Lego Elves: Secrets of Elvendale (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Uninvited Guest

[theme music playing] [Emily] Once, there were five sisters.
Powerful elves, who each had their own type of magic.
Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Love.
The sisters used their powers to protect their home and care for its creatures.
But they felt they could do more.
So one day, they united their magic to create a door to our world Earth.
They soon realized that leaving this portal open was dangerous.
So, to make sure no evil crossed through, one of the sisters was chosen to be its guardian, even though that meant becoming human.
When she grew old, she passed her amulet to her granddaughter, the new guardian of Elvendale.
They're elves, and they live in Elvendale ? Sophie! Why do you always have to interrupt my stories? 'Cause they're boring.
[grunts] Look, Mom and Dad said I had to read you a bedtime story.
Do you want to hear it or not? Not.
[music playing] Fine.
[sighs] Sometimes I can't believe you're my sister.
[door closes] [inhales, exhales deeply] Hey, guys! I'm back! Whoa Huh? What? [stammers] I-I can't even This place is real? [sighs] [gasps] Emily! [giggles] I'm so stoked to see you! [grunts] Wait, is this a hang out visit? Or your amulet said something's wrong? [bushes rustling] [chuckles] No.
Now that I'm back in Elvendale, everything is perfect.
Well, yeah! Now When are you going to introduce me to mini-you? [giggles] Heya, Sis.
[scoffs] Sophie? How did you get here? Uh, you left the big glowy door thing open.
Sophie, you need to go home.
But you'll have to leave before [gasps] Another human? You're like Emily, but smaller.
I love your hair.
[grunts] that happens.
Huh? [sniffs] Emily, who's your friend? She's actually my sister.
I didn't know you had a sister! Aw! You two totally look alike.
I'm Aira, and this is Naida and Azari? Right! How did you know? [gasps] Can you read minds? What am I thinking? That I can read minds? [gasps] She's amazing! [chuckles] Wow, I guess you actually did listen to my stories.
[Farran panting] [Farran] Hey! Hey! [grunts] [exhales] [shouting] Did you hear? There's a new girl in the forest with tiny ears! [echoing] Tiny ears Yes, Farran.
This is Sophie.
The new girl with tiny ears.
Well Welcome! How long are you staying? - We're leaving now.
- Forever.
Wait! We have to take an elfie first! [whistles] [chirps] Everybody smile! [giggles] [chirps] [sneezes] Huh? Aw! I have my eyes closed.
Let's take another one.
[chirps] I hope you get a chance to visit our dragons before you go.
And I can give you the official Elvendale historical tour! [clears throat] This tree is the very spot where I once stubbed my toe.
Yeah Better idea.
How about we let our dragons give the tour? [Farran] Oh, you're gonna love our tree house.
[Azari] Oh, yeah, for sure! [Naida] I can't wait to show you my potions.
[Aira] This is exciting.
You're gonna love it! You guys go ahead.
[laughing] Over there are the Enchanted Caverns.
[Aira] And that's my favorite lagoon for mermaid tag.
Oh, oh! And there's Mr.
Squirrel's shop! [Mr.
Squirrel squeaks] [laughs] Huh? [whooping] [turtle blows raspberry] [giggling] Way better than a roller coaster! [horn sounding] Hey, Tidus! What's going on? Oh! Hey, Emily! I was just telling your sister it's dragon molting season.
Dragons molt? Uh-huh.
Every year.
When they migrate to shed their scales, I take care of their babies at my school.
That sounds so fun! [coos] Yes, it is, it is! [laughs] [sneezes] [Sophie gasps] [Tidus coughs] If you don't mind scorch marks on everything.
[baby dragon cries] We'd better get going.
It was good to meet you, Sophie! [Sophie] Bye, Tidus! Bye, dragons! - [Farran] Fly safe! - [Emily] Bye! This place is incredible! What are we gonna do next? Go home.
We'd better get moving.
The only portal back is at Skyra's, and it's a long [man yelling] [man] Help! Help me! - Sounds like someone's in trouble! - Thank you, master of the obvious.
Well, come on, let's go see who! Okay.
But then we're going home.
[groaning] [gasps] Oh, no! It's a trapped elf! [giggles] A handsome trapped elf! Look out! The goblins who caught me are still here! [goblins snarling] [yells] [babbles] [grunts, yells] Hey! Nobody hunts in my forest! [goblins gasp] [groaning] [yells] [whines, groans] [laughing] Wow.
I guess they really don't like fruit.
