LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e11 Episode Script

Dreamers' Block

[heavy breathing]
[upbeat music]
Eat that!
You want some of this?
You do not
want to mess with me.
Hail to the king, baby.
[intense music]
[Nightmare King]
There is only one king here.
Leaving so soon?
[heavy breathing]
Don't you want to play?
[Jayden panting]
-And here I thought
we were just starting
to have some fun!
[eyeballs cackling]
-[Mr. Oz] Jayden!
I know root fungus
is a serious threat
to cork tree population
worldwide, but
you don't need
to get that upset about it.
[theme music]
[Mateo grunts]
What's gotten into him?
He is so into cork trees.
Uh, I don't think that's it.
It looks like everyone
had a rough night.
Oh, it's way more than
just one night.
And it's way more than
your run-of-the-mill insomnia.
What do you mean?
I've been talking to everyone,
and it turns out
we're all having
the exact same nightmare.
We're all seeing this creepy
yellow eye every night.
It's like a real-life
horror movie.
Are you seeing it too?
Uh, yeah sure. Totally.
I knew it.
Join The Insomniacs.
[Cooper] "The Insomniacs."
I thought that was a joke.
No joke.
We're dedicated to exposing
the true conspiracy
behind this mind-muddling
Our currently most popular
theories are
Number three, aliens.
Number two, the spoiled meatloaf
in the cafeteria last week.
And number one,
a shadowy group of Dream Agents
who may be operating
under our very noses.
Uh, I'd say aliens.
Yeah, definitely aliens.
Bro, this looks just like
This little guy has popped up
in the dreams of a few people
I've interviewed.
I'm calling it "X-Blob."
Seems to support
Teo's alien theory
but hard to say.
Either way, don't worry.
The Insomniacs won't rest
until we uncover the truth.
Hey, you! Having bad dreams?
The Insomniacs are here to help!
I told you guys we needed
to keep an eye on them.
Get it? Eye?
Anyway, I told you so.
Oh, no. If she discovers Z-Blob,
that could cause
some serious problems.
Hey gang, from the looks
on these faces,
I'm afraid we need to delay
our Sandman expedition.
Something's not right.
Meet me at the Landing tonight.
I don't know what it is
but something's gotta be
[mumbling indistinctly]
[ominous music]
Where's Mr. Oz?
Uh, more importantly,
what is that?
[suspenseful music]
[heavy breathing]
Yeah, so, we can't get through.
-Thanks for the heads up.
-[Logan grunts]
So we can't enter
the Dream Realms?
That means
we're trapped in here?
-And Mr. Oz can't get to us.
-[Cooper] Ah, relax guys.
At least nothing bad
can happen to us in here.
Let's hang
at the Landing point tonight
and we'll ask Mr. Oz
about it in the morning.
I mean, what's the worst
that could happen?
[eerie music]
[music intensifes]
[student] Ow!
[ominous music]
[growling continues]
[Jayden screams]
-I just need to wake up.
-[Night Hunter] Oh, no.
This is one nightmare
you won't be waking from.
-[Cooper] Here.
[ominous music]
Yesterday, Jayden
had a nightmare in class,
and today, he didn't show up.
Remind anyone else
of what happened to me?
Maybe the dude's
actually just sick.
I heard he's been asleep
the entire day.
Just won't wake up.
I can't wait to tell
The Insomniacs about this.
[Izzie sighs]
Mr. Oz! We went to the Landing,
but we couldn't get out.
-It was like a
-Force field. Yes, I know.
Mine too.
Looks like someone
doesn't want us poking around
the Nightmare King's plans.
Maybe this is payback
for rescuing Logan?
Okay, you guys hang tight
and I'll try
and figure something out.
What's up with Mr. Oz?
He's just cranky because
we can't leave our landings.
Yeah, the Nightmare King's
is spreading pretty quick.
Those Grimspawn patrols
are getting intense, right?
-Wait, the what?
-Uh, Grimspawn swarming
every realm right now.
