Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Spit Take

1 Ah, another day in prehistoric paradise.
What do I see next? Huh? Hello, children of all appropriate ages and responsible parents.
Welcome to Jurassic World's "dinotastic" new, educational stage presentation.
Who needs a theater when you've got dinosaurs? Dino Dave and the Very Scary Dinosaurs.
Well, maybe I'll check it out for a second.
Gather round, the show's about to start.
Then it'll start without me.
Claire, I look ridiculous.
I'm an animal behaviorist, not a A - thespian.
- Too many kids have been ignoring park signage lately.
This play is a great way to nip that in the bud and teach them about dinosaur behavior.
And that is your job.
Yeah, but you could still Besides, with this acting experience, if anyone ever made a dinosaur action movie, - you could be a shoo-in.
- Whoa! Yeah! Whoo-hoo! I know him! Hey, I'm Dino Dave and I'm here to tell you the importance of reading Jurassic World's signs.
After all, signs are there for a reason.
Can anyone tell me why a park like ours needs signs? Ooh! Ooh! Because insurance legislation changed - three years ago to require - Yes.
They're there for your safety.
We don't want anything to happen to any of our favorite people: you! Jurassic World is a fun place, but that doesn't mean it can't be dangerous, especially if you're not paying attention all the time.
Many dinosaurs are hunters, and there's nothing they like more than sneaking up on an unsuspecting future meal.
Oh, no! Oh, no! Aah! Good job, girls.
Aah! I should have paid attention to the signs and not walked into the raptor pen! Easy, girl.
This is a show.
You need to remember who's the alpha around here.
Whoa, rad! That's it.
Now we're in the groove.
Let's bring it home.
Stay back! Aah! Looks like these raptors want a dish of Dino Dave for lunch.
Yeah! Go, Owen! Red, what are you doing? You're not part of the show.
Get backstage.
Why, oh, why did I ignore the signs? They're only here to keep me safe.
I sure could use one right now one like Stop! Owen! Owen! Good thing these raptors know how important our signs are.
Let's all follow their example and let's thank them for their amazing job helping me out today.
Yeah! So awesome! And that ends our showbiz career.
Aw, you did great, Dave.
Besides, doesn't this beat fishing kids out of dinosaurs' mouths? We want more! It's not the dinosaurs I'm afraid of.
We want more! We want more! I'll hold them off.
You better get the raptors out of here.
Back to our dressing rooms.
Raptor plushies and pretzels for everyone.
Everybody in.
What the heck? Stay here, Red.
I see you've stayed with us before, Mr.
Trevorrow Ahem, well, we hope you have a better experience than last time.
Welcome to Jurassic World's newest and greatest attraction.
Not only can we take you to the dinosaurs, but now, thanks to the hard work of our chief engineer, Forrest Farrington, we can bring the dinosaurs to you.
- What are you thinking? - Owen.
Shoving the customers is bad business practice.
And locking a panicked juvenile dilophosaurus in a tiny cell is good? This enclosure precisely down to the last rock and leaf replicates the creature's natural habitat.
There's nothing natural about this.
Owen, the hotel is the only place in the park that didn't have dinosaurs.
When our guests don't see dinosaurs, do you know what they think about? Leaving.
Are these guests thinking about leaving? Everything will be fine.
Ooh, I've just decided I need to go buy my own soccer team.
And eat a pretzel.
Excuse me.
Yeah, this will end well.
This is what your park thinks of you.
There is a play going on at the hotel, and you were not even asked to provide security.
They see you as a joke to be exploited by that ruggedly handsome animal behaviorist.
Are you a joke? Are any of you even remotely funny? Actually, I have been taking improv classes You are not funny.
You are professional security experts and you will drill every conceivable scenario until everyone on this island knows it.
Operation Granny Gluefingers.
Operation Larcenous Litterbug.
Operation Evil Express Line Jumper.
Operation Counterfeit Coupon.
Operation Dodgy Corndog.
Operation Suspicious Sunflower.
Go! Hup! Hup! Hup! Hyah! It's a start.
Okay, girls.
We may not want to keep doing this play, but if we have to, we're going to do it right.
Charlie, you need to jump a little wider.
You almost hit me.
Hey! You gotta learn to take a note.
What is it Red? We're working.
I know.
But there just isn't room for you.
I'll play with you later.
Nice doggy.
Where are the dinosaurs? Okay, just get on with it.
You don't want Stella and every other paleo vet to think you're a scared rookie, do you? Just put the food in the dispenser at the far end of the exhibit.
The dilophosaurus can't hurt you.
At this age, her venom isn't strong enough to fully blind and paralyze you.
You've got this.
Okay, okay you're not blind.
You need to find the door to keep the dilophosaurus from leaving and Oops.
And now it's locked.
I am just saying.
I'm trying to run a high-class hotel, Ms.
- Not an off Broadway revue.
- Relax.
The stage is only temporary and the dilophosaurus is a great Feeding ended 20 minutes ago Why is the exhibit still closed? Oh, no.
- Are you all right? - Oh.
- Just embarrassed.
