LEGO Friends: The Next Chapter (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Tap Tap Pup Pup

We can talk about
how we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
All the special things
that you do ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together ♪
(Upbeat music)
ALIYA: Tap-Tap-Pup-Pup Clean!
(Dad whines and barks)
-(Tender music)
-Hey there.
(Tense music)
Whacha looking for, mini dude?
-Pickles, huh? You like pickles?
-Hey, where's your family?
Aw, no family, huh?
How about if we get you
over to the shelter?
Even if you're stinky.
I'm sure we can find someone
who'll really want
to adopt you.
-(Door whirring)
-(Upbeat music)
(Chorus of barks)
Oh, yes!
You like that, Bandit?
Whoa, Buttercup!
Looks like someone's ready
for their daily does
of tummy rubs.
Who's a good boy?
Oh! And who's a good girl?
Spoiler, you all are!
(Sigh) You have such a wonderful
way with animals, Autumn.
It's such a gift.
Thanks, I'd adopt each
and every one of them
if I could.
(Pet talk) Yes, I would!
Oh, yes, I would!
Actually, I tried.
My parents said no.
Well, there is such a thing
as too much of a good thing.
Not when it comes to puppies!
Isn't that right, Oscar?
-Whoa, maybe you're right!
Who wants a biscuit?
Oh, phew!
Dr. Marlon, you saved me.
Oh! I don't want to be late
for school!
See you later, Dr. Marlon!
(Doorbell rings)
Uh-oh, it seems
it's a forgetful day.
-Come on in!
-(Doorbell rings insistently)
I guess the door's locked.
Haha! What else did you forget?
-Oh, hi.
I'm Nova. I found this
little guy near the tram stop.
-I think he could use a home.
-Oh, great. Thanks!
And here's a quick note,
About the stuff
he seems to like.
Thank you,
that's always helpful.
Gotta get to school now,
Wow, you sure are dirty.
Autumn will give you her famous
puppy spa bath after school.
I would, but apparently
I don't do it right, haha!
(Upbeat music)
Exciting news!
For your next project,
you'll pair up
in groups of two
to code an original video game.
I'm compiled a list
of online resources
for you to access
for information
and give you inspiration.
ROZI: So, as I said,
you'll pair up in groups of two
and make your own game.
Psst, what did I miss?
(Nova typing)
Hey, what gives?
-ROZI: Upon completion,
each game will be published
to the school website where
Published? Yes!
So, maybe now you can tell me
what's going on?
We get to make
our own video games.
In school!
How cool is that?
Wonderful, Nova. You and Autumn
will make an excellent team.
-Wait, what?
-This will be great!
I'd love to work you
on your passion project.
No, no, no! Look.
You don't know the first thing
about video games. You're all
(Mocking) Horses and puppies!
Throw in a pig!
You're nature.
And I'm all games and techy.
No offense.
Uh, except that everything
you just said
is actually offensive.
And what's wrong with animals?
Oh! We should make a game
about animals!
What do you think about horses?
Or maybe unicorns?
(Gasp) What about
flying unicorns?
That would be fun, right?
(Lightning zap
and thunder pealing)
Look, this is the best class
I've ever had.
It's really important to me,
and you don't even care
about it.
You show up late, you have
no idea what's going on.
Besides, I work best alone.
Um, but you heard Mrs. Rozi.
We're supposed to work together.
Not gonna happen.
-I don't need your help.
-(Tense music)
I'll make my game, and you
You make your game.
Or not, I don't really care.
You know what?
I don't want
to be your partner anyway.
NOVA: Yeah, right.
Games are supposed to be,
like, fun!
And you're, like, not fun!
(Awkward silence)
-(Tense music)
-(Door closes)
(Pleasant music)
(Excited barking)
Hey, Autumn!
Good day at school?
-(Autumn moans)
-(Sad music)
Huh? Oh!
-(Uplifting music)
-(Whimper and panting)
Ooo! And who's this
little cutie?
-Is he new?
-He arrived this morning.
Right after you left.
He might need a bath.
Oh, he came with a note.
What a cute name!
Oh! Whew!
He's as cute
as he is smelly.
Come on, Pickle.
Bath time!
-(Sad music)
Oh? You struggling?
You don't need to be shy
about it, Pickle.
The way I see things,
you landed in the right hands.
-Op! I mean hand!
