LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

The Bigger Picture

[Izzie] Oh, my gaw, Teo,
this is freaking awesome.
Did we really
kick this much butt?
I took a few artistic liberties.
[Izzie] Whoa!
I'll say.
Gimme that!
Broseph, just talk to her.
Clearly, you want to.
I can't.
I never know what to say.
I always sound like
a total dork.
Maybe she likes dorks.
Okay, well,
just be more confident.
You fight nightmare creatures
in your sleep
for crying out loud.
What I can do in the Dream World
and the Waking World
are two very different things.
Even if
you don't show this to Zoey,
at least
let Logan and Cooper see it.
This is really good.
[Cooper] Oh,
could I have a look?
No! Nobody can take a look.
[female student] Hey, Mateo,
look out for The Destroyers.
If they don't knock you out,
The Wolves will.
-[students howl]
-Oh man.
Does your brother's
secret comic book
have any tips on how to beat
those guys at Sheep Week?
-Actually, about Sheep Week
-[bell rings]
Uh, ladies and gentlemen,
please make your way to class.
You! Class! Now!
Or you're benched
for Sheep Week.
And Logan,
don't drink that stuff.
All that sugar
will turn your brains to mush
and your muscles to Jell-O.
This, Coach, is Rad Radioactive.
An energy drink
that will turn you
into an athletic Tyrannosaurus,
just like me.
You should try it.
You! Class! Now!
-[Ms. Putnam gasps]
Julie, I didn't see you there.
Coach Jeffries, my word.
[theme music playing]
[Logan] And then he came over
and I was like, "What?"
and he's like,
"Forget about it,"
and I was like,
"No, you forget about it."
Please settle, everyone.
[students chatting]
[Logan laughs]
Teo, are you listening?
Sheep Week starts tomorrow.
-We are not ready.
-I know. I know.
We gotta train after school.
And we're still down a teammate.
Actually, guys,
-I was thinking
-[Ms. Putnam sighs]
I thought we'd listen
to some classical music
to help us focus
on today's algebra lesson.
Math and music
are quite closely correlated
and can help relax the body
and inspire the mind.
Classical music?
[blows raspberry]
This is how you focus, Ms. P.
[metal music plays over phone]
Kindly shut off
that infernal noise!
It's just like you were saying,
music can inspire the mind.
-[Logan laughs]
-Logan! Logan!
[students gasp]
Where was I? Uh, yes.
Uh, the test tomorrow.
But it's Sheep Week.
If you focus today,
the test tomorrow
should not be a problem.
[Ms. Putnam] Now, uh,
please open your books
to page fifty-one.
[Cooper sighs]
How are we gonna study
for Ms. Putnam's test
and train for Sheep Week?
Look, hey, no offense, Teo,
but you need like major help.
-I can help.
-I thought you were a Wolf now.
Turns out,
we work pretty well together.
And your first round
of tetherball
is against The Destroyers.
Plus, I already told Dallas
I quit The Wolves, so, uh
who the heck are The Destroyers?
They sound fierce.
Should we
let him back on the team?
Yeah, let's do it.
Ah! Team Dream Chasers
together again.
Now, about the test.
we skip the "study" part, right?
Serious levels
of weirdness alert!
[Cooper] "The Insomniacs.
Are you having nightmares?"
Is that a joke?
-[students whisper indistinctly]
-[Cooper] Teo!
Nova doesn't think so.
Mm, those kids
look kind of beat.
Check this out.
Does this
not look familiar to you?
[Mateo] Izz,
I'm sure it's a coincidence.
Besides, we have bigger pro
Where are you going?
I was making a point.
[Izzie] Lunch is over, broseph.
[Mateo] Tetherball
is just with one ball, right?
Hey, does anyone know
who is on The Destroyers?
If they don't knock you out,
The Wolves will.
We are so doomed.
There's no way
we're gonna be about to train
and study after school.
-[Ms. Putnam gasps]
-Ooh! Gah. Oh whoa!
Ms. Putnam. I'm so sorry.
I didn't see you there.
Oh, I, uh, I didn't know
you played an instrument.
Oh, not yet.
I'm studying though.
I dream of learning piano.
It seems so
a fascinating correlation
between math and music,
you know.
I just don't know
how you find the time.
[Mr. Oz] Oh, uh
[clears throat]
this might
surprise you, Julie, but, uh,
sometimes your dreams
have the answers
to your problems.
[Logan] Yo, peeps!
Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
I highly doubt that.
We should go
into the Dream World
and get the answers to the test!
That way we can spend
all afternoon training
instead of studying.
-[Mateo] What?
-You heard Mr. Oz.
[Cooper] Uh, dude,
I don't think
that's what he meant.
Besides, aren't there like,
against something like that?
It seems wrong.
Yo, what is the point of being
awesome in the Dream World
if we can't use it for ourselves
every now and then, right?
I can't believe
I'm saying this, but
Logan's right.
Of course Logan's right.
There are things
we can do in the Dream World
that we just can't do
in the Waking World.
[ominous music]
We're so doing this.
