LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e18 Episode Script

Night Hunted

Wait. Where's Mrs. C?
Teo! Mrs. C
was your responsibility.
Where is she?
Relax. She's over there.
[Zoey] Mrs. C!
Okay, Zoey goes up the middle.
Mateo and I flank.
Mateo, you go left.
Yeah, left. I heard you.
Dude! We'll save Z-Blob,
but these dream creatures
need help. Now!
[Zoey shouting]
Go, broseph.
[theme music]
And that's when Lunia made me
Guardian of the Castle.
Of course,
there were others before me.
Why in 1887, would you believe
Can I please work in peace?
I'm sorry,
I just couldn't focus.
Sometimes, life stinks.
But sometimes,
you just gotta suck it up.
Especially when the rest
of your team needs you.
-Hey, guys!
-Look, kids,
I know that you've had to deal
with more than just about
anyone your age has.
But this is one of those times
when the problem is bigger
than any of our personal losses.
And believe me,
we all have them.
Like I said, suck it up.
Wait In a manner
of speaking, yes.
I don't understand
how you don't know
how Lunia defeated
the Nightmare King.
You were there.
Look, I told you, I can
Yeehaw! We have lift off!
Well, now, we need to put aside
everything else.
Activating the final piece
of Lunia's story is job one.
Now focus, Mateo.
-You got this.
[Mateo sighs]
Bro, seriously, just do it.
Do what exactly?
Recreate the light
shining through a castle window
bouncing off a mirror
and hitting Lunia's Hourglass?
Yeah, that sounds great.
Do that.
We don't have the mirror
or the hourglass.
And don't you dare say
"Think like a dream."
Here, let me try.
[momentous music]
Maybe you didn't put it together
the right way?
-[tense sting]
-[angry grunt]
I'm afraid we need
something more powerful.
Mateo, maybe you can
I don't understand
why all this pressure's on me.
No one else is making it work.
I'm sorry. He's right.
This is for all of us to solve.
Albert, let's go work
on some ideas.
I just wish Mateo could see
what we all see.
That he's not useless
without that adorable
glob of snot.
[Izzie] Wherever he is.
[Mateo groans]
[intense dark music]
This is pointless.
Dreamcraft something.
[Night Hunter] Dreamcraft what?
A hole?
Use your imagination.
I'm no closer to crossing over
into the waking world
than I was before we nabbed
this creature.
Hunter, my patience
is long since gone.
Use Lunia's Hourglass now.
Dreamcraft! Make my portal
to the waking world.
I A dreamcraft
of that magnitude
has rarely been done before.
Without the proper
Stop defying me!
Dreamcraft or you have
no more value to me
than a lowly Grimspawn.
[intense dark music]
[power surging]
-[Night Hunter groans]
[power surging]
[growls angrily]
More power!
[Night Hunter grunts]
-[power blasting]
-[Night Hunter groans]
[intense suspenseful music]
[indistinct chatter]
Yo, yo, Mr. Oz.
What's the good word?
Uh, gang, I gotta be honest,
I'm not any closer
to figuring out how to power
the last piece of the story.
Why can't you just tell us
what happened?
-[suspenseful music]
You can't or you won't?
Guys. So, I had a crazy idea
in Ms. Putnam's math class.
[Cooper] I think I figured out
a way to synthesize
the missing mirror
and hourglass.
Okay! Finally,
someone with a plan.
-Spill it, Coop.
-I'll show you.
Meet me at the Landing tonight.
Trust me.
[Ms. Putnam] Oh, don't forget.
I need you all for festival prep
after school.
We're counting on you
to get that maze ready.
Very exciting.
Dumb maze.
Useless waste of time.
Logan, you made a commitment.
You have to honor it.
Go, see to the maze
and I will see you
at the Landing tonight.
[suspicious music]
[intense dark music]
[Izzie] I'll hold this one.
Teo, you get
that Night Terror drawing
and put it up here for
when people round this corner.
None of this seems important.
I know, but it's not like
we can sleep all day.
Let's just get through this,
go home,
have some dinner,
and get to the Dream World.
Uh, I hope
the building inspector
doesn't come by.
This thing is janky.
What are you talking about?
This maze is gonna be solid.
Yo, this thing's a hazard.
Chill. Both of you.
Just follow the plans.
You see these 18 gauge
corner gussets?
Once those are in,
it'll be solid.
Children? I got you some help.
Oh, great.
Nova and Jayden were nice enough
to offer their services.
With your tight deadline,
I'm sure
you'll welcome the help.
[Ms. Putnam chuckles]
Hey, Nova.
Still sleeping better?
[whispers] Now that we have
a renewed sense of purpose.
We're just here to do our part.
To unearth the global subterfuge
to sabotage sleep time.
Huh, let's work on a strategy
for this build.
I know, sleepover tonight.