Aw, that just makes me
love you more.
Come on,
let's get you cleaned up.
-(Bubbling sounds)
That's better, isn't it?
All clean, relaxed.
Not like some people I know.
Pickle, can I ask you something?
If you were to create
a video game,
what would it be?
Tricky, right? I mean,
it could be anything
in the world.
Horses, unicorns
(Inspiring music)
Pickle, you're a genius!
(Pet talk) Who's a good boy?
You are!
You deserve
the best spa day ever.
-Thanks for the game idea.
(Pleasant music)
So, I know we didn't exactly
click yesterday,
but I'm really excited
to do this with you.
I mean, you're like
a real game expert.
Great! So, I was bathing
a new puppy last night,
and he's just so cute, then
New puppy, huh?
That's good
What's this have to do
with the game?
Right, what if we make a game
about bathing puppies?!
-(Comical music)
Are you serious right now?
I know, right?
It's so simple,
-but it's genius!
-It's stupid.
You think it's stupid?
No, stupid is a compliment.
How would we ever get
on the leader board
with a game like that?
You know, I thought I knew you.
I get the whole
"I'm so cool,
you're not worth my time" thing,
but I thought
deep down under that cold shell
you actually had a heart.
I guess I was wrong.
Whatever. You win.
You make your game,
I'll make mine.
Happy we finally agree.
(Tense music)
-(Thunder peal)
-Hm, OK
-(Birds chirping)
Yeah! Ooo
(Upbeat rock music)
Whoa! Oh!
-Oh, man!
This is gonna be so good!
-You start in the dungeon.
-(Ogre groans)
Then you have
to beat the Baltisrog
before you can get out
into the woods
and sources materials.
Oh! It's just
like Magical Mines,
but so much better!
(Rock music)
And send!
Leader board,
here I come!
(Guitar soloing)
(Pleasant music)
-(Students clamoring)
-(Video game sounds)
NIKO: Whoa! This game
is off the chain! Sick!
ZAC: It's Nova's game, right?
Makes sense.
This is my life from now on.
VIDEO GAME: Tap, Tap, Pup, Pup!
Tap, Tap, Pup, Pup!
-(Bubble sounds)
"Tap-Tap-Pup-Pup Clean"?
Whoa! Sorry, Nova!
-Hey, great game by the way!
-I know.
-I mean,
we all knew
Autumn loved animals,
but who that,
under all this,
you were a puppy lover too.
Huh? Wait, what?
Tap, Tap, Pup, Pup!
(Chorus of video game sounds)
What? Huh?
(Student laughing)
(Stifled breathing))
-Tap, Tap, Pup, Pup!
(Horror music)
-Tap, Tap, Pup, Pup!
-(Sounds of clamoring)
This can't be happening!
-No, no, no!
How does she have 500 hits
and I have
(Suspenseful music)
(Tense music mounting)
(Dark music)
(Bubble video game sounds)
Haha, yes!
This is just the most delightful
game I've ever played.
ROZI: I've sent a link to the
senior at the old annex,
and I'm sure
this is no surprise,
it's a huge hit
over there as well.
-This is not happening!
Autumn left for the day,
she was done with all her work,
so I let her go volunteer
for the dog adoption center.
The same center
behind the ground-breaking game!
Let's commend her partner, Nova,
on a great game!
(Laughter and cheers)
(Thunder peal)
Tap, Tap, Pup, Pup!
Tap, Tap, Pup, Pup!
(Pleasant music)
-(Autumn grunting)
Come on, little man!
Let's try this.
-Helpful? (Gasp)
-(Tense music)
-(Fast-paced music)
(Autumn heavy breathing)
Hey, now I like snuggles too,
but we've got
to figure this out.
Wow! You're so fast!
You should be named Zoomy!
Or Sprinter!
Or, I don't know, Bubbles!
Not Pickle!
OK, OK, Pickle it is.
Sorry to offend.
(Intense dance music)
I will be number one
on the leader board.
Elves go here,
centaurs go there,
and now dwarves
can live outside caves.
Genius! Wait
I forgot to update
the warrior princesses.
They have +12 against ogres.
-And publish!
Now we wait for the ratings.
-(Birds chirping)
(Upbeat music)
-(Video game dog bark)
-(Video game beeps)
NIKO: Whoa!
Did you see this update?
