Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Fish Story

1 Poor thing.
Carnotaurus arms are so short.
They can't even pick their own teeth.
It's a good thing we've got her lightly sedated.
Easy, girl.
Stella's just helping you keep that beautiful smile.
You sure have a way with her, Owen.
You look right at home up there.
But I'm more of a motorcycle guy.
You should've seen the cycle I had back home.
She was a sweet ride.
I know more about melioidosis than motorcycles.
Where are we on the search for those dinosaurs? The ones that ran away when those power surges - shorted out the fences? - Vic's search parties have been working triple shifts since it happened.
Picked up most of them, but they're still looking for three Compys, the Baryonyx and that allosaurus.
That's too many dinosaurs running around loose.
Tell me about it.
For everyone's safety, we need all our escapees back in their paddocks ASAP.
Whoa! Steady.
Easy, girl! Hold her still, Owen.
I think our girl might have a bad tooth.
Aah! Whoa, whoa.
Whoa! Whoa! - No! - Owen! Are you okay? Aah! I'd rather be riding my bike! Oh, no.
Daniel, old sport, I once spent six days trapped in an arctic crevasse while searching for the yeti's Golden Pantaloons.
But this, this is worse.
I know.
But how can we sneak in to Claire's office and steal my uncle's videotape if she never leaves her desk? I mean, it's right there, Sinjin.
Right there! The boss! What are you gonna tell her? Me? Why do I have to be the one to tell her anything? Because she's your boss.
I don't see why that's You were supposed to call me half an hour ago with a progress report.
Do you have something more important to do? No! I was about to call.
We were just talking about you.
How kind you are, how understanding, how There hasn't been any progress, has there? No.
Oh, Danny.
You know how important this is.
And you know what happens when you disappoint me.
Do you want to disappoint me, Danny? No.
So I'll expect a call from you tomorrow.
With something I'm going to like.
You know how I love to hear from you, Danny.
Stone the crows.
Who was that? Even if we do somehow get our hands on that old tape, we still have to find a VCR that will play it.
Nobody's even seen one since 1990-something! Hmm.
Ah-ha! I know precisely where to find such an artifact.
You just see about that videotape! But How? Whoa! Hey! Whoa! No! Okay, how do I get you back in your paddock before you realize you're the only predator in a valley full of prey? Mayday! Mayday! This is Aah! Whoa! Great.
Another runaway dinosaur.
I'm no tracker.
I need Red and Blue.
So much for calling for a ride back.
Well, at least it's a nice day for a walk.
Very funny.
So close.
Six hundred pages left, then home and sleep.
Precious sleep.
Huh? Claire! Ooh! Claire! Oof! Mr.
Masrani, I'm right here.
- What's going on? - Can't talk now, Claire.
I've found the most incredible new virtual reality game, and it's giving me all sorts of ideas we can apply to the park.
I need to move around freely to play the game, so I must completely clear my office of obstacles, like big piles of urgent paperwork.
Here's the virtual sledgehammer I've been looking for.
Now I must go.
If I don't mine enough virtual iron to build a lantern by nightfall, the goblins will eat my virtual tree house.
Hi, Miss Dearing.
Since it's almost quitting time, I was wondering if you'd mind leaving a little early, so I could get a head start on cleaning your office.
Danny, please, call me Claire.
And I can't go anywhere right now.
Wait, why are you cleaning offices? I'm a park utility specialist, remember? I go wherever I'm needed.
Including the janitorial department.
Why can't you leave? Argh.
My performance review is coming up, and I wanna make sure I complete every task Mr.
Masrani gives me between now and then.
Anything I can do to help? You could find me a copy machine.
I need 65 copies of this prospectus, in triplicate, and the nearest machine is all the way down in Human Resources.
Ooh, I wouldn't use that copier if I were you.
Ooh, that's a keeper.
- May I use your treadmill? - My what? Oh, I forgot I even had one.
Sure, go ahead.
Wow, Danny.
You're a handy guy to have around.
Don't mention it.
Hmm? Hey! Blue! Wanna help Red and me track down a runaway Carnotaurus? I'll just get Red to do it then.
