LEGO Friends: The Next Chapter (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Decisions, Decisions

We can talk about
how we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
All the special things
that you do ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together ♪
Decisions, Decisions.
(Lively music)
Congratulations, Aliya.
With the money you raised,
we can convert the Annex
into a community center!
(Cheering and applause)
Thank you, Mayor Heartlake!
Oh, Aliya, please!
Call me Stephanie.
Um. Okay Stephanie!
I'll hire the professionals
for all the structural work.
Sounds good.
Thanks, Leo.
So that leaves
just one final detail:
would you like to help decide
what will go inside
the community center?
You've done so well so far,
and we think the community
would appreciate the continuity.
You want me?
Are you sure?
Um uh
I hadn't thought of that.
Why yes!
So, you'll help?
Uh Huh
Oh! That's great news!
Gather 'round, everyone!
Not only did Aliya
save this historic building,
but now she'll help decide
what goes inside it,
as it gets transformed into
the new community center!
(Cheering and applause)
Thank you, Aliya!
I can't wait to hear your ideas.
(Embarrassed chuckle)
-Yeah, way to go Aliya!
Wow, Aliya, that's a big job.
Oh yes! Congratulations!
Whatcha thinking?
Yeah, tell us your ideas!
I'm sure she's got a whole
notebook worth of
Oh. Really?
I was so focused
on saving the building
that I never thought about
what would go inside.
Oh, just give it a few days!
-(Dramatic music)
It's been a few days.
Hey Aliya, we've decided
you could use our help.
Oh, great!
Cause I have a brand new
notebook and no new ideas.
Fire away, everyone!
The community center should be:
a fashion slash textile center!
Complete with sewing supplies
-and a runway.
Better yet, let's make it
into a professional kitchen.
Let's make a stage!
(Breakbeat music)
A dance studio!
And a DJ booth.
(Mouth beats)
Oh, wait, did I mention
a martial arts room too?
(Martial arts shouts)
Wow! That's quite a list.
I know. Je suis génial!
I think we're forgetting
the magic of nature!
How about a rooftop garden
with lots of veggies?
(Zen music)
Wow, you're all
really passionate.
Because I know
my idea is the best!
As if!
You have to prioritize!
Imagine being on the dance floor
but your outfit is totally lame.
I would cry.
It has to serve as many people
in the community as possible.
Plus, it's only one floor.
So whatever we do,
it can't be big.
Uh. Why am I the only one
that looks up anymore?
This place
has a bunch of floors.
Oh! You're right!
I have to talk to the Mayor!
(Phone rings)
Mayor of Heartlake speaking.
Mayor I mean Stephanie.
It's Aliya.
I was wondering if you have
some time to see me today.
It's very important.
Sure! Let me check my calen
Er, lucky for you I have
some free time right now.
MAYOR: Come right in!
I'm sorry to barge in,
but I have the best idea!
Oh! You mean for what to put
in the new community center?
Please, go ahead.
What are you thinking?
(Deep breath)
Actually, there are
so many great ideas,
but they can't all fit
on one floor!
So I was wondering if we could
use the other floors as well?
A multi-story community center
would truly serve
the community best!
Mm. You're right.
-It would be great.
-Yes, I knew it!
We could make everyone's
brilliant ideas a reality!
we can only use
the ground floor.
Say what now?
The owner is still planning on
turning the upper levels
into a parking garage.
I don't know.
But the truth is,
it's his decision.
He owns the building.
The city only rents
the ground floor from him.
As the building owner,
he has the final say.
I'm sorry, Aliya.
MAYOR: Really, I am.
Good morning!
What's up Au
-(Sniff) (Cough)
-Ew! Agh!
Hum. Autumn, what gives?
You stink!
Oh! Ah
Oh, you're talking about
my compost!
Urgh. It smells like
moldy dog-water.
Hey, that's offensive
to moldy dog-water.
