LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e13 Episode Script

Private Eye

[movie detective] That may
look like an air-tight alibi,
but it can't explain
how this peacock feather
ended up in your car.
Now can it?
[snooty movie man]
It just couldn't be me.
I was at the opera.
What? Where is it?
Oh, man.
Where could it be?
[movie detective]Sorry, Sport,
the gags played out, see.
Your wife spilled the beans.
She sang like a canary.
She pulled the ripcord.
[Mateo] Oh, come on.
It's gotta be here.
[movie detective] I've known
it was you all along.
Hey, I was watching that.
Have you seen my comic book?
Which one?
My comic. Mine.
The new one I finished
like a week ago.
Oh, that comic.
Well, how would I know
where it is?
[Izzie] You always keep them
locked up
so no one can see them.
Z? Give me that.
You know,
you've really gotta get over
this fear of people
reading your comics.
It's a real drag.
I'm not afraid.
As a matter of fact,
I was gonna let Cooper
read this new issue
before school.
Oh yeah? Besides me and Cooper,
who else have you let see them?
Uh, does Z Blob count?
No. No, he doesn't.
Sharing one's work
is the essence
of the scientific method,
so others can test it,
build on it.
[Mr. Oz] Why, if the amateur
fossil hunter Mary Anning
hadn't shared her passion
for paleontology with the world,
Charles Darwin couldn't
have used it
to inspire his own theories
about evolution.
[school bell ringing]
Now before you go,
Ms. Putnam asked me
to remind you
that all submissions
for the Fall Festival theme
are due to her
no later than tomorrow.
Alright, now get out of here.
Hey Coop,
are you finished with my comic?
Can I get it back now?
Sure, I got it right, uh
You still have it, don't you?
Sure. It's in my locker.
I like the other flyer better.
Picture was cooler.
This club isn't about
being cool.
It's about uncovering
a vast global conspiracy.
Plus, I ran out of printer ink.
Come on, I gotta get to class.
Can I just have the comic back?
[objects rustling]
I-I I would give it to you,
just one problem.
I don't have it.
That that was the original.
[Mateo] You know
I don't make copies.
I'm so sorry.
I I don't know what happened.
I I put it in my backpack
right after
you gave it to me this morning.
It should be here.
Oh, this is bad.
This is bad. This is ba
Oh! So perfect!
I know just what to do.
Meet me in the library
in five minutes.
[theme music]
[Nova] Excuse me,
I have a book on hold.
Dreams and Other Conspiracies
by Dr. Panderson.
Just let me get this straight,
you want me to miss
Tater Tot Tuesday,
because Mateo lost
one of his comic books?
Well, uh,
I guess I kinda lost it.
And we're here because
you think someone re-shelved it?
I'll tell you
why we're here, Slick.
'Cause every good detective
knows the first step
to solving a case is rounding up
the usual suspects.
Would you stop playing around?
I asked you for help, not
whatever this is.
Quiet, Toots.
We're gonna do this my way, see.
'Cause my way gets results.
It gets down to brass tacks.
It gets down to
the real nitty gritty.
Wait, are you doing
like a mystery thing?
Man, my moms
watch all those detective shows.
The CSI's, the FBI's,
the L and O's,
anything with all those
alphabety things.
So, you know, if you need
a street-smart renegade cop
who plays by his own rules,
I'm game.
Sorry, Poindexter,
Gumshoe Izzie works alone.
Like a lone coyote
prowling the streets at night.
Knocking over
the trash cans of truth.
She's got no time
for a sidekick.
Who you callin' a sidekick?
If anything, I'm like a a
a front kick.
There's, uh,
no such thing as a front kick.
Oh, yeah? What about this?
[groans, grunts]
It's so slippery here.
-[Mateo] Who cares?
We need to figure this out.
I'll die
if anyone sees my comic.
-What comic?
-Oh! Zoey?
What are you doing here?
What is she doing here?
She's the last person
I want seeing my work.
Because, like I told you,
I leave no stone unturned.
Like a lone squirrel,
digging up the dark acorns
this lousy town's
too scared to see.
[Logan] Hey Zoey, check it.
Settle something for me.
If there's a sidekick,
doesn't that mean
that there'd be such a thing,
ergo, as a front kick? Huh?
[Zoey] You're an idiot.
[suspenseful music]
Oh, this is so boring.
How long do we have to do this?
Until you have learned these
pesky children's next move.
You heard the boss.
[grunts, yelps]
Hey, wait.
Why don't we just invade
the Waking World
with an army of these things?
Without that green blob,
mere spying
is the limit of my power
in the Waking World.
But you're going to fix that
for me, aren't you?
That's right, boss.
And when your army of evil hats
destroys them all,
I'll be your new
right hand Grimspawn.
-Why you?
-Hey, I did the hat thing.
[Snivel] No, it should be me.
[Sneak grumbles] Give me that!
Oh, you're gonna get
all the credit?
I don't think so.
Move over. Let me have a shot
at that thing.
Show you how it's done.
[Susan snickers]
[Sneak] Ah! You brat.
