Lego Elves: Secrets of Elvendale (2017) s01e06 Episode Script


[theme music playing] You seem to be missing something.
I assume Emily's amulet is in your pocket.
Oh, that's right.
You don't have one.
Well, perhaps you can explain how you managed to lose both human girls? [creature hisses] [Cronan groans] [strains] [shouting] [crashing] [goblins screaming] [yelling] [panting] [groans] [laughing] [chuckles] That look is actually an improvement, Bieblin.
[chuckles] [cries] [yells] Thanks to your utter failure, I've come up with a new plan to get Emily's amulet.
Do you know the best way to capture an elf? [babbling] No, it does not involve a water slide and peanut butter, you nitwit! [babbles] You simply use their soft-hearted, silly emotions against them.
They'll walk right into your trap every time.
It's almost too easy.
[babbling and chuckling] But first, you need to mine more crystals from the forest.
That'll get those elves' attention! [babbling and cheering] [laughs] And you You shall provide the bait! Can we talk this out or something? My arms are getting tired.
Truce, everyone.
I'm sure there's a good explanation for this.
Are you guys just faking you hate each other so you can take over the world together, like some creepy boyfriend-girlfriend crime duo? Whoa! That is messed up! It's not what you think, I swear.
Let me tell you what really happened.
The whole story this time? Ooh! Total spillage.
Farran, go get snacks! [groans] [laughing] [Rosalyn] We were in love once Or so I thought.
[goblin exclaims] [laughs] [Rosalyn] But more and more, Cronan began slipping away, disappearing for mysterious reasons.
At the same time, the forest's plants and creatures started to become ill, even deranged.
[animals roar] [creature grunts] [squeaks] [Rosalyn] There were too many animals for me to heal.
I tried! I used all my strength, but it wasn't enough.
When they saw I couldn't help them, the creatures turned from me.
They knew I was powerless.
That's when I saw what Cronan had really been doing.
He was mining the magic crystals from the Great Guardian Tree, the source of all the forest's magic.
He destroyed the balance of our home! Cronan, no! What are you doing? [grunts] [animals howling] Righting an old wrong.
[yells] This is my forest now, Rosalyn.
Get her! Please, Cronan! Don't you see the harm you're doing? We can fix this together! There is no "we" anymore.
[plays high note] [dragons roar] [Rosalyn] Stop him! [Sapphire roars] [snarls] [screams] No! Ashwing Easy, it's going to be all right [roars] Ashwing, stop! [Sapphire snarls] Sapphire! [Ashwing roars] Goblins, get her! [goblins laughing] [Rosalyn] Sapphire was hurt, but poor Ashwing was driven mad by Cronan's evil spell.
Such magic breaks the minds of dragons.
And the hearts of elves.
I did what I could for the creatures, but outside my glade, it was too much for one alone.
The happiness in that painting may look real but it was a lie.
Cronan used me to get close to the Guardian Tree and its crystals.
He never really cared for me.
I doubt he's capable of caring at all.
Oh, Rosalyn, I'm so sorry.
It sounds awful.
But how do you know Cronan wanted to hurt the forest? Maybe he didn't realize mining crystals would do that.
Naida, it's cool you see good in people, but there's a limit.
The dude attacked dragons! Yeah, you don't get much more "bad guy" than that.
[chuckles] Yeah, been there, done that, got the cage marks! Yeah, but [sighs] Cronan is very good at fooling people.
Do not fall prey to the same trick I did.
Get a good night's sleep here.
We have a guest room.
[Emily] Yeah! [Naida] Right.
Well, I think I'm gonna take a walk.
It's a little stuffy in here.
[Emily] Okay Well, now that we have Sophie back, we need to get her home.
And as soon as we're done, we'll come back and put a double dose of anti-Goblin-King healing on this forest! Oh! I can help with that part! Er We just rescued you from Cronan.
We'd love it if you could stay saved for a while.
I know you'll be an amazing addition, but you gotta miss this one.
[sighs] [Emily] Hey, Naida.
Everything okay? I guess.
Sorry for getting upset, but I just don't see why everyone's so quick to trust Rosalyn.
She left out some pretty important details of her life story, don't you think? Well, to be fair, we met at the other end of her arrow.
There wasn't a lot of time for chitchat.
Who knows what she's hiding now or if we can believe anything she says.
From what we've seen, and from what Sophie and Rosalyn have actually gone through, Cronan's a pretty nasty guy.
I know.
It's just, I was sure I sensed good in him, deep down.