Is that not
what we're talking about here?
Wait, you're still dreaming?
you can leave your landing?
Uh, yes.
Oh, my gosh!
-Zoey, that's it!
You can go to the other side
and see what's blocking us in!
-Do what?
-[static over PA]
[Coach Jeffries over PA]
Attention all students,
please meet in the auditorium
for an emergency assembly.
Oh, what now?
It's, uh, come to our attention
that many of you are
uh, suffering
from disturbing dreams.
I blame social media.
[indistinct whispering]
But since your parents
won't let me ban screen time
for all of you
[students sigh]
Principal Elrod has ordered
mandatory dream
counseling sessions
during health class instead.
We have to tell him our dreams?
-Yeah. So what?
-[Cooper] So what?
Dude, we're secret agents
for the Night Bureau.
We literally go
into the Dream World
and fight a guy called
the Nightmare King!
Bro, relax.
Am I the only one here
who knows how to lie?
Just make something up.
It'll be fine.
[upbeat music]
Well, there was a giant bunny
and I could ride him.
-That good? Can I go now?
-Hm. Let's see here.
Uh, ah! Hm
Says here that dream could mean
you're afraid of growing up.
-[gasps, sighs]
-What else?
No. Uh, pirates. Yeah, pirates.
There's a robot pirate that's
uh, running on a treadmill.
And then I step up to bat,
and the pitcher sends a zinger
down low and inside.
But what he doesn't know
is that's my sweet spot.
So, I clock it over
the left field wall.
And then,
I was in a, uh, cafeteria.
-And what happened?
I was sitting
and there was a teacher
talking to me
uh, at a table.
You mean, like I am right now?
Yes. But
you were a carrot.
And when you say,
"you were on fire",
what part of your body
was burning?
Uh, all of it?
Well, that's not good.
I mean, no, just my elbows?
Oh man, that's even worse.
You know what I keep
asking myself?
Who stands to benefit
from all this?
Who among us would just love
to have an especially compliant
student body? Huh?
-Who, me?
-No? Then what are you doing
with all those books
about dreams, huh?
Coincidence? I think not.
Then they handed me
the World Cup trophy,
a Nobel Prize, an Oscar, and
a check for a billion dollars.
And then I woke up.
-[bell rings]
Who knew making up normal dreams
-would be so hard?
-This is why I never lie.
Come on, we need to find Zoey
and convince her to help us.
I think we missed
the boat on that.
[suspenseful music]
[Izzie] Maybe not.
I think I know
how to bring her around.
-[doorbell rings]
-[knocking on door]
Ugh, this again? Really?
Tip first, then we talk.
[Mr. Oz] I'm not sure why,
but your Dream Bridge
is stuck on the Fantasy Realm
and sealed from that side.
Unless we can quickly
get someone over there
to see what's blocking it,
all your schoolmates
may be captured
by the Nightmare King.
So you're saying
you have no idea
what you're sending me into?
Uh, eh, basically.
Well, we can't just send her in
alone like that.
Why doesn't she take
Z-Blob with her?
What? No!
No one said anything
about taking Z-Blob.
Excellent idea.
He can enter the Dream World
with Zoey.
Yeah, no. I'm not babysitting.
Plus, I'm faster on my own.
He'll just slow me down.
-Yeah, what she said.
-Guys, were you not listening?
All of those kids
are counting on us.
Our friends. All our classmates.
Fine. But I get to poke around
in that closet
full of dream gadgets.
That's technically
Night Bureau property
-so I can't
Alright, come on, little dude.
Guess you're coming with me.
No! No deal. Not a chance.
I did not agree to this.
[Izzie] Broseph, he'll be fine.
What if Coop
was still trapped over there?
Or me?
We gotta help all those kids.
-You wouldn't just leave Coop
-Or me.
He likes a story before bedtime.
Oh, and if he stains
your furniture,
just use a little dish soap.
Oh! And I forgot to tell you
Teo, I got it.
They grow up so fast.
So, this is unexpected.
