LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

The Anomaly

[Izzie] That's when we totally
pulled a fast one
on those turkeys,
snuck by the Grimkeeper,
and bam!
Saved that cute little dreamer,
like waah!
You were quiet enough
to sneak by?
What really happened?
Ask Teo about the chicken.
-C-Can we please not?
I just wasn't ready
to Dreamcraft something.
O.M.G. The chicken!
You should have seen it.
Guess you had to be there.
Isn't the whole point
of a secret organization
that it's, you know, secret?
Our secret is safe with them.
Right, Mrs. C?
It's the tortoise
I'd be worried about.
He's such a gossip.
It's true.
You got practice today?
My brothers said this might be
the Sheep Week final event.
Aw, for real?
I gotta start
practicing that now?
You think
we're not gonna make finals?
Just because you bailed
on our team?
I rest my case.
Hey, Ms. C,
have any without avocado?
I can make you a new one.
It's no problem.
Never mind. No time.
Hey! You can help me practice.
I-I'm seriously behind
on homework.
I-I got soccer,
and a presentation due
for Ms. Putnam.
-[Logan yelps, groans]
-[Zoey chuckles]
Oh, someone forgot
about Ms. Putnam's assignment.
No! No, I didn't forget.
[Mateo grunts]
I knew Cooper would help me
put something together.
Right, Coop?
Figure out your own problems.
I got enough
on my plate as it is.
Wh-hoa, chill, man.
I guess that's more important
than your friends.
I don't got problems.
-You got problems.
Look at it this way, broseph.
While Coop is off
stressing about whatever,
we get to go to the Night Bureau
and do something awesome.
Probably something
totally bonkers like
[all] Inventory?
-What's that?
-Ah! This is bonkers.
Oh, don't be such babies.
I need your help finding my copy
of Einstein's
"Guide to Dream Relics".
And that's
my problem because?
I've hit a dead end
on the Sandman.
Check it out!
I'm a spaceman.
Wait, can we go back to the fact
that Einstein was
a Dream Chaser?
You think he discovered
the Theory of Relativity
while he was sitting on the can?
And you think the book is
in this mess somewhere?
Well, I've checked
all the usual places.
It's gotta be here somewhere.
Um, where did all this junk
come from?
I think he means,
"Where did
all this secret agent-y
Night Bureau stuff come from?"
Some of it
the Night Bureau created.
Very official.
But back before
the ol' Nightmare King,
-[Logan screams]
-Dream World objects
used to cross over all the time.
Ah! That was totally on purpose.
Some of those things
can still go back and forth
between Dreams
and the Waking World,
but nothing new has done that
in a long time.
Well, nothing
except that little guy.
[theme music]
How exactly is this useful?
Oh, that.
It's supposed to help people
remember their last dreams.
No, wait!
[Izzie and Logan laugh]
-The chicken.
-[Mateo clucks]
What happened? Did it work?
-[Logan chuckles]
Yeah, I'd say it worked.
Look, gang, some of this stuff
could turn you
into a puddle of goo.
Or worse.
What I'm trying to say is
Dream World stuff
in the Waking World
is serious business.
So, you know, take it seriously.
[toy farts]
[all laugh]
All right, I got research to do.
Find that book, but please
don't turn Mateo
into a chicken again.
[Logan and Izzie giggle]
[Mr. Oz]
How did you get in here?
Your lunch. 30 minutes or less.
Delivery fee is not a tip.
I've been so wrapped up
with trying to figure out
this constellation we got
from that dang seashell.
Uh, I know
space is your thing and all,
but this "constellation" looks
an awful lot like music notes.
What? There's no way.
Yeah, this is totally
bars of music.
[Zoey hums]
We have liftoff!
Oh, ha!
This is incredible, Zoey.
Do you have any idea
what you've done?
Something worth a tip?
[doorbell rings]
Who's this lady?
-Strick! Ah, Agent Strick.
-[Izzie and Logan gasp]
That's Chief Inspector now,
Agent Oswald.
[Mr. Oz] Oh.
