Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar (2019) s01e04 Episode Script


PREVIOUSLY What's he doing outside? Sounds like a stampede.
We have to get Mr.
Masrani out of there! We can't get down there in time.
Yes, we can! We can do! All right, what's the plan? Claire, that's a mudslide.
What are you doing? Problem-solving! By the crockpot We're gonna slide right by! Good idea, Red.
We'll take the trailer with us! Claire, hold her Whoa! Whoa! Owen! steady! Yee-haw! That was some amazing throw! That was some amazing steering! Any chance we can stop before we hit that? Nope! Whee! Hee, hee! Huh.
You know this isn't a bad piece of real estate.
Is this taken? I'll look into it.
You did it.
You solved every problem that came your way.
I did, didn't I? I was wrong about you.
Well, serves you right for selling me short.
Don't let it happen again.
It won't.
I promise.
Whoo-hoo! Ha, ha! Claire, that was magnificent.
Your can-do, problem-solving spirit really came through.
Which is excellent, because if there's one thing Jurassic World needs, it's A newly-promoted Manager of Park Operations? No! A mudslide ride! Immediately! Since there are bound to be a million things that go wrong with it, you are the absolute only person for the job.
Congratulations! Can't wait.
Sinjin! Did you find No-Beard's treasure? 'Fraid not, mate.
But I think I can get me hands on the third piece of the map.
Ooh, oh, oh! Really? However, I'm gonna need a few things in order to do it.
What? Tell me! Anything! Well, firstly I'm gonna need a ladder.
The storm! The storm's over.
There's no need for seasoning packets now! We made it! We survived! We're alive! Hello! This is Simon Masrani, owner of Jurassic World.
The park will be closing soon.
Come back tomorrow at 9 a.
for more thrills.
Go faster.
Faster! Thank you for riding the Dinosaur Carousel.
Go buy souvenirs.
Have a Jurassic day.
Time for one last ride.
Who will be next to tame this magnificent beast of a forgotten age? How 'bout you, little lady? And soon they'll be off galloping through the savanna in search of Aw, beans.
Not again.
Whoa, whoa! Come on, it's last ride of the day.
Knock it off, you big, scaly, walking staple remover.
Whoa, whoa! Uh, I mean Pretty girl? Loose dino! It'll eat us all! Wait.
Stiggies don't attack humans.
They're peaceful herbivores.
Something is not right.
- Park Help Line? - Yeah, hi, Park Help Line? I'm Hudson Harper, Golden Platinum Triple-Five Black-Diamond Annual VIP guest pass holder.
There's a stiggymoloch loose at the Dinosaur Carousel.
I saw what was going on when I was heading to the pteranodon aviary, 'cause that's the awesomest.
Could you tell me if anyone's been hurt or anything? Uh.
Hard to say.
Did you know pteranodons aren't actually considered dinosaurs? And they don't have teeth? That's interesting, Hudson, but Weird, because they're carnivores, which makes me think they have strong gums.
They gum their food, like my baby brother with a carrot? Nom, nom, nom.
So disgusting.
I've loved dinosaurs my whole life What's up? Someone forget to file an expense report in triplicate? Owen.
Just the person I need.
You need me, Claire? Like a plumber needs a wrench.
Come on.
Did she just call me a tool? Whew, heh.
That's a relief.
Simon Masrani again.
The park is now closed.
Did you get your souvenirs? If not, get them tomorrow when we open at 9.
Have a nice souvenir! I mean, evening.
Well, there it is.
You know, with my Uncle Dennis' videotape sitting under that glass case, it looks like a piece of pecan pie in a bakery.
Pecan pie.
Danny, stay on point.
If we don't get that tape, we don't get the image of the last treasure map piece.
And if we don't get that, no treasure.
My uncle knew I'd follow in his footsteps if anything happened to him.
That's why he sent me two of his three map pieces when he thought he was being watched.
Oy, hang on.
We don't want to blow this now because we forgot something.
Like what? Like, how do we know stepping on the floor won't make darts shoot from the walls and stick in sensitive areas? Happened in The Tomb of Tortuga.
To-to someone I know.
Definitely not me.
It's an exhibit of historical artifacts from Jurassic Park.
And I designed the security measures.
Multi-directional motion-detecting cameras.
