LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e16 Episode Script

The Worthy Dreamer

[Zian screeching]
[suspenseful music]
Dude, what?
What's Logan's problem?
First, when is Logan
not a turkey?
Second, he asked Zoey
to the fall festival,
but she shut him down.
Maybe she likes someone else.
How do you know all this?
I see and know all.
[both grunt]
[Zoey] Sorry!
They're finally here!
[Mateo] Yes!
Castle Nocturnia, here we come.
[Logan] About time.
This place is cramping my style!
Huddle up, gang.
Let's hear
what Cooper's figured out.
Okay. Yesterday,
when Izzie sang her lullaby
it made these symbols light up.
I think they're the key
to unlocking the hourglass.
All I have to do it punch in
the right combination and
Next stop, Castle Nocturnia.
Going to the castle!
Going to meet Lunia!
Going to have
some awesome snacks!
And find out how she defeated
the Nightmare King.
What happens if you punch in
the wrong combination?
-[Cooper] Boom!
-[all gasping]
But hey, I got this.
Now was it sun, sun,
full moon, crescent.
Or sun, full moon, star?
-Come on!
Joking! Jeez.
Patience, Albert.
Thanks to Cooper,
we have a real chance
of seeing Lunia today.
It's working!
[suspenseful music]
Dude, you broke it!
[Zoey] Zion, go!
After that sand, Dream Chasers!
[theme music]
[Albert] Elusive little
pile of dust, isn't it?
[Mr. Oz] Don't lose it!
-There's Zoey!
Is she okay?
Brace yourselves!
[Logan yelps, groans]
Logan! How many times
do I have to tell you
to stay buckled up?
Ah one more?
[Zoey] Keep on it, Zian!
Just a little longer!
This is starting to feel like
another wild goose chase,
Please be here.
[Albert] There! Dead ahead!
-[Izzie] Dang.
-[Mateo] Holy cow.
We made it, old friend.
It's it's
[eerie music]
[Albert] What in tarnation
happened to this place?
I know, buddy. I wish this place
didn't look so dang scary, too.
Lunia would never leave
the castle in such a state.
She's she's really gone.
So, we got this far for nothing?
No. The DreamKeeper was
a chronicler of the Dream World.
The tale of how she defeated
the Nightmare King
has got to be
in the castle somewhere.
Oh, like in a book?
Yo, The Nightmare King
was totally bent on
destroying this place.
That's gotta be why!
All right!
Let's go find that book.
[Mr. Oz] Well, luckily,
the Dreamlings,
who take care
of the castle, will help!
[ominous music]
[all grunting]
[Logan] Or not.
[suspenseful orchestral music]
Who would do this to Dreamlings?
I thought Castle Nocturnia
was supposed to be safe.
Don't worry, I'm sure
whatever did this is long gone.
[Phil] Who dares disturb
Castle Nocturnia's
all-powerful manticore?
Um, what's a manticore?
Only one of
the most fearsome animals
to ever walk the land!
[mocking laugh]
You don't know the meaning
of fearsome, little girl.
But I will show you.
Nah, yo, we're cool.
You don't have a choice!
The last one standing
will be tested.
To deem if you are worthy.
[all yelping]
Zian, no!
We gotta move!
[Mateo gasping]
[Cooper] Not safe. Not safe.
Not safe!
[intense suspenseful music]
What do we do?
Head back to the rocket ship?
Forge ahead?
I I reckon we could hide
we could hide
Yo, what's wrong with Albert?
He's missing Mr. Oz!
Albert's the rational one
but without Mr. Oz,
he's overthinking everything!
[Albert] Dadgummit, did we look
for a power source?
Maybe we can reason
with the manticore.
Then he could fix
Mr. Oz and Zian.
On second thought, run!
-[all panting]
-Come on!
[Mateo and Izzie] Whoa!
[grunts, screams]
This place is nuts.
[Cooper] No, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
[Zoey grunting]
[screams, groans]
Zoey! Jump this way!
Zoey! Over here!
[Zoey grunts]
[both grunting]
[Izzie yelps]
[both yelping]
[Mateo and Zoey scream]
[Mateo] Looks like we found
the junk room.
Maybe Lunia's story's in here.
That seems a little obvious,
but sure, it's worth a shot.
We might find a way
to break the curse
the manticore put on
Zian and Mr. Oz in here.
[Cooper screams, grunts]
-Ah! Monkey vomit!
[bell clinks]
-Did you hear that?
-[Cooper] What?
Every bone in my body breaking?
The manticore could be
stalking us right now.
Could this get any worse?
[Cooper] It's worse!
-[bell clinks]
-[Cooper gasps]
-I gotta wake up!
[manticore chuckles]
-[both gasp]
-Quick! In there!
-What the
-[chuckling] Sick.
Man, Mr. Oz
would have loved this!
Yeah, straight fire.
I just hope we don't all end up
as paperweights
in the manticore's
evil crystal collection.
We won't.
Sweet, let's go
mess with a manticore.
[annoyed groan]
There's nothing here!
It's just a bunch of junk.
Whoa, whoa.
Evil manticore-thing
stalking us, remember?
C'mon, maybe the others
have had better luck.
[manticore] Fee fi fo fum.
I smell the blood
of scared humans.
Quick, hide!
[Mateo grunts]
[intense suspenseful music]
[gasps quietly]
[low growling]
[thudding, scratching]
[Mateo grunts]
That was a little too close.
Wh what?
