LEGO Friends: The Next Chapter (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Fright Night

We can talk about
how we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
All the special things
that you do ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together ♪
ALIYA'S VOICE: Fright Night!
-(Wings buzzing)
-(Pop-music build up)
(Laughter in the schoolyard)
Hm? Hm?
Hm Mhm! Hehe
-That's not how you do it.
Because if you don't put
that one in with this one,
you're not going
to create the bubbles.
-It's all about the bubbles.
One, two, three
We've got to add the chemicals
at the same time together.
OK, now!
Now that's what I call teamwork!
(All chuckle)
Nova, we need a little help.
I think we've already messed up.
It can't be that hard,
they did it.
What? No!
(Tense music)
(All shouting)
(Comical music)
What happened?
Uh, wha (Gasp)
-What's going
(Nervous laugh)
(Whimper) I told you
to follow the directions!
We'll take care of it,
Mr. Maxwell.
I need to go wash up.
-Me too.
(Embarrassed simper)
(Nervous laugh)
-BOTH: Whoops.
-Sorry. (Nervous laugh)
If we can't work as a team,
we're going to get bad grades!
Or worse, they might not
allow you to be head girl.
It's not like
you weren't thinking it.
(Deep breath)
We're gonna be lad partners
for the whole year,
so, we've got to find a way
to work better together.
Aliya's right, we need to figure
out how to work as a team.
Hey, I have an idea!
How about we have
a sleepover this weekend?
That's a great idea, Autumn!
Nope, not giving up my weekend.
Oh, come on, Nova!
It'll be fun!
Yeah, like camping style!
But in the barn
in case it rains.
Let's do it!
Yeah, count me out.
Well, I'm definitely in.
Come on, Nova.
You're a part of our team.
ALL: Please
Fine, whatever.
-Buddy sleepover!
Hey, um, I gotta go.
(Celebrating continues)
Did you catch that?
BOTH: Yup.
Did they just plan a sleepover
to celebrate their science fail?
(Banjo music build-up)
AUTUMN: You've got
to move, move, move ♪
Ba-ba, ba-ba, ba-da-ba-da♪
You've got
to move, move, move ♪
Ba, ba, ba ♪
You've got
to move, move ♪
Move! ♪
You've got
to move, move, move ♪
Oh! ♪
If you wanna get happy ♪
You've got to get snappy ♪
Get up and move, move, move ♪
You've got
to clean your room ♪
And it's not
all doom and gloom ♪
Just get up
and move, move, move! ♪
Ba, ba, ba
You've got to move, move!♪
Yeah, you gotta, you gotta ♪
Move, move, move!
Yeah, you gotta! ♪
You've gotta
move, move, move! ♪
You've got
to move, move, move ♪
You've got
to clean your room ♪
But it's not
all doom and gloom ♪
Oh, just get up
and move, move, move ♪
You've got work
you gotta do ♪
-LIANN: Hello!
Oh, ha! Liann!
Come on in!
These are for tonight,
sticky-fish rice balls.
-My grandma made them.
-Oh, great!
Your animals are amazing!
You could start a show!
You think that was impressive?
Check this out!
-(Inspiring music)
(Liann laughing)
AUTUMN: Mhm! Mhm!
(Upbeat music)
Come on, don't be shy!
Let her rip!
You've got
to move, move, move! ♪
Yeah, you've gotta!
You've got to ♪
Move, move, move! ♪
-Got to move! ♪
Hey, you're not a cow!
Snack time!
Hey, good idea!
I'm sure
the horse is hungry too!
Ooo, so many choices!
I never eat sweets at home,
my parents think sweets
make me act silly.
I'll just have one chocolate
and maybe one marshmallow.
We're not sleeping out here,
(Laughter) We can have
a dance-off with the chickens!
-You're gonna love it!
-I doubt that.
Wow, you have your own horse?
Yes, we have two.
That's Henry. You can pet him.
-He won't bite.
-Oh, really?
Yikes, I've never been
this close to any horse.
-Can we ride him? Can we?
Huh? Huh? Can we? Can we?
Right now?
Well, I don't see why not.
I would love
to go on an adventure,
but we gotta work on teamwork,
not riding.
