Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Blown Away

And though I'm flattered this Jurassic World pavilion will bear my name, I still believe if dinosaurs are going to exist in the modern era, it should be in a natural habitat, not some overgrown zoo.
- [GASPS.]
- All it takes is one power outage, one extremely hungry pack of raptors on the loose, one Uh, thank you, Doctor Grant.
Now, if you don't mind doing the honors? [CHEERING.]
Can't say I didn't warn them.
Grant? Right.
I'm here because you promised me enough money to continue my research for another three years.
I'll just take it now and go straight to the boat.
And home.
But unfortunately, you've missed the last ferry.
But sir, I'm pretty sure it's still No, no, no, it will definitely be gone for at least another um 48 hours.
And just as well too, this is the start of the "windy season.
" Very dangerous to be out on the water.
That doesn't sound Good? I know.
But don't worry, Claire will see to it you enjoy a fine meal and another night at our luxury hotel.
Then, weather permitting, I'll give you a personally-piloted helicopter fly-over of the island before you leave.
Masrani, the last ferry doesn't depart for half an hour I know that.
But he doesn't.
The longer we keep Dr.
Grant here, the more chances I have of getting him to endorse the park.
Then we'll see a surge in attendance for sure.
Aah! It's Danny.
I thought you should know: Alan Grant is here.
Masrani wants him to endorse the park.
Well, that could increase the attendance at Jurassic World tenfold.
We can't let that happen, can we? You read my mind.
Loose raptors.
It's already happening.
Remain calm.
Don't make any gestures that could be considered threatening.
Everyone make your way out, slowly and calmly.
I'll hold them off with my giant check.
Oh, uh, no need for that, Dr.
Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo are harmless.
Um, unless you provoke 'em.
Or if they're, you know, hungry.
But you know that, right? Here, let me show you Take a break, girls.
Owen Grady, animal behaviorist.
It's such an honor to meet you, Dr.
I've been a big fan of yours ever since Huh? How did you do this? Early establishment of alpha role to impressionable juvenile subjects combined with repetition of audio and visual cues? Amazing.
Just amazing.
Thank you, sir.
You're training them.
Like puppies.
Yeah, but they're a lot smarter.
Blue? Charlie? Delta? Echo? Echo [BARKS.]
Let us show you to your room.
I thought we were headed to the helipad for the flyover? There's a wind advisory.
Thought we'd stop in here while we wait so you can see all the advancements we've made.
Ah, Dr.
Welcome back.
Lovely to see you.
Henry Wu still works here? After all that happened last time? Real science marches on, Dr.
Not everyone who survived Jurassic Park, signed a book deal and several movie options, and became the darling of the academic world.
Of course, I'm just kidding with an old friend.
We've taken extra precautions to prevent a repeat of our earlier unfortunate events.
One slip up.
One mistake, and all these people will be in danger.
For instance, this Mosasaurus needs space in which to hunt.
And you keep it in a habitat that it has clearly outgrown? It's probably starving.
Actually, Dr.
Wu and Dr.
Miles are moving the Mosasaurus to the park's lagoon this afternoon.
Aren't you? Yes.
Next thing on the agenda.
Can't wait.
Yay dinosaurs.
Uh, you see, Dr.
Grant Alan, please.
We take a holistic approach to all of the dinosaurs, Alan, sort of like what I do with the raptors, Alan.
I've been thinking about that.
How long is their attention span during training sessions? Are there moments when their instincts override their training? Iuh Well, I haven't organized my lab journal yet.
Something I picked up after hearing you had a journal yourself.
Ijust um Science.
Oh, my, look at the time.
We better scoot to the helipad.
Huh? Get it together, Owen.
He's just my hero.
He let me call him Alan.
So professional.
Welcome to Masrani Air, Doctor [YELPS.]
Glad you made it.
Not much of a choice.
You're right.
The thrill of discovery is never a choice, it's an obligation.
Owen, you're coming along, right? Uh, yeah.
Well, the important people are going for a ride.
Try not to blow up the park while I'm gone.