I'll come to your place
and we'll chart the path
of the circuitous maze
of mysterious doings.
See you at 1800 hours.
[Izzie splutters, groans]
I got this maze
under control, thank you.
Clearly the Candy Realm
operation didn't stick.
I'll deal with The Insomniacs.
You carry on.
Cooper, I think you need
some corner gussets.
That's what I was saying.
The whole time. Gussets.
Dude. Nova's gonna be here
any minute.
Would it kill you
to clean up a little bit.
Did you forget
what we're doing tonight?
[Izzie] Of course not.
She's just very hard
to say no to.
Call her and say
you're sick or something.
[doorbell rings]
[José] Izzie! Nova's here.
I'll keep her downstairs
so you can clean up.
Or not.
Ah-ha. You found us.
In our room.
[chuckles nervously]
Who would have ever suspected?
I've noticed Teo's artwork
looks, uh, a little familiar.
And very suspect.
I thought we were past that?
Ha! Just what you'd want, right?
It's for the festival maze.
Isn't that why you're here?
Hmm Right. The maze.
A convenient contrivance
to obfuscate the truth!
It's only a matter of time
before you slip up.
[phone ringing]
-Oh, what now?
It's Coop.
We gotta get to the
I mean
I'm pretty beat.
I think I'll go to bed.
Yeah, I've got a better idea.
Who's ready for a game
of Truth or Dare?
And by that, I mean
Truth or Consequences.
Yeah, I'll play.
[chuckles nervously]
Mateo, what are you doing?
You're right, you know.
We have been hiding
something from you.
In fact, I'm so glad to finally
get this off my chest.
I have the truth
right here on camera.
The whole truth.
You have to watch it
very closely
or you'll miss
the important details.
[Ms. Putnam on tablet]
The piano was invented
in Italy in the 1700's.
Trust me,
it will all make sense.
[ominous music]
Hunter, this break has gone on
long enough.
Uh, yes, Boss.
[Nightmare King] Go find him.
Uh, yes, your Rottenness.
Hey, Hunter, the King
is getting pretty steamed.
Uh, Hunter?
[Sneak] Paging Mr. Hunter.
[Nova snoring]
Fascinating thing
about the harpsichord,
you can only play at one volume.
Whereas a piano
can be both soft
Why do you have this on video?
Logan. He shot it in class
a while back
to help him fall asleep.
You ready to get some shut eye?
Okay, you head in.
I'll keep an eye on Nova
for a few,
make sure she's really out.
I'll see you in there.
Teo, we haven't given up
on Mr. SharkyJaw
and we're not giving up
on Z-Blob either.
[wind gusting]
[Night Hunter]
Looking for something?
Answers. Why did you leave?
[Night Hunter]
Even under normal conditions,
using someone else's hourglass
is dangerous.
And this is far from normal.
[eerie music]
-[thunder rumbling]
-[Night Hunter sighs]
Fear is the death
of true creativity
and I have been trafficking
in fear for far too long now.
My imagination is
too dark and corrupted
to wield Lunia's Hourglass.
That blast of light
could vaporize me
from the Dream World.
You can't stay out here.
[Night Hunter chuckles]
Then you can't go back
without using the hourglass.
[Night Hunter]
You see my predicament?
[Night Terrors screeching]
[Night Hunter growls]
Did you lead Night Terrors here?
You ungrateful little
Uh No, no. It wasn't me.
Uh, he must have had them
follow me.
[screeching continues]
[intense dark music]
Nova finally went to sleep.
Good, you're all here.
As I said, I think
we can synthesize
the missing elements.
We need a light source.
[Cooper] Oz's Tesla Blaster.
A replica
of the Nocturnia mirror
to aim the light after it passes
through the window.
I'm on that.
A power boost, Izzie.
And focus, Mateo.
You really think this will work?
Eh, don't know.
But let's test this hypothesis.
[Cooper] You ready?
Let's do this!
[power surging]
Think like a dream.
Letting her rip
in three, two, one.
-[power surging]
[both grunting]
[both groaning]
We need more power!
-[suspenseful music]
-[Izzie groans]
Yeah. Yeah!
[grunting continues]
-[Mr. Oz] No!
Bro, you should have managed
your sand better.
Just tell us what happened, Oz.
Mateo, please.
Why don't you know?
What are you hiding?
During the battle
with the Nightmare King,
I broke
one of the cardinal rules.
[rapid blasting]
[evil laughter]
[intense battle music]
[Mr. Oz] One of the other
Dream Chasers got hurt. Hannah.
She was in danger
in the Waking World
and I had to make a choice.
I chose to save her.
Mateo, I don't know
how he was defeated because
I wasn't there. I woke up.
What? Why?
Were you scared?
No. I mean, yes, of course.
But I didn't wake from fear,
if that's what you mean.
