LEGO Friends: The Next Chapter (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Over-leveraged Leo

We can talk about ♪
How we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
All the special things
that you do ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together ♪
ALIYA: The Heart of Heartlake!
Huh? What?
(Distant laughter)
The whole student council
is waiting to hear your project.
Well? Where is it?
I um I don't know.
You don't know?
How can anyone vote
for your project
if you don't have one?
(Dramatic music)
Wait! Please.
I just (Sighs)
I just need
Oh. An idea?
(Fake gasp)
You don't even have an idea?
That makes voting easy!
(Malicious laughter)
Please! I just
I just need more time.
VOICE: Aliya! It's 7.30 am.
Time to wake up!
Time to wake up!
Calendar reminder:
only three days left
to pitch your super awesome,
amazingly cool
and fun idea
to the student council.
-(Alarm continues to ring)
Mondays Yay.
(Lively music plays)
What do you, Aliya,
want to pitch
to the student council?
How can your project make
this school a better place?
ALIYA: Brilliant arts.
Incredible science.
Bright, beautiful library.
All the musical instruments
you could want.
Amazing sports fields.
Computer lab.
Beautiful stage.
This school
is literally perfect!
There's nothing to improve!
What do you get for the school
that already has everything?
Ooh! Are you planning
a birthday party?
I dunno about you,
but if you're looking
for gift ideas,
you can never have
too many colored pencils.
Know what I mean?
What? No, I
Is it your birthday?
Huh? No. Is it yours?
That's why I'm going
to get us go-karts
to get from class to class!
I mean,
who has time to walk?
Oh! Did you say you want a slide
to get to chemistry class?
Oh! A fireman's pole
to get to history class?
Vote for me
and consider it done!
STUDENT: Uh, Brad?
What about, uh, you know.
The clogged toilets?
No. A thing of the past!
Who needs plumbing?
Do you think lions have toilets
in the jungle?
Oh, um.
Lions live in the savanna.
Exactly! No toilets.
We got this!
(Confident chuckle)
Run along now.
Do you even know
what you're promising?
You only get to choose
one project,
not one per person!
(Clears throat)
Aliya, Aliya, Aliya.
This isn't about the best idea.
It's about the most votes.
I tell people
what they want to hear,
they vote for me, and I win!
So you lie to them?
I have a photo shoot in the gym.
See ya!
Ugh! Can you believe this guy?
(Guitar plays)
That's a wrap everyone.
Great job!
I can't believe how much
progress you're making.
I don't know where we'd be
without you!
I feel like I'm fifteen again!
I agree!
And I didn't feel fifteen
even when I was fifteen!
Thank you, Paisley.
This is the best part of my day.
Every day.
I can see why my mom
liked being here so much.
You have your mother's heart.
Have you thought any more
about teaching singing lessons?
You'd have a full class,
that's for certain.
Oh, um, thanks.
But I can't.
I I couldn't.
I don't really sing anymore.
I know.
When you and your mother
sang here,
those were the best days
at the Annex.
(Loud slurp)
It's just so frustrating!
I can't think of a single idea
for the student council.
Everybody's all:
"What about a fireman's pole?"
Or "a slide or scooters
to get from class to class."
And I'm like "What?"
And have you seen our school?
It doesn't need anything!
What about the kids who are
too young to go to our school?
What about people
who are out of high school?
Or young families?
Or people without families?
They're all missing out.
Whatever project we choose
should extend the awesomeness
of our school into the city.
I totally hear you.
But do you think that maybe
you're taking this
too seriously?
I want to make a difference!
But you do make a difference.
But I want to do more.
Not just in the school, but
I don't know.
Maybe it's stupid.
Hey! It's definitely not stupid
to want to make a difference.
Maybe you really could
do something for the city.
The community.
Yeah. I've always thought
it's kinda weird
that Heartlake City
doesn't have a
a central place to hold events
for the whole community.
In my town, we had a place
where everyone would gather
for festivals,
food, dancing
Leo! That's a great idea!
That's what the Old Annex
used to be.
Everyone used
to get together there,
but now hardly anyone uses it.
And as of next month,
it's gonna be a car park.
What? But we don't need
any more parking!
We need a place
for people to get together!
We need a community center!
I think you just found
your idea.
I've got to figure out a plan!
Zac! You! Me! Library!
Sorry! Uh Passion project!
-(Conceited chuckle)
-(Ooo's and aaa's)
-(Cameras snap)
Uh, is it true
that all the water fountains
will be bubble tea?
