LEGO DreamZzz - Trials of the Dream Chasers (2023) s01e19 Episode Script

The Rift

[intense suspenseful music]
[Terrors snickering]
[evil laughter]
I've always wanted to know
what really happened
after I woke.
[Terrors growling]
[suspenseful music]
What is she doing?
So what did Lunia do?
Erase everything?
I understand now.
To imprison the Nightmare King,
Lunia created an entire realm.
[theme music]
How do you dreamcraft
a whole realm?
Only someone powerful enough
to become a Dream Keeper
could harness
that amount of dream sand.
[evil laughter]
[intense music]
The Cage Beast, too?
The Keeper must've been
the realm's guardian.
So sad.
All Migo ever wanted
was Lunia's attention.
Creating a realm
must have been too taxing.
She had plenty of creativity
and focus,
but had to draw from within
for inspiration.
It it proved too much
for her.
The Realm and its Guardian
seemed so perfect.
[Mr. Oz] Nothing for
the Nightmare King
-to draw power from.
But something or someone
must have let him out.
I miss her so much!
She she used to scratch me
right behind the ear.
I got ya, big guy.
Our mission is clear.
We must create
a new Guardian of the Realm,
and trap the Nightmare King
once again.
Look, how can we possibly
create something
better than a dream keeper?
His homies will just
bust him out again.
There's one thing we have
that Lunia didn't in the end.
Yeah, me.
Each other!
Her team fell apart.
[Mr. Oz] Ours cannot.
Mr. Oz,
speaking of falling apart.
Our Night Terror is still loose
on our block.
And as soon as it gets dark
The Festival!
It'll be
the perfect hunting grounds.
I have to contact
the Night Bureau.
They need to know
this situation has become dire.
In the meantime,
be careful, everyone.
Especially you, Isabel.
You brought
that Night Terror over,
so it is coming for you.
Oh, come on.
We defeated a Terror
in the Waking World
before we even knew what it was.
And Mateo almost died!
Go to the festival.
Keep people safe.
But be very, very careful.
You don't have the same tools
in the Waking World.
Except this one.
We've faced worse.
Nah, old timer, we haven't.
And besides,
there's still one thing
that stinks like
last week's bananas.
Why steal the blob?
What is it we're not seeing?
[ominous music]
You know your orders.
[Nightmare King] Find the boy,
get him away from the others,
and get him here.
[Hunter] Right away,
your Loathsomeness.
[Susan] How are you going to
get close enough
to do what
his Gruesomeness asks?
The boy knows what you were.
But he doesn't know who I am.
Not in the Waking World.
[indistinct crowd chatter]
[upbeat festival music]
No sign of
the Night Terror anywhere.
-For now.
-It's not here.
Maybe we should be focusing
on the Nightmare King.
Like, how are we even
gonna trap him?
I have an idea about that.
I know what
you're thinking, Izz,
but we can't just charge in.
I'll come up with a real plan.
We give him
the one thing he wants,
Lunia's attention.
Phil said it himself.
If that's all he ever wanted,
we dreamcraft a fake Lunia
and trap him with the illusion!
Eh, it's a nice thought,
but how would we
actually trap him?
[Cooper] Whatever
we come up with,
it has to be something
he'd never see coming.
-[battle cries]
[Logan] Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's just a mask! Look, it's me!
The real Night Terror
isn't here.
Then I'll find it!
The Insomniacs are on the case!
Just wait 'til I tell
Jadyn and the others!
No, Nova!
You want people to panic?
Go check the maze.
And be careful! Please!
Seriously though, you think
that thing didn't bounce?
It's got the whole city
to creep around.
Yeah. If we're lucky
it stuck around.
I just hope to find it
before it finds us.
[dark ominous music]
Real funny!
Logan, it's getting old.
Stop messing around, okay?
[Izzie sighs]
[Izzie] You really are talented,
mi hermano,
but this has got to go.
-[ominous music]
-[Terror growling]
Guys! I just saw
Pops? What are you doing here?
What are you talking about?
The Garcias never miss
a Fall Festival on the block.
Besides, look what I won.
[Jose] Your dad is surprisingly
good at carnival games.
Um, uh, thank you.
But, uh, we gotta go. Bye!
I love you.
Yeah. All Right. Kids.
I found the Night Terror!
What? Where?