What's so gross about that?
-[Zoey] Forget it.
-[Mateo] No, really.
Mateo! The Nightmare King
is out there right now,
wreaking havoc
on the Dream World.
We need to fix Mr. Oz and Zian
and find Lunia's book.
So you're avoiding my question?
I I don't know why, okay?
It just is.
Love's stupid.
People ghost you
and you're left alone.
Wow. That's an incredibly
depressing point of view.
You're not alone. You have us.
[Mateo] And we make
a great team.
A good team
with greatness potential?
Come on on, let's move.
[screams, groans]
Dumb gravity.
Yo, this place is a trip!
[Izzie] Logan, look!
[Logan] Cool. Windows.
And some lame decorations,
we need to find that book.
What if we're not looking
for a book?
What? Man,
how did I get stuck babysitting?
[Izzie] I heard that.
[evil laugh]
The manticore!
There's no place to hide.
I see you.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
-[Logan yelps]
Nice lion.
[chuckles nervously]
Lo-Lo, go!
Don't call me Lo-Lo!
[Izzie] Exactly what
a Lo-Lo would say!
[Izzie yelps]
Run, Izzie! Over here!
Uh. Quit stalling!
-[Izzie yelps]
-[Logan grunts]
Well, that's crummy.
[Logan yelps]
[Logan] I'll be back, Izz!
[Mateo] Hey everybody!
We're back?
You know what?
I'm done running and hiding.
-Me too.
-[distant growling]
Zoey, if we don't make it
What are you doing? Run!
-Where's Izzie?
-Yeah, about that
-[both grunting]
[Logan screams, grunts]
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm good.
[Mateo] Uh, guys
little help here?
Arrows? How quaint.
[Logan] Hey pick on someone
your own size,
you big multi-rainbow colored
Ready, buddy?
[suspenseful music building]
[Logan] That again!
You're no manticore!
You're a one trick pony!
[Logan grunting]
Let's dance, furball.
Logan, don't!
[Logan] Too late.
[growls, roars]
[Mateo yelps]
I told you the last one standing
would be tested.
Prove you are a worthy Dreamer
or be trapped forevermore.
[tense music]
[manticore] I can see
into your heart.
I know what it desires.
I desire nothing.
Except to take you down!
[manticore] Uh-uh-uh.
We both know that's not true.
You have a tough hide.
But you've lost people
and that takes a toll.
[groans angrily]
You're the reason
I'm alone right now!
[manticore] It is my job
to protect
Castle Nocturnia's secrets.
That's why we're here!
To find out how to stop
the Nightmare King
from ruining the Dream World.
[manticore] Ah, the Dream World.
The one place you feel safe.
The one place
you can be yourself.
I'm always myself.
But what if I could make
the Dream World even better?
Bring your parents back.
Give you everything
you could ever want.
All you have to do is ask.
Wouldn't you like to have people
who care about you?
[gentle emotional music]
I already have people
who care about me.
So thanks, but no thanks.
I'm good.
[suspenseful music]
That was
-[victory horns]
[applause, cheering]
What the heck?
[sighs in relief]
That's better.
Now, where were we?
Beats me.
I have friends again!
Let go of me, you big oaf!
Zian, wait! He's okay!
Aw, who's a good kitty?
You are! You are!
Uh, I can't believe
you crystalized us. Again!
Yeah, I thought we was pals.
Sorry, guys!
I'll make it up to ya!
I might have frozen them
a few weeks ago
after a disagreement
over who would do the dishes.
-A few weeks?
-A few weeks?
Hey! You try being locked up
with a bunch of
squabbling Dreamlings!
You'd want to freeze 'em too.
What in tarnation is going on?
Hey! Hi! How you doin'?
Hold up. You're friendly?
The friendliest!
Love this whole green look
you've got going on.
I told them
you'd be a big ol' puffball
once we got to know you.
Filipo Achaemenid
Darius Cambysis at your service.
How 'bout I call you Phil?
Works for me!
Uh, Phil, care to explain
what's going on?
Zoey passed Lunia's test!
And boy, am I glad.
You have no idea
how tiresome it is
to be dramatic and scary
all the time.
Still seems
pretty dramatic to me.
[Phil] You see, my home
used to be filled with
love, light, and creativity.
But all that changed
the day Lunia left.
Do you know where she is?
[Phil] Sadly, no.
But before she left,
Lunia bade me to protect
Castle Nocturnia with a test.
One that only a worthy Dreamer
would pass.
Way to be worthy, Zoey!
What? It was no biggie.
[Phil] On the contrary.
Not everyone would have
the fortitude to turn down
everything their heart desires
in order to help their friends.
Lunia decreed that only
a worthy Dreamer
could bring Castle Nocturnia
back to its rightful state.
Uh what do I do?
[Phil] Just hold it aloft.
The hourglass will do the rest.
You go, girl!
[momentous music]
So, Phil?
Any awesome snacks up in here?
Of course!
Why, I could tell you about
legions of incredible meals!
Ooh, yes, please.
[Albert clears throat]
I hate to break up this,
uh, cozy scene,
but we need to find
Lunia's book.
Albert's right.
The sooner we discover
the key to defeating
the Nightmare King, the better.
What if I told you the story
wasn't actually in a book?
Not in a book?
Quit being weird, Izzie.
[ominous music]
They're closer than we thought.
No matter.
[Nightmare King] Tonight
we destroy Castle Nocturnia.
[evil laughter]
[closing theme music]
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