[chuckles nervously]
Uh, gang, this is
Chief Inspector Celia Strick
of Command
Administration and Regulation
for Night Bureau
Activities and Protocols.
CARNBAP for short.
I thought we agreed,
no more recruits
after what happened last time.
-[Mateo] Last time?
-Oh, uh,
to what do we owe the pleasure,
Agent Str
uh, Chief Inspector?
[Strick] Headquarters
detected a major breach.
A Dream World anomaly
entered the Waking World
for the first time in decades
the other night.
And wouldn't you know it,
the energy signature
was centered in Brooklyn.
Wait, are you talking
about the Night Terror?
-A Night Terror?
-Oh, yeah! The Night Terror.
We already took care
of that turkey.
Well, as improbable
as that claim may be,
we are still picking up
a substantial energy signature
which I intend
on thoroughly investigating.
Uh, if you were to find
an anomaly,
what would happen to it?
We find it, capture it,
and ensure no one
from the Waking World
ever sees it.
Protecting the secrecy
of our operation
and ensuring
the public doesn't witness
anything out of the ordinary
is a top priority.
-Is there anything
out of the ordinary here,
Agent Oswald?
Anything you wish to tell me?
Wha No way.
I know the rules.
Speaking of,
why don't I show you
the reports I filed
on the Night Terror.
Transparency is my middle name.
[Mr. Oz] I am an open book.
Hide everything.
Now, Mateo's arm
starts turning black
and I freak out, see.
I-I bring him over here
to the lab
where I can patch him up
with the Edison Ray.
And all this time,
the kids are begging me
to help find the Nightmare King,
but I'm telling them no way,
of course.
I tell 'em no.
But they keep at it
and I'm, I'm short on help so,
you know,
I-I-I figured, what that heck?
You were always
too much of a dreamer, Oz.
-[Mr. Oz] Hold on!
-It made you soft.
[muffled] Oh, no no no. Please.
I haven't told you about
-Ah. Oh, geez.
I am going to see for myself
exactly what kind of operation
you're running here.
Let's hurry and hide this stuff.
The Locator.
Locate any person
in the Dream World.
[Mateo screams]
[Old woman hologram] Greetings!
To learn the meaning of life,
press one.
[Zoey] Cool party.
-What are you doing here?
Well, I had a delivery, but
I thought I'd stick around
to see the fireworks.
Fireworks? What fireworks?
-[gasps, grunts]
-[Izzie groans]
All right, little anomaly.
I know I can track you.
[Strick] I'll find you
no matter where you go.
-The anomaly!
-[Mateo gasps]
I knew
you were hiding something.
[Mateo groans]
-[Strick] I see you.
-[Mateo gasps]
Is she remembering a dream?
What are you waiting for?
Zap her again!
-[Strick babbles]
-Uh, Inspector Strick?
Are you okay?
[Strick giggles]
Well, it beats being a chicken.
Okay, uh, everybody, stay calm.
Before the inspector
snaps out of it,
we still gotta hide
-[Izzie gasps]
Hey, broseph
[Mateo groans]
[breathes heavily]
[Mateo] Ah!
[Izzie] Hey, are you okay?
Oh, good.
It looks like he's okay.
Great, but what are we
supposed to do about Strick?
[Strick grunts]
Anybody know any babysitters?
Z! Wait!
No, no, no.
This is not happening.
Z, wait!
[Mateo] Can I use your bike?
Thanks, Jayden!
Oh, this is bad.
[Cooper's mom] Hello?
Just me, Ma. Forgot my cleats.
[Cooper's mom] Did you get
your presentation ready?
When would I have done that?
Well, maybe you need to be
a little more focused
like your brothers.
-[phone chimes]
[vent rattling]
What was that? Rats?
Gah. Trap me
in my own observatory, huh?
Yeah, well,
we'll see about that.
Pst! Pst! Logan!
Yo, Mr. Oz.
What are you doing in there?
Looking for rats?
How's it going?
Has she found anything,
uh, incriminating?
-[objects clattering]
-Ha! Yeah, uh, mm, uh.
