Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar (2019) s01e02 Episode Script


"Jurassic World is already great, "thanks to park personnel like Claire Dearing and Owen Grady, "and it's on its way to being even greater! "Final score on Larson Mitchell's trademarked Mitchell Merit Meter: One million Mitchell Merits!" [SQUEALS.]
Best day ever.
Loving the hats, you two.
Looking good.
Oh, I gotcha.
Here's a coupon for a new one.
Hi, Hudson.
Need a boost? Yes, please.
Thanks! Have a great day.
Whoo-hoo! Yeah! [CROWD EXCLAIMING.]
Hey, Claire! Do you have any 4-foot tongue depressors? I have a sick Brachiosaurus here.
Got you covered, Stella.
Ooh, 5-foot.
Assistant Park Operations Manager Claire Dearing speaking.
: Claire! Park Owner and Prototype Jeep Tester Simon Masrani calling.
Good morning, sir.
Anything I can do for you? Any crisis that needs de-crisis-ing? [PEOPLE SCREAMING.]
Masrani, do I hear screams? SIMON: It's okay, they aren't mine.
Can you meet me at the Raptor Pen? I have a big surprise for you! A surprise? [BEEPS.]
It's another promotion.
My can-do spirit and get-it-done attitude is really paying off.
Soon-to-be-former- Assistant-Park - OWEN [ON PHONE.]
: Claire.
- Oh.
Listen, I can't talk.
I have to meet Mr.
Masrani at the Rap Can you come to the Raptor Pen? I think we may have a problem.
CLAIRE: I was just headed that way, and I am on a problem-solving roll.
Is the problem animal, vegetable or mineral? [PEOPLE SCREAMING.]
Um, vehicular and aeronautical? [MUSIC.]
Whoo-hoo! [BARKS.]
Whoo-hoo! [SCREAMS.]
Ha, ha! Did you see that? What was that all about? [MUSIC.]
Oh, I asked the motor-pool to modify a Jeep so it was as fast and maneuverable as an Ornithomimid Between us, I think this is faster! [HORN HONKS.]
Okay, where's the problem? Right there, and it's taken care of.
Turns out it's one you wouldn't have been able to solve.
Sure, I could have.
Claire, problems in the field are a lot different than the kinds you face.
Wha? If it's a purchase order mix-up, no question, you're the go-to person.
I But if it's, say, an out-of-control Jeep driven by an eccentric millionaire? Billionaire! I can handle anything anyone throws at me.
Speaking of which Mr.
Masrani, you wanted to see me? Yes.
The tire is broken on this Jeep.
Please, buy me a new one.
Oh, heh, we could just fix it, sir.
Fix it? Brilliant! Excellent problem-solving, Claire.
Maybe you can help me with something else Let me tell you why I've asked you here.
I've been thinking about this for the last several seconds, and I want to add a 36 mile-long off-roading safari! [LAUGHS.]
Sir, that's an enormous expansion.
My daily inspirational text this morning said: "Bigger is better than better!" I've already asked Dr.
Wu to give me more exciting dinosaurs.
Now I want this.
Are you with me? Yes, sir.
Of course.
I mean, what could go wrong? Almost anything, Claire.
Please, take this seriously.
So is there a button or a master builder around? How does this get fixed? Oh, I'm sure Claire can think of something.
Problem-solving and all that.
Right, Claire? Right.
And clearly, the best way to solve this problem is to delegate.
Go to it, Owen.
Oh, yeah? Well, I'll probably need to fill out all kinds of paperwork first, so maybe you should Brainwave! What if you solved it together before I show you where I want the safari route? Problem-solving and team-building! I love it so much I'm not even going to give you a choice.
Make it happen.
BOTH: Great.
WU: Ha, ha! Success! Mr.
Masrani asked for a bigger, better dinosaur I give you, Bigheadasaurus! [ROARS.]
All right, how about Stiltatops? [BUZZER BEEPS.]
There must be a way to give Mr.
Masrani what he wants.
What if we concentrate on the "better" instead of the "bigger"? What do you mean? I know Mr.
Masrani thought the idea was boring, but maybe, just maybe, we could return to the concept of hybrids.
How about the Carnoraptor? And the Brachioceratops.
Hybrids yes! Allison, set up a video camera.
You'll document the work I'll be doing so Schweitzenbaum won't be able to discredit it.
I'm a scientist, Dr.
I can do more than record our work so you can settle scores with your college rival Not now, Allison, I'm innovating.
But I'm stopping on the way to get a new bowl for the Mosasaurus.
It's outgrown the one it's in.
Set up a video camera.
He has no idea of my talents.
Whoa! [WAILS.]
I think you dropped this.
Oh! Thanks, Danny.
No problem.
I'm not used to seeing scientists out of the lab.
Shouldn't you be in there making brilliant discoveries? I should, but I feel like Dr.
Wu isn't open to any of my ideas.
Hmm Then he isn't half as smart as he tells everyone he is.