Okay, eh
How are we gonna find Ms. Putnam
in the Dream World?
I think I've got an idea.
[foreboding music]
[Susan] What are you doing,
Your Gruesomeness?
Planning a reunion.
My dude-brother and his friends
still have something I need.
[foreboding music rises]
[Cooper] You sure
this thing works?
I mean, it did come from
Mr. Oz's stash of gadgets.
I think so.
The directions just say,
"Locate anyone
in the Dream World."
[Mr. Hopper] What is this,
a parade?
Get moving, slow poke!
So, Ms. Putnam
spends all day at school,
goes home and dreams about
[Mateo] No wonder
she's so uptight.
I feel sorry for her.
She needs to relax a little.
What could be more boring
than dreams about school?
[cheerful music playing]
[Beth] Hi, Izzie!
Hi, Beth.
Rad Radioactive. Nice.
People have some weird dreams
about school.
Meh, I've had weirder.
Alright, let's find Ms. Putnam
and get
the answers to that test.
What does the locator say?
I think it's broken.
Maybe we should split up.
Meet back here in ten minutes?
Hey, twenty bucks
says she's in the library
teaching math to the books.
[Izzie] Hey, broseph,que pasa?
Uh, I'll catch up.
Where are you going?
To do something
I can't do in the Waking World.
Man, what a mess.
Uh, Logan,
what is that?
[Coach Jeffries] Mine!
I don't know.
It looks radioactive.
More! Yea!
-[Cooper] Coach Jeffries?
-[Coach Jeffries gasps]
Rad Radioactive?
Oh, my God.
Hey yo, Coach,
I think you've had enough.
just slowly back away.
Logan, no loud noises.
-[Coach Jeffries growls]
-[Cooper and Logan scream]
Mine! Mine!
Hm. No answer sheet.
Maybe Ms. Putnam has it.
[Izzie] Nova?
Where'd she go?
Why does a girl who hates school
come here in her dreams?
[Mateo] Okay,
I thought this would be easier.
Maybe I shouldn't be doing this.
[electric guitar music plays]
[electric guitar
music continues]
[Cooper screams]
[Coach Jeffries]
Whoo! Rad Radioactive!
-[Cooper and Logan scream]
-[Coach Jeffries] Mine!
-[Cooper] Wha-?
He is like a tyrannosaurus!
Mine! Mine! Mine!
Just get rid of the drink!
-[Coach Jeffries growls]
-Oh, right! Here!
I go left, you go right.
[Logan] Gah!
Huh! Really?
-[Cooper] Whoa!
Huh? You?
My dude-brother.
You've got a lot of nerve
showing up here
after giving me that janky
cheat code in the Cyber Realm.
Wait, do you even go here?
Dude! I used that cheat code
before and it was fine.
It's probably their system
that was jacked up.
[Lance] Or you did it wrong.
I mean that stuff happens.
Wouldn't be the first time
you got your friends
in hot water.
What's that supposed to mean?
Pillows Peak
and an hourglass.
Wha-who'd you hear that from?
I know people.
Look, we all make mistakes.
Man, how was I supposed to know
that broken piece of junk
was gonna be so
I'm just saying,
I can help you out in some way.
If it's so important,
I could get it fixed.
I know a guy.
Logan, you get that thing fixed,
you'd stop being the guy
who screws everything up.
You'd be, kind of a hero.
Why do you wanna help me?
Just a peace offering.
Hit me up. I'm around.
-[Coach Jeffries] Mine! Mine!
-[Cooper] Oh no! Whoo!
-Mine! Mine! Mine!
Wait, why am I
holding on to this thing?
Mm! Mm!
[classical music plays]
Huh, classical music.
Ah, Ms. Putnam.
Am I glad to see you.
Wow, you look so peaceful.
this may sound weird but
-Can I
-[Ms. Putnam] Shh!
Settle down now. Settle.
But Ms. Putnam,
I was wondering if you
[Logan grunts]
Oh, Coop, there you are.
-I snuck by Coach and he
-[record screeches]
-[Ms. Putnam] Shh!
Oh hey, Ms. Putnam.
Didn't see you.
Didn't see me?
You didn't see me?
I did see you?
Pay dirt.
Logan! You can't just take it.
That's not how it works.
It's gotta be her idea
to give them to you.
Or she might be
mad at you tomorrow.
-Think about it.
-Oh right.
If she remembers her dream.
I got it. Check it out.
Yo, yo, yo.
It's your brain, Ms. P.
And I'm here to say
-[Logan gasps]
-Didn't see me?
Didn't see me?
Do you see me now?
Uh, maybe we should bounce.
Oh, I knew this was
a bad idea.
-Do you see me now?
-[Cooper and Logan scream]
[Mateo] Hey. No
What do you want?
Nothing. I said I'm sorry.
I don't want anything.
I mean
I just wanted to talk.
This is my dream, Mateo.
You can talk to me
in the Waking World.
I can't.
What? Why?
Because. I mean
I never know what to say to you
in the Waking World,
I figured
I'd follow you here and
-Spy on me?
