LEGO Friends: The Next Chapter (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Heart of heartlake

We can talk about
how we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
All the special things
that you do ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together ♪
Over-Leveraged Leo!
(Whimsical music)
Car wash!
-(Paisley chuckles)
Oh! Oh! I know!
Grocery delivery!
Whoa! That's a lot
of fruits and veggies.
Have you seen the main course?
(All groan)
You gonna eat all that or?
I brought enough for everyone!
So, wanna tell me
what strange new game this is?
What comes next?
Laundry service?
-Why didn't I think of that?
-That's a good one!
That could work!
That was a joke!
(Chuckling) Still no idea
what you're talking about.
Sorry, it's just we've been
trying to think of ways
to raise money
to convert the old annex
into a community center,
but we can't seem
to agree on anything.
Hm, well, I think
we can all agree
on one thing.
ALL: Huh?
Those ideas might raise money,
-but they won't make a splash!
-(Uplifting music)
Oh, right.
Uh, what does that mean?
You've got to make people care.
Fund-raising isn't just
about raising money.
It's also
about getting people excited.
People need to know
why this is important.
Oh, so, how do we do that?
Oh, I got it!
What about a street fair?
A street food fair!
We can get
the whole city involved.
I like where this is going.
We can have food
from all around the world.
And music!
And I can record videos
about the whole thing!
And we can have
a contest to find the best chef!
-Oh, fun!
-This is all coming together!
-(Aliya giggles)
-(Paisley chuckles)
(All laughing)
(Upbeat music)
ALIYA: We'll need to get a
permit from the city,
make posters
Oh! I've got to connect
with Liann on that!
Get people to make food,
sell tickets,
-get balloons
-I'm on it!
Oh, wait, you love to cook!
Do you want to compete
on one of the teams?
It's OK, if I'm helping run
the whole event,
then I couldn't really be
on any one team.
You'd be amazing as a cook!
But I really need your help.
De nada.
Oh, Liann!
You're the best, Leo!
I knew I could count on you!
Liann! Liann! Wait up!
I need your help
with some posters!
(Whimsical music)
-(Boys laugh)
-Leo, yo!
You in on this street-food
fair competition?
Huh? How'd you know about that?
-(tense music)
(Leo groans)
LEO: Wait, what? How?
Wow, she's fast.
Nice work, Liann!
Haha! Thanks!
You did all this
in the last hour?
I know, right? I can't believe
it took me that long.
Good thing for art class!
Well, gotta run
and put up the rest!
(Liann heavy breathing)
So, what do you think?
Think of what?
Look at this guy!
-NIKO: Always so modest.
-(Nervous laugh)
You're the best cook we know,
which is why
we nominate you
to be the chef of our team.
You're competing?
You know it!
We're doing a sushi stand!
Using all
of my family's best recipes.
But we've never
made sushi before,
which is why we really need you.
Oh, I don't know, Niko.
I'm running the whole event
with Aliya,
I really shouldn't be
your head chef.
What? You're the fastest cook
I've ever seen!
Remember when he fed 100 people
in under an hour?
All right,
who's ready for hotcakes?
-(Upbeat music)
Sheesh! What?
Well, I don't know about that.
How about if we say
it's just a little veggie sushi?
What could be easier than that?
NIKO: Come on, Leo.
We don't know how to make sushi.
Think of how embarrassing
that would be for us.
We need you! Please!
Well, I guess I could help.
(All cheer)
-You're the best, Leo.
-(Nervous laugh)
Ay, what happened
to only helping Aliya?
(Leo shouts, whimpers)
I hear you're pretty good
in the kitchen.
Oh, uh, si!
I am indeed.
I learned from mi abuelita.
In fact,
I can make churros in my sleep.
Wait, why?
Cool, you're on my team.
Uh, what team?
For the street festival.
The fund raiser?
You know about that too?
Have you been living
under a rock?
Anyway, I signed us up.
Didn't you just say you can
make churros in your sleep?
What would the festival be like
without them?
Leo, think of the kids.
So sad.
Oh, uh,
I hadn't thought of that.
You don't want to disappoint
all the kids, do you?
You're right!
I need to do it for the kids!
The kids and me.
-I knew you'd see it my way.
What have I gotten myself into?
"No, Aliya, I can't be
on any one team!
Urgh, that's because I'm on two!
Why does everyone
always ask me for my help?
Can't other people
go get a permit, buy balloons,
cook amazing food?
Why can't I ever just say no?
Yes! That's perfect!
-Huh? You really think so?
-Think so?
I know so!
How awesome is this?
Hm, now that I can work with.
That's all you're gonna say?
