Lego Elves: Secrets of Elvendale (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Worst Prisoner Ever

[theme music playing] [babbling] [babbles] Is it done? [yelps] [screams] [crashes] [babbling] Stooges! Why aren't you finished yet? [babbles] Excellent! Now all I need is the amulet.
Then I can open my magic portal and Wait.
That can't be right! [goblins gasp] You fools! [babbling] Quiet! Start over.
And do it right this time! Once this portal is complete, nothing can stop me.
All the powers of Darknicity will be mine! Darknicity? Is that even a word? If you're going to do something evil, don't you think you should just do it, instead of standing around talking about it? [grunts] Plus, it wouldn't hurt you to be a little bit nicer to your workers.
You sound just like my sister the way you boss them around.
Enough! You're a talker, aren't you? Let's see if you can talk your way through this.
Goblins! [babbles] [Sophie yells] [plants growl] [Sophie gasps] It would be so unfortunate if this were to slip [screams] [groans] [laughs] Keep an eye on her.
I've got to find some In my pock What has [gasps] Ew! Kind of makes you wonder what was in here before.
[roars] [roars] Whoa! Wish I had moves like that! If you're going to rescue Emily's sister [pants] you'll need to know how to recognize and overcome the dangers of the forest.
Unbelievable! The part where you did the [grunts] [all groan] The goblins have put evil spells on the forest's animals and plants like this one, as part of the Goblin King's orders.
I still can't believe the Goblin King's so evil.
He seemed really nice.
He was totally playing us! Yeah, kidnapping my sister didn't really put him on my BFF list.
How do we know the goblins didn't cast all these spells? Because the Goblin King controls their minds with his magic.
Believe me, Naida, I know him better than you.
He is cruel and wicked.
Well, yeah! He hurt Sapphire! I mean, who does that to a dragon? There's more.
This forest was once ruled by a queen.
He lied to her as well, and took away her power, making her too weak to defend this land.
Then he stole her throne and proclaimed himself king.
Huh, that bad enough for you? [sighs] But there are ways of dealing with his dark magic.
You'll encounter many of these plants as you journey through the forest.
My potions can heal them and protect you.
I'll make plenty for you to take.
I'll need help gathering ingredients.
Me! I! I mean, I'll help! Yes! - All right.
- Yes! I'll also need help to mix the potions.
Me! Me! I! Potions! I'm great at [Rosalyn] You three can work with me.
[laughs] Come on, Farran.
I'll help you with the collecting.
I'll go with you two.
Rosalyn's so harsh.
How do we know she's telling the truth about the Goblin King? - I think she's hiding something.
- Yeah? Hmm I don't see it.
Well, you wouldn't see it, if she's hiding it.
But I think she's great! Hmm.
There's just something about her I don't trust.
"Sis, the Goblin King is super bad! He's building a really evil portal.
You've got to stop him, fast!" Signed, "Your belov brave sister in a cage.
" Perfect.
Now, I just have to figure out how to Whoa! [gasps] [goblins babbling] [Cronan] Why are you back here? [gasps] Did IQs drop sharply while I was away? You're supposed to be hunting down the others! [babbling] Oh, you hurt your elbow.
And your knee? Oh! [tuts] You poor thing.
I don't want to hear your sob-goblin story! Get back out there, find that girl, and bring her to me! What [plays high note] [groans, gasps] What are you doing? [plays high note] Get her out of my sight.
Take her to the Goblin Village! [sighs] I really hope goblins can't read.
Guxlin! I told you, go find the girl! These goblins are useless.
I need more powerful servants.
Very soon.
Our time has come, my beloved mother.
We shall have our revenge! I think we got every ingredient on Rosalyn's list, right, Farran? Still need a few more things.
This says they're up ahead.
Rosalyn knows this forest so well, she knew exactly where everything would be.
I've never met anyone like her.
Do you think I could do what she does? And be as smart, or as awesome as she is? [sighs] Guys? Did you hear me? I said Do you really want to know the answer? So that's a "yes" then, right? [Naida groans] Earthquake? No.
It's those! We're trapped! That would be the good version of what happens to us.
Stand back! Not sure how long I can hold them back.
We need a potion.
I think we have all the ingredients, but how do we mix it? Oh, Rosalyn's not the only one who can make potions.
[thunder claps] Hurry! These brambles know how to arm wrestle.
And I think they're winning! [Naida] Not for long! [groans] Huh? [gasps] [panting] Yes! I thought that would work! [grumbles] Uh-oh.
Stop him! He can help us find Sophie! [grunts] [Naida] Gotcha! Take us to your king.
Where is he? Let's bring him to Rosalyn.
