LEGO Friends: The Next Chapter (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Doodle Doom

We can talk about
how we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
All the special things
that you do ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together ♪
ALIYA'S VOICE: Doodle Doom!
C'mon, Zac!
I need to get in there!
- ZAC WITHIN: Just a minute!
- Seriously, Zac!
We're gonna be late!
What is taking you so long?
(Rock music)
Ma mère always told me,
you won't feel your best
if you don't look your best.
- Meet you downstairs.
- (Groan)
- (Squeal)
- (Suspenseful music)
(Aliya gasping)
Ah! Seriously?
He always leaves a mess!
ZAC: Hurry up, Aliya!
We do not wanna be late!
- (Thunder)
- (Grumbling)
- (Upbeat music)
- (Birds chirping)
(Distant chatter)
- (Comical music)
- Animals?
Ugh, I thought we'd be doing
something more exciting.
I dunno,
I think it's kinda cool.
Cool? Really?
I think it's lame.
You're not much fun, are you?
(Irish accent)
I like it too, hehe!
Mm, drawing animals,
drawing animals
Animals drawing animals?
Hey, that's a great idea!
Haha! I guess I'll draw a snake.
It's the only animal I like
Well, tolerate.
NOVA: I don't really like
anything that's furry.
Like I said, not much fun.
Uh, what's that
supposed to be?
- An angry moose?
- (Gasp)
(Comical music)
LIANN: Hm Hey!
It's a mama seagull
calling her kids for dinner!
Hm, I was close.
- (Thunder)
- (Grumbling)
- (Door slams)
- (All shudder)
Was it something I said?
Yes, I believe
it was everything you said.
(Cheerful music)
(Liann cackling)
(Music growing tense)
- (Rattling)
- (Growling)
- (Action music)
- (Grunts)
- LIANN: Ah!
- (Squash)
(Birds chirping)
(Comical sound effect)
- PAISLEY: Liann?
- (Gasp)
We've been looking
all over for you.
Are you OK?
Nova didn't mean
to hurt your feelings.
I didn't?
Oh, right, I didn't.
It's fine,
I just needed to cool down.
Drawing helps me do that.
You were literally just drawing
in art class.
- Nova!
- My bad.
I totally get it, Liann.
When I'm upset,
I like to sing Swing!
I like to swing!
(Nervous laugh)
(Midi squawking sounds)
Well, I gotta head to gym.
Another useless class.
Gotta go!
(Deep inhale)
- (Tense music)
- Um
- That's a super rude picture.
- Hey!
That's private!
(Nervous whimpers)
(Upbeat music starts)
ALIYA: Ah, hm
(Aliya humming)
Ugh, this is day three
of vegetarian hot dogs!
- ZAC: We need more variety.
- (Grumbling)
Back home,
my school served crepes.
C'est délicieux!
- (Chomp)
- (Gasp)
- (Mouth full) Oops.
- Zac! Argh!
Oh, Aliya,
I'm so sorry about that!
I said I was sorry.
Is something bothering you?
you are the messiest person
I've met in my entire life!
You spill things, you leave
a mess wherever you go!
You don't know
how to use a garbage can,
and don't even get me started
on the dirty laundry everywhere!
You literally never clean up
after yourself
- and I can't take it anymore!
- (Tense music)
(Microwave bell)
(Nervous laugh)
Isn't there a nicer way
to say that.
- Hehe!
- (Grumble)
(Upbeat music)
That's weird,
where'd my drawing go?
No! No, no, no!
It's not here!
No, no, no!
How can my drawing not be here?
OK, whatever,
it's not a big deal!
It's just a drawing,
a drawing of a monster
that looks a lot like Nova!
What if she sees it?
(Tense music)
- (Growl)
- (Thunder peal)
I've gotta find it!
- (Fast-paced music)
- COUPLE: Huh?
(Lianna grunts)
(Heavy breathing)
This is bad!
Very, very bad!
(Tense music shifts
to calm music)
- Hey.
- Bonjour.
I'm sorry
for being a messy housemate.
To be honest, I never had to
clean up after myself back home.
- Really.
- So, your parents
just ran around
cleaning up after you?
Well, we had cleaning people.
Uh, you think that's supposed
to make me feel sorry for you?
No, I'm just letting you know
this is all new for me.
I'm adjusting.
I've gotta do my homework.
Yes! Do your homework!
How about if I vacuum?
You will not even notice
that I'm here.
(Shouting over vacuum)
Sure! Great! Thanks!
- (Sigh)
- (Zac humming)
- (Intriguing music)
- Oh
- (Tapping)
- Hm?
