LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Peak Performance

[exciting music playing]
[Cooper] Whoa! Ha! Whoa!
[Cooper grunts]
Nice job, Coop.
Watch that left foot
when you land, though.
Stop hangin' on the hurdles!
This ain't a jungle gym!
[Izzie] How'd you do?
I've done better.
[Logan] You snooze you lose.
[upbeat music playing]
[Dallas] Way to go, Logan!
[Cooper] Whoa,
that was impressive.
Bro. Didn't even stretch.
Hey, we've still got
one slot open on The Wolves.
If you're interested in joining
a winning team.
[Mateo] Okay. You got this.
[Izzie] Go broseph!
Soar like an eagle.
[Logan and Dallas laugh]
That was less eagle
and more penguin.
Mateo, stop goofing off.
is trying to practice here.
My everything hurts.
I mean,
that was a little better.
That was better?
How could he
have done any worse?
Last time he got his shoelaces
stuck in the starting blocks.
You sure you don't wanna
join my team?
You know what? I'm a wolf now.
Come on Dallas.
Where are you going?
We still have to practice.
[Dallas] Why would a wolf
practice with you?
-[Dallas howls]
-Did he just quit the team?
Ugh, Logan
is going to be a real treat
when we go find the Sandman
[theme music]
I can feel you being grumpy
from all the way over here.
-I'm not grumpy.
You've got your grumpy pillow.
[Mateo grunts]
You always squeeze that thing
half to death when you're upset.
If Logan hadn't decided
to bail on the team,
I'd be totally happy
that he's better than me
at every stinking event
in that stupid contest.
You want BunChu Bunny?
He always makes me feel better.
I said I'm fine.
You better be.
Tonight we go find the Sandman.
Don't want you pouting
all the way there.
-Relax. It's me.
Where'd you get that outfit?
I decided
to pull out all the stops.
Show this Dream World
who I really am!
You mean
we can change our style?
[Cooper] Whoa!
Did you dreamcraft
your own Dream World avatar?
Sure did!
How did you do it? What do I do?
Are there instructions?
Walk me through it.
Just do it.
Here we go!
I can't just do it.
Let me try.
[Izzie chuckles]
That's a great color on you.
Oh, you try it then.
I don't know.
I'm not sure I want to try
in front of everybody.
Come on. Don't overthink it.
You know what? You're right.
No time like the present.
So, how do I look?
Want me to add some glitter?
Come on. I wanna do one.
Let me just borrow yours.
[Mr. Oz] Yeah,
I wouldn't do that.
[Logan] Aw, Mr. Oz.
That buzzkill.
Using an hourglass
when you didn't make it
through the Dream Forge
can lead to some
pretty heavy results.
You're just as likely
to turn yourself
into a pretzel or something.
are just glorified PJ's anyway.
And humans
are just highfalutin apes.
you know what this outfit needs?
A real live unicorn.
Hey, hey, he-hey,
slow your roll there, Isabel.
You only got so much sand
each night.
You can't waste it
fooling around.
Especially not now.
We have
a very important mission.
[Albert] Welcome, Dream Chasers
to Pillows Peak.
First dreamed by an exceptional
young SwissDreamtrekker in 1871,
Pillows Peak has since become
a popular destination
for dreamers,
and home
to many native dream creatures.
[Mr. Oz] Yeah,
but most importantly,
this beautiful mountain retreat
is the last known location
of the Sandman.
If we want any chance
of stopping the Nightmare King,
we gotta get Lunia's hourglass
And he's the only one
who can do it.
Doesn't look that bad to me.
Maybe it still works.
Mm. Ah-ah. Using this bad boy
in its current state
is way too dangerous.
That's why
I'm gonna tuck it away
for safe-keeping
here in my rucksack.
Okay. Just gotta find a place.
Uh, hm, oh, maybe this zipper.
Lordy, old timer.
Don't y'all think you overdid it
a might on the packing?
Is that a beach umbrella?
Uh, hey, Mateo,
can I trust you
to hold onto this for me?
Sure thing.
Alright, gang.
Let's get trekking.
Albert? Albert!
Little help here.
No pain, no gain!
Pick it up, bro.
Yeah, well,
you're not carrying anything.
-Here. Gimme that thing.
-Hey, no.
Last one up to the top
buys breakfast.
[Mr. Oz] Guys,
stop clowning around.
This is a serious mission.
We have to Whoa! Oof.
-[Mr. Oz] Ah.
-[Izzie] You're on.
[Logan] So long, slowpoke.
-[Logan laughs]
-[Izzie groans]
[breathes heavily]
This would be a lot easier
if I could just jump higher.
Hey, wait a minute.
Izzie wants her BunChu to be
Or something.
I really gotta work on
my catchphrases.
