LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e17 Episode Script

The Light of Nocturnia

[suspenseful music]
[Logan] What do you mean
we're not looking for a book?
Stories are written in books.
Lunia wouldn't hide
how to defeat
the Nightmare King in a book.
This is the Dream World, people.
Uh, point taken, little squirt.
But if the story
isn't in a book, where is it?
Right there.
[revelation music]
[Logan] Okay. What am I missing?
It's like BunChu and
the Attack of the Killer Goo.
Genius, Sis.
I know.
One of you gonna tell us
what's up?
Our favorite BunChu Bunny manga
is a flip book.
When you turn the pages,
it animates.
And that's relevant because?
What if the windows
are sorta the same?
We don't need to read
Lunia's story.
We need to watch it.
Ah-ha! Classic Lunia.
She obscures the true nature
of the story in a way
only a very imaginative
individual would perceive.
And tying it to Castle Nocturnia
protects it
from the Nightmare King.
Cool. So, how do we decipher
a story set in some windows?
The secret to unlocking them
must be in this room.
[intense inquisitive music]
Hey, Mr. Oz, who's that?
That is Lunia's best friend,
From the moment
she dreamcrafted him,
the two were inseparable.
Sadly, when Lunia disappeared,
Migo did too.
[ominous rumbling]
Please tell me that wasn't
Yeah, it's a Nightmare Storm.
And it's approaching fast.
If it reaches us,
it will corrupt the castle.
Dagnabbit, we hid our tracks.
How'd this happen?
The Nightmare King
must have followed us here.
How could I have been
so careless?
[tense music]
-Hey, don't blame me!
No, your hat!
[all gasping]
[dramatic intro music]
They've had eyes on me
this whole time?
[grunts angrily]
-Uh. Hey.
-[Izzie] Nova was right?
-[Izzie] Come on, you guys.
-[Albert] Dagnabbit.
[tense chase music]
No, no!
[grunts, sighs]
I was never a fan of that hat.
[suspenseful music]
[thunder rumbling]
We can stay
and decode Lunia's story
while you guys hold off
the Nightmare Storm.
We can do this.
Right. If the Nightmare King's
itching for a fight, I'm down.
That's right. Let's crush them.
[clears throat]
I may be able to help as well.
You see, in 1577,
Dream Keeper Shin not only
installed indoor plumbing,
he had the foresight to
Please tell me this story ends
with a weapon.
Oh, h have I told you
this one before?
Ah, you mean get to the end.
I do tend to go on
[clears throat]
What would you say if I told you
Castle Nocturnia has
a powerful Lumitron Blastoria?
I'd say get to the weapon.
We have a cannon
that blasts light.
Sweet. Dibs on
light cannon duty.
find a place to hide.
[Mr. Oz] Cooper, you and I
will assist Mateo.
Everyone else with Phil.
[Zoey] You better take this.
Let's do this.
[ominous whooshing]
[storm rumbling]
We're almost in range,
Your Horridness.
Today, we crush
the last hope
of the Dream Chasers.
[grimspawns cheering, laughing]
[ominous suspenseful music]
[Izzie] Some stairs
would have been nice.
Where's that Lumitron
Blastoria thingie, big guy?
[suspenseful music]
Score one for Dream Keeper Shin.
[Phil grunts]
It's stuck.
Uh, we need to hurry.
[Albert and Logan grunting]
[Izzie] Brace yourselves.
[light blasting]
Come on! Please work.
Yes! It worked.
Yeah, but the storm
is still there.
We hit something.
Just keep firing.
[intense suspenseful music]
[Night Hunter] Huh?
Full stop!
[grimspawn snickering]
[Mr. SharkyJaw roaring]
What are you doing?
We can't stop now.
[Night Hunter] If we take
a direct hit from that,
we are toast.
[Cooper sighs]
Why didn't Lunia leave us some
We know, Coop.
You need a manual.
I was gonna say
quick reference guide.
Cooper, what do you do
when you lose the instructions?
Look online to see
if anyone's posted 'em.
I'm not sure
if this would be there.
No, seriously. Mr. Oz,
they have everything online.
Come on, Coop.
Just keep looking.
Something's bound to click.
We figured out
Lunia's Hourglass, right?
True. And the pattern here
is pretty
[suspenseful music]
The pattern is the same!
[suspenseful music]
Lunia's Hourglass
must be the key!
It it's unlocked the rest of
the castle's secrets so far.
Dude! No instructions?
Who are you?
I know, right? I mean.
[high-five slapping]
[tense music]
Okay, uh, now what?
What if there was a way
to direct the light
from the stained glass windows
through the hourglass?
-What do you mean?
-Show 'em, Z.
Excellent thinking, you two.
Let's get these mirrors
into position.
[hopeful music]
It's a hologram.
[ethereal music]
Lunia. She looks so sad.
[Cooper] Who's that?
It's Migo.
[ethereal music]
[Mr. Oz] I wonder why
she included this.
Why's he so upset?
When I was a kid, I had a puppy
that lost its mind
whenever we went out.
[Mr. Oz] Maybe Migo
was like that.
Being a dream keeper
kept her away a lot.
He was lonely.
[dramatic ominous music]
Is he trying to dreamcraft?
[dramatic ominous music]
Oh. Migo had anger issues.
It's like he's getting
[dramatic ominous music]
[Cooper] He attacked her?
[Mr. Oz] More like,
tried to contain her.
He didn't want to be left alone.
Wha No! No!
[all gasping]
[Cooper] Migo became
[Mateo] The Nightmare King.
[intense ominous music]
[storm rumbling]
What are you doing?
We can't yield now.
Your Ghastliness,
the castle's defenses
appear to be stronger
than we thought.
