LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e10 Episode Script

The Grim Escape

[Coach] Good morning!
It's been an
interesting Sheep Week
this year.
But the team
that defied expectations
and overcame the odds
to become
this year's champions
Team Dream Chasers!
[boy 1 coughs]
[boy 2] Free bird!
[Coach] Huh? Team Dream Chasers?
You here? Anyone?
Who skips
their own award ceremony?
How do you know you're champions
if you don't have
a trophy that says so?
What could be more important
than a trophy?
Ey! Hands off, bub!
[theme music]
I still don't get it.
How did Logan end up here?
What was he doing?
I suspect Lunia's Hourglass
had something to do with it.
What do you mean?
I couldn't find it this morning.
I thought I'd misplaced it,
but now I know.
[all gasp]
If Logan took it,
I'm sure he had a reason.
Wait, why are you defending him?
He stole that hourglass.
And we'll get it back. We must.
But right now,
we gotta figure out
how to rescue Logan
before the Nightmare King
knows we're here.
[Night Terrors roar]
Oh-ho. Might be too late
Not if I can help it.
Wait! No! Izzie!
[Mr. Oz] Gah! Let's go.
Let's go. Let's go. Come on!
This place is so devoid
of happiness and creativity,
any display of imagination
becomes a target!
So you're saying
we're behind enemy lines
and shouldn't dreamcraft?
-What the
[Zoey] Ah!
I'm saying make it count.
[Mr. Oz] Look, gang, it's not
just the Nightmare King's forces
we gotta worry about here.
Let's not call attention
to ourselves
until it's absolutely necessary.
I'll keep the engines running.
But just in case
Ho-ho! We all getting new toys
for this mission?
So excited.
Little squirt,
the Edison Bomb is not a toy.
It's a failsafe.
[Mr. Oz] Plan B.
When it detonates,
it emits pure daylight.
Bad news
for any nightmare creatures
in its radius.
Just don't look directly
at the blast
or it will wake you.
Okay, all right
Storming the Shadowkeep!
We can do this!
Whoa, whoa, whoa! We can't just
stroll into the Shadowkeep.
We're not on a field trip
to a museum.
I said "storm", not "stroll".
Please. We're gonna sneak in.
Quick and quiet.
[Grimspawn laughs]
Uh guys,
I don't think
we're sneaking anywhere
[Mateo] Come on!
[Night Hunter] Ow!
How many times
have I told you to watch
where you point that thing?
[Snivel and Susan laugh]
[Night Hunter sighs]
You know, kid,
you're a fool for not letting
the Nightmare King help you.
Like he's helped you?
How's that working out?
You know,
you're just one slip up away
from being
in the same jam as me.
I know the feeling, bro.
So, lemme outta here
before my friends show up
and put a stop
to this whole freakshow.
Look, I'll put in
a good word for you.
[Night Hunter]
You really don't get it, do you?
Once we destroy
Castle Nocturnia,
no one will be able to stop him.
Oh, here's the sad truth, kid.
Your friends aren't coming
because they don't need you.
[Snivel and Susan laugh]
All alone! All alone! All alone!
[Night Hunter]
Oh, uh, little bit of advice,
choose better friends.
[Snivel] So
who gets the honors?
-[Sneak] Me, me!
-[Logan gasps]
It's my turn to lock the cage.
[Sneak] Oh, dang!
-Curse these hands I don't have.
-[Snivel growls]
[Susan] You're just as weak
and pathetic as this fool here.
I'll show you weak and pathetic!
[Susan screams]
[Susan groans]
Ugh. Why am I so freaking small?
[groans angrily]
Why are you helping me?
What's in it for you?
Better friends.
[Grimspawns grunt]
I think we lost them.
[all gasp]
Well, something found us.
back away.
Yeah, I'm not sure "slow"
is the right approach here.
[Mr. Oz] You're right. Run!
[Cooper] Has anyone else noticed
how often that is our plan B?
[all panting]
[Cooper] Whoa!
This is why I hate field trips.
[Night Terrors growl]
[Sneak] Ah! This way.
Man, this place is gnarly.
[Logan] The hourglass.
What's he up to?
[Susan] Boss! Uh, boss,
we have a situation.
[Night Hunter] I said
I didn't want to be disturbed.
The fool has escaped.
[Susan] Sneak.
[Night Hunter] And yet
the blame will fall on me.
But not if I find him first.
[Susan] Better hurry.
A patrol spotted Dream Chasers
here in the Grim Realm.
[Night Hunter] Ah, maybe
the kid has friends after all.
Find the fool!
I will deal with his friends.
Come on! What are you doin'?
Making things right.
[Logan] So you think
you can resist Logan?
Nothing can resist Logan.
Take this. And that.
I can't get through this thing.
[Sneak] Of course you can't.
What were you thinking?
Thinking? I'm all
about the action, bro.
