LEGO Friends: The Next Chapter (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Unstoppable Puppies

We can talk about
how we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
All the special things
that you do ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together ♪
-ALYA: Unstoppable puppies!
-(Dogs barking)
-(Upbeat music)
-(Autumn laughing)
(Sheep bleating)
(Autumn laughing)
What a ruckus!
-Good morning, Dr. Marlon!
-Morning, Autumn!
(Upbeat music intensifies)
(Playful growling and barking)
My, oh, my!
You know
how to make a girl feel loved.
Wow, these pups do adore you.
Sometimes a little too much!
(Barking fades in distance)
-(Other dogs panting)
-Aw, come on, Dash!
You can do it!
(Short whine)
(Whimsical music)
Worth the effort,
wasn't it, Dash?
(Other dogs barking)
If you want some breakfast,
you better let me go! Haha!
(Barking and growling)
(Commotion of barking
in the background)
(Whimsical music fades)
-(Other dogs barking)
Aw! I have school!
-(Touching music)
Oh, don't give me those eyes,
You know I love you!
-(Bark and panting)
Gotta go, I'll be back later!
(Upbeat music)
-See you, Dr. Marlon.
-Have a good one, Autumn.
Oh, don't forget I won't be here
later this afternoon.
You and Nova are on duty.
You don't need to worry
about a thing!
We've got everything covered.
I wouldn't let anything happen
-to these cutie pies!
-(Autumn humming)
-(Dogs barking in background)
(Autumn laughing)
They're pretty cute,
don't you think?
All I know is they're loud.
They calm down
when you give them attention.
You can go in
and pet them if you want.
They're all up for adoption.
-No, thank you.
-(Music note drops)
There's a dog
specially suited for everyone.
Maybe you should consider it.
Hm! Don't hold your breath, kid.
-(Whimsical music)
I've got to get to school now.
-Have a good day!
-(Dogs barking)
-(Touching music)
-(Dog whining)
(Upbeat pop music)
My first year of high school
with all these new classes,
exams, and all of the extra
Head Girl responsibilities!
It's hard to clear my head! Ugh!
I can't think! I think
I'm at my bandwidth's end.
Ugh! No, Autumn!
I'm so sorry!
Are you OK? Are you hurt?
I'm fine, Alya. No worries.
So, you OK?
Yeah, totally fine.
Again, so sorry!
Are you sure you're OK?
Yeah, why?
'Cause you kinda took
all my books
and you kinda gave me
all your books.
-(Rattling sound effect)
-Oh! Haha
(Whimsical music)
The truth is
(Deep inhale)
I am totally overwhelmed!
Sounds like you need a break.
A break?
But I don't take breaks.
High time you started!
Just something to blow off steam
and recharge, y'know?
Oh! I wouldn't know where,
how, what
Alya! Chill!
You've just gotta find something
to take your mind
off your gigantic to-do list.
That sounds as complicated
as traveling to a new planet.
For me, the best way to reset
is to go for a relaxing ride,
just me, my horse, and nature.
(Chimes and birds chirping)
Yes! Thank you!
I'd love to!
Today after school? Great!
See you at the stables!
-I can't wait!
-(Comical music)
(Alya giggling)
(Fading footsteps)
What did we miss here?
Earth to Autumn,
are we still good
to shift share at
the dog-adoption place today?
Oh, yes!
(Idle music)
Yes, no, maybe?
Uh, I can't now.
I think I just volunteered
to take Alya
horseback riding today?
Whatevs, I'm fine to work
with Dr. Marlon.
-No! He'll be gone by then!
-(Suspenseful music)
It's no biggy.
I can handle it alone.
Oh, I don't think so.
I know they're adorable,
but those puppies are chaos.
Maybe Paisley?
No, no, she's busy.
Maybe Lia
Oh, yes! That's it!
-Liann loves dogs!
Stop, I got this.
Nova, we have to get someone
to help you.
Actually, Autumn, we don't.
You take care of Alya,
I got the pups.
End of story. Peace out.
-But what if
-They'll be fine, Autumn!
Trust me.
AUTUMN: Wait! You know what?
I can check in using
the Puppy Cam! See?
(Dogs barking excitedly)
What am I getting myself into?
(Peaceful country music)
Pull the straps to tell them
which way to go.
-(Whimsical music)
-(Horse whinnies)
I don't know.
He's really big.
He's letting you touch him.
-(Horse snorts)
(Chickens bawking)
-(Fast-paced music)
-Are they always so noisy?
Shh! Calm down, everyone!
Can't you see you're stressing
my friend out?
OK, Alya, let's do this.
Hop on Henry.
(Horse grunts)
(Horse sighs)
(Deep exhale)
No time like the present, right?