[sighs] I guess every story has two sides.
It just depends who's telling it! [gasps] Thanks, Em.
You've given me a lot to think about.
Uh You're welcome? [Aira gasps] Naida's gone! She never came back last night! - [Azari] Naida! Where are you? - [Farran] Naida! Can you hear us? Are you there? [shouts] Naida! I've looked everywhere, twice! She's not here.
Naida did say she was taking a walk last night.
She's into that.
Maybe she's still out wandering? That's cool.
We can just wait to leave till she's back.
Yes! Yeah! [grunts] I mean, whatever.
I guess we could stick around.
[Rosalyn] If Naida isn't back soon, I'll go search for her.
The forest is full of dangerous surprises.
Is it possible the Goblin King's back at it, doing even more damage? - Then we're going in to stop him! - Really? I figured cuckoo-crazy animals meant we should stay way away from the forest! Yeah, but if you let the bad guys do whatever they want, the bullies win.
And the Jones girls aren't big on bullies.
[chuckles] Something tells me you're gonna fit in here just fine.
Does that mean I can stay? Hmm For now.
[Sophie giggles] But you're not leaving my sight, and you have to do what I say.
Deal! I have a few crystals I managed to take back from the goblins.
If we restore their magic to the forest, it might undo some of the damage.
It won't be easy, but I'm in.
If we have a chance to help, we gotta try.
I'm totally in! Uh, duh! Maybe together we can make a difference, where I failed alone.
[groans] Well, obviously I'm in now.
[all] Let's do this! And let's find Naida! Keep looking for Naida.
She might have come this way.
[Rosalyn] This is worse than I thought.
So many crystals are gone, it's destroying the entire forest! Whoa! And making it dangerous! Use your magic to reverse as much of the damage as you can! Let's go! [gasps] [growls] [Sophie yells] [giggles] [squeaking] It's beautiful! Thank you all.
We could have done more if Naida was here.
Oh, yeah, she wouldn't stop until we saved every creature.
[creatures growl] Huh? This is for Naida! [creatures squeak] Huh? [Aira and Sophie laugh] I guess I still got a lot to learn.
[babbling] [growls] The Guardian Tree used to be the most beautiful thing in the forest.
Now they've almost killed it.
[babbling] [yells] [snoring] [babbles, grunts] [butterfly blows raspberry] [babbling] [cat meows] [yowls] [meows] [goblins laugh] Stop that! Leave that baby alone! Huh! So much for being patient and observing! [babbling] [yells] [babbling] [Emily] Are you okay? That was beyond cool.
[Rosalyn hums gently] [purring] [Rosalyn giggles] Aw, it's digging your song, Rosalyn.
Look, it's moving its paws to the beat! [hisses, roars] [gasps] [sighs] Thanks, Farran.
I owe you one.
Okay, I'm never sleeping with a teddy bear again.
Not how I would have done it - Oh - But very impressive.
You're really finding your own style of healer magic.
Ah [clears throat] Here it comes There comes a time in every elf's life when he must face his fear head-on.
The fear doesn't go away, you simply act in spite of it [sighs] Seriously, Farran? [groans] Do not let the interruptions of others prevent you from acting on your bravest impulses.
Hey, Farran! Priorities! [gasps] [vines creak] [creature roars] [Farran] Run! [roars loudly] [all panting] That was a little too close.
[Rosalyn] Closer than you know.
If that shadow beast finds my home, no door could keep it out.
I can't believe it.
Naida's still gone.
You don't think that shadow thing got her? Not unless she went near the Goblin King's fortress.
Yeah, and it's not like she'd go looking for him.
[exhales] This is good.
It's all good.
We'll talk.
He'll be nice, and it'll be fine.
[gasps] [exclaims] [babbling] Oh, excuse me, gentlemen er, people? [stammers] Goblins? My name is Naida, and I'm here to see Cronan.
[babbles] [babbles] Oh, he knows me.
We're old friends.
Oh, you guys probably call him the Goblin King.
[babbling] [coughs] [goblin babbles] Naida, you say? By all means, see the lovely lady in.
[Naida] See how polite he is? I knew my friends were wrong about him.
[babbling] [babbling] [gasps, babbling] Oh, it's so beautiful.
[roaring] [screams] [growls] [mimics screaming, babbles] [goblins snicker] [mimics screaming, laughs] Oh! Ashwing? Is that you? [roars loudly] [goblin babbles] Naida! What a delightful surprise.
[gasps, shudders] We have big plans for you.
[babbling] [gasps]