Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Hybrid Horror

The gnocchi alla sorrentina is to die for.
Oh, and the corn dogs are most awesome too.
Just down the boardwalk and on the left.
If you see a Pachycephalosaur, you've gone too far! My hot dogs! Nooo! I must lead this thrilling-but-dangerous beast away from our beloved guests.
Look out! A dinosaur! Phew! Once I get her into the jungle, our highly-trained security forces will humanely pacify this terrifying-but-exciting monstrosity! The Double-Rex.
Twice the size, twice the thrills! Coming soon to Jurassic World! What do you think, Mr.
Masrani? Uh Mr.
Masrani? Ha, ha! Almost got me that time! Um Mr.
Masrani? What do you think of my Double-Rex idea? I think I double-don't like it! A giant version of a dinosaur we already have, running wild through the park, threatening poor, innocent people, and especially poor, innocent me! I also think, Dr.
Wu, that Jurassic World doesn't need bigger dinos, it needs cooler dinos.
You two had better come up with something new and exciting to pack in the visitors, before I forget why I'm paying you.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I suddenly have a brilliant idea for a new ride.
Where's Claire? I need her working on that right away.
Wait! Uh What about returning to the notion of hybrid dinosaurs? Hmm Didn't your last efforts in that area nearly lead to disaster and extreme danger to park personnel and guests? Well Yes.
Okay! Just wanted to make sure I remembered that correctly.
Go on! I believe earlier miscalculations have been corrected, and we've been working on an idea for a spectacular new dinosaur hybrid! We haven't bothered to mention it because it's not quite ready yet.
Also, we really need to do extensive testing before we It's going to be spectacular! When will my spectacular new hybrid be ready? Well, it will take a little while.
A very little while? Hmm? Like, a few days.
I mean, hours.
Check back after lunch.
Wonderful! Now where has Claire gotten to? That's what I like to see! A junior park utility specialist who's not afraid to polish a doorway.
Well done! Danny, did you see that? Why won't Dr.
Wu listen to me? We don't even know if we can create a hybrid, or if it'll be safe.
I know, right? If you want a lab run the right way, you'll probably have to leave Jurassic World and go to work as chief scientist for a competing dinosaur-based theme park! I really should, you know? It would serve Dr.
Wu right.
Yes! What? I didn't say anything.
Green pile, please! Red pile! Red pile, please! Yellow pile! Whoa! Owen? What are you doing? All of this belongs to somebody, you know.
Somebody who left this trailer in the jungle for a few decades and probably forgot about it, that's who.
I'm just cleaning it out before I move in.
And if the owner comes back for his stuff? He'll find it all in storage waiting for him in perfect condition.
And if he wants the trailer too, I'll move out and back into company housing.
Yellow pile, Charlie.
I like that you've got the raptors helping out.
Mainly, I'm getting them used to my voice.
Plus, I'm teaching them colors.
And how's that working out? They're still learning, Claire.
Give them a break.
I thought by now you'd have the raptors walking on tightropes or something.
Can't you train them any faster? Aw, it's okay, Blue.
Easy, girl.
They're babies, Claire.
You can't rush nature.
Give them time.
Stop yakkin' and go to lunch or somethin', will you? Nice puppy I just need this little tape.
Got a picture of a treasure map on it, see.
Not-so-nice nasty lizards.
Huh? What are they looking at? Claire! I have been looking everywhere for you! I've had a brilliant idea for the Blazing Comet: A roller coaster ride themed around being pursued by What are all these priceless artifacts doing on the ground? An original Jurassic Park teacup! An original Jurassic Park stapler! An original Jurassic Park electric toothbrush! What kind of animal would just dump them here? The kind of animal who has his own toothbrush? Mr.
Masrani, what were you saying - about a roller coaster? - Never mind.
The construction department can build that ride in their sleep.
I need you to personally oversee our new "Origins of Jurassic Park" historical exhibit, to open immediately.
Historical exhibit, say what? Immediately? I want every one of these treasures on display right in the middle of the Innovation Center.
Don't just stand there, Owen.
Help me load.
Danny, I couldn't grab the tape here.
But it's actually on its way to you.
Allison? Could you please bring me the sodium chloride irrigation fluid? Uh-huh.
Yes, mm-hmm.
Much better.
I've been working so hard on the hybrid concept, my eyes are very tired.
I can only imagine.
So how exactly have you corrected "earlier miscalculations"? And how do you plan to turn an embryo into a full-grown hybrid dinosaur by this afternoon? Ah! I'm glad you asked.
Regarding the calculations, I moved a decimal point to the left.
No, to the right.
I'm sure it doesn't matter.
As for the embryo growth, I've reprogrammed the nucleonic bombardment cannon I used in our previous experiments.
But Dr.
Wu, you can't just skip the natural maturation process.
If we don't run more tests, there's no telling what could happen! Hmm.
They'll probably name the process after me.
For science! "The Wu Process.
" This is not good.
Well, Allison, I'd say this new process of yours could certainly use some refining.
How am I supposed to turn this junk into an historical exhibit? Can I give you a hand? I have some free time.
Oh! Danny, that would be great.
I could really use the help.
Where is that tape? We don't have time to sort through this.
Just put things on pedestals.
Eh, right.
The only value this old thing has is as an example of ancient video technology.
There it is! Just like Sinjin said! We're going to need a high-tech security system for all this stuff.
You know, that pedestal doesn't look right next to that case.
Could you switch those two around for me? Uh, sure.