Dang. No wonder
the Night Bureau's
on your case all the time.
A kid totally got hurt
on your watch.
There was another Dream Chaser
there that night.
He didn't leave.
He must know.
We'll ask him.
No. No.
That's not possible.
Why not? Because you abandoned
him and Lunia?
Well, I want to know
what he saw.
Let's go find him.
Teo, Mr. Oz must have
a good reason to
Teo, you're not being fair.
Fair? Hiding this from us
wasn't fair.
But I'm going to fix that.
May day. Oswald. May day.
Whatever beef you have
with this mystery Dream Chaser
can't possibly be more important
than finding out
how to defeat
the Nightmare King.
Mateo, no!
This is not a good idea.
Locate Mr. Oz's
old Dream Chaser partner,
-the boy.
-[device whirring]
[both grunting]
[eerie suspenseful music]
[device whirring]
[suspenseful music]
You? Wait, you were
the other Dream Chaser?
[Night Hunter] Yes.
You traitor!
[Night Hunter] Kid, wait up!
-I know what you want.
And I know how you can have it.
[power surging]
[Night Hunter] Kid! You used
a Dream Keeper's Hourglass
and survived.
Take Lunia's Hourglass
to the Shadowkeep.
[Mateo grunting]
[Night Hunter]
You can stop the Nightmare King.
You can free the blob.
I can't face
the Nightmare King alone.
[Mateo] He's too powerful.
[Night Hunter]
You don't need the others.
They're holding you back.
Huh. That nonsense
didn't work on me.
No way it's working
on my boy, Mateo.
[Night Hunter]
I was lying to you.
Mateo has real power.
Dream Keeper power.
Ozzie! Late to the party,
as always.
Maybe. But I'm not leaving early
this time.
[suspenseful music]
Guys! Incoming!
[Mateo yelps]
[rapid blasting]
There's too many of them!
Izzie? Iz Izzie! Wake up!
[Izzie shouts]
[intense suspenseful music]
[Izzie] Help!
[Mateo] Izzie!
[Nova] Iz, wake up!
Why'd you wake me up?
You were having a nightmare.
You have no idea
what you might have done.
Izzie! What is going on?
This is a nightmare situation,
isn't it?
[Izzie] No nightmare situation.
It's nothing.
-[low growling]
-[ominous music]
That ain't nothing!
[both screaming]
-[Night Terrors screeching]
[Mr. Oz] Mateo!
Your sister needs you.
She brought over a Night Terror.
Go help Izzie!
[Night Hunter]
Good luck with that, kid.
[Logan grunts loudly]
[Night Hunter]
He sure is following
in your footsteps, Ozzie.
-[Cooper gasps]
[Night Hunter laughs]
[Zoey grunts]
[intense suspenseful music]
[Mr. Oz] Hang on!
[both screaming]
Don't let it touch you.
We gotta turn on the lights!
-Hey, gruesome.
-[Nova] What's going on?
Over here! Hey!
[intense suspenseful music]
Hit the lights!
-[window shattering]
[José] What the heck
is going on in here?
We have a nightmare situation.
I knew it.
[breathing heavily]
Now, tell me everything.
[Ms. Putnam]
I am just so pleased
that you're all working so well
in harmony.
Great. Now, let's go check
on the food vendors.
I hear there's a new
spooky flavor of Rad Radiation.
Very exciting.
[Zoey] That was some stunt
you pulled last night.
Don't do that again.
Did you find
that Dream Chaser of yours?
No, I
The Night Hunter
must have scared him off.
There was no one there.
Mr. Oz, we've got a big problem.
There's a Night Terror
loose somewhere.
Yeah, I was afraid of that.
It won't come out
until it's dark,
but if that thing shows up
at the festival,
people could get hurt.
I've already notified
the Bureau.
We'll be on full alert.
And then what?
We can't let the Night Terror
touch anyone
and we can't dreamcraft
in the Waking World.
And without Z-Blob,
I'm not much use on my own.
I I don't know what to do.
Mateo, you fought
very creatively last night.
Z-Blob doesn't make you special.
Z-Blob is special
because you made him.
You created
something extraordinary.
You have a power inside of you
that the world needs.
Dream Keeper power.
I am special.
Only I have the spark
to power Lunia's story.
Only I can save Z-Blob.
Like you said, Mr. Oz,
it's my responsibility.
W Wait, Mateo,
that is not what I
Tell everyone to meet me
at the Landing.
Soon. Before it gets dark.
[ominous dark music]
Hmm. What do you have to say
for yourself?
[Night Hunter] If I keep trying
to use that hourglass,
it'll kill me.
[lightning crackles]
[Night Hunter] I can't use it,
but I know who can.
[Night Hunter]
You made a mistake
when you tried to go after
the weakest link.
It's time we go after
the strongest
and force the boy
to make a choice.
[closing theme music]
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