Laser trip wires.
And pressure-sensitive floor plating.
And I deactivated all of them from my computer.
Let's go.
Allow me.
Booby-trapped pedestals.
- I always forget those.
- Freeze! No, you freeze.
End program.
That's the ninth run of the simulation and it's gone pear-shaped each time.
There must be a way to get that tape.
I need some air.
Air! That's it.
The air vents.
But they can only be accessed with an executive key card.
How does one procure said key card? Only from an executive, like Claire Dearing, or Simon, or-or Dr.
Or from someone who could take a key card without anyone noticing.
And I told him that the DNA was actually taken from the mosquito.
Not from the amber like he said.
Who is this kid? Hudson Harper, Golden Platinum Triple-Five Black-Diamond Annual VIP guest pass holder.
Platinum triple what now? Triple-Five Black-Diamond Annual VIP guest pass holder.
I've been here at Jurassic World with my parents for almost a month.
Hudson is a bit of a dinosaur fan.
"Fan" does not cover my pure joy for the prehistoric era.
You see, I Great.
Listen, kid, thanks, but you can go now.
We'll handle this.
Are you sure? 'Cause I could Okay, later.
Can I get one of those? Eh, you need special training.
Now, let's get this done.
I'm still hoping for a session with the raptors before dinner.
How did it get up there? Well, stiggymolochs are pretty nimble.
Their balance is It was a rhetorical question.
Get it down, please.
I'm out.
I'm calling the paleo-vets to bring stiggymoloch snacks or whatever so we can lure it down.
Ah, sorry, kid.
The aviary's closed until further notice.
Closed? But I have a Golden Platinum Triple-Five Black-Diamond Annual VIP guest pass.
It can't be closed to me.
Pteranodons get testy when they're nesting.
They cannot be disturbed.
The pteranodons are nesting? Please let me in.
This is once-in-a-lifetime.
I'll be quiet.
They won't even know I'm there.
Please? Can't do it.
Rules are rules.
I love buying Jurassic World souvenirs.
Simon Masrani loves guests who buy souvenirs.
If I can't see the pteranodons, I'll be so sad, I won't buy any more souvenirs.
How do you think Simon Masrani will feel about that when he finds out you wouldn't let me see the pteranodons? You've got five minutes.
Where are all the Whoa! Cool! Whoa! Oof.
Hey, look at me! Yeah, so awe! I think she is just tired of being cooped up at the carousel.
She'll be back to normal in a few days.
- Call me if anything comes up.
- A few days? But The ride is one of our most popular attractions.
Don't worry, little lady.
I'll have your prehistoric palomino back in a harness in no time.
Vic, I don't think That's your problem, kid.
Too much thinking, not enough guts.
What does that even mean? It means I'm gonna break that dino like the wild mustangs we had at our ranch back home.
Vic, that's probably not a good I We should probably just sit back and enjoy the show.
Yah! All right, get along, you out-of-date mountain goat.
Hyah! Okay, maybe that horn head won that round, but now it's my turn.
'Cause when Vic Hoskins takes on a job, nothing stops me.
Uh, Security? Excuse me, I'd better stop and get this.
Go for Hoskins.
Who's calling? A concerned guest.
I just saw a kid go into the pteranodon aviary.
The aviary's closed! Who let that kid inside? Definitely not park employee Bert Fenster.
He's already left for the day and was home feeding his cats.
He has witnesses.
Anyway, ahem, I think the kid was snatched up by one of the pteranodons.
Somebody better do something quick.
I'm on my way.
An important security matter has Oh.
Hey, wait for me! Don't do any zapping without me! Take that, alien invader.
Hey! Watch it, Sinjin.
Go back to Venus where you came from! This is Dan-O the man-O.
I don't know about this, Danny.
If I'm caught taking Dr.
Wu's key card You won't get caught, Allison.
You're too smart for that.
Way smarter than Dr.
If he was smart, he'd listen to your ideas and appreciate what you bring to the lab.
Does he even know you have multiple PhDs? I know, right? Well, trust me, you'd be appreciated at my new theme park.
You'd be chief scientist and have all the freedom and resources to run your lab your way.
Most of all, you'll be respected.
Okay, I'll do it.
I'm in.
Eye of the tiger, Allison.
Now go get that key card.
