LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e12 Episode Script

Monkey and the Bandit

[suspenseful music]
[Cooper] Why are we sneaking?
[Logan] I don't know, really.
But it feels right.
[shocked gasp]
Zoey? What are you doing here?
What do you mean,
"What am I doing here?"
I got that chimp captured,
I'm gonna get him back.
Oh, is the Lone Wolf officially
joining the Dream Chasers?
No. But Mr. Oswald will know
what to do.
If anyone can tell me
how to free Albert, it's him.
[theme music]
Uh, Mr. Oz?
Are you okay?
Children! The new generation.
The life in your eyes.
You hungry?
[Mr. Oz] Uh, I made paella.
Savor that saffron.
It's like
the sun's playing jazz.
Bro, what did you do
with our science teacher?
Oh, man, it's Albert!
With Albert captured,
Mr. Oz is missing
half his personality.
Wha That makes sense to me.
[Mr. Oz] Oh!
I mean, check this dude out.
Wow, who knew
Mr. Oz was so colorful?
I guess anyone would be
if you take away
the logical side of the brain.
Mr. Oz! Come on! Snap out of it.
We need to find out
who put that lock
on our dream gate.
[Strick] That's easy.
I did.
-[Strick] Finally!
I knew you were here somewhere.
Ah! Stop!
Let go of him!
He's mine. I made him!
So you should know
how important it is
to keep him under wraps.
[tracker beeping]
[tense music]
I spoke with your little school.
You've been reckless.
Almost every student
has dreamed about this thing.
He's not a thing,
he's my friend!
What are you doing?
Hey! I'm not a Dream Chaser!
For aiding and obscuring
a class four dream aberration,
I am placing all of you
under surveillance.
With these devices, I'll know
every move you all make,
in this world, and the
You know you can just use
itty bitty microchips
for that, right?
They are old.
Almost nothing new
has had the ability
to cross back and forth
in decades.
Nothing until this showed up.
And it's the Night Bureau's job
to maintain a border
you all have been
very careless about.
So now, I'll be watching.
[tracker beeping]
And if I don't like what I see,
I will make you go back
to being normal dreamers.
No more landing,
no more dreamcrafting.
Mr. Oz, do something!
You can't let her
take away Z-Blob!
He's right.
You can't take him anywhere.
Until he's tried this paella.
Even if he were
in his right mind,
he wouldn't be able to help you,
because as of today,
this branch of the Night Bureau
is closed.
Now, turn in your ID badges.
We were supposed to get badges?
He never gave you
Honestly, Oswald,
what kind of operation
were you running here?
-[spoon clattering]
[kids yelping]
This is awful.
I know!
I want an ID badge
so bad right now.
Last summer,
I earned enough points
on the BunChu Blaster app
that I got
[Mateo] Who cares about badges!
What about Z-Blob?
We have to save him.
Don't forget Albert.
Plus, Jayden
and the kids at school.
Okay! We have to free everyone.
So so what do we do about it?
Night Bureau or not,
I'm going into the Dream World
to rescue Albert.
Yeah, if Albert's free,
Mr. Oz would go back to normal,
and then, he could help us
deal with Strick.
And then, we can get to
the Nightmare King.
But you heard that lady.
The Night Bureau knows
exactly where we are!
That's where you come in, Teo.
You stay back here tonight.
My thoughts exactly!
I'm gonna go rescue Z-Blob!
I'll catch up.
-No! Do not get Z-Blob.
Just make sure
Strick stays focused on him,
so she isn't watching
what the rest of us are doing.
But under no circumstances
-try to rescue Z-Blob.
Not until we're done. Got it?
I I guess so.
But if this doesn't work,
if Strick catches us,
we could be turned back
into normal dreamers!
It's a risk I'm willing to take
for Mr. Oz and Albert.
Are you?
[intense adventurous music]
-Everyone ready?
-[Logan] Yeah.
Let's rock and roll.
Izzie, is your brother
at the observatory?
Mateo snuck out
when I got in bed,
he should be there by now.
And we're sure he won't screw up
and make the inspector zap us
into dreamless dorks?
Hey, Mateo knows the mission.
My plan depends
on us not being tracked.
Coop! You're the gadget guy.
Can you dreamcraft any way
to get these things off?
I think I can get in
with just a screwdriver,
but it'll take some work.
Okay, great!
Everyone, follow me
and try to keep up.
I like to keep my plans fluid.
Okay. All right.
Let's do this.
What's the plan, exactly?
I just said the plan is
for you to follow me.
[suspenseful music]
[electricity crackling]
Oh, no, buddy!
Psst. Mr. Oz!
Hey, Mateo. You don't know
how to juggle, do you?
Uh what?
I mean sure, I could show you
if you do me a favor.
Ho-ho. Far out.
-[dark music]
[Logan] Oh, no That's Dallas.
Let's go help him!