How about we set up camp?
Then we can bond.
Uh, OK! Haha!
Hey, Liann, how about some
of your grandma's
sticky rice balls instead?
No thanks, I'm good.
I love them,
but I always have them.
Hey, Nova, wanna help me?
So, I've got an entire notebook
of team-building exercises!
Here, take a card
and a pencil.
So many colors
to choose from!
Um, this feels like schoolwork.
Yeah, what happened
to "fun" weekend?
(Upbeat music)
So, what was with that drone
in science lab?
Yeah, that was one of the
coolest things I've ever seen!
Nice move!
Where do you think it came from?
I think it was Nova's
using an app
she programmed herself.
No way!
Have you seen
what that girl can do?
Talk about a tech wizard!
Do you think
it's hard to fly it?
I don't know,
but I want to try it. (Grunt)
Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?
That's exactly
what I'm thinking! Haha!
OK, how about this?
-Take a card!
-Nah, I'm good.
ALIYA: Please, Nova!
Have you seen Henry?
-He's so great!
Come on!
-ALIYA: Try it!
-NOVA: Nah.
AUTUMN: I don't think so!
will make you sick.
I know, it's OK.
I have to go! Hehe!
(Angry meow)
ALIYA: Just try one of my games.
Ask one question per card!
We'll get to know
each other better!
I'm in!
For instance,
you can ask me anything!
Where I was born,
what's my favorite book,
who inspires me.
Why don't we eat sweets
at my house.
Oh, wait,
I need to ask myself that.
-Why don't we?
-I'm pretty sure we know.
Who taught you
how to ride a horse,
how many dogs do you have.
Why do you have a barn
with no cows.
Great questions!
Ask anything!
(Idle music)
Hm Ah!
Hm! Huh? Hm!
Um, is it OK to ask about
What? My arm?
Oh, no worries, Liann!
It's fine!
It's not cool to ask a stranger,
but we're friends, right?
So, how do I break this to you
without scaring you?
do you believe in werewolves?
-ALL: What?
Hehe! Joke!
Born this way!
And I love it.
It's part of who I am.
I love it too.
Everyone is different, right?
In one way or another.
How boring would it be
if we weren't?
I don't even know
how to be boring. Haha!
See? We're doing great!
Pass the cards.
A few more questions
and then I researched
and compiled this list
-of ten more games just like it!
OK, I'm over
these awkward games.
No offense, Aliya.
This creepy old barn
has my creative juices flowing.
Plus, I just watched
a horror-movie marathon.
A spooky camping story
is my choice
of bonding activity.
If there is such a thing.
Well, it's not exactly teamwork,
but it's bonding,
so that works!
(Fantastical music)
Once upon a time,
a long, long time ago
on a dark and stormy night in,
the great white north
The great white north?
Yeah, why not?
Mmm, these are good.
Some new friends got together
for a sleepover
-in a rustic old barn.
Soon they learned
the barn was haunted.
Dun, dun, dun!
Legend has it that on
the same night every year,
ghosts come together
from around the world
for a party in the barn,
and if any human
is in the barn when they arrive,
well, let's just say
the ghosts do not like it.
-(Creaking wood)
-(Eerie music)
So, that night, as the girls
settled into the barn,
they heard the distant sound
of thunder.
(Thunder peal)
NOVA: It grew so loud
that they couldn't hear
the ghosts creeping in.
They were not alone.
-(Chicken bawks)
Wait, what?
NOVA: They lit a fire,
and soon in the glowing room,
they began to see shadows
on the walls
that looked like creatures.
At first they were scared,
but they quickly dismissed them
as shadows
caused by the firelight.
Aliya, it's just a story,
and we're not even in the great,
white north anyway.
'cause it would be snowing.
Oh, I'm not scared!
(Puppy whimpering)
NOVA: They told campfire stories
ate s'mores,
and rolled out
their sleeping bags,
but didn't notice the shadows,
crawling, closer and closer,
and closer to them!
-(Suspenseful music)
Did you hear that?
-(Aliya shrieks)
(Aliya whimpering)
Ah! Nova!
Stop joking around!
What do you mean?