Maybe she knows how to get him to talk.
Sure she does.
She knows everything.
[groans] Oh, brother Did I mention how smart she is? She's got so many books.
And her potions are probably the best thing in Elvendale.
Oh, she's so special.
I can't stop thinking of her! [Sophie groans] Let go of me! I said, let go! [goblin babbles and laughs] [grunts] If my sister were here, you'd be sorry! [sighs] I wish Emily was here now.
I wonder if she's looking for me.
[goblins chattering] [singing] [screams] [laughing] Guess they're not all bad.
Kind of just like people, only smaller And with totally random magical powers.
I could live here.
Huh? [sniffs] [gasps] [sniffs] [keys clinking] Huh? [sniffs, babbling] [pants] Smells good, doesn't it? Tell you what I'll trade you for it.
How about that key? You're getting a great deal.
I mean, this burger's five times bigger than that little key.
[babbles] [blabbering] [stomach gurgles] Still hungry, but Oh well.
[shouting] [chicken squawks] Uh-oh.
[panting] [groans] [babbling] Goblin magic.
There must be a spell on this place! [goblins grumbling] Oh, no! [snarling] [shouting] Uh, I'm warning you.
You come one step closer, and and [all snarling] [plays high note] [all gasp] [plays tune] [chattering] Okay.
And why exactly? Yep! You got it right! That's me! I'm your leader! [goblins babble in unison] We need fennel root from the garden.
And rosewater.
There's a bottle in the chest.
Uh Which one do you think she meant? [sniffs] [gasps] Azari! Look at this! What a cool boomerang! [gasps] It's not a boomerang.
It's a crown! But how did Naida was right.
Rosalyn is totally hiding something.
[Sophie slurps] [smacks lips] You know, you guys aren't that bad.
You just need better leadership.
Somebody like, um me! You should just tell that lame Goblin King, "Smell ya later!" He's not so tough! [slurps] I'll be way nicer as a leader.
Not all, "Stooges! Fools! Do all the things, now! Do them faster! Ooh, look at me, I made a fan page of myself.
" And he's standing right behind me, isn't he? [slow clapping] Well played.
Unfortunately, not well enough.
Take her back to the castle.
I have plans for you.
[chuckles] Thanks, but you can just give them to me here.
No need to walk all that way.
[groans] Can I at least keep the turkey leg? [babbles] [Farran] And that's where we found him.
He must have been following us.
Why did you bring him? How do you know there aren't more of them? We've been careful.
We know what we're doing.
I'm not convinced that you do, actually.
Maybe you could get him to tell us where the Goblin King's holding Sophie.
[sighs] I'll need something powerful enough to override the Goblin King's spell.
[Guxlin struggles] [blows] [blabbering] [sneezes] [gasps, sputters] [growls, blabbering] [gasps, blabbering] What did he say? He I Nothing important.
But why is he kneeling to you? Duh! Because she's his queen! Wait, so you're the Queen of the Forest? I am the one who was tricked by Cronan.
The one he lied to.
The one whose throne he stole.
A queen! [laughs] It knew it! Now that we know, it explains a lot.
It also explains why she doesn't like the Goblin King.
She's jealous he took her job.
[scoffs] Her job? It's not just her job .
It's who she is! That's what the Goblin King took from her! No, you're wrong.
He can never take that from me.
And that's why I will defeat him.
And we will help, Your Majesty.
Yeah! We'll make sure you are restored to your rightful place.
Won't we, Naida? [Naida sighs] Arise, please.
And thank you for reminding me who I am.
Just when I thought she couldn't get more awesome! Arise.
And tell me, where is the Goblin King keeping the human girl prisoner? [babbles] There, there.
He says he can't remember.
While under the King's spell, his actions are not his own.
Hold on.
What's that? A germ convention? [gasps] It's for you! From Sophie! "The Goblin King is super bad" She says he's building an evil portal.
But she's okay.
Oh, thank goodness.
Sounds like the Goblin King is planning something big.
And bad.
If he's building a portal, we have no time to waste.
[babbling] [Rosalyn gasps] He says he may be able to lead us to the Goblin King! And Sophie if he still has her.
Don't worry, Emily.
I know we'll get her back.
Then let's stop talking about it and get our "get" on! I bet you were the biggest bully at Goblin School, weren't you? Well, you're still a bully! And you know what happens to bullies? They They usually win.
[babbles] [chattering] Ah.
Finished, have we? And so quickly! [babbling] I was being sarcastic.
Get out! Finally! A portal into the long-banished dark realm of Elvendale.
Show yourself! Find me the sister of this girl.
[growls] So that's Darknicity! And bring her amulet to me! [roaring]