Lego Elves: Secrets of Elvendale (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

The Watcher

Farran, you're the earth elf! What do you use against scary plants? I I don't know! A scary rake? Bieblin, get your goblin pals to stop this! If we're plant food, so are you.
Come on! Get off! Don't panic yet.
Now you can panic.
We have to get out of these vines! Uh-oh! Bieblin? I thought we were friends.
Can't breathe.
Too tight.
Whoa! Wait, don't go! You saved us! How'd you do that? What was that potion? And where'd you get those boots? What? They look super comfy.
Who are you? My name doesn't matter.
What does is that you turn back, all of you.
The Goblin King rules this forest.
He will destroy you if you linger.
So obviously we have to follow her.
At least to get more of that potion! Did you see what it did? Plus, she's got those boots! Guys, no.
We have to find Sophie, remember? - But that elf seemed so sad - Not everyone is what they seem, Naida.
We learned that the hard way.
Besides, she left.
We should just let her go.
What if she can help us find Sophie? It's not like we have goblins to guide us anymore.
How do we find a random elf in the middle of an unmapped forest? I think I know.
We follow her trail.
Wha Why are you fools upside down? Stop wasting my time! You had the elves, you lost them, what does it matter? Get me that amulet! And don't summon me again until you do! I think we're getting closer.
Closer to what? Huh? A dragon.
Didn't they all go to the Hot Spring Caves to shed their scales? Ooh! Maybe this one stopped to ask for directions.
"Excuse me, miss, but could you point me towards the Great Caves? I seem to have lost my way.
Maybe" Okay Shh! Shh! Shh! It's okay, you're not in danger.
No! Oh, it's hurt.
We have to help it! One more step, and my next arrow finds your heart.
Why did you follow me? What do you want? Whoa, somebody has some serious trust issues.
We come in peace.
Get away from my dragon! We don't want to hurt either of you, I swear.
We're trying to rescue my sister from the Goblin King, and we thought well, maybe you could help.
The Goblin King stole many things from many people.
He is a blight on the forest.
So you'll help us get her back? I cannot aid you now.
My dragon, Sapphire, is terribly sick.
I don't have much time to find a cure.
Oh, I bet Naida can! She's the best with potions! I'm a master healer.
This is beyond even my skill.
Still, there is no harm in trying.
Follow me.
Wait! We can't just ditch Sophie! She's scared and alone and counting on us to save her! We will, Emily.
I'm sure that elf will help us when she hears your story.
And maybe the dragon will too! Cronan won't stand a chance.
Uh, guys? Where'd she go? She's like an elf ninja! Ugh.
Hey, check out this weird weed! Doesn't this leaf look like a face? The plant life here is often deadly.
Some steal your magic, others your soul.
Ooh, ugh.
Uh No disrespect, plant.
We're good, right? This is one of the few safe places left in the dark forest.
My home, workshop and healing sanctuary.
Okay, but you still haven't told us your name.
Whew! Finally! I thought we were gonna have to call her "mystery elf" or "shadow girl.
" Or just "Hey, you!" Oh, your potions look sick, Rosalyn! You and Naida are gonna be besties! I've found earth and water magic mix well together.
Potion-grown seeds might help Sapphire.
That didn't work.
Um Maybe fresh and salt water combined? I once made this elixir I tried that.
I see.
Then I'm sure you also tried using dew drops and flower petals to form a Healing balm? Of course.
It only made things worse.
This was a waste of time.
Don't take it personally.
I don't think she's too good with people.
But I am good at hearing.
Rosalyn, I know how powerless you must feel.
It's hard when you can't protect the people you love, like when the Goblin King took my sister.
I'm I'm sorry.
I'm just used to being alone.
Taking care of things myself.
Sapphire's sickness is beyond my healing gift.
She needs benedrakken root.
That doesn't grow near this forest.
Without it, she'll soon die.
I've seen that root somewhere Oh! I know! At Tidus' Dragon Sanctuary! We can get it for you.
Uh, that's pretty far away, Naida.
The longer we take to save Sophie, the more danger she could be in.
But she also wouldn't want you to lose a friend for her sake.
We'll go get that root.
You don't even know me.
Why would you do something so generous? You feel the same way about Sapphire that I do about my sister.
I've seen the dark side of people for so long, I've forgotten they can also be truly good.
I promise, if you heal Sapphire, I'll help you find the Goblin King.
The easiest way out of the forest is past the Bog of Despair.
It's dangerous, but not as deadly as the Eyeball Wasp Trail.
What's an eyeball wasp? Something tells me we don't want to know.
Don't you wish we had our dragons so we could just fly out of the forest? That's it! We can just fly! Look out, guys, Aira's gonna build something.
Hey! Wow! It's amazing! Yeah! Uh What is it? Aira's Flying Dragon Boat, of course! It'll zip us out of the forest and zoom us to the dragon sanctuary in no time.
Let's do this! We are outie! - Bye! - Woo-hoo! - This is insane! - Bye, Rosalyn! Just speak already! Of course Rosalyn is working with the elves.
She's so predictable.
I'm even bored saying her name: Rosa Take your airship and stop those elves! Shoot them down if you have to.
Nobody helps that dragon.
Hey, this is a pretty smooth ride.
You might actually make me like flying, Aira.
It's so peaceful up here.
Just watching the birds fly by.
What kind of bird is that? A goblin bird! Huh? I never heard of those.
Look out! We're losing levitation crystals! Everybody! Think light thoughts! Azari, we need you.
You have to open your eyes and help! How? If you can control the fire, I think I can land us maybe.
Aira's right.
If you push the fire into the ship's magic, we'll stay in the air! It'd be really cool not to crash right now! I'm not gonna lie, I was a little worried.
Huh? I'll be right back.
I've got some unwanted guests to deal with.
And that's how we keep out bad guys.
Plus door-to-door salesmen.
Hey, what did you say? I can't hear anything.
Am I even talking? Guys, guys Who can hear me right now? Hello? Thank you, Tidus! This is exactly what Rosalyn's dragon needs.
Be careful.
Benedrakken root is dangerous and very powerful.
It could heal Sapphire, or it could really hurt her.
Huh? Hurt her how? What are we talking about here, Tidus? Just administer the root with care and kindness.
Hopefully Rosalyn will know what to do.
Thanks for the assist, cutie! - Bye, Tidus! - Anytime! Bye, Tidus! Bye! Travel safe and goblin-free! Rosalyn, we're back with the root! And that's not all.
Look! A stowaway? You must be Lula.
Tidus told us you were a little troublemaker.
Quick, there's no time to waste! She's worse.
Rosalyn, I have to warn you, that root can be dangerous What did you do to her? Nothing! I I Rosalyn, stop! Sapphire needs your love, not anger.
Everyone, come help! It worked! She's going to be okay! I can't thank you all enough.
You don't know how hard it's been.
When the Goblin King hurt Sapphire, I thought I'd lost her forever.
The Goblin King did this to her? As in Cronan the Goblin King? What a monster! I thought he was so nice when we first met.
- We all did.
- It's just an act.
If you have something the Goblin King wants, you could be in danger.
I hope Sophie's all right.
You can't even fly your own ship without blowing it up.
I understand that you are useless! Fortunately, that dragon is not part of my greater plan.
The Earth Guardian will come to us, because we have something she wants.
And then her amulet will be mine! Ah.
Why do I want her amulet when I have my own? Because that is how you open my magic portal.