school.
Are you really all brooding,
dark, and mysterious
because of some stolen song?
You're just a kid.
You wouldn't get it.
Right. Yeah, I totally
don't know what it's like
to suddenly discover
another world
where I immediately lose
something important to me.
I am, alas,
two grades below
the wise old Zoey
who has
awesome dream-time powers
but chooses
to sit alone in a cave
with a bunch of junk
she probably stole
from other people's dreams.
I'm a bandit.
Not a thief.
There's a difference, you know.
I don't steal things
from people.
I make things right.
Then help me make things right.
Come on. We have to help them.
Oh now he's giving orders again.
[Grimspawns laugh]
[Grimspawns laugh]
[Logan] Being on a team with you
is the worst.
I could totally be done by now
if i did this solo.
That's your problem. You think
you're better than everyone.
I know I am.
-Yeah? Prove it.
Now is not the time.
Only thing I'm gonna prove
is that I can
rearrange your face, Matty.
Hey, what do you think
you're doing?
[Grimspawns screaming]
Quick! This way.
No! This way.
[Cooper] Stop arguing.
We need to figure out
what we're doing.
Uh, good luck with that.
I'm outta here.
Alright Mateo,
what's your gut telling you now?
That we shouldn't be
fighting each other.
[all gasp]
[Logan] And it just got weirder.
[action music playing]
Is that Izzie?
Move it or lose it, sweethearts.
[Grimspawns grunt]
I have so many questions.
So many.
[Izzie] Get up here.
Let's go.
[evil cackle]
[Zoey grunts]
Yeah, Zoey! Thank you.
You are so awesome.
Whoa, Izz.
We are not BFF's now.
Don't even think
about texting me.
Not a single emoji, understand?
Aw, I don't even have a phone.
[suspenseful music playing]
[thunder rumbles]
I'm sorry,
but I can stay no longer.
Wait! Please!
They just need more
[dialogue playing in reverse]
[clock ticking]
Mr. Oz!
[breathes heavily]
Did we Did we make it?
Good. I'm afraid
this may be your only chance.
Now hurry! We don't have time.
[thunder rumbles]
If the Nightmare King
corrupts the Forge,
we may not get another chance.
It's now or never.
Yeah, I'm getting off
this crazy train.
Wait, seriously?
You're gonna play the whole
"too cool for school" thing?
Please kids, you have to go now.
Anyone who has any doubts
should turn back now.
The further you go inside,
the heavier the toll will be
if you leave
before the trial is complete.
Leave? You mean wake up?
The Forge wants you to wake.
But waking in fear
can have
disastrous consequences.
A true Dream Crafter
must embrace this fact.
Don't let fear
rob you of your creativity.
Remember what makes
all of you special.
Your imagination.
With that power,
anything is possible.
[Logan] I hope I won't get sand
in my boxers.
I hate that.
[stone door sliding shut]
Do you really think we'll
capture those kids at the Forge?
Yeah, those kids have a way of
escaping us, don't they?
Yeah, and making
the Nightmare King so mad.
He only gets mad
at the Grimspawn
who were actually at the battle.
And he would probably
love an update.
He probably needs an update.
You guys go ahead
and attack
the Dream Forge, okay?
We're gonna go back to, uh,
tell the Nightmare King
what a great job you're doing.
Hey, you got this.
[Cooper] We can do this.
We'll get through it together.
Don't worry, you're not alone.
Yo! You're holding up
[all screaming]
Got sand in my boxers.
I knew it.
Everyone! Stay calm.
Remember, the Forge
is trying to scare us.
Well, it's doing
a pretty good job.
No, no, no, no, no Oop.
-Oh forget this.
-Logan, wait!
[Cooper] We're not supposed to
wake up in here.
That slimy two-faced
When I get my hands
on that turkey, I'm gonna sh
[Mateo] Izzie!
No! No, no, no, no. Z-Blob!
-[thunder rumbles]
-[Grimspawns laugh]
Houston, we have a problem.
The Dream Forge cannot fall
to the Nightmare King's forces.
We gotta buy these kids
some time.
Nothing comes across. Nothin'.
[indistinct humming]
-[Cooper's mom] Cooper, honey?
[Nightmare King laughs]
Weird. It's like I'm in
one of those claw machines.
Mr. Sharkyjaw!
[ominous music playing]
Are you having
a bad dream, Mateo?
Just wake up,
and it'll all be over.
-[Nightmare King laughs]
-[Nightmare King laughs]
[Cooper's mom] Have you done
your homework, Cooper?