All right, you two, stop competing! Everybody climb into the Nobody left me a jeep? Ugh, I have got to get my own wheels.
Do not say a word about the Carnotaurus.
I don't want Mr.
Zaps-A-Lot getting any ideas.
Hey, Grady.
Didn't meant to break up your weekly poker game.
Anyway, certain members of my team seem to think you and I got off on the wrong foot, so I promised them I'd invite you along on my night fishing trip.
You know, outdoorsy, male-bonding stuff.
- Night fishing? - Yeah.
I promised I'd ask, but I'm sure it's not something you're interested in, so - I'll drive.
- Seriously? - Scoot over.
- We're really gonna do this bonding thing? Hey, I'm all for improving co-worker relationships.
There's just one little thing I need to do before we bait our hooks.
Fire in the hole! Nicely done, Sinjin.
This is gonna be like stealing tzoalli from the crypt of Ahuitzotl.
All done.
Thanks to you.
I was happy to help.
So you'll be heading home now? Oh, yeah, but first, I am starving.
Winston's Grill is still open.
Let me buy you dinner for all your hard work.
Oh, I really wish I could, but I can't leave the building.
I'm still on the clock.
But you go on, have a lovely evening.
Oh, no, I can't do that.
I'd feel terrible leaving you here.
Well, then, if you really wanna do this, we, uh We could eat here in your office.
I'm telling you, Danny, you are a genius.
You pick up the food at Winston's while I start cleaning.
I'll be right ba Aah! Mr.
It's 9:30 at night.
What are you still doing here? I can't possibly go home now.
I must finish the battlements on my virtual tree fortress before the goblin horde arrives.
Oh! And I found some more paperwork! It was blocking my flying buttress.
I'm pretty sure Winston's delivers.
I don't see her trail.
Red, Blue, see what you can find.
Trail? What trail? The old fishing trail.
Claire said it was around here somewhere Huh.
Wonder why Claire never mentioned it to me.
She knows I love fishing.
But, hey, this looks like a pretty good fishing spot right here.
That's our Carnotaurus.
Good boy, Red.
Aw, you too, Blue.
You'll get the next one.
Hey! Claws off my fish! Hey! It's not your dinnertime, girl.
That's a lot of fish.
And it smells like they're already cooked.
You caught all these just now? Yep.
An average catch for a master angler like me.
Just dropped my line and reeled them in.
And yet your fishing line is completely dry.
A master angler takes care of his equipment, Grady.
Well, Blue and Red found the, uh, fishing trail, so let's mount up and ride.
Okay, but I've probably caught my limit.
Good thing there's no bears around here, huh? All that fish could attract some unwanted attention! Pfft.
As if a little darkness could slow down the man who unearthed the grocery list of the Right.
Now, what's all this, then? Looks like some kind of security station.
Oh, cheers, you beautiful hunk of Drooling dinosaur? Oh! Oh, no.
Did I do that? I am such a butter, uh, hand.
Take these with you down to the restroom and clean yourself up.
Take your time.
No, it's okay.
An assistant manager for Park Operations is always prepared for any crisis.
Look at you, with a new blouse.
That looks just like the old one.
But without ketchup.
Homestretch, Danny.
Let's finish strong.
And the Tranq-Master T36 uses ammonium perchlorate-based propellant, but it's just not cost-effective in volume, you know? I mean, which rocket-assisted tranquilizer dart would you use? Definitely the seventh one you told me about.
Aw, come on, nature boy.
I'm really opening up here.
At least meet me halfway.
I don't know what this building is, but that hole looks brand-new.
We should go in dark so we don't spook anything that might've taken up residence.
Yeah, or anything living in there.
What the heck is this place? We really ought to get my fish into a freezer or we'll never get the smell out of this jeep.
- Darn it, Vic! - Why? What's the? What? Aah! I guess your tooth isn't feeling any better? On the bright side, we found our missing Baryonyx.
Look out! You never wanted to go fishing, did you? You were tracking that dinosaur the whole time.
Not cool, Grady.
Not cool.
Can we talk about this later, please? Huh? Something about this banner looks familiar.