(Gasp) Excellent idea!
Hadn't thought of that one.
-But of course, my good friend.
Photo op!
And don't forget:
the swimming pool
will be filled with lemonade!
(Cheering and whooping)
ZAC: Here you go.
Thank you.
This is exactly what I need!
Look: the Annex was one of the
first buildings built in town!
It was the heart
of the whole community.
The heart of Heartlake City!
Oh, cool!
Ooh! What's this?
An old CD.
Oh, wow!
"Heartlake City
"You Were Meant for Me"?
It's a song about Heartlake!
Apparently a singer lived here.
She wrote about Heartlake City.
And she recorded it
at the Annex!
Do you know what this means?
We need to find a CD player?
Oh! I think Paisley has one.
Right on time!
You can you handle this.
Right, Olly?
Hum Uh?
Oh! Wow!
Who's that?
It's a bit of a riddle ♪
I don't know what is next ♪
Who I really am ♪
Not even sure
Where this all began ♪
-OLLY: Wow!
Uh, sorry.
I'm just cleaning up.
Paisley! I haven't heard
you sing since
Since we were kids!
Oh! (Chuckle) I was just
humming an old tune.
What're you doing here?
Come to help out?
Yes! Well, no.
I mean, I would but, um.
I kinda need your help.
Oh, cool.
What's on it?
Not a clue.
Aliya gave it to me.
She needs it
for a school project.
Do you have a CD player
I could borrow?
For sure!
You are the best!
I'd stay, but I've gotta run.
Aliya needs this ASAP.
What's Aliya's project about?
(Giggles) Not a clue!
(Funny voice) Some people
don't ask enough questions.
Some people ask too many!
See ya!
See ya!
That was great work today.
You've got this in the bag!
Wait, what?
(Dramatic reveal music)
Oh, what is happening?
Vote for Pickle!
Pickles on demand!
Pickle vending machines,
pickle scooters,
you name it!
Wait, you're running too?
You know it! You can never
have too many pickles!
The students love me.
Why are you holding
Brad's stuff?
Oh man, that guy is smooth!
I don't even remember
putting it on!
Props to Brad, man.
Props to Brad.
Vote for Brad!
Slicker than a pickle!
(Olly moans)
Not going well.
Not going well.
This is not going well.
How's it going, Olly?
Are you serious right now?
Have you not been listening
to me as I crash and burn
on these ancient
and boring images?
Yeah. I have.
I just thought you'd want
to say it to someone
other than yourself.
Come on.
Can't be that bad.
I see what you mean.
It's awful.
Vote for Brad.
Thank you for agreeing to make
the video from the old pictures!
Please tell me it's going well!
Yeah. It's uh great!
-It's it's so great!
-Like so much so.
(Gleeful chuckle)
You're the best!
I gotta go work
on the rest of the presentation!
Oh! She's going to lose
because of me!
This is awful.
Nobody wants to see stuff
if it's ancient and boring.
You have a camera.
Go film new stuff.
You are a genius!
That's the rumor.
Thanks! I gotta go!
Wait, wait.
Did you get Paisley's CD player?
I left it right there.
Yep. Got.
But the speakers don't work,
so I'm transferring music
from the CD.
Ok. Thanks.
Oh! Keep me posted!
(Door opens)
Hiya, Gertie!
Is it ok if I film you?
Of course.
But why are you filming?
It's a documentary
about the Annex
for Aliya's project.
Um, is Paisley here?
Actually, no.
Paisley's out getting supplies.
Olly, how much do you know
about the Annex?
I know they're planning
on knocking it down.
We want to save it.
Come with me, Olly.
(Guitar music starts)
(Music covers conversation)
(Trumpet joins in)
-(Trumpet plays)
OLLY: Wow! I knew Paisley's mom,
sure but
I never realized
how much Paisley looks like her.
Mm. Sounds just like her too.
Uh, just so you know,
Paisley doesn't know
about the demolition plans yet.
I didn't know how to tell her.
Hm! We are going to save
this place, Gertie.
I promise!
And so you see,
fellow students,
just how important the Annex is
to Heartlake City.
It's part of our history,
our culture,
and, more importantly,
our future.
It's at the heart
of how we connect.
(Sheep bleat)
Brilliant! Well done.
-Do you really think so?
You'll do great!
And we'll be there
to support you!
(Spring neighs)
I'll be there to support you.
Spring says she wants
to be there, but,
something about manure
in the school hallways
Oh! Kidding, I'm kidding!
Good luck, Aliya!
You got this!
Thank you!