[techno music playing]
You. Are. Everything.
[Mr. Oz grunts]
Is someone up there
wasting dream sand?
It sounds like
someone's wasting dr
Albert! Would you
get over here and help me?
Here's BunChu!
That's cheating.
Ha ha! You may be fast
in the Waking World,
but in my dreams
nobody beats BunChu.
Come on, Bun-Bun.
Show this turkey what you got.
Ah! No!
BunChu! Bad BunChu.
-[Izzie] Go this way. This way!
-[Logan laughs]
Hey, hey! Way to go, Coop!
Let's see how fast
this baby can go!
That was totally sick, bro.
Hey, wait. Wa-wa-wa-wait for me!
[Mateo chuckles]
See you at the top, Slow-gan.
no way I'm losing to you too.
I'm a wolf now.
Hm. Let's see who wins
once I level the playing field.
[Cooper] Whoa!
[Izzie] Ah!
[Mateo screams]
[Mateo] Oof.
[Mateo] Avalanche!
What the heck was that?
[Susan] Careful,
you knuckleheads.
If anything happens to this,
you could end up like Snarl.
[Sneak] What happened to Snarl?
[Snivel] Let's just say
it wasn't pretty.
[Susan] Who-whoa!
[Night Hunter] Did you
feel that?
It's Lunia.
That's impossible.
Lunia's gone.
You know that
better than anyone.
No, not her.
Her cursed hourglass.
Last time I felt that was
when she used it to imprison me.
But I know
where that reverberated from.
it came from Pillow's Peak.
The Sandman.
They're trying
to fix her hourglass
and seal me in a cage once more.
Why can't people
just understand?
You need a good nightmare.
I promise you this,
if I get imprisoned again,
I'm dragging you with me.
See to it
that it doesn't happen.
[Sneak] Whoa!
[Nightmare King] Oh, and Hunter,
can you please
take this lot with you?
-[all groan]
-Before I drag them somewhere.
-Where's Logan?
He shot up here like a rocket.
-[Logan screams]
-Check it out. Here he comes.
[Logan pants and screams]
Dude, you can stop running.
You already won the stupid race.
I'm not racing.
-[Logan screams]
[all scream]
[Cooper] What the heck is that?
[Logan] Hurry! This way!
-[Logan] In here!
-[everyone screams]
[Mateo] No, no, no, no.
[Cooper] Did you see
the size of that thing?
Bro, of course I saw it.
It almost ate me.
Not now, Z-Blob.
Izzie, we gotta
dreamcraft something to
You think she could still be
out there with that
that thing?
Hold on, Izz. I'm coming.
What do you think you're doing?
-Going to save my sister.
-Are you nuts?
There is a giant hairy mountain
of fangs out there.
This is like crazy dangerous.
Only if he goes alone.
Logan, y-you in?
I guess.
I mean, you guys are way out
of your league without me.
Get ready.
We don't know what kind of
unspeakable horrors
we're gonna find
when we step outside this cave.
One, two, three.
[all scream]
[breathes heavily]
Comfortable back there?
I'm a chimpanzee, old man.
I climb trees, not mountains.
[Mr. Oz] Yeah, but what about
the spirit of teamwork?
Well, who else
is gonna read the manual
on the Mark Five Dreamy Screamy?
[Albert] You?
[Mr. Oz] And that
just has to happen now?
[Night Hunter] Sneak, Snivel,
Susan with me.
The rest of you wait here
in case they come down.
Are you for real?
[Izzie] Pretty fierce, huh?
I took one look at this guy
and you know what I said?
I said,
"You need glitter."
What? A yeti can't like glitter?
Y'all need to learn how to color
outside the lines a little.
Wait, I think I get it.
[Cooper] Color
outside the lines.
As in,
don't follow the instructions.
Did it work?
Right on, Coop!
[both] More glitter.
Guys! We didn't come here
for makeovers.
We're here to find the Sandman.
Good luck finding that guy.
Wait, y-you know where he is?
Like I'd tell you.
Please Mister Yeti.
I'll give you another makeover.
Mister Yeti is my father.
The name's Jim.
And to be honest,
I'm not crazy
about your brushwork, missy.
Besides, I can't just tell
any wandering dreamer
where the Sandman is.
For all I know,
you could be working for
the Night Hunter.
Please. We're not working
for that chump.
No, you dum-dums.
The Night Hunter!
Okay, what's the plan?
[Mateo] Oh, right. Run.
[Logan] Ah, that's our plan
most of the time, isn't it?
[all] Ah!
Hey, find your own cave.
Don't worry, guys.
I'll just dreamcraft a
I used up all the sand I had
to change into my new outfit.
Ugh. Me too!
Someone just
had to turn it into a race.
Hey, don't blame me.
