Lego Elves: Secrets of Elvendale (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

The Goblin King

[theme music playing] [grunts] Huh? Huh? Whoa! Careful, Sophie! Isn't there a magic way to get this done faster, so we can do the fun stuff we planned for today? [sighs] Sorry.
When we're finished here, I'm taking you home.
[sighs] [Farran groans] Really wish the dragons were here right now.
[music] [grunting] Less talking, more walking! Oh, hey Cronan! [grunts, yelps] Oh, goodness! What happened here? [Azari] It was the goblins.
[Aira] They attacked, burned down our tree and wrecked our sleepover! Well, I'm not surprised.
Those goblins are evil.
[grunts] When I get my hands on them, they're gonna pay for this.
If only I'd been around to protect you! Yeah - [Sophie] Yeah! - Huh? Funny how you were gone the whole time we were in trouble.
Well, I'm here to help now.
[Sophie] Hey, guys! Check this out! Oh, no [grunts] [scaffolding creaks] Uh-oh [yelling] Well, that's one way to tell it's time for a break.
Is everyone okay? - [Cronan] No.
- Oh, at least green's a good color on you.
[sighs] I'm going to go clean off this mess.
Hey! I have a spare tunic you can borrow! Or not.
That's totally cool, too.
Ah, good chat! Sophie! Look at the mess you've made! I didn't mean to.
I was only trying to have some fun.
[scoffs] Why can't you ever do what you're supposed to? [gasps] Awkward Uh, hey, anybody wanna test out the fire chariot I built for Azari? Wait, it's done? Mostly.
The locomotion needs calibrating, there's some ratchet tweaks, but [Azari] Whoo-hoo! I am so there! Uh, sounds like a "yes," Aira.
- Huh? - Uh-uh.
You're staying here to clean up your mess.
I've never even seen a fire chariot! And you will when you're done.
[grunts] You are so unfair.
[sighs] [rustling] [gasps] What are you up to, Mr.
Creeper? [gasps] Do you have the amulet? [goblins babble] Then why are you here? [goblins grunt] How hard is this to understand? Capture the girl with the round ears and bring her to me! [groaning] [gasps] I gotta warn Emily! Is this amazing, or is this amazing ? Uh, amazing? Is that the right answer? [Emily] Wow, Aira! You built this? Yep! I call it "Azari's Incredible Flaming Chariot of Style by Aira.
" I love it! What goes here? My dragon, I bet! I'll call her.
[whistles] [birds chirping] Oh, I forgot.
The dragons are away on migration! Now how are we gonna ride my chariot? Maybe if we all run really fast and push? [straining] [panting] [groans] - Don't worry, Firebolt can help! - Who's Firebolt? Oh, I'll get him.
[out of tune] # Over here, Firebolt! # [glass shatters] [galloping] [whinnies] [snorting] Do you mind giving us a ride? [snorts] [neighs] Yes! Yeah, Firebolt! Let's do this! [neighs] [laughs] Whoa! This is that thing Emily says when something's looking good! "On fleek"? So much fleek! Aira, how come you can talk with Firebolt? He's a fire creature.
- Uh, guys - Right.
But you're an air elf.
- Guys? - And Firebolt is [shouts] Guys! [all scream] a pegasus! [whinnies] [screams] [Firebolt neighs] [Azari yelps] Maybe you better drive.
[neighs] [Aira] Wow! You can see everything from up here! [Farran] Goblins! [Azari] Watch out, Firebolt! [babbles] Uh-oh.
[snorts] [groans] [screams] [goblin 1 groans] [moans, shrieks] [babbling] [goblin 1 shouting] - [Azari] Nice moves, Firebolt! - [Farran] That was close.
[Naida] Phew! How cool was the construction on that catapult, right? Yeah.
I am so modding out this chariot with a shield.
And a smoothie maker.
We'd better warn Cronan and Sophie the goblins are back.
[Sophie sighs] Why does every tree in this forest look the same? I'll never find Emily.
Huh? [gasps] [yells] [grunts, gasps] [babbles] What the [Sophie screams] Hey! Let me go! [laughs] [leaves rustling] [babbles] Got the girl? [chuckling] Well done.
I'll save you, Sophie.
Get away from her, you foul creatures! [groans] You can quit that, you big faker! Huh? I know you're their "king.
" [exclaims] Well.
What a relief.
It's exhausting being "nice.
" [grunts] You'd better let me go right now! Oh, I'd love to.
Just as soon as I have your sister's amulet.