Now that we can use
the whole Annex,
we can compost as a community!
That's actually
what I wanted to tell you.
We can't use the upper floors
of the building.
Maybe it's for the best.
So. (Sighs) We're back
to choosing only one idea.
Then it should definitely
be a kitchen!
Hang on.
Before we do this again,
it has to be something
that helps the whole community.
I'll just need to prove to you
that the whole community
wants a textile room.
-Wait, no!
The community wants to dance!
And do martial arts.
-And all of my other ideas too!
Hey, neither of you
have asked me for anything
to put in the community center.
That's because I love
all of the ideas!
Will you help me decide then?
Oh great!
Meet me at the diner
after school and we'll talk!
(Whimsical music)
Did I miss something
at fashion week,
or are you just saving that
for later?
Huh? Um, no.
If you must know,
it's the Ascension Amulet!
I'm meeting up
with my LARP group.
Should I know what that is?
Live action role-play.
Or as I say:
the best way to spend the day.
Role play? Interesting.
Do you perform?
Perform? Pft! Ha!
It's called a session.
And yes, we will,
as soon as we find a place.
Oh, hey guys!
No luck?
What are we gonna do?
Mr. Turtlebot
has taken a vow of silence
until he ascends to
the Castle of Fury!
It's a big deal.
A very big deal.
It's gonna be epic!
Listen, Brad.
There's nothing epic
about a shark or a hot dog
helping an old man
with a turtle shell
get into the Castle of Fury.
I think you might need
some help with costumes.
(Unintelligible whispers)
It's official. We'd like that.
Of course you would.
But I can't make anything
until I can actually sew
after school.
Right now, the room is locked
at 3 pm sharp
and my sewing machine at home
is broken.
We're in the same boat.
That's why we can't use the gym
for our sessions.
Then that settles it:
we need to convince Aliya
to make a space for us
in the Annex!
Oh! That's a great idea!
I heard she's going to the diner
with Nova and Liann tonight!
Then we storm the gates!
Remind me
of what we have so far.
(Sighs) A lot of ideas
and one very small space.
Wrong. A headache.
What we have is a headache.
What do you think of Zac's idea
for a dance studio?
I guess that's cool if you're
into that sort of thing.
That's exactly the question.
Would the community like it?
(Turntable scratching)
Hello Heartlake!
Are you ready to party?
Hit it!
(Crowd cheers)
(Dance music plays)
ZAC: Show us your moves!
Meh meh meh meh!
Woot woot woot!
If Aliya thinks these are good,
wait till she sees what I can do
with a professional kitchen!
Er. It's okay to bring tacos
to a place that already
sells food, right?
I mean, everyone loves tacos!
(Music blasting)
Oh yeah!
Huh! Uh! Mm hm!
Woo! Woo!
Whoa! Aliya
What is going on?
A lot!
Zac started a
Uh, wait, did you bring food
to a place that sells food?
(Embarrassed chuckle)
Bold. I like it.
(Music stops)
Sorry everyone,
dance party's over!
Unfortunately, the diner
is not a dance floor.
And apparently,
we should all know that.
You had some killer dance moves.
It's official.
We've got to figure out a place
where we can all dance together.
Aliya, can you help us out?
-(Door opens)
-BRAD: Not so fast!
Aliya, you said
whatever you propose
for the community center
has to be something
the community wants or needs.
Look at their pathetic costumes.
There is clearly a need
for a textile room!
I thought we were asking
for a LARP space?
Do you want a space to LARP,
or awesome costumes to LARP in?
Uh, huh
I'm sorry. What is a "LARP?"
Live action role-play!
Yeah, I still don't know
what that is.
But we can't fit all these ideas
into this one tiny space anyway.
I wish we could just talk
to the building owner.
Maybe he'd change his mind.
You mean my grandpa?
No, Brad.
-The owner of the
Are you saying the owner of
the Annex is your grandfather?