No. We need to stick
with the plan.
Who cares about the plan?
We have to help Dallas!
And everyone else.
And if we let Dallas
get captured,
maybe they'll lead us
to the rest of them.
That's easy.
They take everyone
to the Fear Works
at the Shadowkeep.
Gnarly place!
Maybe. But maybe there's a place
we can cut them off before that.
And letting Dallas get captured
has nothing to do
with getting back at him
for Sheep Week?
Of course not.
Not entirely.
[Cooper gasps]
[grimspawn screeching]
[whimpers, groans]
[low rumbling]
Now we can follow them.
-Zian, be our eyes in the sky.
-[Zian chirping, squawks]
All of you, stay out of sight
and don't talk
unless absolutely necessary.
I'll be quiet as a mouse.
[Zoey shushing]
[machines bleeping, whirring]
All right, little anomaly.
Time to find out
what you're made of.
[cheeky sting]
Oz? What are you doing?
Where's the specimen?
Oh-ho. More importantly,
what about my juggling lesson?
-[Mateo yelps]
[Mateo panting]
[door lock rattling]
You insubordinate little
You know I can track you!
I'll find you
no matter where you go!
[tracker beeping]
[dark suspenseful music]
[Zian screeches]
Zoey! Are you sure
this is a good plan?
What if Albert isn't even here?
[Dallas whimpering]
[intense eerie music]
[low growling]
Calm all y'all, calm down.
Help's on the way!
God, I hope help's on the way.
-See? I told you.
-[Zian screeching]
Now you wait here.
I'll go down and spring Albert.
While those grimspawn
are chasing me,
you all can get our classmates.
Wait look at that!
[low growling]
-[grimspawns snickering]
[Izzie] Mr. Sharkyjaw.
Houston, we have a problem.
Zoey, that airship
is filled with grimspawn.
And if I'm saying
we should rethink this,
-I mean, uh
I said I've got a plan!
You can't all run off
doing whatever you want,
or nothing works.
Now wait for my signal!
[adventurous heroic music]
Hey, you could give me
a bed or something!
[Zian screeching]
Well, if you're going to be
like that,
then you deserve
what you're about to get.
[Albert] Yeah,
that's what I'm talking about!
[Albert cheers]
[Dallas yelps]
They're taking the kids!
We should have listened
to Logan!
That's what I'm always saying!
[both snickering]
[grimspawns snickering]
[Zian screeches]
-[grimspawns snickering]
Whoa, get your spitfire mitts
off of me!
[Mr. Sharkyjaw roaring]
Was this
part of your plan, Zoey?
[annoyed groan]
See, this is why I roll solo.
Well, you're not "rolling solo."
What are we gonna do?
Let me think for a sec.
[heroic music]
Maybe we can help.
Teo! You got Z-Blob!
Mateo, what are you doing here?
You're supposed to be
keeping Strick distracted.
The situation was was fluid.
Hey! Just like your plan, Zoey.
Strick was zapping Z
with electricity.
I couldn't just sit and watch.
Besides, now he can help.
Don't you get it?
Now Strick will come after us!
I had to improvise.
And it's not like
you ordering us around
is playing out smoothly.
Sometimes, you've got to
have faith in your team.
How can I?
When no one does
what they're supposed to
Wait! I got it!
I it's pretty simple.
-[Cooper] Just jam in here
[Cooper] A little twist.
Nice work, Coop.
Too little, too late.
It's not too late.
This team walked into
the heart of the grim realm
and rescued
a member of our team before,
we can do it again.
Are you crazy?
You guys are the most reckless,
unpredictable, impulsive
I know. Sweet, isn't it?
You're right.
We are all those things.
You know why?
Because we're a team!
[Mateo] Are we a good team
because of all of those things?
No. We're a good team
despite them.
I'm not sure that's actually
The point is we're a team! Okay?
Oh, yeah, baby!
Now we're talking.
Let's go save Albert
and the others.
What? Don't give me that look.
[Strick] Oz! Can you hear me?
How's it going in there?
The acoustics in here
are amazing.
Would you stop that
and climb through
to the other side.
We have to get out of here
so I can catch
those traitorous students
of yours!
I see you.
[Mr. Oz yodels]
[annoyed groan]
[grimspawns snickering]
Uh, not good!
Not good! Not good!
-[all screaming]
[intense suspenseful music]
[Cooper grunting]
Holy smokes, that was close!
[Logan] Where are we?
[grimspawns snickering]
Trapped! There are
tons of grimspawn out there!
Grimspawn? Hmm
Guys, I got an idea.
Are we gonna like it?
[grimspawn snickering]
[Izzie] No, we don't like it.
Not one bit!
Why am I
the only one doing this?
Because we gotta find Albert
and no one else here
could pull it off
as well as you.
Well, that's true.
And I do feel
scaringly adorable.
Uh hey there.
How about
that Nightmare King, huh?