You know, you don't have to let him treat you like [PHONE RINGING.]
Can you excuse me for just a sec? Uh sure.
Sinjin! Did you find the treasure? Not yet, mate.
How hard can it be to find a great big chest of gold doubloons? Without the third piece of this map, it might be impossible.
This could be the biggest bloomin' boondoggle since I went questin' for [HISSES.]
the Oversized Earlobe of Quetzalcoatl.
Where are you? My new lair! Ha, ha! It used to be a janitor's closet, but I spiffed it up.
What do you think? Charming.
So listen, about the gold Without a full map I don't want excuses, Sinjin.
I hired you because you're the sneakiest, shadiest, cheapest fortune hunter there is.
With that treasure, I can make my own dinosaurs for Lizard Land, my rival theme park that will ruin Jurassic World as revenge for my uncle, Dennis Nedry, who worked for that dino-hack John Hammond in Jurassic Park and met his demise with nothing to show for it.
"Lizard Land"? It's a placeholder.
The name is still a work in progress.
Now, find that gold! [SLURPING.]
Okay, crazy Jeep fun time is over.
Back to work, ladies! [CHITTERING.]
Hey! No flanking! [BARKS.]
I'm the alpha of this pack, not its lunch.
Thank you! Good job.
Now, today's lesson: Jumping! Red, you demonstrate.
Jump! Attaboy.
Okay, your turn.
Jump! Blue, Charlie, Delta, Echo.
Echo Eyes on me.
Hey! Over here.
Wow, you've really got 'em eating out of the palm of your hand, Grady.
Heh! [GROWLS.]
They're just distracted.
Sometimes animals can sense things we can't, like an earthquake or a storm.
Aw, they're not distracted, they're lazy.
And too stupid to notice anything that isn't shouted in their faces.
Watch the master.
Uh, Vic, I wouldn't do that.
Of course you wouldn't.
Heh! Hey, What's-Your-Name, jump! [HISSES.]
Ah! Oh! Off! Quit! Stop! Mommy! Hey, nice jump.
I mean, Blue! Blue! Delta! Echo! Echo Back off! Charlie! [GROANS.]
The raptors are really skittish.
I'm gonna head to the Command Center.
There might be something on the weather monitors to explain why they're nervous.
By the time you get back, I'll have these overgrown geckos doing [ALL HISSING.]
Actually, I'll come with.
OWEN: Wha? The monitors aren't even on! Where is everyone? Masrani gave 'em the afternoon off for International Command Center Workers' Day.
Yeah, that's not a thing.
Pretty sure it is.
When is he gonna stop believing everything everyone tells him? Seriously? One plug powers the entire room? Everything around the island looks pretty clear.
Except for that ginormous storm! Claire! Come in! [OVER RADIO.]
Claire! Pick up! Storm coming! [GASPING.]
I'll get it.
No! Mr.
Masrani, keep your eyes on the road! Look out! [CLAIRE SCREAMS.]
Sir, are you all right? Fine, but why didn't the airbag? [GRUNTS.]
Ooh, pillowy! Owen? Did you say something about a swarm? I thought he said "splorm.
" Though that wouldn't make any sense.
Seriously, what kind of word is "splorm?" Owen? Owen! Can you hear me? [STATIC CRACKLING.]
I think the radio is busted.
We don't have any vehicle building instructions Think can-do.
Solve the problem.
Looks like the Jeep should still run, so we'll just replace the tire.
Uh, weren't we already using the spare? Yes.
Yes, we were.
All right, we need shelter.
A cave.
A large, hollow tree trunk Uh, leave it to me, Claire.
I have a flawless sense of direction.
My inner compass says we'll find shelter That way! Uh.
That way.
Masrani! In these conditions, maybe we shouldn't Oh [STATIC CRACKLING.]
Claire? I heard her for a second, then it sounded like there was a crash.
I'm gonna go find them.
Hold up, Dino Boy.
This is clearly a security issue.
I'm the security professional and you're the animal trick guy.
Can you believe this guy? Security Team Alpha to the Command Center, stat! Over.
OFFICERS: Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Oh, boy.
Okay, team, we've got a missing persons case, which means it's time for a good old-fashioned grid search! [ALL CHEER.]
We'll start at Grid 1A, the Ferry Landing! What? No! Simon and Claire weren't anywhere near the ferry! Owen, Owen, Owen.
You can't start a grid search in mid-grid.
Ha-ha-ha! [IN UNISON.]
Ha-ha-ha! Ah, amateurs Okay, Security Team Alpha to Grid 1A! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! [STATIC CRACKLES.]
: Hoskins to Command Center.
Security Team Alpha is lost! Repeat, we are completely and hopelessly lost! And it is really, really, really rainy! Over! [SIGHS.]
All right, just find some cover.
I'll come get you after I find Claire and Mr.
Vic? VIC: You didn't say "over.
" [SIGHS.]
Is that? Mr.
Masrani, you actually found us shelter.