If you bring it to me, I'll leave you and all your friends alone.
You really like necklaces, huh? [sighs] What I like is having a gateway to Earth, so I can conquer it.
My sister won't let you.
She's the guardian of the portal! [chuckles] She's also your guardian.
Let's find out what she cares about more, shall we? Take her to my fortress.
[goblins babble] Sophie? [yells] Sophie? Ugh! If she didn't hear that, she's definitely not here.
Neither is Cronan.
That's weird.
Oh! Maybe they went to find us! No, this is probably just one of Sophie's practical jokes.
Get ready, she'll jump out and try and scare us any second.
[giggles] [screams] And I was ready for that! [squeaking] What? No! Seriously? [squeaks] Can you believe it? Uh, Farran, none of us speak Squirrel.
What's he saying? Goblins took Sophie to the Goblin King's fortress, and Cronan is the Goblin King! - What? - [Emily] Sophie! Man, I thought Cronan was seriously awesome.
Then it's like, "Hah! Just kidding!" [sighs] Crazy! Yeah, are you sure you're translating right? Totally.
Cronan wants Emily's amulet.
Oh, this is all my fault! I never should have left Sophie alone.
She didn't trust Cronan.
I wish I'd listened to her.
Don't worry, Emily.
We'll help you get her back! We sure will.
It won't be easy, but if we unite our powers and dig deep to our greatest strengths, we will be ready for whatever the goblins throw at us.
[quiet applause] [squirrel squeaks] Huh? Huh? Hey! Wait up, you guys! There's only one path to the goblins' forest.
The good news is, we should be able to catch up to Sophie.
[sighs] Why do I have a feeling there's going to be bad news, too? It's not easy.
We have to cross through the Tempest Highlands.
Heh! We'll just take my fire chariot.
How hard can it be? [wind howling] [groans] Okay, it's hard! [Firebolt neighs] [grunts] [Firebolt neighs] We'd better go the rest of the way on foot.
[Azari panting] [continues panting] [Naida] Hmm [gasps] We caught up to the goblins! - Sophie's down there! - Sophie! [all panting] Sophie! Ah.
Just who we've been waiting for.
Bring me her amulet.
Go! [babbling] I really, really, really wish we had our dragons.
[sighs] Too bad wishing won't bring them back.
We're on our own now.
Well, if we can't go over, we have to go in.
My map doesn't show much, but I'm sure we'll find the fortress eventually.
[Farran yells] Wait, plants that want to eat you? How is that even a thing? [babbles] [gasps] Look! Maybe he can show us the way to Sophie.
Come on! [screams] [plant growls] [yells] [panting] Huh? [goblin laughing] [yells] [shouts] Help! Help! Can anyone hear me? Help! [goblin snarling] [goblin babbles] [all panting] We lost him.
Where's Azari? Huh? She was right behind me a second ago! What if the goblins got her? Or one of those elf-eating plants? We have to find her! Stay back! [babbles, cries] Wait, are you crying? Do goblins do that? [babbles] No way.
You're scared of heights, too? Aw, take it easy, little guy.
Promise not to bite me if I come over? [whimpers] We're probably gonna have to work together to get down.
I'm Azari.
[babbles] Ew! Bieblin! [laughing] Chillax, Bieblin.
Look, when I'm afraid of something, I think of things that make me happy.
Like, uh Emily visiting.
Or helping Naida make potions.
Or hanging with my dragon.
What makes you happy? [babbling] Um Music makes you happy.
[chuckles] That's good! [mimics strumming guitar] Okay.
You can be done now.
Please! [Bieblin babbles] [mimics drumming] Please! I think I found one thing that's worse than heights! [both yelling] [Azari pants] [Aira] What was that horrible noise? Azari, are you okay? What happened? [grunts] Gotcha, you little weasel! Go easy on him, Farran.
He's actually not that bad.
Well, as long as you don't let him sing.
[chuckles] Azari, he's a goblin! You know, the same ones who stole Sophie? [growling] [Azari gasps] Like I was saying.
Bieblin, cool it.
That's Emily.
She's not going to hurt you.
What are we gonna do with him? It isn't right to tie him up like that.
[snarls] Ugh! If we wanna keep all our body parts, we don't have much choice.
[sighs] All right.
You want to go free? Tell me how to get to the Goblin King's fortress! [snarls, babbles] [babbles, chuckles] Are you sure this is the way? I have a bad feeling about this.
Um, what was that? [laughs] [roaring] We're surrounded!