Don't you just love his
uh nightmariness?
[grimspawn] Ha!
I just said that to Frank
-in supply!
-So, what now?
Well, she seems
to be doing okay.
I think we wait for her signal.
Uh, did we choose a signal?
Sorry, eh, I mean
[Night Hunter growls]
You fools.
We only took this monkey
to lure that green blob here.
And now you've shot him
out of the sky.
Show me the Dream Chasers.
What? Wait a minute.
That looks like
[Logan] You know,
your butt is kind of big.
[Mateo] Shut it, Logan!
[intense suspenseful music]
A little help here?
Look, how do you know
you saw Izzie
and not another grimspawn?
Just come up here
and help me check.
Oh, no, Mateo.
[Izzie] What do I do?
Psst. Jayden!
Stop! Please! Just stop.
You can have whatever you want.
No, Jayden! It's me, Izzie!
Izzie? Izzie,
what are you doing?
I'm here to bust you all out!
Those are terrifying pajamas.
[Night Hunter] You! Quickly!
Get the others
and search the ship.
Those Dream Chaser brats
are down below deck.
I'll meet them down there.
[gasps, sighs]
Ow! It's you!
They know we're here.
Then there's no point in hiding.
Let's bust these cages open
and find Albert!
There's way too many kids here.
How can we rescue them all?
I have that covered!
But first,
let's bust some cages.
[intense suspenseful music]
Come on, dude.
[grimspawn] Hey! Them brats
is bustin' open the cages!
-Get them!
[grimspawns screaming]
[Cooper] Well, so much
for being stealthy.
[kid] Oh! No, no, no, no, no.
[Mateo] Izzie! Go get Albert!
[intense suspenseful music]
Well, well, well.
We've got ourselves a jailbreak!
Nicely done, Isabel!
Let's vamoose.
Wait what's that?
We gotta gettyup, Isabel!
That's my tooth.
Um, what?
When Mr. Sharkyjaw
was my pillow,
he had a pocket
for the tooth fairy.
I put my last baby tooth
in there
the night before my mom
The tooth fairy
never came to take it.
Uh, Izzie, let's
Monkey vomit!
[grimspawns snickering]
All right, let's get them
out of here.
[Albert and Izzie grunt]
[grimspawns snickering]
[Night Hunter] I must say,
it's impressive
you've gotten this far.
But you were fools
to break into my ship
without a means to escape.
You're right.
So we didn't.
[Zian screeching]
[Mateo] We've got a Zian
up our sleeve!
-[Cooper] Yeah, Zoey!
-[Logan] Yeah, Zoey!
Oh, you turkeys
are in trouble now!
[Night Hunter] Oh, no!
[Night Hunter screams]
Need a hand?
I knew you'd come!
This was your plan?
Trusting Zoey would come
fly everyone out?
I'll do what I can, but
Zian can't carry all of them.
That's not the plan.
-This is!
-Our trackers?
Why would you bring those?
To make sure
that we were being followed!
[Night Hunter grunts]
[heroic music]
I suspected the Nightmare King
was invading kids' dreams again
but had no idea
he'd grown so powerful.
Oz! Ready the grappling cannon!
Well, I Oh, come now.
Uh, yep. It's away!
[Mr. Oz whoops]
Albert, you old scoundrel.
You're a sight for sore eyes.
[Albert] Are you sure
you're all right?
Never better.
[Night Hunter grunts]
[Mateo] Hang on to something.
[intense suspenseful music]
Come on! We gotta zip!
[heroic music]
Go on, if you dream it,
you can do it.
[Night Hunter]
Time to cut this short.
[kids screaming]
[grunts, groans]
[kids chuckling]
Glad to have you back, Mr. Oz.
Okay, everybody,
we're outta here.
[Night Hunter] Come on!
You know, for someone
who keeps telling us
she's not a team player,
you keep proving yourself wrong.
It wasn't exactly
my finest hour.
[Izzie] It's like jazz.
Do you like jazz?
My dad loves jazz.
He says all those musicians
are great at what they do,
but they also trust others
to improvise,
and together,
they make something amazing.
[Strick clears throat]
I can't say
that I completely endorse
the methodologies
of this particular branch
of the Night Bureau.
[Strick] But I can't argue
with your effectiveness either.
So you're not gonna
close us down?
I should've listened
to your warnings
about the Nightmare King.
My superiors
will have to take action now
and we're gonna need
all the help we can get.
And what about Z-Blob?
He performed exemplary service.
And there is precedent
for making dream creatures
Agents of the Night Bureau.
What are you saying?
[soft music]
[Strick] As of now, Z-Blob is
an official Dream Chaser.
However, dream creature agents
must never be seen
in the Waking World.
This is your responsibility,
Agent Garcia.
Ha! Yeah!
I want an ID badge
so bad right now!
[cheeky music]
[closing theme music]
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