Oh, I could give your inner compass a big hug.
Impossible, Claire.
It's inner.
Be careful.
These holes suggest wild gophers may be about.
It looks like this trailer has been here for many years.
I don't know whose trailer this was, but they did not like John Hammond No, but they had an excellent eye for memorabilia.
Looks like a generator out there.
Let me see if I can get some power going.
Then if there's a radio in here, we can call for help.
Some of these Jurassic Park items date back to before the original park's construction! [GENERATOR HUMMING.]
An old-timey movie box.
No radio Great.
Masrani, I think I should head for higher ground, see if I can get a cell signal.
Of course, I'll be climbing some big hills.
In a driving storm.
It might be very dangerous, but to solve this problem, it's what this can-do go-getter has to do.
Okay, bye.
You're going to do this, Claire.
You can do.
You can rescue your boss and earn a promotion and his everlasting appreciation.
Yes! Whoa! Can-do! Can [SCREAMING.]
Anyone find the way back to the park? [GROANS.]
Well, I hate to say it but in order to survive, we may have to eat each other.
Come on, toughen up.
Dinosaurs eat each other every day.
We're all carnivores here.
I hope you brought your emergency seasoning packets.
VIC: I wish there was another way, team.
I really do.
Move it, move it! Coming through! I never should have let Claire go off with Simon.
Maybe if I climb a little higher, we'll see their truck and [BARKS.]
What? What do you see? [SCREAMS.]
Mud monster! Claire! You look [GROWLS SOFTLY.]
Great! Yeah.
Anyway, thanks for coming to get us in the rain.
Simon is holed up safe in that trailer down there [GASPS.]
We better go get him quickly, before there's another lighting strike or some other terrible [SIMON SCREAMS.]
Hot, hot, hot! Who knows what brilliant mind from Jurassic Park's early days sat in this very chair and made this very tape I'm about to watch? Perhaps a true visionary, like John Hammond himself? Or his partner, Benjamin Lockwood? [MUSIC.]
Yeah, this is Dennis Nedry Who? This is video diary tape number who-cares, because I still haven't found the third piece of the map to the gold.
I must have dug fifty more holes around the trailer looking for it Boring.
You had to go rip the map in three pieces, didn't you? You didn't want to lose it, then have someone else find it, then they'd find Cap'n No-Beard's treasure! [GASPS.]
Cap'n No-Beard! What did you do? You lost the piece of the map that had the location of the treasure! This is all John Hammond's fault! If he'd pay me what my computer skills are worth, I wouldn't need to be out here searching for that scrap of paper on every lunch break! But all I've got is this bad back from digging and a heck of an appetite.
By the sippy cup of St.
Melvin! There's the last piece of the map! He had it stuck to his burger wrappers the whole time and never knew it.
I must get inside that trailer.
Ooh, you're not getting away that easy, you rascal.
Out of darts.
Hmm Hm.
Is that? Is that a stampede? [GRUNTING.]
Yes [GASPS.]
I knew it! [GRUNTING.]
Wait a minute.
Is that a real stampede? [TRICERATOPS STOMPING.]
What's he doing outside? Sounds like a stampede.
We have to get Mr.
Masrani out of there! We can't get down there in time.
Yes, we can! We can do! All right, what's the plan? [ENGINE STARTS.]
Claire, that's a mudslide.
What are you doing? Problem-solving! [OWEN SCREAMING.]
By the crockpot [SCREAMING.]
We're gonna slide right by! [BARKS.]
Good idea, Red.
We'll take the trailer with us! [GRUNTS.]
Claire, hold her Whoa! Whoa! [YELLS.]
steady! [BARKS.]
Yee-haw! [GASPS.]
That was some amazing throw! That was some amazing steering! [BARKS.]
Any chance we can stop before we hit that? Nope! [BOTH SCREAMING.]
Whee! Hee, hee! [ENGINE REVS.]
You know this isn't a bad piece of real estate.
Is this taken? I'll look into it.
You did it.
You solved every problem that came your way.
I did, didn't I? I was wrong about you.
Well, serves you right for selling me short.
Don't let it happen again.
It won't.
I promise.
Whoo-hoo! Ha, ha! Claire, that was magnificent.
Your can-do, problem-solving spirit really came through.
Which is excellent, because if there's one thing Jurassic World needs, it's A newly-promoted Manager of Park Operations? No! A mudslide ride! Immediately! Since there are bound to be a million things that go wrong with it, you are the absolute only person for the job.
Congratulations! [SIGHS.]
Can't wait.
Sinjin! Did you find No-Beard's treasure? SINJIN: 'Fraid not, mate.
But I think I can get me hands on the third piece of the map.
Ooh, oh, oh! Really? However, I'm gonna need a few things in order to do it.
What? Tell me! Anything! Well, firstly I'm gonna need a ladder.
The storm! The storm's over.
There's no need for seasoning packets now! We made it! We survived! We're alive! [TRICERATOPS BELLOWS.]

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