LEGO Friends: The Next Chapter (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Welcome Zac

We can talk about
how we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
All the special things
that you do ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together ♪
(Upbeat music)
BOY'S VOICE: Welcome Zac!
Hallway's clean, check.
Locker's freshly painted, check.
Oh, this needs to be fixed.
You're here bright and early!
I am!
And you know why?
- How could we forget?
- (Chuckles)
TOGETHER: It's Zac's first day!
- (All chuckle)
- It's just that
we haven't seen each other
in so long!
And now we'll be going
to school together.
Well, I can't wait to meet him.
Oh, he could be here
any minute!
(Phone rings)
Oh, sorry, I've gotta run!
Early soccer!
I'll keep an eye out for him!
Oh, Leo!
Did I tell you he loves soccer?
Everyone's gonna love him!
I hope so, I really want him
to love it here.
Who's going
to show him around the school?
Oh, uh, I thought I would.
Are you planning on duplicating
yourself or something?
I've never seen
such a busy schedule.
Oh, yikes!
My day really is jam-packed.
Maybe someone else
can show him around?
Aw, could you?
You'd be perfect!
Oh, wow, Aliya!
Today's the day
I spend most of my time
at the dog adoption center.
Aw, that's OK.
Uh, I'm sure
you'll find someone.
(Upbeat music)
What do you mean you don't know
how to make friends?
I'm just really bad at it!
But we're friends.
Well, yeah,
but that was just lucky.
Haha! Lucky, huh?
I always knew I was special!
What I mean is
we weren't trying
to become friends.
It just happened.
It was luck.
Hehe, are you telling me
you need more friends me?
You have lots of friends!
I only have you and Olly.
Oh, yeah, where is Olly?
He had to be at school early.
Something about finishing
a sewing project.
OK, enough about Olly.
Back to me!
Us becoming friends
was luck, huh?
You might even say
I'm your lucky charm!
Hm? Hm?
(Giggle) You are!
And people just really like you.
It's easy for you
to make friends.
Meh, I don't know about that.
What I do know is
if you want to make friends,
you have to be willing
to talk to them.
Put yourself out there.
- Take risks.
- I don't know how to do that.
That's where I come in!
Skills! Come on!
LIANN: We don't want
to be late! Woo! (Laughter)
(Upbeat music)
Oh. Hm
(Comical music)
Pull in on the left!
Higher, please!
Who do you think Zak is?
Oh, that's Aliya's cousin.
He just moved.
And today's his first day.
Leo! I'm so happy to see you!
I need your help!
Whatever you need, I'm your guy.
Amazing! Thank you!
You know Zac is starting today?
He's absolutely amazing!
Smart, funny,
the most incredible athlete.
We were best friends as kids,
but then his family moved away
and I haven't seen him in years,
and now
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Más despacio , Aliya.
- How can I help?
- Right, sorry!
Could you maybe show him
around the school today?
Ay! Sorry, Aliya.
Today's a tough day.
Three tests!
Oh, well, what about you, Niko?
Sorry, 'Liya, I've got
the same classes as Leo.
Usually that's awesome,
but today
(Niko shudders)
(Music builds)
- (Aliya screams)
- Huh?
Zac-o! It's you!
You're here!
- (Zac grunts)
- (Aliya giggles)
'Liya, good to see you too!
Welcome to Heartlake!
I made you a banner!
- Like it?
- Uh
- (Comical music)
- (Crowd chatter)
(Zac laughs nervously)
Yeah, it's, um
so enorm
Big! I mean big!
(Aliya squeals)
(Nervous laugh)
Ready to show me around?
About that, I'm so sorry,
but I can't take you
around today.
- Oh.
- But don't worry!
I'm gonna find you
a great tour guide!
Ooo, look!
The new boy's here!
He looks nice, plus,
he doesn't have any friends yet!
I think his first new friend
should be you!
That's not how I make friends.
Oh, OK, who is it?
The thing is I'm still looking
for a volunteer.
You're right,
that's not how you make friends
'cause according to you,
you don't make friends!
Whatever happens, just remember:
I'm your good luck charm!
(Shuddering) Whatever happens,
good luck charm
ZAC: Uh, huh?
(Paisley whimpering)
Look no further!
I got your volunteer tour guide
right here!
Oh, I mean, I, uh
That's so kind of you!
- (Aliya chuckles)
- (Bell rings)
Sorry, I've gotta run!
Paisley will take
good care of you!
And don't worry
about introducing yourself.
I told everyone about you!
- LIANN: Mhm
- (Aliya giggles)
(Upbeat music)
- (Chimes)
- See ya! (Laughter)
(Nervous laugh)
(Clears throat)
Hi, I'm Zac.
I guess you already know that.
So, Paise,
what's first on the list?
Um, Pai Paisley.
I'm Paisley.
We're heading to gym class,
which Aliya says you'll love.
(Nervous laugh)
Aliya's really told everyone
about me, huh?
Pretty much.
- (Comical music)
- (Zac sighs)
Hey, Paise, I'll be right there!
I need to take a selfie
with this banner!