Ha! Are you sure the helicopter can handle the weight of your head? [LAUGHS.]
Hm? She's lovely.
You're a nice couple.
Huh? Oh, we're just friends and co-workers.
Who co-work together in a friendly way.
Danny, have you finished the safety inspection? Everything looks great.
Have a good flight.
Come on, Red.
Of course, it might be hard to have a good flight when a key part of the helicopter's tail is missing.
Ow! Ah, it's so nice to fly without an instructor looking over my shoulder.
So you got your pilot's license, Mr.
Masrani? Oh, no.
Long way to go.
But I've taken a few solo flights without telling the instructor, and they've mostly gone very well.
ALAN & OWEN: Mostly? Oops.
Little turbulence there The winds must be back.
Nothing to worry about.
ALAN: After everything.
All the chaos.
The dinosaurs that almost ate me.
I still can't believe they're here.
And real.
And they're beautiful.
Nothing to worry about! [ALL GRUNTING.]
Now might be a good time to worry! [ALL YELLING.]
Any landing you can walk away from is a good one, right? [ALL YELL.]
I I'm fine, I'm fine.
Not fine.
Stay still.
Aah! Hmm.
The radio is shot.
Don't worry, Mr.
Masrani, we'll get you out of here.
Alan, are you okay? Perfect, but I won't be for long.
None of us will.
Nature sure has a way of making you stop and just be amazed, doesn't it? Of course, now isn't the time to be amazed by nature.
Now's the time to find Simon something to help him walk.
On it.
I know: A motorized scooter with a cup holder and a back-up camera.
I've always wanted one of those.
I suppose this will do.
This is going to be dangerous.
Between us and the hotel lie a thousand problems.
We'll be battling the weather, wild animals, and the terrain.
But working together, we can do it.
We can survive Jurassic Park World.
Jurassic World, again.
All right, who's ready to get out of here? Very nice, but where's the cup holder? ALAN: Ingenious use of materials, Owen.
Like, primitive man making the most of his environment.
Uh Thanks? Anyway, WWAGD, that's my motto.
Excuse me? Obviously, that stands for, "Wicked Warlocks Assemble Gregarious Doohickeys.
" Actually, it stands for, "What Would Alan Grant Do?" Ever since I took this job, I've used that as a template for what I'm doing, not just with my work, but my life.
Here I am again, with a hero-worshipping kid, a crazy park owner with a cane, and an island filled with dinosaurs as a storm rolls in.
I appreciate the compliment, Owen, but you're going well beyond me.
Your work with those raptors is stounding.
What's astounding was that the book you wrote with Dr.
Sattler on the discovery of the Titanosaurus didn't win a Pulitzer.
You two sure made a great team.
Yeah, we did once.
: All guests, please make your way back to our world-class hotel for an extended happy hour.
All attractions will be closed for the duration of the storm.
But don't worry, we at Jurassic World have it all under control.
Things are totally out of control.
Danny, you said Simon's helicopter disappeared from radar? [CLEARS THROAT.]
Not only that, his transponder stopped uh, transponderizing.
Okay, I don't know what that means, but it can't be good.
Ugh, I can't stay and do nothing.
I'm going out there.
Owen needs me.
And Simon.
And Dr.
Oh, well, of course they do too.
I meant Owen in the sense that he is my employee and it's my duty to make sure he's safe.
Purely professional.
Wee! You know there have been a lot of strange events at the park lately.
Are you sure you didn't notice anything wrong with the helicopter when you inspected it? No.
I mean, Mr.
Masrani hasn't flown solo very often, so Yeah, you're probably right.
Keep trying to contact Owen.
And Mr.
Masrani and Dr.
Wee! Ha-ha-ha! I am a respected scientist, not a delivery man.
Ha! Remember that next time you ask me to get you coffee.
Coffee? How nice of you to offer.
When we're back in the lab I'll take a coffee with a little sprinkle of cinnamon.
Or nutmeg, I think they have nutmeg.
What do you know? Dr.
Grant was right the Mosasaurus was hungry.