[Logan groans]
You gotta have
the Nightmare touch.
Now move it or lose it,
You know, I'm not so hot
on the whole
"Stinkbrain" nickname.
[Logan] Uh, whoa!
I'm not so hot
on bottomless pits either.
-Go where?
Bottomless pit!
[all panting]
-[Zoey] Mateo!
-Go! I'll catch up.
[Izzie] Mateo!
[Mr. Oz] What are you doing?
[Mateo] I'm making it count.
-[Mateo] Yeah, over here, puppy.
-[Grimwolf growls]
You want some of this?
A lot of shiny creativity
right here.
Come on, boy.
Here boy. Here boy.
Let's do it, Z.
[Mateo grunts]
You got any better ideas?
[Mateo] And, like that,
back to running plan B again.
Yeah, I'm getting tired
of that plan.
Let's try
something more personal.
Nice shot, Z.
Running again.
-[Grimwolf growls]
-[Mateo screams]
[Logan yelps]
What the heck, bro?
What was that?
That was me
saving your worthless hide.
Yeah, well
You're free! Wake up already.
-I can't!
-What do you mean?
You're free
from the Nightmare King.
You know
what I would give for that?
My friends are out there.
Boss man was right, Stinkbrain.
You are a fool.
But you ain't weak.
I'll give you that.
Thick as a brick. And cocky too.
And kind of smell a little
Okay! Okay!
Well, come on then.
You think I'm hangin'
around this dump to see
if his Royal Terrifyingness
notices you're missing?
She's been gone a long time.
[Zoey] Ah!
-[Mr. Oz] Ah!
Did you find him?
No. Maybe he woke up?
No, no. We have to trust
he knows what he's doing
and stick to the plan.
You guys can stick to the plan.
I'm going back for my brother.
By yourself? Are you nuts?
Who said I'd be alone?
We've already been through this.
[Izzie sighs]
Don't overthink it.
[Cooper] And there she goes.
[Izzie] See, it's fine.
[Grimspawns growl]
[Zoey] Oh, no.
[Night Hunter] I was waiting
for you to do something foolish.
You kids never disappoint.
[Izzie grunts]
-Oh, no, you don't!
-[Zoey gasps]
-[Grimspawns laugh]
-Throw down your hourglasses.
Or the next one doesn't miss.
[Zoey screams]
Cute. Little bandit.
[Zoey] Ugh!
[Cooper] Ah, great.
We're officially surrounded.
Throw down your hourglasses
or say goodbye to the bandit.
[Zoey grunts]
-[Mr. Oz] Oh.
-[Zoey] Ugh
[Mr. Oz breathes heavily]
-[Zoey grunts]
-Do what he says, kids.
[Night Hunter]
Huh, I guess there is
some sense left in you, old man.
Surrender your hourglasses.
[Izzie groans]
I'll keep you safe, BunBun.
[Grimspawns laugh]
[Cooper] So, what happens now?
Thanks, buddy.
I gotta say, I like the running
more than I like
the falling and drowning.
Hmm. Something's happening
over there.
It's too far.
I can't make it out.
[Mateo] Oh, no.
They're captured.
-[Logan grunts]
-[Mateo grunts]
-[Logan screams]
[Mateo] Ah!
-[Logan grunts]
[both scream]
[both grunt]
You trying
to get yourself caught?
[Logan groans]
Slow and steady now.
Back off.
Good to see you too, bro.
-Whaddaya doin? Let go of me.
So you did take it?
Guess your boss man
was right about something.
They don't need me.
They just need this.
No, what are you
We came here to rescue you.
From them.
What are you doing?
Bro, I'm not the one
who needs rescuing. Clearly.
[Mateo] Whatever.
I don't have time for this.
Really? You two are gonna argue
like two banshees
in a bogweevil?
After everything that you
Hey, where you going?
My friends are out there.
[Sneak] Oh, that's funny.
'Cause this one here
said the same thing.
Shoulda woke up after
he got out of the Shadowkeep
but Stinkbrain here
had to make sure
you were all safe.
You're gonna give this back
to Mr. Oz.
What's the plan?
[Mateo] I don't know.
Every time
I dreamcraft out here,
bad things happen.
And then we do a lot of running.
Welcome to my world.
What would you do?
Wait. Are you really askin'?
Bro, all I can do is
turn little and blue.
You need something bigger.
[Mateo] Hmm
Bigger and badder, huh?
[Grimspawns growling, laughing]
[Cooper] Guys, trust me, okay?
Once we're stuck in that cage,
we are not waking up.
[Cooper] Oh,
I don't want to go back.
We have to do something.
I know, I know.
I'm working on it.
[Zoey] What are you looking for?
-[Mr. Oz] Plan B.
-[Cooper] Running?
When I detonate this,
watch your eyes and
You had that in your beard?
Yes, yes. Very itchy.
Oh, what else
do you got in there?