That was dirt, right?
My crystals!
- (Nervous laughter)
- Ah!
- I'll have them out in no time!
- (Crystals jostling)
I'll just fix this outside!
- Argh!
- (Suspenseful music)
(Upbeat music)
- PAISLEY: So, it's gone?
- LIANN: Vanished!
It's gotta be somewhere!
What is Nova finds it?
What if she already did?
Oh, you'd know
if she already did.
It's such a rude drawing.
- (Thunder peal)
- (Growl)
Will you help me?
Let's just retrace your steps.
Where'd you see it last?
Outside school with you.
But I already checked there!
It's time
for more drastic measures!
What do you have in mind?
I dunno, a school-wide
bag-and-locker search?
Um, major violation of privacy,
no thank you.
Pretty please! Hm?
Wait, are you serious?
Think of how terrible
Nova would feel
if she saw the drawing!
You're right, she'd feel
pretty awful. Oh!
So, you'll help me?
Oh, thank you!
- Uh, huh?
- (Tense music)
What in the world?
Well, I can do that too!
- (Upbeat music)
- (Zac small grunts)
- (Chuckle)
- (Chimes)
(Tense music)
- (Rumbling)
- (Clatter)
(Comical music)
(Spy music)
We shouldn't be in here
without a teacher.
It doesn't feel right.
You gotta chill.
We aren't doing anything wrong,
and I promise
we won't look at anything
that's not already out
in the open.
So glad we're on the same page.
- (Dramatic music)
- Ha! Lost drawing,
here we come!
(Spy music)
(Deep breath)
- (Chuckling)
- Hm!
(Nervous laugh)
- (Nervous laughter)
(Liann sighs)
(Liann grunts)
(Upbeat spy music)
(Liann grunting and whimpering)
- (Footsteps)
- Huh?
(Cheerful music)
(Girls groaning)
(Spy music)
- (Gasp)
- (Hopeful music)
- (Spy music)
- (Whimpering and shouting)
(Music ends)
LIANN: Haha!
Like we were never here.
Hm, yes,
but we didn't find your drawing.
- (Gasp)
- (Comical music)
- (Thunder peal)
- (Growl)
(Upbeat music)
Aliya! Hey, wait up!
- Hey.
- Look, I'm really sorry.
Today, I plan to clean
the whole house.
Sounds good,
but no vacuuming in my room.
I would not dream of it.
I still can't believe
your parents
never made you do chores.
ZAC: You can write them
a strongly worded letter
of complaint.
ALIYA: I do love a good letter!
(Both laugh)
(Comical music)
(British accent) I've been
noticing the high-waist trend
seems to be on the out
while pleats are making
a strong comeback!
Is this a fashion do
or a fashion don't!
Drop a comment below!
LIANN: Hey, Olly! Come here!
And don't worry,
the results of the poll
will come in time
for you to plan
your perfect
weekend looks.
- Mm, that looks good.
- It is!
- Want some?
- Sure, thanks.
So, Olly,
I have a top-secret project
- I could use some help with.
- (Gulp)
OLLY: Say no more.
Hm, happy bonding, you two.
I lost a very important drawing
and I need to find it asap!
Interesting, tell me more
about this very important
missing drawing.
I can't say much,
only that it may or may not be
of a monster that may or may not
look a lot like Nova
How scandalous!
I've looked everywhere!
But no luck!
It's time to take
drastic measures
and search
everyone's backpacks!
That idea is bananas.
So, you won't help me?
Uh, I didn't say that,
but we can't just start
looking through backpacks.
We need a plan.
You're not wrong.
I've got it!
We can pretend
to be mystery-podcast hosts!
Everyone loves
a mystery podcast!
Hm, what's the mystery?
A missing
- Meow!
- A-ha!
(Tense music)
We've followed the clues
and they've led us here,
to HLC International
High School.
Everyone is a suspect.
Anyone is a suspect.
(Spy music)
- OLLY: Hm
- (Gasp)
(Both whimper)
(Olly nervous breathing)
- (Both shudder)
- You found the
- cat?
- Worse!
- A disgusting lunch!
- (Flies buzzing)
Hey! That's mine!
(Comical music)
I think you might need
a different lunch!
Perhaps a hot dog!
There are plenty
in the cafeteria! Sorry!
(Spy music)
OK, let's back up a few steps.
I meant in our investigation.
I knew that.
You already checked outside?
Yes, and in the art room too.
(Janitor humming)
(Liann gasps)
Please, tell me
you aren't thinking
what I think you're thinking.
