LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

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[tense music playing]
[Nightmare King] Ooh,
that old man
and his band of brats
keep handing you
one defeat after another.
There are other ways
to corrupt a realm though.
Perhaps not so tailored
to your methods.
Perhaps it's time I showed you
a different side to my powers.
Oh relax,
I may be
the stuff of nightmares,
but I'm not a monster.
Not yet anyway.
Wait for my signal.
And if you don't
start proving your worth,
I may have to reconsider
the terms of our agreement.
[opening theme music playing]
[Mateo] Yeah.
Okay. I can do this.
It's easy.
Do you want to come
join my team?
It's that simple.
Maybe this is a bad idea.
-What's a bad idea?
-[Mateo gasps]
Oh, yeah, uh
The Sh- the Sheep thing.
If you wanted to,
but it's okay
if you already have one.
Dude, what?
Sup, Zo!
Wanna join
a winning Sheep Week team
and claim eternal glory
with me and the Wolves?
What?! I asked her first.
Ha! No way
she'd wanna join your team!
Plus, I'm standing closer
to her.
Coop, get a ruler!
See who's standing closer.
Uh Ha-ha. Little weird.
Uh, oh wait, she's gone.
[Cooper] Shocker.
Oh, hey, yeah
I got stuff to do too
so, uh, catch ya later!
[Logan] Oh, yeah. She digs me.
[bright music playing]
Oz is here? Where's Cooper?
He probably saw you coming
and dipped.
[Mateo] As if!
At least he's loyal.
He probably smelled you
and dipped.
[Albert] Well, ah,
maybe it's in the Candy Realm.
[Mr. Oz] Oh c'mon, that just
doesn't make any sense.
Excuse the mess.
We're up to our ears
in music theory.
You crack that song Mr. O?
Figure out where the Sandman is?
Well, young buckaroo!
My research indicates
Our research.
It's our research.
Whoa, cool art. Hey!
What is that?
Ah, Castle Nocturnia.
The Dreamkeeper's Fortress.
Hold up, there's
a Dreamkeeper's Fortress?
Uh, how 'bout
we just forget the Sandman
and take the broken hourglass
Cut out the middle man!
Cut out the middle Sandman, eh?
[Albert] Ha!
Castle Nocturnia vanished
along with the Dreamkeeper
when she imprisoned
the Nightmare King.
No one has seen
hide nor hair of it since.
Ooh, let me help!
My dad loses his keys
to the ambulance every morning.
I can find any
Little Missy,
we have no time for your help,
nor your shenanigans.
[clears throat]
What Albert means to say is,
we've got a lot on our plate,
so maybe take the night off.
Just try to stay out of trouble.
My middle name is trouble.
You know what this means, right?
Free day!
[imitates air horn sounds]
[Logan] Ah! The Cyber Realm.
The perfect place
for weary dreamers
to unwind and get real!
I come here all the time.
Especially during
Mrs. Putnam's math classes.
If you see "The Loganator"
on any of the leaderboards,
that's me.
[Izzie laughs]
This is the coolest place ever.
I mean, look at this guy.
Eh, I've seen better.
So, uh,
what should we play first?
-What about
-No way dude.
I'm picking.
Hey Zoey!
Uh, do you wanna play with us?
Can't. I'm here on a mission.
Too bad, Matty.
Looks like she doesn't want
to play with you
in the waking world, or here.
Yeah, yeah. We'll see.
Not even in your dreams, Matty.
I said don't call me Matty.
Whoa, whoa. Chill, guys.
Come on.
Let's settle this a better way.
Mm. Coop's right.
Uh, somehow I think
you took the wrong lesson
from what I just said.
I win, I get to ask Zoey
if she wants to be on my team.
Fine. And if I win,
you have to rejoin our team.
Ha! Deal.
[Logan] This'll be easy.
I say we play
Fatal Konflict.
Fatal Konflict is so last year.
How about Redline Racers?
Please, even in our dreams
racing games are boring.
What about some ball?
We can play ball
when we're awake.
Let's let Coop decide.
Uh, how about we let Izzie?
Uh, okay. Okay. Sheesh.
How 'bout
[Logan] Anything
but Baking Papa.
[Logan and Mateo] I hate
that baby game.
This one. Nimbus Infinite.
[dubstep music playing]
[Logan] Oh yeah.
Get ready to weep, Matty.
You're going down, Slow-gan.
Not what I had in mind.
[dubstep music continues
Welcome, warriors
to Nimbus Infinite.
Burrzerker salutes
those about to battle.
Step up
and prove your domination
in the ultimate test
of carnage.