Ha! That was almost too easy.
Allison? - Is that you? - Yes, Dr.
I'm back from my break.
Mm, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Uh, while I was out, I paged through the new issue of Modified Genetics Monthly.
There was a fascinating article by your old college roommate, Dr.
She wrote that in school, you had to use a calculator to multiply Flieber's Constant by the square root of the Rand Theorem.
She had an imaginary friend named Stinkles.
I'll be back after I write a sternly-worded letter to the magazine's editor.
Touch nothing while I'm gone.
This is Dan-O the The horse is in the barn.
Okay, but did you get the key card? Yes.
"The horse is in the barn" is code for "I have the key card," remember? Ha, ha.
She has the card.
Now we need a distraction.
Any ideas? Sinjin? Sorry.
I was distracted by some commotion going on at the pteranodon aviary.
The perfect distraction.
It's locked.
We'll have to go in from above.
Vic, please don't go in there Tasers blazing.
Pteranodons can be vicious when they're nesting.
Those past-their-prime pelicans won't know what hit 'em.
I'm going to try and find Hudson's parents.
You stay here and make sure Vic doesn't get into too much trouble.
Oh, we both know that's inevitable.
Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup.
It's go time.
Let's do this! Oh, wow.
They're hatching.
Hi, guys.
My name is Hudson.
I'm the biggest fan of your species.
And I Whoa.
The babies' first meal.
Wait, they're eating slop.
The mother put me in the slop.
She's gonna feed me to her babies! But I'm your biggest fan.
Oh, no.
Hey! Help! Help! I think it's saying hello.
Aw, that's so nice.
Incoming! Vic, you hard-headed, dim-witted Hard-headed! Almost there.
I have to hand it to myself.
This was a brilliant plan, and it went off without a hitch.
Swing me, Sinjin.
Almost there, just about No alarms.
Ha, ha.
What a break.
Without a hitch, eh? Stop.
That tickles.
I think I'm gonna pee.
Stay calm.
I'll get us out of this.
All right, you winged weirdos, time to say hello to the newest member of Jurassic World Security.
Our drone should wrap these pteranodons up in time for dinner, which is mac and cheese, by the way.
Hooray! Activating net launcher.
Oh, boy.
This is super uncomfortable.
Don't worry, I'll get it to turn around and Uh-oh.
I'm gonna get eaten.
Hi, Mr.
and Mrs.
This is Claire Dearing with Park Operations.
We have a bit of a situation with your son.
Please call me back.
An alarm from the Innovation Center.
Just what we need.
- Who are you? - Who are you? Uh.
Hyah! Stop! Thief! Stop! Ow.
Stop! No one steals from this park on my watch.
Help! I know you don't want to be doing this.
I'm just glad you accepted me as an alpha.
Stay here, Red.
I'm gonna take this stiggy up the cliff face and save that kid.
I hope this works.
Up! Whoa.
You really know what you're doing, don't you? What about that hold over there? Can you reach it? Good girl.
Heh, ready to be rescued.
All right, whoever you are.
Give me that tape and turn yourself in.
Oh, Danny's not gonna like this.
You want the tape? Then go get it.
Cheerio! What am I doing? What am I doing? What are you doing? We've got this handled.
Oh, and you're doing a great job.
Really ready to be rescued.
I'm working on it.
I played a video game like this once.
Ha! Come on, come on.
Who was that guy? And what did he want with you? Hold on.
What are you gonna do? Don't worry, I'm an expert at this.
- Cool, huh? - So cool.
We're gonna need an emergency landing plan.
Come on, stiggymoloch.
Nice catch, girl.
You okay? So cool! Let's get out of here before the pteranodons gear up for another bombing run.
No worries.
We've got this handled.
All right, Hudson.
Time to get you back to your parents.
Could I maybe have one ride on the carousel first? I didn't know stiggymolochs were so rad.
Go on.
Have some fun.
Woo-hoo! Ha, ha, yeah! You got Hudson out of the aviary.
Oh, yeah, nothing to it.
What do you have there? While I was looking for Hudson's parents, somebody tried to steal this old VHS tape from the Origins of Jurassic Park exhibit.
Why? That's what I'm going to find out.
- Until then.
- Till then, business as usual.
Yeah! Woo-hoo! Go stiggy! This is awesome!
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