Nothing about the colors?
The composition?
The messaging?
The artiste Liann?
Liann, it's incredible.
-I don't know how you were able
to do this with Aliya
breathing down your neck.
-Hey, now!
I do wonder: all the people
in your banner are
-Our age?
He makes a good point.
Can you add some older adults?
That's more accurate anyway.
Haha! All right!
Nice idea!
(Upbeat music)
More like this?
Exactly like that!
(Clears throat)
Aliya, Nova,
I thank you for your interest
in my amazing skills,
if I do say so myself,
but I have to be responsible
and say no.
Wow, that was amazing acting,
Are you trying out
for the school play?
Uh, I mean
I I've thought about it.
Great, have you also thought
about all the supplies
we need for the competition?
Have I uh
I thought
you were going to do that.
Why would I do that
when you're the food guy?
Anyway, I totally trust you.
(Whimsical music)
Oh, we are so honored
to be on your team!
Wait, you're on the team too?
Yup, how could we say no when we
found out you were the chef?
With you on our team,
we can't possibly lose.
Oh, which reminds me
We made hats!
Team uniforms! Surprise!
Wait, how can we have a hat
when we haven't prepped
any of the food for
the festival? We're so behind!
Yeah, I said that too,
but Nova's more
of a go-go-go person.
She said you'd figure out
the rest-rest-rest.
In the meantime
hats for everyone
on the team!
-(Upbeat music)
So we can show our team unity!
Really we just want everyone
to know we're on the same team.
-So proud!
(Gasp) Aliya! Annex!
Ten minutes ago!
Late! Gotta go!
(Panicked heavy breathing)
Excuse me!
Sorry! Coming through!
Come on, Heartlake!
That's right, we're gonna
convert the old annex
into a new community center!
Oh, come on!
You're gonna love it!
The new community center
is gonna be for everyone.
For you!
Isn't that exciting!
Where's Leo?
He's supposed to be here by now!
(Clears throat)
We know we're excited
for a new community center!
How about you?
-OK, Paisley, you try.
-(Paisley whimpers)
Uh, hi, everyone.
I'm sure you're going to love
the new community center.
Maybe we'll even
have performances
like they used to have
at the old annex.
Off to you, Leo. Leo?
(Heavy breathing)
Sorry, I'm I'm late!
I had to get to the city permit
before it closed.
And I made the samples
you asked for.
Samples, right!
I forgot I asked you
to do that.
Really happy you did it, hehe!
Oh? Why do you have a hat
with Nova on it?
Oh, um, just delivering it
for her.
(Gasp) Do you think
maybe you could speak?
-You know, to the crowd!
You'd do a better job,
especially with those.
Um, sure, uh
I mean, of course. Uh
(Tense music)
(Clears throat)
All righty!
Todo el mundo, listen up!
We are converting the old annex
into an amazing community center
for all of us to share!
But we need your support!
At the end of the week,
we're going to host
the most epic
international food festival
fund raiser ever!
Right here! Be there!
To give you a taste
of the festival,
I brought you some samples.
Dig in!
(Ooo's and aaa's)
Oh, these are delicious!
-Marge, can we go?
Look how excited everyone is!
OK, I've got to get
to the market.
Uh, I mean the party shop
before it closes.
Gotta order those balloons
and get some plates and napkins!
-(Nervous laugh)
-What would I do without you?
ALIYA: Thank you, Leo!
Hm, food for cooking for Niko,
Food for cooking for Nova,
Street permit from the city,
Napkins and plates, check.
Balloons, tomorrow, phew!
Getting there. Oh!
Almost time for school
Gotta hustle!
(Boys laughing)
Yo, this is sick!
Leo's gonna love this!
I don't know, I still think
we should do
the full-body thing.
Shh! Niko, Leo's here!
(Leo grunting)
-(Boys laughing)
Hey, Niko, here's everything
we need for veggie sushi.
Sushi rice, rice vinegar, honey,
salt, seaweed,
cucumber, avocado.
Haha! You're the best!
Come here!
We know you could have chosen
anyone's team to lead,
and you chose to lead us,
we're so lucky.
We've got a surprise for you
for being our team lead!
Team lead?
-Sushi shirts!
-(Uplifting music)
-It's our official team uniform!
-Awesome, right?
Here it comes!
Let's go!
-Sushi train!
-LEO: Wait!
-(Conga music)
(Chanting and singing)
(Whimsical music)
(Boys cheering and chanting)
(Leo heavy breathing)
-(Leo groaning)
-ZAC: Huh?
Leo, I'm impressed.
Aliya's been telling me
how helpful you've been,
organizing the whole festival,
the permits, the balloons,
then I caught up with Nova,
the same story.