(Grumbling) Paisley
(Frustrated sighs)
(Zac sighs)
- Ah, that's better.
- (Upbeat music)
This is the main problem for us
at the student council,
and as a result,
I think we should
- (Slam)
- Huh?
(Heavy breathing)
Sorry I'm late!
Will that be all
the interrupting today, Aliya?
- (Comical music)
- (Swallows hard)
- As I was saying
- (Chair dragging)
Um, sorry about that!
Carry on.
How kind of you
As I was saying
(Clears throat)
There's a lot to discuss,
so this meeting will be
an hour longer today
plus the time it took Aliya
to find a seat.
An hour longer?
I'm sorry!
Is there somewhere else
you need to be?
(Forlorn music)
Uh, no
Of course not.
(Upbeat music)
(Heavy breathing)
- LEO: Ya!
- (Goalie grunts)
Ha! Woohoo!
- Hm!
- (Crowd cheers)
There you are!
I had no idea
how big this school is!
It's pretty big.
That's for sure
- (Upbeat music)
- (Grunting)
- (Chimes)
- (Paisley clears throat)
It's Zac, right?
- (Comical music)
- (Zac sighs)
(Zac shudders)
You OK?
Uh, yeah, sure I'm OK.
I mean, hey, nice shot.
It's nice to meet you,
I'm Leo,
and this is Niko.
Hey, heard you like soccer!
Love it,
I'm ready to play now.
I think the weight
of the backpack threw me off.
- Y'know?
- I got you.
All right!
Go long, Niko!
Hey, Paise,
hold this for me, OK?
- ZAC: Thanks!
- It's OK, I got it!
ZAK: I'm open!
we need to go get your books.
- (Grunting)
- Oh, great!
Thanks for getting them, Paise,
you're the best!
(Comical music)
(Paisley sighs
and clears her throat)
The best
- Yeah, right!
- (Tea kettle whistling)
- (upbeat music)
- (Paisley sighing)
(Paisley grumbles)
(Paisley shudders)
(Paisley grunting
and whimpering)
- Ya!
- Yes!
- (Laughter)
- Way to go!
- (Grunting)
- (Shouts)
(Upbeat music)
Zac, have you seen him?
Have you seen him? Zac?
ZAC: Ha! Yeah! Woo!
Ha! Oh, yeah!
(Music fades)
(Tense music)
- Nice jacket!
- Huh?
Why, thank you!
I designed it myself.
You designed this?
That's amazing!
ZAK WITHIN: I love your work!
OLLY WITHIN: So kind of you!
I mean it!
This is really a masterpiece!
I don't know how you do that!
Zak! (Exasperated sigh)
The rest is just
Zac, you found textiles?
I was looking for you.
Um, I got your books.
- Remember?
- ZAC: Huh?
Oh, yeah, Leo helped me.
You know,
this would be huge back home!
- (Majestic music)
- (Sigh)
Um, Olly,
missed you this morning.
- How's
- Aliya told me
you had great fashion sense,
which clearly you do.
Oui, oui , maybe we could
collaborate sometime.
- Sure, sign me up!
- Haha!
Ugh, make friends, she said.
Put yourself out there,
she said, ugh
Sure you haven't seen him?
He looks just like me,
but I'm a little taller.
Well, I used to be.
Maybe he's taller now.
I dunno, it's hard to tell.
Still haven't seen him.
ALIYA: Anyhow,
the thing is he's new here
and I wanna make his first day
the best day ever!
Which is easy because
this school is so amazing!
And he's so amazing!
You'll love him!
Oh, I wonder
if he plays video games.
- Anyhow, thanks!
- (Nova grunts)
(Heavy breathing)
- (Tapping)
- Hey!
- Have you seen Zac?
- Again? No.
Are you sure?
We said we'd meet here.
(Grunt) Truth is
I'm supposed
to be showing him around,
but I'm having a hard time
keeping up with him.
- Still haven't seen him.
- (Sigh)
This school's amazing!
You really think so
Yeah, it's the
ZAC: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Are you a fan?
'Cause I'm definitely a fan!
A fan of what?
Fantastical creatures!
Intergalactical futures,
and interdimensional dungeons!
Only the coolest game ever.
Wait, you know this game?
Know it? I live it!
I'm pretty good, but truth is
I've never been able to make
number one on the leader boards.
Uh, maybe that's because
because Super-Nova
is the best.
Personally, I think she's a bot.
Nobody could be that good.
- (Comical music)
- What?
Definitely not a bot.
- That's you?
- Yup.
Friends call me
- (Blast)
- Nova
- (Bell rings)
- Zac,
um, it's lunchtime.
I think we should go.
It's hard to find seats
if we don't get there on time.
Cool, hey,
why don't you go get us seats?
I'll be there in a bit.
ZAK: I was using WSAD,
this is like
- (Dark music)
- (Paisley grumbling)
- (Tea kettle whistling)
- (Paisley sighs)
(Quaint music)
(Nervous laugh)
- Potatoes?
- Um, yes, please.
Oh, could I have some
for my new friend too?
You're only allowed one.
But what will my friend do?
Getting it himself
would be a good start.
Um, doesn't seem
to be his style.