Sure thing.
Better but now that third one has to move up here.
Eh, see now it's all too matchy-matchy, y'know? What if you put the second one where the third one was? Oh, hey Simo Eh! No time for chit-chat, Owen.
We need to get these historical treasures back to the park.
Also, I have to get back to the lab, so Dr.
Wu can unveil my new hybrid dinosaur! What? Think I should have a bigger truck? Did you say hybrid dinosaur? Yes! Isn't it wonderful? It's two dinos in one.
It's not wonderful.
That's a terrible idea.
There's a hybrid dinosaur loose on Main Street.
What a terrible idea.
Get in the truck! You guys too.
Maybe you can help me lead her into a paddock.
Seriously, a hybrid dinosaur is the worst idea I can think of! Help! Ugh.
Can't we have one day without a crisis? Hello, beautiful.
Come help me with crowd control.
But But She is magnificent.
And she's also running straight toward my new roller coaster! One of my brilliant ideas is about to wreck another of my brilliant ideas.
That can't happen.
Okay, okay.
Hang on.
Yes! Heh-heh.
We saved them both.
Something's wrong.
That dino didn't look angry.
She looked scared.
She doesn't look scared now.
It's the Egg Spinner ride.
It's calming her down.
Wonderful! Problem solved! No, problem worse.
Look! Form a perimeter around the perimeter.
Set Taser batons to zap really hard.
Drone pilot, prepare to launch capture net.
Vic! Vic, listen to me.
Stand down.
This dino is not a threat.
Don't you worry, nature boy! We'll have this situation handled before you can say "justified and appropriate use of force.
" Okay, everyone.
This is the moment we've all been waiting for.
Zap city! Whoo! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! She's a baby.
She looks like a full-grown dino, but she's just a baby.
I gotcha.
I gotcha! Oh, shucks, I really thought I was gonna catch you.
My bad.
Aah! She's headed right for us! Hup! Hup! Hup! What do you think she weighs? Twelve tons? Fifteen? Hm.
Vic! Eh.
Step back, I got her.
You're only scaring her more.
Fire the net! Over here.
It's okay, girl.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
You're safe here.
Blue, not now.
Get back in the truck.
Oh, good, Owen and the raptors have it under control.
Whoa! Owen! Owen, are you okay? Never better.
Nice catch.
We have to rescue the hybrid.
She's not a monster, she's just a baby.
But she's, like, 12 tons.
I guessed 15.
She's grown-up on the outside, but she's got a baby dino brain.
The poor thing's terrified.
Thankfully, her armored shell is protecting her.
Red, you're in charge.
Make sure the raptors stay in the truck.
Claire, come with me.
And Simon Uh Don't come with me.
This seems like an excellent place for me to be.
Nope! You're staying with me.
What for? In case they need bait.
You look much tastier than me.
Heh, it's true.
I do have flava.
She can't have gone far.
I think I see her.
Okay, that's adorable.
That's right.
You know I won't hurt you.
You can trust me.
I'm in charge here.
Well, technically, I have seniority.
I mean, you're barely a freelancer.
Oh, ha.
This is that alpha thing.
Thank you.
I'm not gonna let anything happen to you, girl That's it.
No one's gonna hurt you while I'm around.
I'll go tell security to clear a path to an open sector up north.
Everyone remain calm.
Park security has the situation under control! No, no, no, no, no! I've got a couple hundred tranquilizer darts up here with that dino's name on 'em! Does anyone know that dino's name? That doesn't matter! Fire in the hole! No! Hey, over here! Look at me! That's right.
Vic! The hybrid is under control.
Hey! Stay with me, girl.
No! Focus! Focus! Is baby all snug in her blankie? Nice grab! Stationary targets are always easier to zap, ha, ha.
What? No! I said, stationary! Keep rocking her, Claire.
I think she likes it.
I'm not rocking, I'm dodging.
You have to stop Vic.
I'm on it.
Red! Blue! Ha, ha.
At last, my uncle's videotape will be mine! Oh, no.
Okay, Blue.
Green! Oh.
Blue, listen to me! Press the green button! Whoa! Claire, I want hazard pay! Whoa, Vic! Vic! Feels like hittin' a 20-ton dinosaur with a tranquilizer dart should be easier than this.
Huh, hey, Grady.
Stop shooting! Can't talk now.
We've got a situation here.
I gotta neutralize the target.
But the target has already been rocked to sleep.
Mission accomplished.
Now that's what I call teamwork.
Up high! Hey, those raptors of yours are down there too.
You want me to tranq them? No! No, that's okay, Vic.
You've done more than enough.
I have, haven't I? What? You really want to leave a baby out here all by herself? She won't be by herself.
She'll have the other unsuccessful hybrids we brought to this sector.
And she's not like a human baby.
She's still a dinosaur, and this is her natural habitat.
She'll do fine.
It's okay.
Come on.
You'll be safe here, sweetie.
And out here, her baby brain can grow at its own pace, like nature intended.
You can't rush nature, Claire.
- Terrible things happen.
- Okay, I get it.
I just wish you'd get the raptors trained and ready before Simon comes up with another insane idea.
Claire! I need you here right away.
I've had the most brilliant idea! I didn't hear anything.
Did you hear anything? Nope.
Not a thing.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no! How long was I out? The tape, the tape, the tape, the tape! The tape has been locked away forever in a hermetically-sealed case with an impenetrable laser security alarm so a never-ending crowd of park guests can stare at it.
Why me?
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