-No! Not like that.
I just wanna get to know you.
Be your friend.
Whoa! Ow!
Well, here I am.
Say something.
that-that was
that was incredible.
That song, I mean.
I didn't expect you were into
that kind of music.
Are you in a band?
You need to know people
to be in a band, Mateo.
But yeah,
back when I lived in California.
Before I moved here.
I had a best friend and all.
And then the Night Hunter
took everything from me.
I'm-I'm not gonna
let that happen again.
It's safer to just be alone.
[playing electric guitar]
I get it.
There was a time I just wanted
to shut everyone out.
But if I had done that,
I'm not sure I would have
discovered any of this.
I might not have found Z-Blob.
And I might not have had
the guts to talk to you.
what do you wanna know?
I uh
What was that?
She's gotta be around here
No big deal they said.
Don't sweat it they said.
What's going on here?
[both scream]
Do you see me now?
[Cooper and Logan scream]
[Cooper and Logan scream]
You may wanna move!
[Logan pants]
-[Ms. Putnam growls]
-[Izzie] Ms. Putnam?
Logan, what did you do?
Do you see me now?
[Izzie] I take it
you didn't get the test answers?
[Zoey] Test answers?
That was what
you were doing here?
You'da guessed it.
It was Logan's idea.
I was trying
to make our lives easier!
So sue me!
Even I know you're supposed to
help dreamers.
Not mess with them
to get off easy.
[all scream]
[Ms. Putnam growls]
[all scream]
[Mateo] Everybody!
Behind the turtle!
Okay, okay,
how do we calm her down?
Everybody dreams about
being something they're not.
You of all people
should know that, mijo.
Well, what does
Putnam want to be?
She wanted to be seen.
[Cooper] Were you not
paying attention?
You need to see
the bigger picture.
That's it. Gracias, Mrs. C.
[Logan] What is it?
Come on, Z, you know what to do.
So, what's the plan?
We let Ms. P know
that we see her.
What do you think you're doing?
We're on the same team again,
You're not rolling solo, Matty.
Don't worry. I got you.
[Ms. Putnam growls]
-Ms. Putnam. It's Mateo.
-And Logan!
[Mateo] We see you, Ms. Putnam!
[Logan scoffs]
This isn't working. Lemme try.
Is this on? Okay. Hey, Ms. P.
We see you clear as day.
But we need those answers,
'cause we got
-Sheep Week to play.
-Logan! No! Don't!
Dude, for real?
[Mateo] I think
you just made it worse.
[both] Ah!
[both scream]
[Zian shrieks]
[Mateo] Thanks.
Yeah, well,
that's what friends are for,
-[Zian shrieks]
Maybe it's not about being seen?
Maybe it's about not listening
to your awful idea of music?
Wait, that's it!
In class, Ms. Putnam said music
was a way to relax and inspire.
This may sound weird but
don't just want to be seen.
They want to be heard.
-I've got an idea.
-What are you gonna do?
Help her do something
she can't do
in the Waking World.
-[Mateo] Mr. Hopper!
-Who needs a ride?
We need to get her downtown.
Get leaping!
[Cooper] Hey! Incoming!
Bro, we better be getting some
serious extra credit for this.
-[Izzie] Hold.
-[Mateo] Now!
[keynote plays]
[key playing]
[playing keys]
[playing classical music]
[dreamer claps]
[crowd cheering]
[Mateo] That was great, Ms. P!
[Cooper] The answer sheet!
I woke up today
feeling invigorated!
Relaxed for the first time
in quite a while.
So relaxed as a matter of fact
that I felt inspired
to write you all
a brand-new test
on the correlation
between math and music.
[students gasp]
[Logan] Man,
I totally failed that test.
Yeah, me too.
Um, what was that about?
[Coach Jeffries clears throat]
Welcome to Sheep Week.
Today's event,
sudden-death tetherball!
First teams, line up.
Mateo, dude, get up.
We're up next, 'kay?
We shouldn't have gone
into Ms. Putnam's dream.
That was so wrong.
But at least
we learned something, right?
[Logan sighs]
I wish
I'd stuck with Dallas's team.
Aw, and just like that,
Sheep Week
is over for The Outfielders.
Better luck next year.
Second teams, line up.
Come on, that's us.
Team Dream Chasers,
meet The Destroyers.
Wait, those guys
are The Destroyers?
[blows whistle]
[student 1 grunts]
Right in the face.
I got it. I got it.
[student 2 grunts]
-[both] Ow!
Winner! Team Dream Chasers!
Look, I'm not
letting you off the hook,
but a win's a win.
Just glad
we got a second chance.
And I expect to see you
at the track
ready to train tomorrow.
'Cause you need it.
But-but we won!
Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. Yeah!
Look, we all do things
we wish we'd done differently.
Dude, sorry we're always
so hard on you for screwing up.
But I'm glad you came through
today for Sheep Week.
I won't be screwing up
for much longer.
Hey, here's to second chances.
[Nightmare King laughs]
[ending theme music playing]
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