LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e15 Episode Script

Sweet Dreams

-[pens scribbling]
-[light music]
-[soft snoring]
Nova! Wake up!
Uh, what? I
The quiz!
[school bell ringing]
[students chatting indistinctly]
Nova, wait up!
You look like you haven't slept
in a week.
M my nightmares are so bad,
I I'm afraid
to go to sleep at night.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, well,
thanks for waking me up
when you did.
I was about to get eaten
by a giant, creepy wolf.
[somber music]
-Ah, Z!
Gross, Z.
Dude, put that away.
Relax. No one knows
what it is here.
Mr. Oz and Albert
can't figure this thing out,
so, I offered to give it a shot.
I just saw The Insomniacs.
We have to help them.
We're trying, Izz.
Once we get
Lunia's Hourglass working,
we'll be able to stop
the Nightmare King's corruption
of the Dream World.
But that could take forever.
We need to do something
right now.
Like what?
They're scared
of their bad dreams
but we could give them
some good ones.
You know what happened
when we messed
with Ms. Putnam's dream.
Even I barely passed
her pop quiz.
Wait, you passed it?
Please, Teo? We're not trying
to take advantage of them.
We're trying to help them
get a good night's sleep.
I'm just not sure
it's a good idea, Izz.
Look, giving them good dreams
for a change
might stop them from stirring up
any more trouble.
When have I ever gotten
in the way of a dumb plan?
Yes! Now, to make sure
The Insomniacs have
the most amazing dream ever,
we'll take them
to the one place where life is
super sweet and yummy,
the Candy Realm.
[theme music]
[Nightmare King] No talent!
You're never on time.
-[both snickering]
-You don't do as I ask.
You're not nearly scary enough.
I need nightmares!
It's been months
since you've given me
any good news.
You are useless!
-Get out of my sight!
-[thunder rumbles]
Oh, the Nightmare King
is steamed.
[Night Hunter]
Enjoying the show, are we?
Since you have so much
free time on your hands,
why don't you go muck out
the Night Mare's stall?
-[Susan] Dang it.
-Yes, boss.
All right!
-[Sneak growls]
-[Night Hunter] Now!
[all panting]
You know,
every time the Nightmare King
gets mad at the Night Hunter,
we get punished.
How is that fair?
[Susan] It ain't.
And on top of that,
the food here stinks.
Wait, where'd you get food?
[Sneak] Mine! I want the banana.
[Susan] Hey, hands off
the produce, mack.
Ow! You know, we could clean
the Night Mare's stall.
Or we could visit a Dream Realm
with some decent food.
[Susan] You mean,
like a vacation?
[both cheering]
Let's get this party started!
All right, everyone,
Operation Sleepytime.
First, Coop's gonna
Mm, can't. I'm working
on Lunia's Hourglass.
But nobody else better mess
with my plan.
First, I will knit
The Insomniacs
warm, fuzzy socks.
Then, I'll whip up
some hot chocolate
-and soothing tunes.
-[harp playing softly]
I didn't know
Coach played the harp.
We wait
until they fall asleep
[gentle music]
then Teo, Logan,
and Zoey repel down
and wave licorice
under their noses
so they all dream
of the Candy Realm.
One question, Izz.
Can I use pizza instead?
Uh, why don't we
just use the locator
to find The Insomniacs
in the Dream World tonight
and then bring them
to the Candy Realm?
Fine. Let's be boring.
[panicked pants]
[eerie music]
[cool showdown music]
Let's go, Nova.
That turkey
won't stay down long.
Go? Go where?
What what are you doing here?
Am I dreaming?
Technically, yes.
You are dreaming.
And we're here to rescue you.
-How you doin'?
-What's up?
-Did they rescue you too?
-From a huge raven.
It was so scary.
[engine revving]
Whoa. Your car flies now?
Yeah, I dreamcrafted
some helium into the tires
to get us here super fast.
Dang, Coop. You really have
loosened up your creativity.
Nova, come on.
Ready for the dream
of a lifetime?
I don't think so.
My dreams are always so scary.
Mm, mine too.
[Max] Can't we just stay here?
And wait for that wolf
to wake up?
Don't worry, nothing scary
will happen, I promise.
Hey, Coop,
take this Dreamie-Screamie
just in case.
No problem, amigo.
I'll keep an eye out
while I work on the hourglass.