-(Whimsical banjo music)
-(Alya grunting)
-AUTUMN: There you go!
-Now hold the reins gently.
-(Horse whinnies)
I just need to check in
on the center.
How are all my best pups doing?
-(Whimsical music)
Where is everyone?
She should be there by now!
"Hi, Nova!"
Exclamation point,
"It's me," comma,
"Autumn." Period.
"Just checking in," period.
"How's it going?" Question mark.
(Peaceful country music)
-(Whimsical music)
-(Muffled dog barks)
(Upbeat music)
(Playful growling)
-(Peaceful music)
-(Phone beep)
(Sigh) Unlike you,
I do not need a babysitter.
(Uplifting music)
(Inspiring music)
It's amazing! You can do this
whenever you want?
Yeah, I chill out with nature
all the time.
That's why most things
don't bother me.
-(Music turns sour)
-(Horse whinnies)
Exactly what is going on here?
I just don't get it!
-ALYA: Autumn?
What kind of trees are these?
Yeah, so this is what they call
and old-growth forest.
Some of these trees
are hundreds of years old.
Imagine what they've seen.
Where are you?
Did you even show up.
(Whimper) My little pups,
I hope you're OK.
(Gasp) Maybe I should get Liann
to head over there just in case.
Good thing she loves the pups.
-Oh, what are those?
You mean those flowers
over there?
-(Tense music)
-(Bubble pops)
Come here, Bandit!
(Upbeat music)
-(Nearby bark)
-You're so cute!
-(Nova laughing)
-(Loud slurping)
Oh, Liann.
Um, hi!
What brings you here?
Oh, haha! I was
in this part of the city
and thought I'd just stop in.
Right, Autumn sent you?
-No, I swear!
-(Tense music)
I think you know me.
I love anything
that's cute, including dogs!
Oh, my Puppies!
-(Fast-paced music)
(Pet talk)
(Imitating panting)
(Imitating dog barks)
(Pet talk)
(Soft whine)
-(Liann laughs)
-OK, you seem legit.
-(Tense music)
Aw, they're just so cute!
Don't you think?
They're adorbs,
that's for sure.
And there are
some pretty serious wrinkles
-on this little man.
Look at the wrinkle-winkle!
Who is this wrinkle winkle
on my puppy wuppy?
You're just the cutest!
Yes, you are!
Rolls on rolls!
We should do a photo shoot.
something fun and artistic?
These dogs deserve it.
-(Upbeat music)
Not a bad idea.
(Blows raspberry)
Hey, little doggy-woggies!
I'm trying to create art here!
That's better.
What would you do with this?
(Shutter snapping away)
(Cocky growl)
(Both laughing)
LIANN: Aw, come on.
Wanna try?
-(Whimsical music)
-I know you want to.
What do you think of this!
Who's ready to get
their picture taken?
-(Liann laughs)
Ooo! Work it!
-NOVA: Good pose!
-LIANN: Pose!
NOVA: Hold it! Hold it! Yeah!
That's good! OK, OK.
(Nova laughs)
So cute!
Look at this one!
That's Joy.
She is so chill.
Look at her foot.
It actually looks
like it's in
her mouth.
Hey, maybe we should post it.
It could help with adoptions.
-(Tense music)
Come on, Nova!
Answer me!
I wish we'd done this sooner.
I feel so much better!
Thanks, Henry.
I really needed this.
That's great, Alya! Any time!
Maybe she's busy.
Or buried under 1,000 dogs!
Ah! That's it!
I have to call Liann.
(Searching beeps)
-Ugh! No signal!
(Whimper) Now I can't send
or receive texts.
And I can't see the Puppy Cam!
Oh, Nova
I'm so not trusting you
ever again!
Autumn, is something wrong?
(Nervous laugh)
Are you kidding?
What could possibly be wrong?
we're in the wilderness!
The best place to relax.
Everything's great!
Check out this ancient tree
over here.
It's been here longer
than Heartlake City!
Our great-grandma's might
have sat under this tree.
(Whimsical music)
(Horse whinnies)
-(Upbeat music)
-You should post that one too.
She's balancing a bone
on her head!
-Love it!
-Such a ham!
Knock knock!
Why are you bringing your dogs
to the adoption center?
My dogs? Uh, no.
Those aren't your pups?
-(Tense music)
(Suspenseful music)
Where are all the
The dogs are all gone!
-(Ominous music drop)
Have you seen outside recently?
Dogs are everywhere.
Did you like leave the door open
or something?
Autumn's gonna annihilate me.
We've got time! She won't be
back for hours, right?
We have to find every one
of those dogs
-before Autumn gets back.
-(Harrowing music)
The Puppy Cam!
Shut it down!
-(Adventure music)
What's the password?
Any ideas?