On your way to a dream date
with a ball of snot.
You sure know how
to pick 'em, Zoey.
[playful music]
Well, at least
you don't talk much.
And just so we're clear,
you sleep on the floor.
Zian! Would you knock it off?
I don't care
if he took your food.
Spit him out!
No, Zian. Not this time.
You're too big and the skies
are full of Grimspawn.
You stay here, okay?
-[Zian grumbles]
-We'll be fine.
[both grunt]
Albert? What are you doing here?
Your teacher may be trapped
in his landing,
but this here cowpoke
suffers no such indignities.
I'm the half of Oz
that's mostly dream.
And I'm here to help.
Why? I'm not a tour guide.
Well, for one, I brought this.
A walkie-talkie?
A Dreamy Screamy actually.
Allows us to communicate from
anywhere in the Dream World.
Your friends should have
the other one at their landing.
Hello? Can you guys hear me?
Well, thanks a lot
for the big help.
Now I've gotta get going.
With the skies
full of Grimspawn,
it's gonna take me forever
to get to that
busted dream gate.
Can't have you both
slowing me down.
Oh, really?
I guess we'll see who gets there
first then, won't we?
Darn straight.
[suspenseful music]
[both grunt]
Okay, fine.
But we're taking my shortcut.
[suspenseful music]
Well, I think I'll turn in.
We got an early start
tomorrow, right, Iz?
Huh? Oh, right.
Yeah, we gotta go.
Oh, no. Not tonight.
I heard from your school today.
They told me all about
the dreams you've been having
-and what they might mean.
-Uh, I don't think
they mean anything.
They're just dreams.
No, no, no.
That's where you're wrong.
They explained everything.
They said both of you have been
feeling very neglected lately.
So tonight, I have decided that
we're gonna stay up super late
for a family movie night.
Doesn't that sound like fun?
No really, Dad. That's not
Ah, ah, ah, ah. No buts.
I am all hands on deck now.
You won't be able
to get rid of me, alright?
Go get a seat
while I pop the popcorn.
Oh man,
whoever heard of a parent
forcing their kids
to not go to bed?
Coop, it's Teo. You gotta help.
My dad won't let us go to sleep
because of those fake dreams.
Dude, my mom,
barricaded the doors
'cause the school told her
I wanted to run away.
She's calling in my brothers
for a family intervention.
-[line cuts]
-[phone beeps]
-Logan, it's Mateo.
Dude, I'm on my way to Queens.
My moms think
I'm afraid of heights now
so we're staying at my cousin's
ground floor apartment.
[Logan] I can't fall asleep
on that busted couch.
[phone beeps]
What are we gonna do?
I've got another idea.
[suspenseful music]
[Grimspawn cackling]
[all grunting]
If we had taken my shortcut,
we'd be there by now.
Would you two
get off me already?
[Grimspawn cackling]
[Zoey] Looks like
the Nightmare King's moving in.
It's getting to be like this
all over the Dream World.
We'll have to find a way around.
That'll take hours. Come on.
Aren't you Oz's dream creature?
Where's your sense of adventure?
Oh, no. I embody precisely half
of Oswald's personality
in the Dream World.
The reasonable half.
And I say we go around.
You're no chimp,
you're a chicken.
[suspenseful music]
No, wait! Look out for that
[Albert grunting]
[Zoey screams]
[Albert grunts]
yeah, maybe the logical half
of Oz's brain
should lead for a while.
[swords clanging]
[oriental music playing]
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
don't fall asleep now.
This is the best part.
Plus, guys, we've gotta finish
the Oni Trilogy.
And then we're onto
the next season.
Tons of quality family time.
[doorbell rings]
-That's weird.
-I didn't order anything.
-Yeah, your neighbors
accidentally doubled
their order.
-What is it?
-Extra large helping
of Thanksgiving turkey,
warm glass of milk,
and chamomile tea.
It's all paid for
and nobody else
is going to want this order,
so you should just take it.
Well, okay. Thank you.
[mischievous music]
Family time.
