LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e09 Episode Script

Short Sheeped

Ow! Ooh!
Come on, come on.
Where is that hourglass?
Don't look at me
like that, monkey.
Ho-ho-ho, snap!
Let's get this bad boy fixed
and show the team
who the real clutch player is.
[Logan] Licka-licka-licka-licka
litty city up in here!
Here it is!
Now how do we
get this thing repaired
so I can be a hero
like you said?
How I've dreamed of this day.
[maniacal laugh]
Uh, what's up with you, man?
Give it to me!
Whoa, okay.
Stop being a weirdo, Lance.
No! No!
Why must they always run?
There's gotta be
a way outta here!
Please tell me
this isn't happening.
Oh, it's happening.
Oh, come on dude,
you can do this.
Creativity. Inspiration.
[Logan] Focus.
Blue? That's it?
[Grimspawns laughing]
[Logan grunts]
Thanks, bro.
Now you've given me
everything I need
to conquer the Dream World.
[Logan] Oh, uh, dude.
I've got a soccer game
in the morning.
Ah, ah, ah,
your playtime is over.
[sinister music]
[theme music]
-[whistle blows]
-[crowd cheering]
[Logan's voicemail]Yo, yo, yo.
You know what to do.
Do you think something's wrong?
Maybe we should
What's wrong is
Logan ditched us.
All right, his phone
only goes straight to voicemail
when he's at the Hamptons
with his moms.
We'll have to forfeit.
Don't be a turkey.
We've got some Wolves to cream.
As if
Coach Jeffries will let us play.
You know the rules, Izz.
He's gonna make us forfeit
without a full team.
Leave Coach Jeffries
to me, boys.
Whatever you're about to ask,
Isabelle, the answer is "no".
Come on, Coach,
Logan's sick.
We need time
to find a replacement.
There is nothing in this world
you can say to change my mind.
The rules are the rules.
[Cooper] Do you have any idea
what she's saying to him?
[Izzie] Thanks, Coach!
Done and done.
Sometimes, she really scares me.
It doesn't matter.
We'll never find
someone as good as Logan.
We're doomed.
[Logan] Okay, ha-ha, funs over.
I really need
to get to that game now.
[Grimspawns laugh]
[Susan] The Nightmare King says
get a move on.
[Logan] All right, all right.
I'm walkin', I'm walkin'.
[Cooper] Ugh.
How is everyone in our class
already on a team?
I mean, I even Hey, hey.
Keep practicing.
But also, why are you practicing
on the stairs?
I am a genius.
We don't need to find
a replacement for Logan.
We disguise Z-Blob as a student
and he can play tomorrow.
[Mateo] Uh-uh.
Not happening.
Aw, why not?
No way I'm risking
Z-Blob being seen again.
I bet Z-Blob's
a great soccer player.
Uh, a very short soccer player.
Huh, let's see.
Yeah, well, no need.
[Mateo grunts]
I've got it covered.
The answer to our Logan problem
-will be here any minute.
-[bike bell dings]
[Izzie] Huh?
Your order.
-Hey, Zoey!
-So good to see you.
Yeah, cool.
Hey, thanks
for coming over, Zoey.
we were wondering
Actually, I was wondering
Mateo! Just spit it out.
Will you join
our Sheep Week team
and play soccer tomorrow?
I get that you guys
care about Sheep Week, but
I don't.
Things are a little intense
for me right now
and I need to stay focused
on the important stuff.
I know this sounds weird
coming from me,
but you can't just live
in the Dream World.
It's not like
you can fight the Night Hunter
here in Brooklyn.
It was a good plan.
So much
for finding a replacement.
This day
could not get any worse.
[Logan] Man,
this is the worst day ever.
[Grimspawns laugh]
Oh, wake up, wake up!
[Nightmare King laughs]
It's impossible
to wake in the shadow keep.
[Night Hunter] Behold!
Our dark lord has finally
obtained Lunia's Hourglass!
Now, we can locate
Castle Nocturnia
and destroy it once and for all.
Oh! Castle Nocturnia.
I'll enjoy seeing the castle
one last time.
You told me
despite its disrepair,
Lunia's Hourglass would work.
[Night Hunter gasps]
I'm-I'm sorry.
I thought it would.
[Nightmare King grunts]
Get out of my sight!
[school band playing music]
Better get your tacos fast,
It's almost time
for Sheep Week soccer.
Three atomic tacos
for Coach Jeffries.
[Mrs. Castillo]
And make it snappy, mija.