-(Music rising)
-You, artist!
You need paper and markers,
-I do?
-Draw a pup!
Any pup, fast!
Uh, not getting it, but OK!
No time for fancy colors!
-(Music crescendoing)
-Leo, tape!
-(Whimsical music)
-Ah! Finally!
-AUTUMN: Sheesh!
-(Peaceful country music)
Hey! You OK?
I'm feeling stressful energy
from you.
Woo! All good!
Did you notice
the tiny yellow flowers
over there
growing up the mossy tree?
(Whimsical music sustains)
What is going on?
You're right!
They're beautiful!
Alya, we've pretty much seen
all there is to see.
You're comfortable riding now,
Autumn, what's up?
How about if we race
to the adoption center?
Wait, what? The adoption center?
What happened to going back
to the stables?
AUTUMN: Keep up, Alya!
Something is definitely up.
(Harrowing music)
(Trees whoosh past)
(Horse grunts)
(Intense electronic music)
-(Playful yelp)
-I'll take him.
Gonna put them inside
and keep going.
(Baroque music starts)
-(Fast-paced rock music)
(Heavy electronic beat)
(Tense upbeat music)
(Music fades)
-(Whimsical music)
(Dog whines)
-(Fans blowing)
-(Baroque music)
(Upbeat music)
(Playful growling)
(Whimsical music)
-(Dog groans)
(Dog whines)
(Baroque music)
(Intense electronic music)
-(Peaceful music)
-(Dog snoring)
-(Harrowing music)
-ALYA: Autumn!
Um, Autumn!
What's going on?
What are you talking about?
OK, Autumn, what gives?
Talk to me.
I might be able to help.
It's just that I really didn't
to ruin your relaxing day.
(Tense music)
Right, the truth is
there must be something
seriously wrong
at the adoption center.
I can't get a hold of Nova.
I asked Liann to check in on her
but now she's not answering
her phone either!
The Puppy Cam is messed up
and I'm really worried
that all the dogs are in danger!
Why didn't you just say so!
-(Dramatic music)
-To the adoption center!
(Upbeat music)
(Sigh) I should be home
building apps,
-not taking care of puppies.
-(Whimsical music)
-(Door creaking)
-They're here!
Wait, what?
Why are they here?
Everyone, move fast!
-(Fast-paced music)
-(Dog whimpers)
(Heavy breathing)
(Note sustained)
Uh, what are you all doing here?
Well, they certainly couldn't
catch them all
-without our help.
-Couldn't catch all the fun
by themselves, right?
Catch my drift?
Sorry for doubting you, Nova.
-I thought that
-(Touching music)
I thought about what you said
this morning.
Maybe there is a dog out there
for everyone.
Like this one here.
I met him earlier today
in the city.
-Sorry, sir.
-(Comical music)
All the dogs are right here
in the adoption center today.
I was playing with them myself.
All day long.
Hm, maybe not all day.
So, I'd like to adopt
this one here.
Dash? Yeah!
He's totally up for adoption.
In the city?
You just have to fill out
the adoption papers.
-Right here.
-Well, OK then.
Did something happen
that you wanna tell me about,
(Whimsical music)
(Music grows tense)
(Pen scribbling)
Fine! I messed up!
You were right.
All was chill, taking care
of the dogs like I promised,
then Liann came in
and I got all distracted,
and somehow
the door was left open.
They got out and ran all
over the city!
I never would have gotten them
back without everyone's help.
So, yeah, I couldn't handle it
all alone.
Oh, no! It's all my fault!
I left the door open, didn't I?
Actually Nova, it's my fault.
I've been so stressed
with working at the center,
and then I was worried when
I didn't hear back from you,
so I sent Liann to check in.
I should have just trusted you.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know
how stressed you were
and ignoring you wasn't cool.
And I'm sorry
because I should have asked
if you could ride today
instead of assuming.
No, I'm sorry!
Wait, er, what am I sorry about?
No, no, no, it's my fault.
Listen, Leo, it's my fault!
OK, enough apologies
for a century. Or two.
The truth is it all worked out.
A great dog was adopted today.
(Uplifting music)
Plus, we raised awareness.
The whole city saw
how great our dogs are.
Alya, I'm thinking
you really didn't get
the riding experience
you deserved.
Plus, I need a relaxing ride
after today!
Wanna go riding again tomorrow?
That is if Nova will cover
for me here?
Good try, but I'm out.
-(Dog whines)
-Fine! Catch you tomorrow.
(Patronizing) Are you sure
you can handle it on your own?
I'm gonna pretend
I didn't hear that.
AUTUMN: Kidding! I'm kidding!
-(Whimsical music)
(Upbeat music)
-(Music stops)
We can talk about
how we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
All the special things
that you do ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together ♪
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