There, behind the Ring Toss,
in the shadows.
[tense music]
Ah, Mr. Oz should have just
let me handle this!
Yo. What's the word?
I found the Night Terror.
But I've got a plan, contain it!
If we make sure
the maze is empty
-and lure it in there
-Where's Mr. Oz?
-He should be here by now.
I need to handle this
before someone gets hurt.
I'll go drive it into the light.
I I'm with Izzie.
Let's contain it and stay safe.
I think it's just like
the Nightmare King.
We need to give the Terror
what it wants. Me.
That's not safe.
Just wait here
and keep everyone away.
I can defeat it.
We can defeat it.
Izz, I got this.
'Kay, seriously, where's Mr. Oz?
I'm calling him.
[tense music]
[cheeky music]
You don't belong here.
This is my block.
Kid, this was my block
before you were even
a twinkle in your parents' eyes.
You betrayed Mr. Oz.
You betrayed Lunia
and the Night Bureau.
You're no Dream Chaser!
[Hunter] No, I'm not.
Not anymore.
I freed the Nightmare King,
and he gave me powers
I never knew I was capable of.
Why are you here?
To give you a choice.
Come to the Nightmare Keep.
[Hunter] Save the blob.
You don't need their help.
And you certainly don't need
their permission.
I don't trust you.
Oh, you definitely shouldn't.
But trust this,
if you don't show up alone,
I know who's who.
I know who your friends are
and where they live.
I know about your father
and your sister.
Think about that.
Fine. I'll be there.
[Mateo] What?
[Zoey] Who were you
just talking to?
Uh, nobody.
Dude, I just saw you talking
The Night Terror.
Izzie spotted the Night Terror.
They're going to trap it
in the maze.
Let's go!
[tense music]
Wait, why aren't you coming?
Uh, I I have to
take care of something.
Teo, whatever it is,
we can take care of it together.
After the Night Terror.
Hey! What the heck?
Aren't you always telling me
to be a part of the team?
[Zoey] So be a part of it!
Some things
you have to do yourself.
Isn't that what
you're always telling me?
What are you up to?
Sorry, we're closed!
[festival rock music]
Uh, sorry,
we are temporarily closed
because of, um
Technical difficulties.
Yeah, what she said.
Technical difficulties.
Technical difficulties?
With a mess of plywood?
Ooh! So spooky.
I thought you'd be playing
your music on stage tonight.
Not monster dress-up
with a bunch of dweebs.
You wanna see a monster,
look in the mirror,
ya big turkey.
Oh, sick burn.
Hey guys! Catch!
Brah, for reals?
What are we supposed to do
with these?
Make shadow puppets?
Lay off, man, it's the best
I could come up with on short notice.
Guys, Teo just ran off alone
and wouldn't let me know
what's going on.
Great, he bailed on us.
Ha! What do we do now?
Yo, let's forget Teo,
'cause this party is starting
with or without him.
Wonderful. So what's the plan?
Izzie has a solid plan.
We gotta get that Terror
into the maze.
Away from all these people!
It's after me,
so it will follow me there.
Whatever Teo is doing,
which is so important,
I hope he can handle it
on his own.
[indistinct festival chatter]
[doors creaking]
[eerie suspenseful music]
-Let him go!
-Of course.
[Nightmare King] Just as soon as
you help me.
I'll never help you.
[evil laugh]
[suspenseful music]
[Izzie] There you are!
Come and get me, you
you sorry excuse
for a nightmare!
[boy] Wow! Look, Mommy!
I wanna hug it!
No no, touching
the performers, please!
That's right.
Keep coming, you creep.
[pants, groans]
[suspenseful music intensifying]
-[Izzie] Oh, no!
-[Dallas screams]
Bro! What did you do?
Yo, what the
What's keeping Mr. Oz?
I'll go find him.
Uh, we're not quite up
and running yet, folks.
Make sure no one gets in.
I'll make sure that thing
doesn't get out
to hurt anyone else.
Great! Now I'm taking orders
from you too.
Well, don't mess this up, Izz.
Wait, Izzie!
Just like her brother.
Make sure Izzie's safe.
-Why do I have
-Just do it.
You know, you're right.
You don't play well with others.
Help me get Dallas
to Mrs. C's truck.
-[Terror growling]
[nervous laugh]
Wow, huh,
great sound effects in there!