"When lino cars roomed tharth?" No.
"When dinosaurs ruled the Earth!" This is the visitor center of the original Jurassic Park.
And the park is as safe and friendly as ever.
Run! Whoa! Whoa.
- Uh-uh.
- Close one.
- Nice warning, mate.
- You're welcome.
Now who the heck are you and what are you doing here? Hang on a minute, nature boy.
I'm the head of security around here.
Who the heck are you and what are you doing here? Me? Oh, my name is, uh Rewind.
Kind Rewind.
The B stands for Bernard.
I was playing golf and lost my ball in the rough.
- Well, his story checks out.
- The golf course is over a mile from here.
- I have a really powerful slice.
- Oh, I feel you there, Bernie.
What's up, buddy? Something about our new pal rub you the wrong way? You know him from somewhere? Why doesn't my dog like you, Mr.
Rewind? Uh Time to move! We're trapped! Yeah, but un-squashed, so it kind of evens out.
I don't believe it.
This is a classic.
Hey, Owen! Grady! Grady! Owen! Snap out of it! - Oh, no! It's coming down! - Huh? Uh, thanks for the save.
Oh, uh Thanks for the wake-up call.
- What? - What? There.
All done.
Now you can go home and rest.
- I I can't.
- What? Why not? I'm afraid if I try to leave, Mr.
Masrani will magically appear with more paperwork.
Come on, it's after midnight.
- He must have left by now.
- No.
He's still here.
- Claire - I know it.
Listen to me.
You're a strong, capable assistant manager of Park Operations.
You can do this! Now get out of that chair and leave this office! You're right.
Here I go.
Oh, Claire.
Thank goodness it's you.
I thought you were a chaotic orc, come to steal my mithril.
I found these in my moat.
Please file them.
Take that, goblin! And tell your friends not to mess with Lord Simon of Masraniburg.
I have to file the paperwork.
But there's always more paperwork.
So I can't file the paperwork.
But I have to file the paperwork.
It's okay, Claire.
Go home.
- I can file the paperwork for you.
- You will? You promise? I've been watching you work for hours.
I can totally handle it.
Well, I suppose nothing too terrible could happen if I left.
Thank you, Danny.
I am going to go home now.
Get some rest.
Tomorrow is another day.
Got my uncle's videotape Gonna find that treasure Jurassic World Is done for I gotta try to break this up before those two really hurt each other.
- Or us.
- Or my fish.
Come on, I haven't landed a haul like that since the Lake Murky Fishing Derby back home.
Hey! There's a new alpha here! Uh, no.
Me! I'm the new alpha here.
Uh Okay.
Uh, let's try again.
That's it, Grady! Keep those two away from my fish! Easy, girls, easy.
Whoa! No! Stop! You wanna be appetizers? Blue! Owen! Keep your hands out of the water! Like zapping fish in a river.
I mean, barrel.
Thanks for the save, Vic, but what the heck are you doing? Ah, they're just in dreamland for a little while.
Look at me.
I'm okay.
No need to thank me, just being awesome at my job like usual.
I knew my timing had to be dead on, so I waited until both dinos were standing in the water, and zap! I got two with one jolt.
Saved Grady and his weird pets.
Well, as a paleo vet, I'm not in favor of zapping, but it is a lot easier to work on her teeth when she's unconscious.
Hey, Dino Boy, you wanna carpool back to the park? I'll let you drive again if you want.
No, I think we're done bonding.
I don't wanna take a chance you might zap me like you did those dinosaurs.
Or those fish.
I didn't.
I wouldn't.
Vic, we don't have to be best buds to work together.
- Really? - Not as long as we respect each other as Whoo-hoo! Professionals.
Hey, Red, what happened to the world's worst golfer? Wish I knew who that guy really was.
And what he was after in the visitor center.
It ain't working.
That's it.
The dream is over.
There's nothing left but to tell that Diane bird you're partnered with.
Sorry, mate, but I'll just collect what you owe me - and be on me merry way.
- But Oh.
Nice one.
Dennis Nedry here with another video diary update on my search for Cap'n No-Beard's gold.

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