You comin', Logan?
Bro, and miss out
on the Candy Realm? Uh-uh.
[engine revving]
[ominous music]
Okay, Dreamers, keep your hands
in the tortoise at all times.
[sad groan]
Nah, I'm just playin'.
Stick your head out the window
'cause we're about to have
some sweet dreams.
[upbeat music]
[barking, growling]
All right, hourglass.
You may have fooled
Mr. Oz and Albert,
but you're not match
for the Coop-meister.
-[ominous music]
The Cyber Realm's fallen?
All video game dreams are now
a Nightmare King trap.
We have to help.
We can't. Cooper has to solve
that hourglass.
[all yelping]
Behold, the Candy Realm!
[Emil, Jayden, Max and Nova]
So. Much. Candy.
Why's it called the Candy Realm?
[Max] There's all kinds
of junk food here.
Do you know how much sugar
is in pizza and cereal?
What is that?
A Candy Chameleon.
[Mateo] She must be the guardian
of the Candy Realm.
A guardian comes to protect
its realm if it's in danger.
And then she'll go all
[fighting grunt]
See? I told ya
we'd be safe here.
[dark suspenseful music]
[all gasp]
Uh, you died?
Yeah, about that, uh
Hold on, man.
You played me?
It's not that simple
Seems simple to me.
We're not letting you
wreck this realm.
[Sneak growls, hissing]
[suspenseful music]
Whoa. Whoa.
We ain't here to wreck nothin'.
Right. We just came
for a little vacation.
Nightmares get vacation?
We talking
two weeks plus holidays?
[Susan] Ha!
We should be so lucky.
It is hard work
being this gloriously evil.
No way. Uh-uh.
We got here first.
Go vacation somewhere else.
[all cackling]
There's only one way
to settle this.
[Izzie] All right,
you know the rules.
First team to finish
gets to stay.
No way Nova and I are losing.
Not with the little green guy
on our side.
Bring it on, Stinkbrain.
On your marks.
Get set. Go!
[all panting]
[bright upbeat music]
Uh, what's on top of this pizza?
My personal favorite,
pepperoni, pineapple,
jalapenos, and gummy bears!
What'd ya think?
[Susan growls]
[both laughing]
[all munching]
[both groaning]
-[Jayden] Hurry!
-[Emil] Yeah, come on!
[Izzie] Come on, Nova.
You can do this!
Uh, I don't think I can.
Oh, I never thought
I'd say this but
me neither.
-[all snickering]
-Looks like we win.
[epic music]
[burps loudly]
It's a tie?
[all cheering]
What do ya say?
Truce for today?
I say
these lollipop trees aren't
gonna lick themselves, people.
[ominous music]
[Night Hunter] Spit it out.
I don't have all day.
Where are they?
Uh, Boss, they ain't
anywhere I looked.
-Oh, food!
-Don't touch that banana.
Susan would never leave
a banana unless
[bright cheery music]
This one's rainbow flavored.
Oh! What's that taste like?
Don't know.
But I love it!
[both laughing]
Thanks for bringing me here.
The Candy Realm is the best!
I know, right?
[all munching]
Uh-oh. I think
I have a serious
[all] Sugar high!
-So fresh.
-[Jayden] Yum!
Superstar MVP Logan is on
an all-time record-breaking
sugar rush.
[Logan grunting]
You can't spell "can do"
without "can-D".
Noice catch.
-[Nova laughing]
-[Izzie cheering]
[both laughing]
Go Snivel. Go Snivel.
-Go Snivel! Go Susan.
-Go Snivel.
[both] Whoa!
[all slurping]
[gasps, sucks teeth]
-[all laughing]
[engine rumbling]
[Cooper] Come on.
Tell me your secrets.
Something. Anything.
[annoyed groan]
[eerie music]
This isn't gonna help
The Insomniacs' nightmares.
[device beeping]
-No, no, no!
[Cooper] Come on, sweetheart.
Stay with me.
[intense suspenseful music]
[Jayden groans]
Why did we eat so much?
This always happens
your first time
in the Candy Realm.
Uh, and your second
and your third.
What's our excuse then?
[Cooper screaming]
Huh? That kinda sounds like
[loud thud]
[Cooper panting]
Ni Ni Night Hunter!
[Susan] Fudge nuggets.