[Susan] Give it back!
[cheeky music]
Now, the first thing
we need to do
is account for
the exact movements
of every single one of you
over the past 24 hours.
Starting with you, Zoey.
Care to explain
why you were suspiciously absent
from your morning math class?
Or do you want to make things
easy and just confess?
Okay, I confess.
I knew it.
I confess
I wasn't at school this morning
because I slept in.
I was in Dream World
late last night
because something
broke into my cave.
Our first crack in the case.
Tell us everything
that happened.
[Zoey] Well, I came back and
the place was totally trashed.
Like somebody
was looking for something.
[tense music]
So I searched the whole cave
and found
A bone?
Yup. A huge bone.
Like I said,
it didn't make any sense.
Then I spent the rest
of the night cleaning up,
so I was late for
Mrs. Castillo's
grocery delivery,
which is why I missed
my first class.
A huge bone?
Wow, dreams can be
so random, right?
thanks for the help, Zoey.
Why don't you just
get back to your day and
Was anything missing?
No. That's what's weird.
I mean,
I've had Dreamers break in
to steal my awesome loot before.
That's why I have
so many booby traps.
But usually
they actually take something.
The plot thickens.
[tense mysterious music]
[Sneak grunting] It's mine.
[Snivel yelping]
[Snivel] Ow! My legs!
[Susan] Move!
Stop moving around.
I just found them.
Just remember, when the boss
promotes us for this,
it was all my idea.
It was?
I thought it was Susan's idea.
Oh yeah?
You wanna knock on the head
to jog your memory?
[Susan] Zip it. Zip it. Zip it.
Uh, sorry.
Thought I saw a spider.
[chuckles awkwardly]
Look, Iz, none of this has
anything to do with the comic.
-It didn't go missing
until this morning.
I'm the one
asking the questions here, chum.
[Izzie] So why don't you just
walk us through
exactly what you were doing
last night.
Right up until the time
you lost the comic.
Last night. Uh
[Cooper] I was at the Landing.
Working on dreamcrafting
some new stuff.
When Teo called me
on the Dreamy Screamy.
He had an emergency.
What kind of emergency?
[Cooper] A pretty heroic
and awesome emergency.
Yeah, so like he said,
pretty standard
dream chaser stuff.
So, who's going next?
Okay, I gotta get going.
Have fun with
whatever this is.
Oh, you know, Zoey,
there's just one more thing.
That delivery you made
to Ms. Castillo's this morning.
You didn't happen to deliver
any ghost peppers, did you?
Ghost peppers?
Well, yeah.
Actually I did.
How did you know that?
Oh, well we'll get to that.
But first, I've got an alibi
to poke some holes in.
You see, Cooper did get
an emergency call
from my brother last night.
[Izzie]But it wasn't because of
an attack.
And it wasn't at Pillows Peak.
It was at Zoey's cave.
[Zoey] Wait, what?
You two were in my cave?
[chuckles nervously]
-That that's crazy.
Why in the world
would you think that?
I won't tell you.
-Logan will.
Uh, I I will?
You see,
there's no way Pillows Peak was
under attack last night,
because Logan and I were there.
You were?
What were you doing?
Oh, man.
Do I have to tell them?
[upbeat music]
[grunting to the beat]
[hums to beat]
Oh, yeah!
What? I have a life
outside of sports, you know.
Yeah, but K-pop dance moves?
So it was you two
that destroyed my cave.
That stuff wasn't even mine.
I was fixing it
for Mrs. Castillo.
I'm so sorry.
It was a total accident.
We didn't mean anything.
We were just
You know what?
I don't want to hear it.
You made me late for class,
you wrecked my cave,
so you can just spare me
the lame excuses.
Ooh, she's mad.
Man, what in the world
were you guys thinking,
breaking into her place?
We weren't breaking in.
We were were
I don't know
why we're talking about this
when it has nothing to do with
the missing comic.
[Izzie] Oh, but it does.
Because it all adds up
to Zoey's late morning delivery
of those ghost peppers.
It was a quiet morning
on the block.
Little did my client know,
it would be the last time
he would see his precious comic.
Well? What do you think?
It's great, Mateo.
Better than the last one.
Uh, can I please
read it again at school?
-I don't know.
-Come on.
I'll give it back to you
at lunch, I promise.
Give what back?
[Izzie] Enter the wild card.
Zoey's late delivery
and a quick stage exit
on that purloined paperback.
Uh, nothing.
Just something
that Cooper's gonna read later
and not right now.
Isn't that right?
Ah, mija. There you are.
Do you have my peppers?
Yeah, Mrs. Castillo.
Sorry I'm late.
I had a rough night.
I'd stay to help you unpack,
but I got one more delivery
before school starts.
Oh my, you'd better hurry then.
It's almost eight.
Oh, shoot. She's right.
We gotta go.
[Izzie] And that's the moment
you all missed.
[cheeky music]
Smell that?
Ghost peppers.
Which means your backpack
and that bag of peppers
were right next to each other
the last time
anyone saw that comic.