Don't forget about
the test tomorrow.
You really should put
more effort
into your soccer practice.
You never kept your grades up,
did you, Cooper?
It's why you got cut
from the team.
You let us all down.
[Cooper's mom] Just wake up,
I know you're scared.
[Izzie grunts]
Crush yourself, pal.
I don't want to be here anymore.
That's right.
remember it wants you to quit.
It's using your fear
to get you to quit.
The Forge is using our fears
against us.
[Nightmare King]
Just wake up, Mateo,
and this could all be over.
It's trying to get you to quit.
[echoing] Cooper!
It's trying to get you to quit!
I'll see you again soon, buddy.
Guys, I'm coming out.
where do you think you're going?
You are not excused.
To get my hourglass.
[Grimspawn yells]
[tense music playing]
Hold them squirrely
little demons back.
Things aren't looking so great.
[Albert] Old man, your powers
of observation are stunning.
[Zoey] Heads up!
[Zian screeching]
Thanks for clearing
the space I need
for this!
Albert, not the banana!
Nothing gets across.
[effort grunt]
Maybe I shouldn't have gone
with the banana.
[Zian screeching]
Are you sure you don't want
to be a Dream Chaser?
[Zoey] Like I said,
I don't need to join
your little club.
No, but dang it, we need you.
[Nightmare King] They keep
opposing me!
[angry shout]
[all gasp]
-Why is it so
Hey, I think
I think
we're still in the Forge.
Okay, so,
where's the hourglasses?
Maybe through the door.
Right. Let's go.
[tense music playing]
[Cooper's mom] Have you done
your homework?
[Trophies] You never kept
your grades up, did
you, Cooper?
Izz. Coop.
This could be the final trial.
How are we supposed to
DreamCraft anything
awesome enough
to fight these things,
if we don't have an hourglass?
[Mateo] If we need an hourglass
to fight this battle,
then we craft one.
But how?
Just like Mr. Oz taught us.
Choose an object.
Use that to spark
your creativity.
And then focus on your idea.
I'll show you power.
[Izzie screams]
You never kept your grades up,
did you, Cooper?
You're letting everybody down,
including your family.
Did we do it?
You know, I think we did.
Whoa. What is that?
[Izzie] It's a sapling, silly.
And we're keeping it.
Let's go so we can plant it
on our real landing.
Yeah, Mateo. I like that.
You know what, so do I.
Let's go.
I hope they come out soon.
I'm out of sand.
Whoa, whoa, what?
Here they come.
Whoo-hoo! We dit it!
[Izzie] Mateo, you're a genius.
That was incredible.
Where's Logan?
Did he not make it?
That turkey quit
before we even got in.
These old timers
almost didn't make it either.
The Nightmare King's forces
may have retreated tonight,
but make no mistake,
his corruption
is still a threat.
I've never seen so many.
Why does he care about
a bunch of goofy kids?
Young lady, these goofy kids
will make
a very big impression soon,
even on someone as cool as you.
But, I think the Nightmare King
might be more interested
in this.
Hold on,
is is that
Lunia's hourglass? Yes.
Who's Lunia?
The last Dreamkeeper.
Legend has it,
she used that hourglass
to defeat the Nightmare King
long ago.
Well, that explains a lot.
Can you fix it?
That is beyond my capabilities.
Don't you make hourglasses here?
The Forge is unlike
any other place
in the Dream World.
But it is not where
hourglasses are made.
It is where
Dream Chasers are forged.
[Cooper] So,
how do we fix it?
For that,
you must seek out the Sandman.
[Mr. Oz] And we will.
Now that we have the tools,
we'll find the Sandman
and take our fight
to the Nightmare King.
What about Logan?
Well, we'll have to see
if the Forge
took its toll on Logan.
Hopefully he'll have a chance
to try again.
Only time will tell.
Uh, speaking of time,
Mr. Oz, uh,
we gotta wake up for school soon
I got a really big test tomorrow
and I really,
really need to do well on it.
Yeah, maybe you could
write a note
excusing us from class?
Ah, in your dreams, young lady.
[Albert] Well old chap,
it's a small start,
but a good one.
I'm still not sure
they'll have what it takes.
[Mr. Oz] Well,
all great things grow
from humble beginnings, Albert.
[whimsical music playing]
[Cooper] This is Cooper.
Why aren't you texting?
You woke up too, right?
I mean, yeah, of course.
Everyone woke up.
Not just me? Right?
[closing theme music playing]
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