It's suffocating.
We have to get it to the lagoon.
But how? I don't think we're going to make it back before the storm makes landfall.
You're right.
That thunder sounds like it's right on top of us.
Right behind us, actually.
Go faster, or I'll be flattened and you'll be fired.
Ah, of course.
Everyone out.
MASRANI: Whoa! I've been through this before.
We have to climb.
Hold on.
ALL: Awkward.
Hi, uh I know we don't know each other that well, but I need your help.
I think Owen crashed somewhere in the jungle.
He might be hurt or lost or worse.
I need your help to find him.
You know, "click-click"? Understand? Please.
Ugh! What's the use.
I know you're smart, but I can't believe [BARKS.]
Okay, then.
Let's do it.
Another stampede? I'm ready for you this time.
A Brachiosaurus.
Cover up.
Finally, something went our way.
I thought for sure she was going to [SNEEZES.]
Ugh! Sorry.
This wind is making my allergies crazy.
We can't stay up here.
I think the coast is clear.
Come on.
Stand behind me.
We'll use this windbreak to shield us as we keep walking.
Your resourcefulness never ceases to surprise me.
Hey, you better know how to improvise when you work with dinosaurs all day long.
Not bad, Allison.
We make a pretty good team.
But if we want to save the Mosasaurus, you're gonna have to move faster, okay? So give it some elbow grease.
I'll give you some elbow grease.
What was that? Nothing.
It's no use.
The winds are too strong.
The four-wheel drive isn't working.
What is it? [GASPS.]
It's Owen.
He's safe.
And Mr.
Masrani and Dr.
Grant too.
Of course.
Owen! They're okay.
But they can't tread water forever.
we have to help them, fast.
Boy, heh, it's a good thing that lagoon is empty, huh? [WHINES AND BARKS.]
Wu! Allison! No! Owen is in the water.
Masrani and Dr.
Grant too! [ROARING.]
Owen! We have to find a way to Red? Blue? Rope.
The Mosasaurus! Guess it's got a new bigger habitat.
Yes, with us in it! [BARKS.]
Ugh! I never should have come back to this island.
No giving up.
Not if you believe in your work and not if your life and the lives of others are in danger.
Where'd all that come from? From your book.
You taught me that.
Remember all the valuable things I taught you? Like always save your boss? Don't worry, Mr.
We've got you all covered.
Aah! [PANTS.]
Whoa! I paid for you.
Nyah, nyah.
Huh? Nice job.
Hey, thanks.
No biggie.
Good save.
Did I ever mention the giant hotel I built is completely stormproof and features mostly indoor spaces? He's right.
Let's get out of this.
Well, thank you for another stimulating visit.
Stimulating and non-fatal.
- So about that park endorsement - Mr.
Grant just survived a helicopter crash, gale-force winds and a Mosasaurus attack.
I'm sure the last thing he wants to think about is Of course I'll endorse it.
Huh? Those things were freak accidents.
Oh, so freaky.
As far as I saw, the dinosaurs are living peacefully, well cared for, and most of all Your research is impressive, and, I daresay, important.
If my endorsement can help that research continue, sign me up.
It will.
I will.
Yippee! If we made Jurassic World Cereal, could we put your face on the box? Mr.
Owen, walk me to the gangway? Thank goodness.
I already spent a fortune on a marketing campaign based on getting Dr.
Grant's endorsement.
Keep up the good work here, Owen.
But don't make the mistake of forgetting there are other things in life that are just as important if not more.
What did Dr.
Grant want? Just giving me advice.
Hero to hero.
Hero? Without me, you'd be giving that Mosasaurus indigestion.
- I had it all under control.
- Yeah, I could tell.
It was really on the ropes.
Yeah? Leave the comedy to the professionals, okay? I would, but I don't know any.
- Huh.
- I'm just speakin' the truth.
OWEN: I happened to know I'm funny.
My mom says I'm hilarious.
- OWEN: My aunt too.
CLAIRE: Oh, I'm sure.
Although she's a little nuts.

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