So that means the comic
Is at Pillows Peak. Boom!
No, you turkey.
It's on Mrs. Castillo's truck.
Come on, brother. Let's roll.
[sneaky music]
[school bell ringing]
No, you don't.
You're not getting
away from me again.
Oh, no.
I'm not letting you go.
You're the one thing
I've been looking for.
Definitive proof
that there really is
something strange
going on at this school.
Was this part of your plan?
-[thunder clapping]
The scene of the crime.
[Mateo] Mrs. Castillo.
Do you still have that bag
of ghost peppers
Zoey dropped off?
Uh, no. I chopped those up
this morning.
And you didn't find
anything else in the bag?
No, I don't think so.
[suspenseful music]
There! My comic!
You do have it.
Oh, is that yours?
I've been reading that
all morning.
You have?
And you don't think
it's lame or anything?
Why would I think that?
I don't know.
I always kind of worry.
It doesn't really look like
all the other comics.
The professional ones, I mean.
You know why people like
my ropa vieja?
Hm? It's not because
it tastes like
all the other taquerias in town.
No, they like it because
it's a little different.
Because it's one of a kind.
Just like this is.
[uplifting music]
Well, that wraps that up.
There's just one thing
I can't figure out though.
Why were you two in Zoey's cave
in the first place?
that's kind of a funny story.
Cooper didn't really have
anything to do with it.
I called him over there
because, well
I had a little situation.
[suspenseful music]
Teo! I'm right outside the cave.
[Cooper] Where are you?
[Mateo] Coop! Back here.
What's the emergency?
-[Mateo] We're in here.
[tense music]
What the heck
are you doing in here?
Down there.
[Mateo] Careful! This place
has booby traps everywhere.
A bone?
Y you brought Zoey a bone?
No. That was in case
Zion was here.
To keep him quiet.
I brought Zoey that.
[suspenseful music]
[Mateo] I was gonna leave
that note
to ask Zoey to the Fall Festival
and well
we might have tripped
a booby trap.
Or two.
Or a whole bunch actually.
I've made a real mess
of this place.
You went to all this trouble,
and now you're not even
gonna leave the note?
It's just the timing's off.
No. It's not.
You're just chicken.
It's just like
you and your comics.
How you won't show them
to anyone but Izzie and me.
I'm not chicken.
I just
What if
What if she says "no"?
What if people hate my comics?
But what if they don't?
I can't.
I can't let Zoey know
I was ever here.
[alarm blaring]
-Oh boy.
Don't ever bring me
back to a cave again, Mateo.
[Mateo and Cooper screaming]
Promise you won't tell Zoey.
A good gumshoe knows
when to keep his lips zipped.
Though I gotta say, big brother,
you'd get in
a lot fewer messes like this
if you weren't so scared
of putting your work out there.
Yeah, I guess.
Hey, Mrs. Castillo.
You really think
my comic is good?
Of course, mijo.
The only thing I ever lie about
is whether the hot sauce
is safe for beginners.
Do me a favor, will you?
Next time Zoey comes by
for a delivery,
see if she wants to read it.
You should show her yourself.
I don't think I can.
You can't hide
in your shell forever.
Something Senor Tortuga
likes to say to me.
And so,
with the elusive comic returned,
and our reticent writer
emerging from his shell,
this grizzled gumshoe can
finally call this case closed.
[Nova] Behold!
Hey, that's my hat!
The moment of redemption
is here.
For at last, I have proof
that there are dark,
mysterious forces afoot
in this school.
A force that threatens
to control not just our dreams
but even our headwear.
What is she on about?
Nova's acting weird again.
Prepare to have your minds
Uh, what?
Come on. Jump. Walk.
D do whatever you were doing.
[Nova] Uh, I I promise.
This hat was sentient.
It it was alive.
Oh, come on
you stupid thing, move!
[dark ominous tune]
See, they probably
didn't notice a thing.
[nervous chuckle]
This is all your fault.
I don't understand why
it's not moving all of a sudden.
[Logan] If you're done,
I'll take that back now.
-Thank you.
-No. No, no, no, no.
I know you're all
up to something.
What are you hiding?
What are you hiding?
No! Stop!
[breathing heavily]
Aha! Explain this then, Mateo.
Explain this!
Well, I uh, it's uh
It's a little dark.
At least as far as ideas
for the Fall Festival go.
Fall Festival?
Yes. Isn't that what this is?
A submission for
the Fall Fair theme?
That's exactly what it is,
Ms. Putnam. Yes.
Alrighty, uh, then I'll go
post these outside my classroom
with the other themes
so we can see
what your fellow students
think of it.
Wait. The whole school's
gonna see those?
[school bell ringing]
[Mateo] Uh, Ms. Putnam
Ms. Putnam, I I'm not sure
those are ready
for everyone to see.
They're rough drafts really.
Practically unfinished.
[ominous music]
[Nightmare King] So, they want
a nightmare theme
for their Fall Festival,
do they?
I think we might just be able
to make that happen.
And give them a party
the Waking World
will never forget.
[maniacal laughter]
[closing theme music]
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