So sensitive!
I don't actually think you'd
leave manure in the hallway.
It was just a joke!
What do you mean
the song doesn't work?
I only have two hours left
to finish this video.
This is all I could salvage.
(Faint music)
The song's gone.
We have to fix this!
You have no idea how important
this will be to Paisley!
-I mean, to Aliya.
It's important to Aliya.
Come on!
We have to fix this.
How much of the song works?
This is all I could save.
(Music rising)
Heartlake is where
I'm meant to be ♪
Only one person can save us.
(Upbeat music plays)
I I I need your help.
I need a favor.
A really big one.
Well this sounds serious!
Need me to watch your cat?
Help with your math homework?
I need you to sing. For me.
I mean for the Annex.
I don't sing for anyone
except myself, Olly.
I know. I know.
But we need you.
The Annex needs you.
Gertie and all of her friends.
I I don't understand
I started asking questions.
"Yay, Olly,
good job asking questions."
Um, and I learned some things.
They're about
to tear down the Annex.
It's gonna be a parking lot.
What? Why would they do that?
We need the Annex!
The town needs the Annex!
We do need this place.
And I think we can save it.
That's what Aliya's project
is all about.
We have all the pieces in place
but we're missing one thing.
This. Your mom's song.
Your song.
They need you to sing.
GERTIE: Paisley?
We can be your band.
I can be drums.
I'll be bass.
I can make apple pie.
You all know how important
this place is to me.
How important it was to my mom.
(Heavy sigh)
I just don't think I can do it.
OLLY: Paisley.
No one needs to know it's you.
We can secretly record you.
Just your voice.
Whaddya say?
In conclusion,
like, such as most
Heartlake City students,
we need
have HAVE needs,
and I intend
to meet those needs.
Er, to fulfill.
To make whole.
To make sure
there are no, um
holes in those needs.
All the things
each of you needs.
Walk away!
You nailed it, bro!
The end!
For a senior lounge!
STUDENT 1: Senior lounge?
He promised me golf carts!
STUDENT 2: He told me he was
gonna build a fireman's pole
to the pool!
(Crowd groans)
(Mic feedback)
I had a hard time
with this project.
How do you create something
new and meaningful
for a school
that has everything?
But that's when I realized,
at Heartlake, we're more
than just a high school.
We're a community.
And what would be better
for this community,
than sharing our experiences,
our time,
our lives,
with our community?
(Guitar plays)
(Trumpet plays)
I'm just a little kid ♪
Caught in the middle ♪
Of a world so big ♪
It's a bit of a riddle ♪
I don't know what is next ♪
Who I really am ♪
Not even sure
Where this all began ♪
But if I leave ♪
My heart will ache ♪
If I'm not here ♪
With my friends in Heartlake ♪
The Annex
is the heart of Heartlake.
Is where I'm meant to be ♪
It's the happiest place ♪
And we need to save it.
We need to embrace it.
It's the oldest building
in the town,
and the most important one.
I never want you to go ♪
Is it my turn now?
Pick-le, pick-le
He's our guy ♪
Eat your pickles
Raw or fried ♪
Pickle, pickle, pickle
He's our man ♪
If he can't do it ♪
Uhh Uh
Vote for Pickle!
PICKLE BOY: Vote for Pickle!
It's time to carefully consider
each of the ideas
presented here today.
All in favor of er
Pickle Boy's idea?
Pickle Boy!
I got a vote?
I got a vote! Woohoo! Yes!
Legend, bro!
All in favor of Brad's idea
And all in favor of Aliya's idea
to create a community center
for all of Heartlake City?
(Crowd claps and cheers)
(Uplifting music)
Aliya's idea is the winner!
I just really thought
the school would benefit
from a grade 12 lounge, y'know?
I thought you were trying
to get scooters.
And I thought you were going
to make a slide?
Or a fireman's pole.
(Stammering) Well, of course,
all of those things.
Y'know there's already
a senior lounge, right?
Yeah. Third floor. Across
from the clogged bathrooms.
Yes! I won!
-You did it!
-What a song!
-You did so awesome!
It was a team effort.
Your presentation was amazing!
The room was hooked!
Wow just wow.
So? How do you feel?
I feel good.
I feel really good.
I think my mom would be happy.
(Choking up)
Can I give you a hug?
Oh! I'd really like a hug.
Olly! How did you get
that CD to work?
It was trashed!
I found another copy.
We can talk about
how we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
All the special things
that you do ♪
-Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know we'll be ♪
Good friends,
different together♪
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