Plug your nose, girl.
We are going diving.
(Comical music)
Remind me again
why we're in a dumpster.
(Olly whimpering)
It seemed like a good idea.
- At the time!
- (Flies buzzing)
(Olly shudders)
(Flies buzzing)
BOY: Does anybody smell that?
Ugh! I feel gross!
Kind of like I was just
in a trash can.
You were.
STUDENT: Gross! Ew!
Oh! I wanna try!
We're never gonna find
the drawing.
This stinks!
It does stink.
Huh? Oh!
- That's it!
- Um, I'm not following.
(Upbeat music)
(Zac grunting)
When I'm finished, this house
will be as shiny
as a diamond river.
Haha! Can't wait!
- Ya!
- (Reeling)
- Haha!
- (Dramatic music)
(Comical music)
- (Bubbling)
- Whoa!
(Vacuum running)
- (Tense music)
- Ah!
(Upbeat music)
(Spy music)
You sure
this is the right hallway?
I'm sure!
And you walked that way?
Yup, that way!
BOTH: Haha!
(Flies buzzing)
Ew! What's that smell?
Everyone! Open your backpacks!
We must find the origin
of this dangerous odor, stat!
(Upbeat music)
- OLLY: Hm hm!
- Nuh-uh.
- Uh
- CHICKEN: Bawk!
- (Disco music)
- (Both laughing)
- Huh?
- Oh!
(Upbeat music)
We're never gonna find it!
NOVA: Looking for this?
(Dark music)
(Nervous laugh)
(Upbeat music)
At least here we don't have
to clean up after ourselves.
I am terrible at cleaning.
There's gotta be
one chore you can do.
What about taking out
the garbage?
I tried,
it went all over the driveway.
- (Laughter)
- Hey, it wasn't easy!
OK, so, not garbage.
We just need to work
with what you're good at,
take advantage of your strengths
and passions.
Does anyone have a passion
for cleaning?
Hm, it soothes me,
but I digress.
What's one thing you really like
or are really good at?
I love taekwondo!
OK, we can work with that.
You don't have
to help me, Aliya.
I know. I want to.
(Upbeat music)
What about a sundae?
A cookie?
I'll get you anything you want!
I'm very upset.
I don't know if food
can make me feel better.
I'll do anything! Anything!
Just name it!
Well, if you insist,
I have a bit of a tickle
in my throat.
- (Clears throat)
- Some hot tea
might be in order!
One cup of hot tea,
at your service!
- With lemon and honey.
- Oh
Lemon and honey
for the perfect cup.
And one of those paper umbrellas
they use.
In the fancy drinks.
- Nova!
- Just kidding.
- I don't even like tea.
- Urgh!
Chill, I'm gonna drink it.
(Tense music)
Nah, I'm not gonna drink it.
It's really gross.
I'm really sorry!
I was upset
when you insulted my drawing,
and I just drew that
to calm myself down.
I didn't mean anything by it,
I promise.
How would you feel if someone
compared you to a monster?
- Bad.
- And would you forgive them?
I mean, maybe not right away,
but for sure after all this.
- (Nervous laugh)
- (Slurping)
- (Slurping)
- (Tense music)
- Huh?
- I forgive you.
I'm not mad,
I was just messing with you.
Wait, what?
Why aren't you furious?
I think the picture
is really cool.
I'd kind of love it
on a t-shirt.
I could ask Olly to do that.
Awesome, thank you.
I need to know one thing.
Where did you find
the picture anyway?
Ha! Funny story.
(Tense music)
NOVA: Well, I gotta head to gym.
Another useless class.
Gotta go.
Um, that's a super rude picture.
Hey, that's private!
(Suspenseful music)
Here's my gym bag.
You've known the whole time?
Why didn't you tell me?
I was going to,
but then I saw you
acting all weird
and causing mad chaos
around the school.
I find it amusing
to say the least.
I thought it'd be more fun
to play along.
Y'know, what you squirm
a little bit.
Haha! Oh
Well, I guess I deserved that.
(Nova laughs)
(Action music)
Haha! Yeah!
- (Grunt)
- (Chimes)
- (Chimes)
- (Grunt)
Wow, look at you go!
You're the best duster ever!
Yeah, I am! Haha!
For now,
you've got yourself a job.
And I'm gonna enjoy my book.
Well, I'm glad my cleaning
gives you more free time.
I could get used to this.
- (Zac grunting)
- (Glass shatters)
- Désolé!
- Zac!
My bad!
(Aliya sighs)
We can talk about
how we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
♪Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh♪
All the special things
that you do♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together ♪
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