- Um, and where is the dinosaur? - Looks like she's gone.
- Gone? You mean she's running around in my hotel? I'll call Security Director Hoskins right away.
No! Uh, trust me, a baby dilophosaurus is far less dangerous than Vic and his security team.
We need someone who can manage this, quietly.
Well, who could have seen this coming? Oh, right.
We don't have time for sarcasm.
I need you to find that dilophosaurus before Vic gets involved and rips the whole hotel apart.
All right, okay.
I'll bring the raptors.
They're hunters and will track down - our runaway baby in no time.
- What? No! I want fewer dinosaurs running around the hotel scaring guests.
Not more.
The raptors won't be loose.
I'll be there keeping them under control.
Ow! Charlie.
"Under control", huh? When they're on the track of the dilophosaurus, believe me, they'll be all business.
Just don't make me regret this.
Here we go.
Echo? Echo.
- Ow! Charlie! Got the scent? Good.
Let's get going.
Everyone stay together.
I'll lead the way Uh He knows what he's doing.
Don't worry.
The raptors are perfectly under control Delta, the skeleton isn't an enemy.
Don't attack it.
Totally under control.
All good.
Have this fixed in a sec.
Good as new.
Uh close enough? I'll call the repair crew.
Why don't you see about finding your friends? Great idea.
I'll just head to the monitor room and monitor.
No reason to worry, and no reason to call security.
Ah, Mr.
Hoskins? I have a serious problem at my hotel.
Yes! Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup.
Operation Hospitality is a go.
How am I supposed to bake my soufflés with all this shouting and? That is a $75 organic, free-range game bird, you scaly little And get back here! Where did you get to, you repulsive reptile? More thiefosauruses.
I will poach you, you poachers.
Chew on that.
Oh, no.
My soufflés.
Baby Chicks to Eagle, Floor Two's clear.
Proceeding to ballroom.
Keep up the good work, team.
Charlie? Delta? Echo? You girls around? Blue? Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup.
Owen! Vic's team is in the hotel.
Tell me you found our runaway.
I'm still trying to find the raptors.
This place is a maze.
Actually it's a series of interlocking hexagons.
Hudson? What are you doing here? Helping you look for your raptors.
They could be anywhere by now, you know.
Raptors can reach a top speed of 60 miles per hour.
This could be a dangerous situation, and I can't be distracted trying to keep you safe.
Unless you know everything about this hotel You know everything about this hotel, don't you? Okay, where's the closest place with food? Casual dining or upscale? Uh, this way.
Stay here.
Stay quiet.
Hey, there.
No need to be afraid of me.
I'm your buddy, right? Sorry? Easy, now.
I can see now that this wasn't the best time to snap a pic.
But it did come out really well.
Uh, Owen? I-I'll get that back, right? Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup.
Target must have gone into the spa.
Hup, hup, hup, hup! She's in the steam room.
Can't see a thing.
What would the chief do? Zap anything that moves.
Mayday! Hang on, team.
Hang on.
Where did she go? No.
In there! Owen, the dilophosaurus is in a storage room on the ground floor.
Owen? Owen.
If you want something done you just have to do it yourself.
Gotcha! Red.
What are you doing in here? Where's Owen? I know he's been busy with the raptors, but what if he needs you? Well, I need you, then.
Want to help me track a dilophosaurus? Stuffed animals.
I want this one! I only just saw it, but I'll love it forever.
Oh, this is so, so bad.
Oh, it talks too.
That's a prototype animatronic, not for sale, have a coupon, bye.
When you're taking on a role like Dino Dave, do you use the Shermer technique of acting or are you more of a Method guy? Good boy, Red.
Herd it over.
Red? Help.
- Red? - Owen! Claire? Is that you? Where's Red? He just ran past me without helping.
Why? I've always been there for him.
Normally, sure.
- But lately? - What do you mean? All the time you've been spending with the raptors The show, tracking the dilophosaurus You think Red feels left out? Doesn't it make sense? Dogs are very social.
If Red thinks you're ignoring him, he probably feels abandoned, betrayed, heartbroken Thanks.
I didn't completely feel like an insensitive jerk.
But you're right.
I've got a best friend to get back.
Red! Fan out.
Red! No! No! I can't feel my face.
Are you okay? Aw, Red, you're the best.
Uh How'd you like the show, folks? Yeah! Way to go! Another amazing Dino Dave show.
You hear that, Red? You saved the day.
Take a bow, bud.
Uh, don't want them running off.
Uh, let's see How does Owen do it? Single file.
I assume you're taking the dilophosaurus back to a real habitat where she can get some peace and quiet? If Simon has a problem with that, he can come find me.
I'll be hanging with my best pal.
Always a pleasure, Mr.
Hope to see you again soon? Hang on, team.
Hang on.
Huh? I thought you were being eaten by the runaway dinosaur.
Uh yeah, we were gonna keep chasing it, but we got thirsty in the steam room and stopped for smoothies.
And they were so relaxing You want us to get back to work, chief? Nah, let's take a break.
We've earned it.
This is nice.

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