[Old woman hologram]
The answer the answers to
Uh, just keep her distracted.
I'm gonna try
and find a way out of here.
Hey, Mr. O, you know
that dream memory laser thingy?
Eh, you don't know
how to fix it, do you?
The Rememberator?
Uh, that thing's always finicky.
If, uh, if it's on the fritz,
your target'll get stuck
in the last dream they had.
Really fries
the short-term memory.
[Mr. Oz] Why, what's up?
Oh, um, nothin'. It's uh
Look, just don't let Strick
find anything unauthorized
in this building.
She can shut us down so fast
it'll make your head spin.
[Mateo] What the?
Mom! I want
a big balloon like that!
Wait! Ms C.
I-I haven't eaten all day.
So hungry.
Ay, sorry Cooper.
-Just shut everything down.
-[groans angrily]
First thing tomorrow,
I'll make you
that burrito you wanted.
No avocado.
Oh, man.
I've been so busy I
I can't believe I forgot
I still got the other one.
-[pants, cries]
-[Logan] Okay, look. Bad news.
Looks like she's gonna be stuck
in her last dream
until we can fix
that Memory thingy.
Wait, this lady dreams
about being a baby?
I guess that's one way to relax.
At least that gives us time
to hide everything.
Yeah, Mr. O said
the Night Bureau
can't find out
about any of this.
[man on radio]Chief Inspector?
Chief Inspector Strick,
you've initiated
a Night Watch alert.
Do you need
a rapid response team?
[babbles angrily]
[in deep voice]
Uh, hi there.
I mean,
this is Inspector Strick.
-[Strick babbles]
-Chief, is everything
all right?
Uh, of course!
Everything is tip top.
Real by the book here.
In fact,
it's better than all right.
Is everything all right
with you?
[man on radio]Inspector Strick,
please provide your verbal
authentication password.
We need Coop.
He needs to get over here
and fix this thing.
This is this is really good.
What did you put on here?
Just the usual,
plus that avocado
you don't want.
You like it?
Oh, yeah!
It's hard to know what you want
when somebody else
is always ordering for you.
Sometimes, you have to find
your own way,
-[Cooper's brother] Coop!
Uh, be right there!
-What the heck is going?
-[Mateo] Z! Get down!
-[Cooper] Mateo?
-[Cooper's brother] Hey, Coop!
I can't have my little brother
breaking the family
winning streak, all right?
[Mateo] Come on, Z! Come down!
[Mateo grunts]
Coop? What are you doing here?
Dude, there's a giant green blob
floating around Brooklyn.
What's going on?
Uh, I mean aside from
the Night Bureau Inspector
showing up looking for Z-Blob,
Logan turning her into a baby,
and Z escaping
into the streets
You know, the usual.
Wait. What? Slow down.
Just Don't worry about it.
I gotta go get Z
before anybody
[Cooper] Teo, stop.
Seriously. I'm helping you.
It's okay.
I got it under control.
You can go practice
or study for your presentation
if that's more important to you.
Not really. No, it's not.
For real?
For real.
Besides, how can I study
right now?
Z is cruising around the city
like a frickin' parade float.
Yeah, I kind of noticed that.
That inspector said
she's going to find
whatever crossed into
the Waking World and take it.
The longer Z's out here,
the worse this all gets.
Inspector? I have no idea
what you're talking about.
But you're the one
who can always come up
with a plan, not me.
Look, first things first,
I need you to do
what you do best.
I swear if you say anything
about a chicken, I'm out.
What? No.
Get creative.
[Mateo] I got it!
[Logan] Come on. Come on.
Where you at, Coop?
[Mr. Oz grunts]
[Mr. Oz] Don't worry,
I can fix that.
Yo, Mr. O.
Logan! Tell me
you managed to deal with Strick.
[Strick babbles]
Oh, yeah, yeah,
we dealt with her, it's fine.
But uh, can you tell me
about the Night Watch alert?
What did you do?
[chuckling awkwardly]
[Mr. Oz] Logan? Logan!