Get ready
to make a break for it.
[Grimspawn 1] Oh! That's pretty.
Give it to me!
Hey, what's that?
I want one! Ah!
-Hey, knock it off.
[Edison Bomb ticking]
-[all gasp]
-Got a plan C in that beard?
[Susan cackles]
Not bad for a night's work, eh?
-[Mateo] Plan B again.
-[Mateo and Logan panting]
[Cooper] No, no, no,
I-I-I'm not getting trapped
in one of those things again.
I'm not!
[Mateo] Need a hand? Or a wolf?
Hey, boy. Go fetch!
[Night Hunter]
It's a Grimwolf. Run!
[Grimspawns scream]
[Logan] One for you.
One for you. And one for you.
Let's go.
Okay, I am officially confused
right now.
[Grimspawns grunting]
[Izzie screams]
[Night Hunter] Argh,
get back here, you cowards!
Come on, kids. Let's go!
-See ya around, Hunter.
The boss is gonna be so happy!
I bet I'll get a promotion
for this
and maybe a parade!
Yes, sir! This here Grimspawn
is moving up in the world!
Huh? Aw, nuts.
[Zoey panting, yelps]
What up, girl?
-Look out!
-That's Logan!
It's Logan.
It is? Really?
Sweet, isn't it? Mr. Oz, I'm
We're glad
to have you with us, Logan.
And this is a welcome bonus.
I'm just glad you're okay, son.
Look out!
What is that doing here?
-[Sneak growls]
-Don't attack.
He helped me escape.
Well, you live long enough,
you see everything.
All right, all right,
we gotta get back to the ship.
Let your creativity loose.
Drive it like you stole it!
[Cooper] Dude!
You're small and blue.
Care to explain?
[Logan] No, not really.
Just floor it.
Logan, we're in trouble.
What's the use of this lame car
if it just gets stuck?
Ugh. What we need is like
a monster truck or something.
Did I just?
Did we just?
[both] Dreambash? Awesome!
[Cooper] Hey! Get in!
[growling and howling]
Go, Bunchu, go!
[Logan laughs]
[Mr. Oz] Be ready for anything.
-I'm out of sand.
-Me too.
Oh, no, where's Albert?
Eh, I always thought
that monkey was pretty sus.
Is it safe to wake up yet?
[Mr. Oz] No, we can't risk it.
If we bring back
this many Night Terrors,
Strick will shut us down
for sure.
Then we're trapped here?
Is that?
[Mr. Oz] It's Albert!
Well, what are you waitin' for?
A six point security clearance?
Whoa, now you don't even clear
the one point check.
Hey, he's rolling with me
back to the landing.
-Any questions?
Plenty as
a matter of fact. But
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Well, that was exciting,
wasn't it?
[all scream]
[Mateo] Ah!
Come on,
we need to get outta here!
Wait! The hourglass!
Or we can jump out of the ship
and head back down there
I guess.
Why not? Great work, everybody.
What the heck
are you guys thinking?
What would Logan do?
Heh, what are friends for,
[Night Hunter] Argh! Get them!
[Logan] What's that sound?
I think it's The Edison Bomb!
[Mateo] Shield your eyes!
-[Edison Bomb ticking]
No! Sneak, buddy?
Logan, come on.
We're safe now.
We gotta wake up.
[suspenseful music]
[Night Hunter] Impossible.
Go, Albert. Let's go!
[Night Hunter] Come on!
-[camera shutter clicks]
-I take back
all the bad things
I said about you.
Hey, man,
I'm really sorry
about your friend.
But we're glad to have you back.
Missed you, bro.
[Zoey] Logan, scoot in closer.
Zoey, you sure you don't want
to be in the shot with us?
Then there would be
photographic evidence
she participated.
Can't have that.
Say "sheep"!
Come on, cheer up!
Now you can show your moms
you're so good,
heh, you can win in your sleep.
I don't think it counts
if I wasn't actually here.
Please. You're part of our team.
And we're all here now.
That's what counts, right?
Let's get lunch!
-[Mateo laughs]
-[Cooper] Whoo!
-[Logan] Yeah.
-[ominous stinger]
[Night Hunter] You put an Eye
on the Dream Chasers?
No thanks to you.
[inhales deeply]
I try to be patient,
after everything you did
to free me but
[Night Hunter]
I didn't help the boy escape.
It was that traitor, Sneak.
This traitor?
How do you think I got
an Eye on the Dream Chasers
in the first place?
And what have you done for me?
[Night Hunter] The little
artiste's green friend!
-He can cross over.
[Night Hunter]
I watched it happen.
If that blob,
that dream creature
can cross over
Do you know what this means?
-I can cross over?
-Your Frightfulness,
why focus all your efforts
on reshaping the Dream World
When I can take over
the Waking World
and show everyone a nightmare
they'll never forget.
[closing theme music]
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