[nervous laugh]
Now would be a really good time
for some backup, Teo.
Where are you, bro?
[dark ominous music]
You have a choice to make, boy.
I already told you,
helping you isn't a choice
I'm gonna make.
Oh, really?
Well, let me just show you
what's going on
in the Waking World
since you left so selfishly.
-[Izzie] Help me!
-[Izzie] Help me!
-Now do you understand?
Give me what I want
or watch
your precious Dream Chasers
get corrupted one by one.
Why are you doing this?
What do you even want
with Z Blob?
Your gooey companion
can do a very special trick
that I cannot.
I merely need to hitch a ride.
Wait, you wanna go
into the Waking World?
That's that's impossible.
-[Mateo] You can't
-[Nightmare King chuckles]
Lunia thought it was impossible
for me to escape.
She had crafted
the perfect prison for me.
Until the Hunter
answered my call.
He let me out
in exchange for more power.
He made a choice.
Now it's time for you
to do the same.
Go on.
Use the Dream Keeper's
Craft a bridge
to the Waking World
with the blob, and your friends
will go unharmed.
There's no way ever
that I will let you take
one step into the Waking World!
[annoyed sigh]
How unfortunate.
So much potential.
[Nightmare King] Such bright
lights to be extinguished
at such a young age.
So easily avoidable, too.
-You fool!
I have no use for the blob
if he gets corrupted!
[breathing heavily]
[both grunting]
[Nightmare King] Come on, boy.
-Give him
-[Mateo grunts]
-[Mr. Oz panting]
Whoa! What happened?
Izzie has the Night Terror
trapped in the maze,
the planned worked.
Except for this.
It's all coming apart.
Mateo totally bailed on us.
Said he had to
do something alone.
Dang it, Mateo!
Okay, listen, gang.
The Bureau is on the way,
but they're stuck
on the Van Wick.
We can't wait for 'em.
A portable Edison Ray.
It can cure Dallas.
I haven't used it in ages,
it was a bit on the fritz,
but I have faith in you, Cooper.
-What do you mean?
-[Mr. Oz] We have to get
to Izzie to make sure
that Night Terror
doesn't hurt anyone else.
I need you to get this working
before it's too late.
-You got this.
Now hurry!
We don't have time to waste.
Can I help with anything,mijo?
Not unless
you can work miracles, Mrs. C.
[growling screech]
Please, don't come any closer.
[dark suspenseful music]
[rumbling growl]
-[sighs in relief]
[strained grunts]
[both grunting]
Enough stalling.
[Nightmare King] Choose!
Use Lunia's hourglass.
Bridge our two worlds!
[annoyed groan]
You abandoned your friends.
Yet you've failed
to save your blob.
Please, don't come any closer.
[Izzie screams]
Oh! I guess you'll have to wait
to see what happened.
-[evil laugh]
So be it.
I will choose for you,
I'll destroy everything
you hold dear.
Starting with the Blob!
[both grunting]
What have I done?
[evil laugh]
[Dallas groaning]
[Mrs. Castillo] You know,mijo,
I don't have the recipe I need,
but I always know
how it's supposed to turn out.
I just trust my instincts.
Okay, okay.
Follow your gut.
This goes here.
-[ray powering up]
Okay! Now we just
[Dallas groans]
Ah! Yo,
I had the freakiest dream.
How'd I get here?
You came for an Atomic Taco.
Quieres mas?
[Terror screeching]
Corrupt this.
Oh, this maze is gonna be good.
Told you my plan would work.
Dallas is gonna be fine.
What about the Night Terror?
Bro, we totally got it.
Handled it like a boss
'cause we're the best like that.
Ah, who am I kidding?
We weren't even second best.
Third worst maybe?
[Mateo] Mr. Oz! Help!
[suspenseful music]
You made him wake?
I didn't need the boy.
I needed the power
from Lunia's hourglass
that only he could unlock,
and you could not.
[thunder rumbling]
It's working.
Ah, finally you've done
something worthy of praise.
Now, gather my troops.
Tonight we take
the Waking World!
[dark ominous music]
[Grimspawns yelp]
You're you're okay?
You're all okay?
Of course we are!
[evil laughter]
Yo. Something tells me
we're in for a long night.
[evil laughter continues]
[closing theme music]
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