We are so busted.
[Night Hunter's horse
Uh, sorry about this.
About what?
Hey, Boss! Boss!
We found 'em for ya.
Oh! You rat!
-They're here!
-[Susan] Hey, come quick!
[intense suspenseful music]
[horse whinnying]
[Night Hunter] Prepare to learn
the true meaning
of too much of a good thing.
[all grunt]
What the What's he doin'?
-[thunder rumbling]
-[lightning cracking]
[dark ominous music]
What's happening?
The lightning is corrupting
the lollipop trees
and turning them bad.
[lollipop tree growls]
[Mateo] Oh, no.
Good food is going bad?
[tree growls]
Um, guys,
I think it's time to
[thunder rumbling loudly]
[all yelping]
[Max] We're sorry.
[gummy bear growling]
[eerie suspenseful music]
Everybody, run!
[all panting]
[gasps, screams]
[Night Hunter laughs]
[Max whimpering]
[Jayden] I don't like this.
I wanna wake up.
Me too.
-[breathing heavily]
We need to get them out of here
or they'll never have
a good night's sleep again.
Find somewhere they'll feel safe
and get them calmed down.
Everybody, hold on!
[intense music]
[all screaming]
[intense suspenseful music]
[lollipop trees growling]
Izzie, what do we do?
Stay back! I got this.
[both scream]
They're with pineapple! Run!
[deep breath]
Logan, catch!
Thanks, bro!
[rapid blasting]
[intense suspenseful music]
[Night Hunter]
What are you waiting for?
Grab them!
[Logan] Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
Don't even think about it.
[all grunt]
[Night Hunter laughing]
Zoey! I need you
to fire Z at those hills.
[power surging]
-[Jayden yelping]
-[Emil] Whoa.
[Emil whimpering]
[candy beasts growling]
Don't worry, we're safe.
[Zoey] For now.
[whimpers, yells]
-I'm almost out of dream sand.
Me too.
[Logan grunts]
Why isn't
the Candy Chameleon Guardian
-helping us?
-I don't know.
No one's coming to save us,
are they?
Sorry, Nova. They're not.
No one's coming to save us!
Why do you sound so happy?
You said it yourself.
The guardian only awakens
when the realm
is in terrible danger.
If she's not coming to save us,
it's because we've got this.
Quick, everyone in the car.
Now what? The car's busted.
It it's not going anywhere.
This car's not.
But remember when Logan
transformed your boring car
into a monster car?
I guess that was cooler.
Um, guys!
This won't work, Izzie.
I don't even know
what I did last time.
Logan! The Night Hunter
has ruined pizza.
Just like he ruins everything.
Ruining pizza makes me
really angry.
Yeah! Me too!
I'm so mad I could
[intense suspenseful music]
All right!
Let's get munchin'!
[Z-Blob groans]
[all whimpering]
[horse screeching]
[Susan] They trapped themselves.
[Snivel] How dumb is that?
[Night Hunter] I don't know
what you think you've achieved.
All we have to do is wait.
-[horse whinnying]
[car engine revving]
-[cool heroic music]
Time to whip
some gummy bear booty.
[intense battle music]
[all yelp]
[Night Hunter grunts]
[all panting]
[Insomniacs cheering]
[Emil] Take that!
Coolest dream ever.
[intense battle music continues]
You'll never believe it.
You two were in my dream
last night.
Wha what?
-No. Dre What?
-We were?
You really don't remember?
Huh. And I thought you two
were part of the conspiracy
to invade our imaginations.
That's what I've been trying
to tell you.
Well, I wish
you'd had this dream.
I slept like a baby last night.
It felt so good.
[all laughing]
Okay, okay. Don't gloat.
Your plan worked.
They had
some pretty sweet dreams.
♪Sweet dreams and goodnight ♪♪
♪Sister Izzie's
always right ♪♪
♪Close your eyes
and realize ♪♪
♪Sister Izzie's
always right ♪♪
[Mateo] Yeah, yeah.
So you were right.
You don't need to rub it in.
[all gasp]
It activates on a lullaby?
-[ominous sting]
-[all gasp]
Never again.
-[Z-Blob munching]
[laughter continues]
Now that we're rested,
we can quadruple our efforts.
It's time to figure out
what's behind that evil eye
once and for all.
[eerie mysterious music]
[closing theme music]
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