Lose all three lives,
get obliterated from the game.
Let loose the carnage!
[Izzie] Woo! Yeah!
You'll never get me, suckers!
Oh, no!
Aw, man. One life down already.
No spawn killing.
Now, Z-Blob!
Sorry, Sis.
No hard feelings.
Gotta be quicker on the trigger,
Bro, I already laid out
half the competition.
[Mateo] Yikes! He's right.
I better step up my game.
Prepare to bite the dust.
[Cooper] Ah!
-Let me guess. Logan?
Shot me right in the face.
You think you know a guy.
[Logan] Prepare
to get Loganized.
Your moves are so lame.
Please. Z-Blob's getting
all your kills, cheater.
That's not cheating.
That's Z being a good teammate.
You should try that sometime.
Dreamcrafting isn't cheating.
It's what real Dream Chasers do.
[Logan] Whoa!
Bro! That was so not fair.
-[Mateo grunts]
-[Logan breathes heavily]
[breathes heavily]
Only one left.
Gotta get to higher ground.
Come on,
I can't lose to that noob.
Huh? Who's there?
Those were some sick moves, bro.
Logan, was it?
Uh, yeah? That's me.
You are killing it.
I'm over here, like,
trying to study your game, bro.
Ugh. That green dude
is a totally unfair advantage.
you need this more than I do.
-What is it?
-It's an O G upgrade.
Only the best gamers
in the realm use them.
Just insert it into
the central holo screen console.
Like a hack?
Hey, I'm no cheater.
Unlike that noob Matty.
Fight fire with fire, bro.
they cheated so
-What's your name?
[laughs in deep voice]
[Logan] Alright, Matty.
Here comes the pain.
Just to level the playing field.
Whoa. Invincibility!
Oh, you left this.
This is your pain!
Where is that noob?
[Logan] Gotcha!
Hey Matty!
Cheat crafting again?
Wait, what? I totally got you.
And now it's down to me and you,
So come out
and collect this loss!
Here's Logan.
[Mateo] Ah!
Yes! Top of the leaderboard!
[imitates air horn sounds]
[Logan] I knew I'd pwn you,
What the heck just happened?
You survived the slaughter.
Come and claim your prize.
Oh, better cover my tracks.
[suspenseful music playing]
Whoa. What's that?
Oh, um, nothing.
It's, uh, just a
Just an upgrade.
Were you cheating?
Uh, bro, you're the one
jumping around here
with rocket boosters.
Using my Dreamcrafting skills
isn't cheating.
[high-pitched screeching]
Wha What's going on?
Uh, Logan?
Don't start with me.
You always blame me
when something goes wrong.
And why do you think that is,
We have to fix this!
Looks like the whole realm
is getting infected.
Oh, don't be so dramatic.
It's not that serious.
Seems pretty serious to me.
Get ready!
Almost there.
Time to take out the
[distorted voice]
No! My souffle!
Ooh, burn.
Better luck
[speech glitching]
next time.
What the
[tense music playing]
Zian! On me.
[Zian shrieks]
[crowd screaming]
[Mateo] None of this happened
until you used that virus.
Lance said it was an upgrade.
Lance? Who's Lance?
I don't know. A cool guy I met.
[all groan]
Didn't your moms ever teach you
not to take anything
from strangers?
Just had to cheat.
Couldn't stand the idea
of losing to me, huh?
Oh! Call me a cheater
one more time.
Guys! Stop!
I hear something coming.
[Grimspawns cackling]
Time to go big, Z!
Uh, cheat crafting.
[Cooper] Look alive, people!
[evil cackle]
[Cooper] They're
snatching dreamers.
-We've got to stop this!
-Mateo! Watch out!
-[Mateo grunts]
Whoa, thanks.
Yeah, whatever.
[evil cackle]
Holy guacamole.
Is that another glitch?
Get some!
Is this all you've got?
Who are you?
Guardian of
the Realm of Cyber Dreams.
Huh, I didn't know
the realms had Guardians.
We only appear
when a realm is in grave peril,
but we are ever vigilant.
Sworn into our realms
as a mighty
and powerful, eternal presence,
bound to protect them.
I'll show you all my
best fight compilations later,
but for now what do you say
we kick some
nightmare posteriors.
Yeah, we have a job to d
[thunder rumbling]
[Mateo] What is that?
[foreboding music playing]
[Cooper] A job that just got
a whole lot worse.
Mr. Sharkyjaw?
I dunno, that thing looks sick.
[Night Hunter chuckles]
This realm is finished.
Bring those gamers to me.
[all screaming]
Come, Dream Chasers.