-[crowd cheers]
-Yeah! All right! Whoo-hoo!
-Come on, Logan. Where are you?
-Don't worry, Coop.
He's got this.
He's always got this. Right?
Zoey, wait up.
I just wanted to say
I'm sorry.
Hey, wait.
I shouldn't have made that crack
about the Night Hunter.
Whatever's going on
is your business, okay?
But I'm here
if you ever need to talk.
And just for the record,
Sheep Week is kinda dumb.
It's just I'm trying to win
for Coop and Izzie.
I don't want to let them down.
[Dallas laughs]
[Izzie] Hey!
Look, I'm trying
to apologize here.
[Izzie grunts]
This is so not cool, Dallas.
What're you gonna do about it?
[Izzie grunts]
You're down a player
so it's forfeit city
for you losers.
Stop picking on my teammates.
[squeals, laughs]
Oh, yeah! Uh-huh.
You turkeys are going down.
Team Dream Chasers are ready.
I'm filling in for Logan.
I trust that won't be an issue.
[Zoey] Good.
[Night Hunter laughs]
Uh, yeah?
I am not sticking around here!
[suspenseful music]
There's gotta be
a way outta here.
Come on, Logan. Wake up, dude.
It's just a bad dream.
[Sneak growls]
You-you better get outta here
before I throw
a major hurtin' down.
[Sneak laughs]
Who's there?
Hey, wha-what do you want?
-[Sneak grunts]
-[Logan screams]
[Logan grunts]
Oh, my dude,
you do not wanna test me.
[Sneak growls]
Huh. "My dude,
you do not wanna test me."
Okay, okay.
Truce, all right?
give me back the hat, four-legs.
Whoop. I can do this
all day, stinkbrain.
Fine, keep it.
Heh. Actually looks
pretty good on you.
Ah, chili limon are my favorite.
you've never had
chili limon chips before?
Um, pretty sure it's limón
[both chewing]
[Logan] Mm. Mm.
-Good, right?
-[Sneak] Whoa!
[Night Hunter]
Patience, Your Nightmarishness.
I'm done being patient!
We have to find a way
to repair this cursed hourglass.
[Night Hunter] But how?
The Sandman
will never repair it for us.
For once, you're right.
[Nightmare King]
But he might repair it
for a Dream Chaser.
[maniacal laugh]
[Night Hunter]
How do we get him to cooperate?
The boy is willful.
So were you.
We make young Logan here
see that there are advantages
to having friends
in dark places.
[crowd cheering]
-Whoo-hoo! Go, Dream Chasers!
-Oh, yeah!
I feel like I'm gonna puke.
Dude, just keep your head up.
You'll do okay-ish.
Ready for more
Sheep Week action, sports fans?
Well, look out, Brooklyn,
'cause Team Dream Chasers
looks bad to the bone.
Captains, shake hands.
Oh. Guess that's me.
Have a good match.
Try not to cry when you lose.
Look, guys,
we have never played together.
The Wolves are undefeated
and we're probably
the worst team out here.
But-but if we try our best,
we won't
totally embarrass ourselves.
Let's go out there
and kick some butt!
[Logan grunts]
Let me go
or I'll kick your butt.
[Grimspawns laugh]
[Grimspawns laugh]
You used me.
I'm not the one
using you, Logan.
Now, the Hunter here thought
we should just throw you
in the Fear Works
and squeeze out
your imagination,
but I wanted to chat more
about your path.
Jokes on you, bro.
I don't have an imagination.
'Sides, I'm not joining
your army.
Ah, of course.
Because your friends
are coming for you?
You know, I doubt
they even thought of you today.
It's not like you were
particularly useful to them.
I mean, have you ever heard of
a Dream Chaser
who can't dreamcraft?
[Grimspawns laugh]
[Night Hunter laughs]
Never, Your Scariness.
But-but I know
there's more to you
than meets the eye.
Take your place by my side
and you will know true power.
I can show you how to control
your dreamcrafting
without an hourglass.
-[Nightmare King] It's true.
Power beyond your wildest dream.
Oh, okay.
-Show me.
You think
my lessons are free, bro?
-What do you mean?
-Let's see.
Ah, hey! Quit it!
Hey, what is this?
Oh, just a little tradition
we have here in the Keep.
This isn't a club for the weak.
Isn't that right, my friend?
[Grimspawns chant]
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
[crowd cheers]
-Yeah! All right!
-Yeah! Dream Chasers!
-All right!
[Grimspawns laughing]
We have to fight each other?