[mumbles, belches]
[ominous music]
[Night Hunter] Your Shadiness,
the blob and Oz's pet
have been spotted.
I know.
[evil laughing]
I'm leading
a battalion there now.
I'll inform you when we have
the little dream creature.
Take my steed.
There's no time to lose.
And capture that girl too.
The girl poses no threat.
I don't want anything
getting in our way now.
[tense music]
[upbeat music]
-[engine revving]
[Cooper screams, grunts]
[suspenseful music]
Wh where have you guys been?
Zoey, do you read me?
Are you there? Over.
Is Z-Blob there?
Is he okay? Over.
[Izzie over radio]
Zoey, do you read me?
[Grimspawn laughing]
What took you so long?
Well, it's actually
a funny story.
We don't have time for that, Iz.
Zoey, are you at the gate?
Can you hear me?
Do you see
what's blocking it? Over.
[Zoey] Yeah, we just got here.
And I think
we found the problem.
[Zoey] Hang on.
-[door rattles]
-[all gasp]
-[electricity crackling]
[Night Hunter]
Well, isn't that a dream team?
[Grimspawn cackling]
Bring me the blob and the ape.
I will deal with the girl.
-[weapon clicks]
Keep working on that device.
Z-Blob, you're with me.
We'll try and hold 'em off.
-[Albert grunts]
-[Grimspawn] Ah!
Aw, spitfire,
why didn't I bring a blaster?
[suspenseful music]
-[Grimspawn laughing]
don't belong in trees.
-[Albert screams]
-Chimpanzees do.
-[Grimspawn cackling]
Go, little buddy.
[Albert] Strike!
Now that's a kill shot.
You said there was a glowing
white bulb, right?
That sounds like
pretty basic electronics.
It should be the power source.
Follow the wire back.
[Cooper] There should be
some kind of antenna.
What wire?
There are so many of them
going all over the place.
[Cooper] It should be thicker
than the rest.
-Look for the
-Is Z-Blob okay?
Tell us what's going on.
[intense music]
We are in a pickle.
-[Grimspawn scream]
[heroic music]
[horse neighs]
[Grimspawn cackling]
[Grimspawn grumbling]
[Cooper] Hurry up!
What's taking so long?
I can't get the wire to break.
It won't budge.
And if I can't get
this door open,
I am Grimspawn chow.
[suspenseful music]
[intense music]
[electricity crackling]
[intense music]
[Logan] Yes! The door's open!
Z-Blob! Come on, Zoey.
What are you waiting for?
Go! Help Zoey.
I'll hold 'em off by myself.
[intense music]
-[Zoey screams]
-[Mateo] Z-Blob!
You did it!
[suspenseful music]
[Grimspawn cackling]
[Albert grunts]
[Mateo] Z-Blob!
You made it.
Zoey, you were freakin' awesome.
There were like
a bajillion Grimspawn behind you
and-and you kept your cool.
Like, ice cold.
-[Zoey] Where's Albert?
-[Logan] What are you doing?
I have to get Albert.
I left him behind.
It's too dangerous.
Look, if you open
that gate again,
-you'll get captured too.
-I thought
you said you couldn't get
this wire cut?
I didn't. The Night Hunter
missed me
and the arrow split it.
On accident?
Well, that was lucky.
What? You think he did it
on purpose?
That's crazy.
Bro, seriously.
Why would that dude
bust the lock his boss
put on the gate?
That's just it.
This lock didn't come
from the Nightmare King.
This is
Night Bureau tech.
[knocks on door]
Coach Jeffries?
I'd like to introduce myself.
I'm Doctor Celia Strick.
A clinical psychologist
who works
with the school district.
Huh? I didn't hear nothin'
about any specialists.
But, boy, am I glad
they sent you!
These nightmares are getting
totally out of control.
Yes, that's precisely
why I'm here.
Perhaps we can start with this.
Please, tell me absolutely
everything your students
have been saying about this.
[suspenseful music]
[closing theme music]
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