Good. Let them feel safe.
But we are sitting ducks
out here.
We've already lost
a dozen night terrors.
And we'll probably lose
dozens more.
[grimspawn grunts, screams]
It's all for the greater good.
Or greater bad.
[evil laugh]
Destroy the cannon, my lovelies.
Not too quickly.
I want you to enjoy it.
And if any of the Dream Chasers
get hurt in the process
all the better.
[storm rumbling]
[intense suspenseful music]
Night Terrors headed this way.
[Night Terrors screeching]
[cannon powering up]
No offense, Shin,
but you coulda made this thing
fire a little faster.
Keep the pressure up, Izzie.
[Zoey whistles]
[intense suspenseful music]
Phil, I'll take the ugly one.
You take the uglier one.
Your distinction
escapes me, lass.
Just follow my lead.
[intense suspenseful music]
[Izzie] Can't get a clear shot.
[strained grunt]
Oh, no you don't.
Izzie! Shield me!
-[intense suspenseful music]
[Logan grunts]
Oh, it's on!
[intense suspenseful music]
Like my new boomerang sword?
-Well, snap my garbs.
[Night Terrors screeching]
You ready for round two?
Born ready, chimp.
As illuminating as that was,
I hope the rest of these windows
get to the important part.
Yeah. Maybe there's
a fast-forward?
No. We could miss something.
[tense music]
[meaningful tense music]
What is going on?
[eerie ominous music]
[Cooper] Migo discovered
how to steal kids' imaginations?
And turn it into grimspawn.
[dramatic ominous orchestration]
The corruption of
an entire realm
is what got
the Night Bureau's attention.
I understand why she kept
all this from us,
but I wish she hadn't.
The last window should tell us
how Lunia defeated
the Nightmare King.
How's it going out there?
Kind of busy here, Teo.
[Mateo] We're almost done.
The last stained glass
Great. Call me when it's done.
[grimspawns snickering]
[Zoey] I need help!
Come this way!
Indeed, lass.
Bring your foe to
Just blast. Now!
[grimspawns groaning]
[Night Hunter groans]
This isn't working.
I won't be thwarted by a chimp,
a chump, and some children.
Now for part two of my plan.
Part two?
You've had
more than enough chances
to get the blob.
It's time I take care
of things myself.
I can't maneuver
around that cannon.
We won't stand a chance.
No? Well, you'll keep them busy
for a minute, won't you?
[spurring on]
Yes, Your Ghoulishness.
You heard him!
Man your stations!
Uh, incoming.
-Oh, man.
[intense battle music]
[storm rumbling]
[Night Hunter] Come on!
[intense music]
[intense music]
Huh? Hang on, you rats.
This is gonna get rough!
[dramatic revelation music]
She's scared.
Uh, she was.
She never confided in me,
but I knew she had it rough.
You were there?
For this part, yes.
So much of it makes sense now.
That's you?
But you don't know
how she defeated him?
[Mr. Oz grunts]
No. I'll explain later.
Just keep watching.
[ominous music]
No one calls me that!
-[Cooper yelps]
[heroic music]
Everyone! Get down!
[intense battle music]
[Zian screeches]
Ah, Teo and Coop better hurry!
Sure enough.
I don't know how much more
abuse the castle can stand.
Dang, it's all jacked up.
[Albert screams]
[suspenseful music]
[grimspawn snickering]
[dark intense battle music]
Keep attacking. Don't let up.
Uh, permission to come aboard?
I got you now,
you insufferable monkey!
[Albert groans]
[Zian screeches]
-[intense battle music]
[power whirring]
We're almost out of dream sand.
The windows!
These windows?
[intense battle music]
Leave him alone.
[Cooper and Mateo grunting]
[Mateo] He's getting stronger.
Migo! Please!
Oh, I ended Migo long ago.
The day I figured out
how to make Lunia remember me.
You made her afraid of you.
Exactly. Everyone says
they want good dreams.
Yet, when they wake up,
they've forgotten them.
But, no one forgets
a good nightmare.
You're a monster.
Oh, please.
Compliments embarrass me.
Whatever it takes,
we will protect the Dream World.
The Dream World?
My ambitions are much bigger
and they all start with this!
[evil laugh]
[windows shattering]
[evil laugh]
Z! No!
[Nightmare King laughs]
Mr. Oz!
[Cooper] I've got him. Go!
[intense suspenseful music]
Oh, no. The windows!
[Nightmare King laughs]
Z! Hold on!
[windows shattering]
[Nightmare King laughs]
[Mateo] Z-Blob!
[Logan] Mateo! Help!
[Logan grunts, screams]
Mateo, help! Uh!
I can't hold on much longer!
[Nightmare King laughs]
[intense suspenseful music]
[Mateo] No!
[grimspawn snickering]
Well, that was lucky.
[Zian screeching]
[Mateo] Z-Blob!
[Nightmare King laughs]
[dramatic suspenseful music]
Susan! Get us outta here!
Hm. That one is stronger
than I thought.
I'm so sorry, Mateo.
I I I couldn't save him.
He knows you didn't have
a choice.
You saved Logan.
Z-Blob's strong.
He knows we're coming for him.
Bro, this fight ain't over.
And we won't stop
until we get Z-Blob.
Yeah? How are we gonna do that?
We have no idea how to defeat
the Nightmare King.
-[glass clattering]
-Not yet.
They're everywhere down there.
That'll be
a humdinger of a puzzle.
There'll be too many pieces.
We'd never figure it out.
So, what? You gonna wait
for the instructions?
[gentle music]
[Mateo] Then
I guess we have
a lot of shards to pick up.
[intense outro music]
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