Uh. Sorry about this, kid.
-Fight him or
The next one will not miss.
[Grimspawns laugh]
Let the games begin.
[maniacal laugh]
[Dallas laughs]
[Mateo grunts]
[Dallas pants]
[Cooper grunts]
[crowd cheering]
Oh, my bad. Sorry. Sorry.
Come on, Teo. You can do this.
Watch him. Not the ball.
[exhales sharply]
-[Sneak grunts]
-[Logan] Ah!
[Nightmare King laughs]
[Logan grunts]
[crowd cheers]
[Cooper screams]
-[Mateo] Aw, man. Again?
-[boy 1] Yeah, Wolves!
Shatter those Dream Chasers.
[Mateo pants]
-[Sneak] Hi-yah!
-[Logan grunts]
[Logan groans]
[Izzie] You go, Zoey!
[Dallas] Take her down!
-[crowd exclaims]
-Free kick!
-[boy 2] Boo!
They play hard!
I play harder.
[girls laugh]
[boy 3] Yay, Wolves!
Shatter those Dream Chasers!
Yeah-hah-hah! Yay, Wolves!
[groans angrily]
I'm not gonna hold back.
Today, we show the entire school
that bullies don't win.
[Zoey] Dang, dude.
[crowd cheers]
[all howl]
[Izzie] Ah!
-[crowd cheers]
[Grimspawns chant]
Sneak! Sneak! Sneak! Sneak!
-Sneak! Sneak! Sneak!
Sneak! Sneak! Sneak! Sneak!
[grunting, growling]
[Grimspawns laugh]
[Night Hunter laughs]
[Nightmare King laughs]
-What the? Why am I so small?
-[Nightmare King laughs]
[Sneak pants]
Had enough, Blue Boy?
[Logan] You win.
You know what to do.
Sorry, kid.
Big guy's gonna be mad.
[Sneak grunts]
[Grimspawns laugh]
-Blue Boy! Blue Boy!
-[Sneak grunts]
-[Cooper grunts]
-[Izzie groans]
-[Mateo] Not again.
-[crowd cheers]
[Sneak] Hi-ya!
[Logan grunts]
You're going down, big eye.
[Dallas and Mateo grunt]
[Izzie] Ha ha!
Oh, yeah!
[crowd cheers]
[Mateo] Yes! Two to three.
This ain't over yet.
[Sneak growls]
Ah, quit it.
-[Logan growls]
-Oh, that's not good.
[Grimspawns chant]
Logan! Logan! Logan! Logan!
No one messes with Blue Boy!
[Sneak growls]
-[crowd cheers]
-[whistle blows]
We got this. Just one more goal.
[Dallas pants, grunts]
[crowd] Go, Dream Chasers!
Go, Dream Chasers!
Go, Dream Chasers!
Beat the Wolves!
[crowd] Go, Dream Chasers!
Beat the Wolves!
[all gasp]
[crowd cheering]
[blows whistle]
Team Dream Chasers wins!
[Izzie laughs]
Oh, yeah!
Who's the GOAT?
Logan's not the only one
who can win this thing!
[Grimspawns laugh]
Finish him!
What use do I have
for a Grimspawn
who can't even defeat
a tiny blue beasty?
Do it. Finish him.
Or I will finish you.
Your boss is cold, my dude.
Ice cold.
I'm not a monster.
Do your own dirty work.
Think about this, Logan.
What are you doing?
Carving my own path. Bro.
Take him to the Fear Works.
[Cooper] Whoo-hoo!
I wish I could see the look
on Logan's face right now.
You mean
the look of shock on his face
because we won without him?
Yeah, we should go
to the Hamptons and tell him.
Wait, we totally can.
We can use Oz's locator.
You mean find him in a dream?
[Mateo chuckles]
Remember, we absolutely,
definitely cannot
tell Oz about this.
You think it'll work this time?
Looks super janky.
Oh, I'm sure it's fine!
Do you just say, eh,
-"Find Logan?"
[Mateo screams]
Guess it works.
Right this way,
ladies and germs.
[Izzie] Huh?
[Izzie chuckles]
Ten bucks says he's dreaming up
a high score in Baking Papa.
Ah, you sure
we're going the right way?
I can't see a thing.
I don't know.
This fog is seriously
creeping me out.
Logan's definitely
with his moms,
-[Night Terrors squawk]
-[all gasp]
[Cooper] Huh.
I-I thought he ditched us.
The Nightmare King has Logan!
-[Night Terrors squawk]
[closing theme music]
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