I know! Pugs!
Just like my Dango! Yes!
(Metal creaking)
(Autumn sighs)
(Idle music)
You're just going to ignore me?
Uh, OK.
Hi, I guess, Nova?
(Tense music mounting)
You win, OK?
You win.
What else do you want from me?
Uh, you OK?
We good?
I think we're good.
Not good!
How did you do it?
-How did you beat me?
-Huh? Beat you?
The game?
Oh, is that what this is about?
I don't know.
My game's fun
and yours isn't.
(Tea pot boiling)
How do you know
my game isn't fun?!
Have you played it?
No one has even played it!
Look, I don't know,
it's just an assignment.
I've got more important things
to figure out.
(Comical music)
-What is this?
(Tense music)
(Autumn sighs)
This isn't about you
or our games.
I wouldn't expect you
to understand anything
that doesn't mean you're at
the top of the leader board.
(Tense music)
What are you looking at?
Here, snap this together,
AUTUMN: There! OK!
Let's see how this works.
-Wow, he's pretty fast!
-(Gate opens)
-(Autumn whimpers)
Oh, no!
(Heavy breathing)
You know, you can't be with him
wherever he goes.
Ugh, and what do you suggest,
Ms. I-don't-care-about-anything
I think
I'll leave you two alone.
Uh, actually, I think we could
both use each other's help.
I really don't think so.
Hey, little guy! Come here!
Aw, I'm sorry, Pickle.
There's not much left.
(Soft barks)
You ate the last pickle.
-(Touching music)
Wait, how did you know the
Did you drop him off here?
Yeah, I found him
on the street.
He ate my pickle,
the hungry little man.
-Have you fed him.
Yup, he's been fed and washed.
-Much improved.
Oh! Puppy attack!
Look, I need your help.
And you need mine.
I do not need your help.
You might not need my help,
but he does.
Oh, you think you can help him?
I know I can.
(Nova chuckling)
We measured his hips,
his height, and his gumption.
Wait, you can measure
his gumption?
No, but he's pretty spicy.
He's got a need for speed
and I intend
to make it happen.
-Right, little man?
(Upbeat music)
I've modeled this all out.
I think we're good to go.
Care to do the honors?
Uh, what honors?
-Press the print button.
-(Tense music)
-(Upbeat music)
We're done, partner!
(Uplifting music)
Whoa! Fancy!
Let's give it a few hours,
then we're good to go.
(Idle music)
So, um, while we wait,
can we talk about my game?
Your game has so many rules
and it's so complicated.
I could learn
a foreign language faster
than I could learn
to play your game.
I know, it's so sophisticated.
Uh, that's not necessarily
a good thing, hehe
Oh, um, wow.
I don't know.
Look, I don't know
why people like my game,
that's not my thing.
All I did was ask myself
what would be fun?
I worked really hard on it,
but, uh, have you seen
the leader boards?
No one's playing it.
It's all Tap, Tap, Pup, Pup
BOTH: Clean!
So, do you think
you can help me?
-(Uplifting music)
-I know I can.
(Upbeat music)
(Grunts and murmurs)
Ooo, I like that!
Whoa! Nice!
Yep, yep, that's it!
-(Pleasant music)
-(Both gasp)
-You did it!
He's so happy!
Who's a fast puppy?
Who's the fastest?
You are! Oh, yes, you are!
(Nova laughing)
People are playing your game!
Check it out!
NOVA: Two people?
Are playing my game?
Uh, yeah, but hey
Two people are playing my game!
BOTH: Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!
All right, little guy.
-Time to find you a new home.
What do you mean
find him a new home?
We're his home.
That's what we do.
We find these puppies new homes.
People needs pups
and pups need people.
But you can't just
give him away!
What about Ugh! Stop!
-(Touching music)
-Hey, it's OK.
We'll find him a good home.
-That's what we do.
-I can't do this.
-Oh, OK
I want to adopt Pickle.
Wait, what?
But I'm confused.
Didn't you drop him off here
just this week?
-To be adopted?
-Yeah, well things have changed.
I need him, and I'm pretty sure
he needs me.
-It's a good match.
(Nova laughing)
You can say that again!
-(Both laughing)
-Pickle! Come on!
-OK, let's go!
Oh! Come on, Pickle!
We can talk about
how we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
All the special things
that you do ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together ♪
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