I'm not joking,
I'm telling a scary story.
Chocolate and marshmallows
keep disappearing.
It's starting
to freak everyone out!
What are you talking about?
I didn't grab anything.
Besides, I don't eat sugar.
I like the fishy,
sticky rice balls.
Ha, that's fun to say.
Fishy, sticky.
Yeah, so,
As the girls settled
into their sleeping bags,
the shadows grew larger
on the walls.
Suddenly there was
a loud bang outside!
(Thunder peal)
(All gasp)
(Clatter within)
Wait, Nova,
there's someone
really out there.
(Aliya whimpers)
(Tense music)
(Autumn whimpering)
(Teeth chattering)
(Nervous laugh)
Something's in here!
Maybe the legend is true
and the ghosts are mad
we're here!
(Animal noises)
-(Suspenseful music)
-(Wood creaking)
-(Thunder peal)
(Eerie music)
(Nervous laughter)
(Nervous laugh)
I can't believe you guys
thought ghosts were real.
What are you doing here?
You scared us half to death!
Sorry we scared you,
we just wanted
to ask Nova about something.
(Comical music)
If it was a good idea
to sneak up on us
in the rain?
Sorry, guys, you missed
the Q&A game.
We're in the middle
of scary campfire stories.
S'mores? Churros? Marshmallows?
-Of course!
all the marshmallows are gone.
There was a full bag right here.
The sticky rice balls
are gone too.
-(All whimper)
-(Thunder peal)
-(All scream)
Everyone OK?
-I'm good!
I'm terrified!
-(Raspy voice above)
-Shh! Listen!
(Raspy voice)
This barn really is haunted!
What's up there?
I don't know!
-(Horse grunts)
looks like you and I
have a job to do!
-You with me?
(Adventure music)
Nothing to fear!
-Go, Henry!
Huh? Oh
(Tense music)
(Thunder peal)
What's wrong?
We won't let you
go out there alone!
We're a team now! Remember?
She's right.
We do this together.
Nova, do you still have
that nifty little drone
hidden in your backpack?
What are you
Come on, Nova, we saw you
put in your backpack
after that fantastic disaster
in science class.
A drone?
You were playing
during the experiment?
No comment.
Fine, it's true
that I didn't help a lot.
OK! I didn't help at all!
-(All scream)
Come on, Nova!
That way we can see
what's going on outside!
Let's use my drone.
Let's hope it connects.
(All cheer)
-Ready for the plan?
So, let's do this!
-(Eerie music)
(Door creaking)
Ready to go?
But it's too foggy here.
Autumn, Nova, do you copy?
Walk slowly straight forward.
Be careful.
-Ouch! Hey!
BOTH: Oh, sorry!
-(Raspy growl)
-(All shout)
Follow me!
What a pea soup!
-(Nervous laughter)
-BOTH: Wait for us!
BOTH: Oof!
What's going on?
There's too much fog,
I can't see them.
(Everyone shrieking)
We can't stay here
doing nothing!
-We must save them!
I'm coming!
(Eerie music)
(Deathly groans)
(All gasp)
And meet our ghost.
(All laughing)
(Upbeat music)
Ghost? I wasn't scared.
He's just
a sticky rice-ball thief.
That's for sure! I told you
not to be such a piggy!
Aw, silly cat,
no wonder I was sneezing.
I'm allergic.
Sorry, little dude,
no churro for you.
-What's his name?
He doesn't have one.
He's been hanging out here,
but he definitely needs a home.
AUTUMN: Little trouble maker.
Haha! Well, I could take you!
How's that sound?
I think you've got yourself
a new cat!
What are you gonna call him?
LEO: Hm Hm!
I think I'll name you Churro!
You know what?
That was great teamwork!
Together, we solved the mystery.
I knew there was
a simple explanation.
Yeah, right,
you were totally scared
by the ghost story.
-(All laugh)
(Bird chirps)
(Upbeat music)
All right!
Let's go through
the directions one more time.
-Got it!
This time, together!
And Now!
(Gasps and laughter)
-ALL: Yay!
We can talk about
how we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
All the special things
that you do, Hey! ♪
♪Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together ♪
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