Can you talk to him for us?
It won't make a difference.
He never changes his mind.
There's a first time
for everything!
You can try if you want.
He walks his dog past the Annex
every morning.
Just don't say
I didn't warn you.
We can do this!
-LIANN: Alright!
-ZAC: Yes, we can!
-(Grunt) (Pant)
-Oh, hey!
I know you.
What are you doing
out here by yourself?
Aw, how's our Dashy-washy?
(Baby talk)
DALE: Some of us like
a little space, you know.
NOVA: Huh?
You should try giving him some.
Pretty sure Dash
doesn't want any space.
Can I help you with something?
You wouldn't happen to be
the owner of this building,
would you?
The deed would say so.
Oh, perfect! Just the man
we wanted to talk to.
Oh joy.
We were wondering
if instead of making
the upper floors of the Annex
into a parking deck,
you'd consider
renting them out to the city
for an even bigger
community center?
I've already done enough
by leasing out the first floor.
But we have so many ideas about
how to make the community center
special for everyone!
No. I'm not interested.
Well, wait!
So, Dale.
We're on a first name basis,
Well, remember
before you adopted Dash?
Lonely? It kind of stunk?
But you're not lonely anymore.
Dash brought you joy.
This community center is going
to bring that same joy
to a lot of people in Heartlake,
and that's a fact.
You can help make that happen.
Do it for the kids, Dale.
Mmmm. No.
-None of your business!
-ALIYA: Please tell us.
If you must know,
I met my wife in this building
sixty years ago.
I bought this building
because of her.
But she's not here anymore.
And this building
is just a painful memory.
I'll be seeing you.
That's terrible.
He had all of those
good memories.
But now they're all ruined.
Wait! That's it!
We just have to remind him
of what a wonderful place
the Annex can be!
Help him remember
the good times he had!
That could work.
OK, everybody meet me
back here tomorrow.
And bring back-up!
Huh. You again.
Hi, Dale.
I said, "Hi, Dale!"
(Upbeat music plays)
What is this?
I don't know.
I guess people in the community
really love dancing, huh?
Just as much as they love food!
Best. Taco. Ever!
It is Uh What she said.
And food comes from healthy,
nutrient-rich soil!
There's so many benefits
of composting as a community!
Which could be done right here,
at the community center.
You do care about the Earth,
don't you, Dale?
I see what you're doing.
You haven't seen the half of it!
(Percussions play)
Turtlebots and Wizards,
prepare for battle!
(Epic music)
(Fighting shouts)
And imagine what this battle
would look like
if they were dressed in these,
courtesy of a community
textile room!
It's Mr. Turtlebot,
standing heroically.
Fall on my sword, Mr. Turtlebot!
No one can claim
the Ascension Amulet from me.
(Action music)
Huh? (Gasps)
Darn you, Turtlebot!
Everyone stop!
Listen up.
You can't always
get what you want.
However, today,
you can.
I used to have
the same excitement
coming to this place
after school every day.
And my wife, my Janey,
loved this place
even more than I did.
She would want you all
to have the chance
to make your own memories here.
I think together
we can make the community center
bigger and better
than it was before!
-(Joyful shouts)
Well, well, well.
What do we have here?
It's official. The city
can lease the upper floors
to make a huge community center.
It's for the kids.
Thank you, Dale.
That's wonderful news!
You kids sure know
how to get things done.
Your persistence
really paid off.
You should be very proud.
Thank you, Mayor Steph
I mean, Stephanie!
This is awesome!
I'm OK!
We can talk about
how we're the same ♪
Wear the same clothes,
like the same games ♪
But I'd rather see
the true you ♪
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
All the special things
that you do ♪
-Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh ♪
And I know
we'll be good friends ♪
Different together,
Oh-oh ♪
We'll make a difference,
different together ♪
We'll celebrate
what's great about it ♪
And I know we'll be ♪
Good friends,
different together♪
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