All I had to work with was
Lunia's dumb broken hourglass.
you used Lunia's hourglass?
Is that what the shockwave was?
Uh, no?
Ugh, Logan.
Now the Night Hunter
is after us.
Where is my backpack?
where is Lunia's hourglass?
Tell me you have the hourglass.
It's not my fault.
You were the ones
cheating at the race.
[Izzie] You turkey.
How could you be so dumb?
Let's all take a beat.
We need a plan.
I think I have an idea.
Then what are you waiting for?
Go ahead.
There's only one way
down the mountain
and the Night Hunter is on it.
First, you have to tell us
where the Sandman is.
I can't.
-[all] What?
-[Mateo] Why not?
I can't tell you where he is,
but-but I can tell you
where he was.
This is his cave.
Or it used to be.
Long time ago.
Look. All I know is
when I got here,
he was already gone.
All he left behind was this.
[Jim] Nope.
This sticks with me.
I don't know you guys.
So that's it?
That's how we find the Sandman?
With a seashell?
H-how does it work?
How about you first?
What's your great idea on
how to escape the Hunter?
How's your singing voice?
[Snivel laughs]
Hiding inside a cave?
Ha! That's not very original.
[Snivel] Ah-ha!
There's no escape now,
ya little dreamers.
-[Susan groans]
-[Snivel laughs]
-[Sneak] Snowmen.
-[Susan laughs]
I really hate kids.
[Mateo] Now!
[Jim yodels]
[Izzie laughs]
[all cheer]
Alright! Whoo-hoo!
Uh, Jim?
I think you overdid it.
Don't get mad at me
'cause I have incredible range.
[all groan]
[Logan] Way to bring down
the house
[grimspawns growl]
[Night Hunter] After them.
They have Lunia's hourglass.
[Mateo] It's getting worse!
Keep up!
The Nightmare King
will have his prize!
You gotta be kidding me.
[Logan] Bro, you got this.
Just keep your knees up.
[Mateo screams]
[Night Hunter] End of the line.
The Nightmare King will be
Ah, looks like someone's night
is about to go downhill.
Izzie, no!
-[Izzie grunts]
-[Susan snarls]
Nobody messes with my stylist.
Wait, did you just
yeet Lunia's hourglass?
-[Jim howls]
-[Night Hunter] Yes!
-[Jim grunting and howling]
-[Izzie] Oh!
Izzie, stop.
What's happening to you?
I need you to take this and run.
-Don't argue.
[breathing heavily]
Just go.
You gotta fight it.
Stop arguing and just
[Cooper] Izzie!
Get out of there!
No! Let go!
I have to save him.
We have to help Jim.
I really think
we took a wrong turn somewhere.
-[Logan] Run, Mr. Oz.
-[Mr. Oz] Was that?
[Mr. Oz] Oof.
[all screaming]
[Mr. Oz] Ah, there you are.
[Sneak] Did we just
let them get away again?
[Izzie crying]
Poor Jim.
This is all we have
to remember him by now.
You hear the ocean or something?
There's something in there.
[Mateo] What is it?
[Logan] Ooh,
we get a space hologram?
Oh, we doing Galaxy Squad now?
Albert, where's my camera?
It must be
a constellation of some sort.
A guide to the Sandman.
Ha! Izzie, this is fantastic!
What's gonna happen to Jim?
I'm sorry, Izzie.
The Night Hunter's shadow bolts
corrupt any creature they strike
and turn them into
a Night Terror.
I don't know any way
to bring him back.
Uh, Mr. Oz,
Lunia's hourglass, uh,
on the mountain I, uh,
We accidentally used it.
You what?!
I-I told you not to use it.
It's not safe. I
Guys, look,
I know I'm asking a lot of you,
but I need you to realize
what you're up against here.
It's not always gonna be
rainbow bridges and unicorns,
The Nightmare King knows
this hourglass helped
trap him once before
and it could do so again.
So now it's up to us
to figure out how
before it's too late.
We are Dream Chasers
and we have to be
at our peak performance
to be victorious.
Hey Mateo,
your blocks are wrong.
You're starting
on the wrong foot.
Come here.
[Logan] Power leg should
start here on this side.
You're all switched around.
Which is fine
but you're not gonna
Hey, Izz. Y-You okay?
I just
It's Jim.
On your mark. Get set. Go!
[Izzie] Soar like an eagle,
[breathes heavily]
I did it!
I did
[Izzie] Or a penguin again.
I told you to stop goofing off.
People are trying to practice.
I didn't go to school for this!
[Logan] Well,
you did a little soaring.
We'll get you there, bro.
Looking better brosephus!
Didn't think
you had that in you.
Yeah, well,
guess you can't judge a book
by its cover.
Come on, guys.
Let's go again.
[closing theme music]
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