Paisley's volunteered
to help new students integrate
- into Heartlake High!
- Um, yeah!
Please, load up both trays,
if you please.
- (Sigh)
- Thanks, Paisley!
- (Comical music)
- (Grunting)
- (Whimpering)
- (Tense music)
Hi, Autumn, right?
I'm Paisley.
- Do you mind if I sit here?
- Of course!
- Let me help you!
- Thanks.
Oh, thanks, I got it.
Whoa, these are heavy!
That's what I'd call
a "pack mule" back home.
Why so many things?
Well, I'm a tour guide today
for a new student
but it's not working out.
I was hoping to make
a new friend,
but he seems more interested
in impressing everyone else.
And here you've got
the cafeteria.
Very exciting
Oh, are you Zac?
Aliya told me all about you!
Uh, yup! That's me!
I'm Autumn,
one of Aliya's best
new friends at Heartlake!
I've heard all about you!
And I've heard
so many great things
about you too!
- You have?
- ZAK: Oh, yeah!
- Obvs
- (Comical music)
So, hey, um
nature lover, right?
As described!
So, you love nature too?
Nature, uh
- No.
- Oh
But I'd like to learn
how to mountain bike.
Wow! Me too!
So, have you ever been
mountain biking before?
I've read so much about it!
AUTUMN: Me too! I mean,
I haven't been off-road
with a bike,
but I want to!
I know all the best trails!
- (Tuning guitar)
- So, tell me all about it!
He's new, friendly!
Ready to thank me yet?
Who's your good luck charm now?
- (Piano cacophony)
- Oh
Not you!
Yes, he's new.
And yes,
he's friendly to others,
but he's treated me
like his butler all day long.
"Paise, get my books!
Paise, carry my backpack!
Paise, do this!
Paise, carry my lunch tray!"
Oh, this is all your fault!
(String breaks)
Hey, to be clear,
I didn't tell you
to be a doormat.
I told you
to make a new friend.
Some friend he is.
Then fix it!
- You have a voice.
- (Inspirational music)
ZAC: Oh, hey!
Cool guitar.
- Can I?
- (Paisley whimpers)
Hey, that's mine!
I know, but can I play too?
You didn't even ask!
Come on, Paise,
can I play the guitar?
ZAK: Come on, Paise!
- (Grunting)
- (Tense music building)
- (Wood constricting)
- (Grunting)
(Shouts and gasps)
- (Low music)
- Huh?
(Nervous laugh)
- My name is Paisley.
- (Touching music)
- And I'm not a doormat!
- What?
I'm quiet, but that doesn't mean
I'm a pushover!
I'm helpful,
but that makes me strong!
Not weak!
I tried to help you,
but you took advantage of me!
- I quit!
- (Gasps)
Oh, man
- Paise
- Paisley!
It's Paisley,
and you should go sort this out.
(Low music)
Hey, everyone!
Isn't this all just
the best?
Emergency, student council!
Got it.
I'm coming.
(Touching music)
(Doorbell rings)
(Footsteps approaching)
This seat taken?
So, I noticed
that you play the guitar.
You noticed when you broke it.
Well, didn't we break it?
- (Nervous laugh)
- (Sigh)
I I broke it.
I'm sorry.
- I kind of fixed it.
- (Gasp)
You did?
Yeah, well, to be honest,
I had it fixed, but, you know,
- same thing?
- Thanks!
I can't really live
without my guitar.
- (Plucks strings)
- Y'know,
you were quite rude to me.
I'm sorry.
Aliya told everyone
how great I am,
and I was nervous
I would prove her wrong.
You make friends really easily.
You like lots of things
like soccer,
video games, fashion,
even mountain biking.
You're really easy to talk to.
Thanks, Paise
I mean, Paisley!
It's OK.
It's starting to grow on me.
Y'know, Aliya just wants
- to make you happy.
- What?
Why do you think
she's been trying so hard
to make you love it here?
You mean the world to her,
but you don't need
to impress people
to make new friends, just
be yourself.
Whoa, I think there's a lot
I need to learn.
It's OK, we all do.
- Two smoothies, please!
- (Paisley surprised laugh)
Smoothies for everyone!
Let's go!
- Good luck charm?
- (Giggling)
Worst charm ever.
But I'll take a new friend.
(Uplifting music)
ALIYA: You will not believe
the day I've had!
- How was yours?
- Mine was amazing.
I couldn't have gotten
through it without Paisley.
- Or you.
- Aw
- (Slurping)
Why don't you play
a little song for us?
Haha! All right!
(Clears throat)
(Out-of-key guitar chords)
Stuck in the fridge
with all his friends ♪
Just about freezing,
the temperature depends ♪
(All shuddering)
The door swings wide,
a hand comes in ♪
The chocolate milk is gone ♪
Chocolate milk,
chocolate milk ♪
Chocolate milk, yeah! ♪
Woo! Chocolate milk!
- (Strumming out end)
- Yeah!
Goodnight, Heartlake!
Wow, great
(Paisley nervous laughter)
Let's got for a second verse!
We can talk about
how we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
All the special things
that you do (Hey!) ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together ♪
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