Beautiful rescuers? This is my lucky day! [sighs] My name's Cronan, by the way.
I'd shake your hand, but I'm a little tied up.
[Azari] Oh, I'll get it! [both grunt] [Azari] Naida! Huh? [groaning] Oh.
Need an assist? [birds chirping] [groans] Ooh, nice! You're an Earth elf! [Cronan] You, too, right? Rock solid.
I'm Azari.
[chuckles] I'm Naida.
And I'm delighted to meet you both.
Wow! That's smooth! [Azari and Naida giggle] [Azari and Naida sigh] You two aren't from around here, are you? Duh! We have little ears.
Sophie, don't be so rude! I'm Emily, and this is my sister.
What a charming necklace, Emily! It's just a family heirloom.
So Cronan, what happened? Why did those goblins capture you? Where did you come from? How do you get your teeth white? I'd love to tell you the whole story.
Is there someplace more comfortable we could all go? Uh, what about our tree house? It's perfect to welcome our new friends.
Well, we were going to go home, but Please, can we stay? Aw, how do you say no to that face? [sighs] It's too late to make it to Skyra's anyway.
But we're leaving first thing tomorrow.
[Elves and Sophie laughing] [grunts] Yum-yum! Emily, your stories never said how good the food is here.
My travels have taken me many places, but none as cozy as this.
Oh, don't you love mysterious strangers from far away? Totally.
They're the best kind.
I'm glad you saved me from those goblins.
They probably would have taken me to the Goblin King! Oh! Who's that? Oh, he is intense.
Super powerful.
And some say evil.
Here, Cronan.
Try my goldberry nut bread.
Did you make it yourself? Uh-huh.
From scratch.
Then I'll pass.
[stammers] Wouldn't take something you've worked so hard on.
[chuckles] Is this guy the best or what? Or what? Actually, I was just heading out to go set up my camp for the night.
Would you care to walk with me? Uh, sure.
Maybe later? He's so mysterious! I think it's charming.
I don't trust him.
There's something he's not telling us.
[gasps] Wait! You're going to sleep already? Well, it is night.
Which makes it the perfect time for a sleepover! What's that? It's when you have friends over, so you stay up late, laugh, eat snacks, and have pillow fights! [chuckles] - That stuff's for little girls like - It sounds amazing! [exclaims] Emily, why didn't you tell us about sleepovers? I Uh Okay.
The first thing we're gonna need is more pillows! Just a tiny drop of growth potion Careful, Farran [glass smashing] [indistinct chatter] Hmm.
[crashing] What are they doing, tap dancing? [girls giggling] Hey! Keep it down! [sighs] Uh-oh.
Here you go! [groans] [all giggling] [pillows thudding] [grunts] [Sophie gasps] [groans] [giggling continues] Oh Emily, aren't you having fun? Well [laughing] Now I'm having fun! [all laughing] Now I totally could go for a s'more.
Uh some more what? [Emily laughs] It's something you eat.
Chocolate, graham crackers and toasted marshmallows.
[goblin 1 babbles] [babbles] [sputters] [exclaims] [screams] [yelps] [babbles] Tomorrow, I want to show Cronan my potion lab.
Yeah, and he has to meet the pegasi and visit my secret marketplace and see my inventions Hey, you should come too, Sophie.
She can stay a little longer, right, Em? Uh sure.
Yay! Oh, it's so nice to have more human friends! I'm gonna go get some air.
[gasps, babbling] [goblin 2 groans] [sighs] [straining] [both yell] [screams] [crashing] [moans] [gasps] [screams] [grunts, babbles] [growls, gasps] [screams] [babbles] Ow, ow, ow, ow! [blows] The tree's on fire! The goblins are trying to burn it down! [yelling] [exclaims] [all grunt] Uh-oh.
[girls coughing] Aira, get Emily and Sophie to safety! [banging on door] - [Sophie] Open up! - [Emily] Farran! [Sophie] Open up! There's a fire! - [Aira] Farran! - Open up! [all] There's a fire! [gasps, groans] Come on! I just fixed the table! The tree's on fire! We have to get out of here now! What part of "now" don't you understand? [all panting] I can't stand those goblins! What matters is that everyone got out safely.
[panting] Huh? [goblins babble] [snarling] [grunts] [yells] [goblins groaning] There you are.
What were you thinking? I had those elves eating out of my hand.
[babbling] I'm surrounded by bog-brains.
Listen! We're not leaving until you bring me the round-eared girl.
And try not to be useless this time.
I want her amulet! [goblin 1 babbles] Goblin King.