Let's knock
these pixelated pests
down a level.
Izzie, what's going on? Come on!
I I'm sorry. I can't.
I know how you feel.
It's alright, Iz.
You'll be safer in here.
[Izzie] I'll protect you from
those game crashing turkeys.
[suspenseful music playing]
Don't you know
what game over means?
[Mateo] Z-Blob! Burrzerker! Go!
[Night Hunter] Get
those dreamers loaded up
before we circle around
for our final attack.
[evil cackle]
-[Zoey grunts]
-[Grimspawn screams]
[Grimspawn screams]
Not good! Not good! Not good!
-[Zoey grunts]
-Oh, no!
[Grimspawn screams]
Haha! Strike! Yeah!
Once again, I had to put
my mission on the back burner
to clean up your mess.
Completely understandable,
brooding time bandit.
Baking Papa is the type of game
that requires
a lot of concentration.
Wait, Baking Papa?
That baby game?
Hey! Baking Papa
helps people destress
and learn essential life skills.
We need to find a way
to eliminate the virus,
or we'll lose the realm.
[Mateo] Mr. Oz?
How did you know
we were in danger?
Didn't. We saw the
Nightmare Storm a world away.
When I said
stay outta trouble
this is not what I had in mind.
It's a virus. It started from
Well, uh
Some old school red flash drive.
I put it into the holo-screen
in the Nimbus Infinite arena
-[Mr. Oz sighs]
Then you'll just have to
find a way now, won't you?
Hang on. Here, try this.
-What is it?
-It's a patch.
Let's hope
it's strong enough to reverse
whatever y'all unleashed here.
Don't worry. We'll go with you.
Albert and I
will protect the others.
Now go. Be Dream Chasers.
Save the Cyber Realm.
[Night Hunter]
We're in position. Attack!
Off my back, Grimspawn!
You're mine, Night Hunter.
Well, come get me then.
Thanks! I thought I was a goner.
Not on my watch.
Come on!
[Mateo] It's getting worse.
[Logan] Whoa!
That's a lot of Night Terrors.
[Mateo] Yeah,
and we gotta
get you through them
so you can insert the patch.
There is no way
we're gonna get in there
going guns blazing.
We've gotta
sneak in closer first.
I'm Uh
I understand.
Just stay safe, Iz.
It's okay.
We got this.
[Mateo] Stay low. Stay hidden.
We've been spotted! Plan B!
-Plan B!
-What Plan B?
Guns blazing!
Don't let them touch you!
[Izzie] They're trapped.
They need us, BunBun.
We have to be brave.
I won't let what happened
to Mr. Sharkyjaw happen to you.
Okay. Thanks, buddy.
We're getting overrun!
[Mateo] Keep blasting!
[Izzie] Go BunChu!
[Cooper] Yeah!
Way to go, Iz. Whoa!
[Logan] Here, you do it.
I'm the reason this all
messed up in the first place.
Then be the one
to make it right.
Coop, you go left.
Iz, you go right.
Zoey, cover us.
When they're busy going for you,
I'll hit their flank.
Once we have them engaged,
Logan can run in with the patch.
We'll do it together,
like a team.
Let's rock and roll.
[Grimspawns cackle]
And the defensive line
has cleared the way
for the star player.
He's coming in full awesome.
And here comes the handoff!
[Mateo] Go, Coop!
[Cooper screams]
Guys! A little help here.
Everything's regenerating!
I will get you back.
Logan the Barbarian!
Hey, nice work, Logan.
Yeah, you actually weren't as
terrible as I thought you'd be.
You make a good teammate.
Your Sheepweek team
is lucky to have you.
[Izzie] Look!
[uplifting music playing]
Thank you, loyal Dream Chasers,
for your heroic endeavors.
I hope we never meet again.
What the Guardian means to say
is if they return,
it's because the realm
is not just under attack,
but about to fall completely.
I'm really sorry you'll have to
return to your post.
Must get lonely.
I am never alone.
Dreamers return to the
Cyber Realm every night,
and I get to
witness them overcome
the most challenging obstacles.
It's quite rewarding.
Plus, there is still time
to show you
my best fight compilations
before you wake!
Oh, look at the time.
We gotta bounce.
Big test. Right, Mr. Oz?
Oh, no.
I think there's plenty of time
to watch the compilations first.
You kids get started
while Albert and I
finish some business of our own.
Why don't you start with 1988?
Good idea,
bearded ape companion!
Start with the longest one.
[Night Hunter] Are you sure
this was a wise move,
my liege?
I know their weakest link.
And now the real games begin.
[closing theme music playing]
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