Lego Elves: Secrets of Elvendale (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Shadow Walker

[theme music playing] [cries out] I'm not afraid of shadows! Whoa! [laughs] Oh, but you should be.
Especially this one.
Allow me to demonstrate.
Hey, you.
[stammers, babbles] Yes, you with the funny hair.
I'd like you to meet somebody.
[roars] [babbles] [groans] [Cronan laughs] Enough.
See? Shadow creatures live on the life and power of others.
That's why your grandmother banished them from this realm.
But once I have your sister's amulet, they'll get a new home.
And I'll get a new kingdom.
Maybe you've heard of it.
[screams] No! [groans] All right, silent as a shadow Quick as an arrow [Farran groaning] Oh, that's my face.
Annoying as a mosquito.
Shush, Farran! We're supposed to be sneaking up on the Goblin King's fortress! Remember? [yells] [grunts] Shh! We're supposed to be sneaking up, remember? [retches] There's no time to waste.
We are going to lose him.
[Rosalyn] The Goblin Village has a spell to confuse anyone trying to get in or out.
So the goblins are prisoners in their own home? We cause an uproar in the village.
The Goblin King goes to see And we sneak into his fortress to get Sophie! Farran, make those trees shake like they're in a storm.
Aira, can you use air magic to blow off some goblin roofs? - Azari - Leave the fireworks to me! I will distract the goblins.
Let's go! [sighs] I guess I'll just watch.
[giggles] [hisses] [screams] [singing] [rock music playing] [screaming] [continues singing] [yelps] [yells] [chuckles] Bet that'll keep 'em busy for a while.
Then we must hurry! [grunts] It'd be a lot easier if you'd quit ditching us! Here we are.
The secret door to the Goblin King's fortress.
[Azari murmurs] You're kidding, right? There's nothing there.
Can't get any more secret than that.
That is the coolest thing ever! Does anyone else think it's suspicious Rosalyn knows a way into the fortress? She's helping us save Sophie, Naida.
She has to be on our side.
[Naida] Right.
But I still think she's hiding something.
[muttering] Guess our distraction didn't fool everyone.
Is it just me, or do those clubs look big for them? [growling] We're just passing through.
Don't mind us Um, something tells me they mind.
[goblins snarling] We mean you no harm! Just let us by! There's no reasoning with them.
They're under the Goblin King's control.
But we can take them out [gasps] [goblins roaring] That explains the big clubs.
[roars] [growling] [Farran pants, groans] [screams] [groans] [growls] [snarls] [gasps] [goblins growling] I think we need a new plan! How about run! [straining] [Emily and Aira scream] [groans] [growls] [all yell] [all yell] [panting] I'm coming back for you, Sophie.
I promise! [grunts] [laughing] Do you have her scent? [creature hisses] [sniffs] I have a scent? Excellent.
Find the girl that smells like her and bring that one to me.
Soon, Mother.
Soon, our plans will be complete! Um Are you talking to your necklace? Let me tell you a little story.
I hope it's better than the last one.
[Cronan] A long time ago, shadow creatures shared this land with all the other creatures.
[squirrel squeaks] [Cronan] But they weren't interested in sharing.
They wanted Elvendale and all its power for themselves.
They brought darkness and destruction over the land as they tried to capture it.
The shadow creatures had stolen the magic of the forest, and they were too strong.
[creatures groaning] [Cronan] Together, the sisters trapped the shadows in a portal realm, where they could do no harm.
They had no escape without me.
You see, in exchange for their help in capturing your sister's amulet, I promised them freedom.
[low pulsing sound] [babbling] Slow down, you babbling baboon! Your village is under attack? [continues babbling] [hisses, imitates explosions] [growls] Never mind.
I'll just go see for myself.
Keep an eye on the place for me.
[grunts] [panting] So now what? Those goblins clearly don't like visitors.
Can't we use more of Rosalyn's awesome-sauce potions? I don't have many left.
We should save them for emergencies.
Isn't saving Sophie an emergency? [groans] She must be so scared by now.
[rustling] Uh speaking of being scared [rustling] Something's coming.
Go! Quickly! Where? [Rosalyn] Anywhere but here! [growls] [groans] Up there! Hurry! Uh [chuckles] Are you sure this a good hiding spot? I'm feeling kind of obvious up here.
[creature growling] No way! It's half water magic and half earth magic! Wow! You have to show me how to do that! It's not a first-level spell.
You wouldn't understand.
Everyone, hush! [growling] [hisses] [chitters] [exhales] [gasps] What was that? Besides totally gross and freaky? I've never seen a creature like that before.
- And I hope I never do again.
- Yeah.
That thing was ugly.
[all giggle] You should talk! With all that junk in your hair, you look like a goblin! Hey, what if we all looked like that? With enough mud and sticks, we might be able to convince those guards we're goblins too! Stupid idea? Maybe just stupid enough.
We are dealing with goblins, after all.
[Naida] Mud masks, here we come! [babbling] [whispers] I think it's working.
Just keep walking.
[babbles] My goblin speech is rusty, but [chuckles] I got this! [mimics goblin babble] [babbles] Okay, I don't think that worked.
Um [babbling] [both burp loudly] [snoring] That wasn't one of my potions.
Oh, I know.
It was one of mine.
First-level stuff.
You wouldn't understand.
[snoring] [Aira] There's nobody here.
[gasps] Emily! Sophie! I'm so happy to see you! I take back everything bad I ever said.
Or will ever say.
I mean it! Oh, I'm so happy to see you too, sis.
Are you okay? [Sophie] Eh, I could go for some pizza.
And a bath.
And getting out of here! The Goblin King keeps a key over there.
[grunts] It's not working.
[gasps] A magical lock.
Only the Goblin King can use that key, but a big blast of power should work, too.
One big blast coming up.
Oops [goblins growling] Follow me! I've been here long enough to see all the shortcuts! [straining] [goblins growling] [grunts] [Azari yells] [goblin grunts] [screaming] [all groaning] [groaning] [laughing] So they escaped, did they? Good! My shadow creature will hunt them down.
And what's left won't be pretty.
[loud, evil laugh] I'm so glad you're okay, Sophie.
I was afraid I'd never see you again.
Even though back home you're always telling me to go away? Well, yeah, when you're being really annoying.
But losing you made me realize, no matter how crazy you make me, you're my sister.
And sisters are forever.
[Sophie] That's what I'm saying! Does this mean I can borrow your clothes without asking? Don't even think about it.
[Aira sobbing] I just love happy endings! So fill us in on the deets, Soph! How long were you in that cage, anyway? Well, for a while I got out to visit the Goblin Village.
Oh, weren't you scared? [harrumphs] Actually, the goblins are pretty funny, once you get to know them.
And I bet the Goblin King wasn't so bad either, right? Uh, no! That guy is legit evil.
No doubt! [wind howling] [creature slithering] And then there's that thing.
[Azari] Run now! [growling] [hisses] Wait Rosalyn, isn't your home the other way? We're not going there.
If my sanctuary falls to the shadow, the whole forest is lost.
[gasps, yelps] Aira! [roars] Brave girl.
Let's get you home.
Easy, Sapphire.
You need rest.
You're still healing.
[gasps] I never thought she'd recover so fast.
I was right to trust you.
But can we trust you? [Aira gasps] No way! I thought you guys hated each other.
Why do you have the Goblin King's symbol? Wait Did you set us up? I'm sure there's a totally logical explanation for this.
I - I just haven't thought of it yet.
- No! You don't understand.