Get ready. Here he comes.
And your plan is again?
Something creative.
[Mateo] Up, up and away.
[epic music]
Nice work, dude.
Now now get Z
to let out the air.
You heard him.
Slow and steady, little guy.
Let's get you home.
[Mateo screams]
Don't worry, buddy. I've gotcha.
Fire escape! Fire escape!
[Mateo groans]
[Mateo screaming]
-[Mr. Oz] What's going on?
-[man] Chief Inspector Strick,
verify your status
and authenticate now.
We gotta get Strick
back to normal
so she can call off the alert
before a whole army of
secret agent-y people show up.
I'm open to suggestions.
[man on radio]
Chief, we're sending units now.
[Strick babbles]
[Zoey clears throat]
Chief Inspector Strick here.
No need to send those units.
Zoey, I could hug you.
Please don't.
[man on radio]Chief Inspector,
I'm gonna need you to verify
your status and authenticate.
[Mateo] Nothing to see here.
Everything's under control.
We're cool. We're cool.
-[Cooper] Mateo!
-[Mateo screams]
[Mateo screams, grunts]
Touchdown. Thank you
for flying Air Mateo.
Next time
I ask you to get creative,
can you maybe
take it easy on me?
[panting continues]
You're the one
that likes to go fast.
[Strick cries]
Any chance
you can hurry up over there?
[man on radio]
Chief, please say again?
[Strick babbles]
Mr. Oswald?
Will someone tell me
what's going on here?
Aw man, you totally
gotta help us fix this.
[man on radio] verify
your status and authenticate.
Uh, where-where-where's
the instruction manual for this?
There are no instructions!
You just gotta tackle it
one step at a time.
Coop, you got this.
[man on radio]Chief, we've got
a lock on your location.
We're initiating
containment protocol override.
Containment protocol initiated!
-Containment protocol
-Great. Just what we need.
Cooper, we need
your mad skills, buddy.
[Mr. Oz]
What happened to the lights?
Is that the alarm?
That sounds like the alarm.
Why is there an alarm?
-Ah, what did you do, kids?
-Hurry! Pick it up,
-pick it up, pick it up!
-[Mr. Oz] Talk to me!
What's going on out there?
Strick? Str
I can explain this!
A little help here. Gah.
Hello? Anyone?
[alarm blaring]
Ha! I think I got it.
Go! Go! Go!
Here, I'll do it.
[man on radio]
Hang in there, Inspector.
Night Watch units are inbound
on your location.
[in normal voice] Is that
a model SK-three Rememberator?
[in baby voice] I
[in normal voice] I I see.
Which one of you
modified the device?
This guy.
[chuckles nervously]
I did, ma'am. I'm sorry.
This is Chief Inspector Strick.
Authenticating eight five
Bowie Edison Zulu Disco.
Stand down immediately.
-[man on radio] Uh, Chief?
-I said stand down!
[alarm stops]
The SK-three is a tricky model.
Causes pretty severe
short-term memory loss.
This is
a very creative modification
to the circuitry.
Looks like Oz got lucky
with at least one of you.
So, you're not gonna
shut us down?
That's crazy.
What for?
Agent Oswald's
proclivity for hoarding
useless Dream World junk?
The Night Bureau needs
more Dream Crafters
like this one here.
[Logan and Mateo sigh in relief]
So you don't remember
Return all this contraband
to the Dream World.
And if I find out
about anything else
I will shut you down
before your little heads
hit the pillow.
-[Mr. Oz] Whoa!
[Mr. Oz groans]
[Mr. Oz coughs]
Much appreciated.
[device beeps]
Woah, interesting.
Cooper, I gotta say
-Party at the landing tonight.
-What Oh.
You coming to the party?
-I get it. Sure.
You're probably busy
doing something way cooler.
No, I mean
no one can enter your landing
unless you invite them.
Oh! Well, in that case
[party music playing]
I'm glad
you finally joined us today.
What kept ya?
Uh, you know.
Guess I just had a hard time
finding my own way.
[closing theme music]
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