-You're just a rock star.
-(Leo nervous laugh)
Then Niko?
Uh Oh!
Yeah, just doing my part!
It happened again, didn't it?
You know me!
(Nervous laugh)
Everyone's taking advantage
of you, aren't they?
Not exactly.
I'm the only one
who can help them
And I just can't tell anyone no.
Aliya needs me to help organize,
Niko needs me
to help make sushi,
Nova needs me to make
my famous churros.
They all need me! How can I say
no when they all need me?
Think about the children!
Everyone needs you, sure,
but it sounds like no one
really asked you for help,
they just assumed you'd help.
Pushed you into helping
a little bit?
-Am I right?
-Maybe a little bit.
Oh, Zac, what am I gonna do?
It's simple but difficult.
You have to be honest,
now, immediately,
before things get any worse.
-Start with Aliya.
-(Sigh) OK.
OK, good advice, yeah!
Right, honest,
that's what I'm gonna do!
Thanks, Zac!
First, I gotta get the balloons.
NOVA: Leo, got everything
for your famous churros?
The kids at the street festival
are gonna be so excited.
Why aren't you wearing my hat?
Uh, just about to put it on.
And look:
cinnamon, eggs, sugar,
it's all for the churros.
-Right here.
I can't wait to see the look
on those kids' faces
when they taste our churros.
(Nervous laugh)
Well, see you tomorrow.
Just tell everyone no!
Come on, Leo!
(Upbeat music)
(Band playing)
This is amazing!
Crème de la crème!
All these people!
The city is even blocked off!
Leo's a genius!
He took care
of every last detail!
Yeah, it's cool
you still feel that way
-after everything that happened.
-What do you mean?
I'm especially happy
after all this happened.
Have you seen Leo?
I need to find him.
Uh, vas-y.
You go look for him.
If I find him,
-I'll send him your way.
(Zac applauding)
Sushi shirt, Nova hat,
-at the same time?
(Panicked whimpering)
So, I take it
you didn't have the heart
to tell anyone
and you're still overly stressed
and over-committed?
I can't let them
see me like this!
I got your back.
I'm gonna help you through this.
(Upbeat music)
(Music rising)
(Alarm ringing)
This is amazing!
Look at how much we raised!
We exceeded our goal!
Did you see this?
Oh, I saw a lot today!
Maybe more than you.
Where's Leo?
This was his idea
and he needs
to be here to celebrate.
Yeah, about Leo, he's
(Heavy breathing)
LEO: I'm here!
I'm ready! Who ordered
the sushi with cinnamon?
I mean the churros
with cucumber?
-FEMALE: What?
-(Crowd dismayed)
Well, if it's an extra,
I think I'll take it.
I don't think
I've eaten anything today.
Been (chuckle)
A little busy!
What happened to you
not being on any one team?
Well, technically,
I'm not on one team.
Hehe, I'm on two teams?
NOVA: Two teams?
(Leo nervous laugh)
Uh, you see, the thing is
Leo has a hard time saying no,
and I'm pretty sure
we all know that.
So, when he "agreed"
to help you
-Did you look at his face?
ZAC: Did you happen
to take a look?
Did you care to see
you were stressing him?
That you were taking
advantage of him?
Or did you ignore that?
(Sigh) So, I don't know
how to say no, OK?
I like to help people.
I'm sorry I let everyone down.
You're right, Zac.
Leo was running himself ragged.
We could have seen it
if we'd bothered to look.
I'm really sorry, Leo.
We were wrong.
(Touching music)
What'd I tell you?
This guy's a machine!
A total unit! You've been
holding down two teams
and running the event?
Go, Leo!
Is there perhaps anything else
-you wish to say?
(Clears throat)
I should have paid attention.
I could have seen
we weren't being fair to you.
I'm sorry, man.
Hehe, it's OK!
Seriously, thanks, guys!
I knew I chose the best person
in the kitchen.
I just didn't know how many
other people chose him too,
and I totally didn't ask.
Sorry, dude, my bad.
No matter which way you cut it,
you're everyone's MVP, Leo!
-(All laugh)
ALIYA: It's true, Leo!
Tonight was a huge success
-because of you!
-Thanks, everyone.
It was a lot of work,
but it was truly fantastico!
Yay! I think we should do this
every year!
Except for
the fund-raising part,
and the part where
we all ask you to do everything.
ALL: Huh?
Too soon?
(All laughing)
-NOVA: Funny!
-(Paisley laughing)
We can talk about
how we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
All the special things
that you do ♪
-Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know we'll be ♪
Good friends,
different together♪
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