Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

The Haunted and the Hunted

1 [MUSIC.]
- Perfect.
Can I tell my men to take a break, Mr.
Farrington? - They're exhausted.
- Absolutely.
- Three minute break, everybody! - Three minutes? That's totally unacceptable.
Do you want to be the one to complain to Simon Masrani that he's too demanding? [GASPS.]
You You feel that chill? [SNORING.]
Is something out there? [MUSIC.]
SIMON: Ha, ha, 125 custom treetop villas for the ultimate Jurassic World time-share adventure! Beautiful, right? [SNORING.]
Nuh, french fries.
King-sized memory foam mattresses, in-room latte machine, high-speed internet.
A true back-to-nature experience.
I'm sure it'll be great, sir.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've had a long day and there's a bubble bath with my name on it waiting for me at home.
Wait until you see Forrest Farrington's plans for the on-branch hot tubs.
Come to think of it, he should have checked in with his daily update.
Simon Masrani for Forrest Farrington.
Come in, Forrest.
That may have been the worst daily update ever.
Forrest, tell me you're not injured and considering a lawsuit.
This is awful.
There's probably a simple explanation.
I pre-sold all the villas.
If they aren't completed on time, I'll have to refund every deposit.
Claire, will you drive up there and take a look? Me? But bubble bath.
I'd ask Vic Hoskins, but I've noticed that where he goes, expensive property damage usually follows.
Please? I'm very worried.
I'll go if you promise me a complimentary spa day at the park hotel.
Thank you, Claire.
Yeah, yeah.
OWEN: Right, Charlie, give that shingle to Delta.
Good girl.
Now slide it over to Echo.
That's it.
And Blue, you put it in place.
Hm? Owen.
I need your hel [BOTH GRUNT.]
Why is your stupid motorcycle on the ground? Won't start.
Still needs a part.
You know, it's surprisingly hard to find a wheel for this model in the middle of the jungle.
Actually, it's not that surprising.
Um, why are you tiling the roof of your fishing shack at night? Beats working in the hot sun.
From what I can see, you're not working at all.
How dare you? You think I'm just kicking back and chilling? Got the next batch of roof tiles.
Hudson? What're you doing here? My parents wanted a "date night.
" Ugh.
Thankfully, Owen volunteered to watch me.
No, you volunteered me to watch you, and they offered me 50 bucks.
So you put Hudson to work? Kid says he wants to learn everything he can from me.
So I'm kind of doing him a favor, right? Hey, y-you said you needed help? There may have been some kind of incident up north at the treetop villa construction site.
And you want some manly muscle in case things get rough? No, I'm afraid I might fall asleep driving up there and run off the road.
And I want a dinosaur expert in case an animal is responsible for the screams I heard on the radio.
Eh, north side's a dino-free zone.
And I doubt any of the dinos missing since those power surges made it that far up the island.
You don't need me.
Unless you're scared.
Never mind.
Have fun babysitting.
Okay, you said if I brought you the roof tiles, you'd let me ask you some questions.
So do raptors burp? Would you rather work with dinosaurs or people? When you were taking a nap, why did you call out Claire's name so much? [WAILS, STAMMERS.]
Just in case, uh, it's probably a good idea that I go.
You're coming too, Hudson.
Yay! What? We don't need a chaperone.
His parents paid you to watch him.
You won't even know I'm here.
When you were calling Claire's name, it sounded like you were crying a little.
Not now, Hudson, we're on the clock, heh.
We can drop the raptors at their pen on the way.
Come on, girls.
When I was wrongly disqualified from the 3rd grade spelling bee for using an alternate spelling of "mollusk," I knew if I was gonna make it in this world, I'd have to look out for myself.
And that's what I did This is the single most boring thing I've ever experienced.
And I've traversed the Straits of Tedium.
Properly-named, believe me.
Now, I'd like to talk about a special place.
"Special place.
" This it.
The location of Cap'n No-Beard's gold doubloons.
Of course, I mean my imagination, where I visualize myself as a powerful king, punishing enemies who don't appreciate me.
He got more boring.
I'm sure we can find something to do and still keep listening for valuable information.
I spy with my little eye someone glaring at me.
- DENNIS: Pork and beef tacos.
Problem? [SIGHS.]
Just another failed simulation in my attempts to give Mr.
Masrani the "cooler dinosaurs" he's asked for.
But I think I've figured out the problem.
Really? I've been cross-checking against our files, going over the gene sequencing and calculations, and I think there might be a flaw in our DNA sample.
No, it's our computers.
They are clearly faulty.
I really doubt it's the computers, Dr.
Just take a look I'm certain it's the computers.
I'm going down to technical support to insist repairs are done right away.
Maybe if we rearrange this peptide string like this.
That's it.
CLAIRE: Hello? Mr.
Farrington? - Anyone? - Whoa.
What was this? An industrial crane winch.
They were used in the building of both Jurassic Park and World.
That is one weird kid.
It's cold.
Wish I'd brought my jacket.
Don't worry, scaredy-Claire.
Maybe we'll find some answers in Farrington's trailer.
I shivered because I'm cold, not scared.
I'm not scared either.
Owen says fear is an instinct that reveals weakness, and predators can sense it and take advantage.
That's why I try to project beast-like strength.
That is one weird kid.
FORREST: Thank goodness you're here.
CLAIRE: Forrest? What happened? I-it was terrible.
It started with a chill.
A chill like I've never felt.
And then, a horrible, invisible presence was suddenly in our midst.
Look out! [SCREAMS, GROANS.]
Help! FORREST: I had no idea what was happening.
I have no idea what's happening! It's the spirit everyone talks about.
It's returned to destroy us all.
According to the workers, long before John Hammond brought dinosaurs to this island, it was home to a ghost.
A ghost who doesn't tolerate mortals in his territory.
I thought it was just a joke.
But now Yeah.
You guys don't believe this is a ghost, do you? Absolutely.
Okay, I'd expect Hudson to maybe believe.
He's a kid.
But Owen, you're a man, chronologically.
A man of science, no less.
I don't know, Claire.
I don't like to rule anything out.
When I was in the Navy, I went all over the world.
And I saw a lot of strange things no one could explain.
Ghosts are not real.
There are four tell-tale signs of a ghost infestation.
One, a sudden drop in temperature.
Two, weird noises.
Three, trophies taken from the victims.
And four, people who believe in made-up nonsense.
Four is objects moving on their own.
Like that.
Out, out, out! [SCREAMING.]
Now do you believe? Tell her.
Tell her she should believe.
I don't know.
You know how I tell you to pay attention to your instincts, like dinosaurs do? - Uh-huh.
- My instincts are telling me we're not dealing with a ghost.
Owen, you're pretty much my idol and everything, but your instincts clearly need a tune-up.
I'm with Owen, but not because of any instinct.
In my experience, if you look closely enough, there's always a rational, non-ghost-y explanation for any occurrence.
Notice anything missing? C-15 polished titanium stabilizing bolt.
Manufactured in Gary, Indiana at I think we're dealing with a disgruntled construction worker, upset about working triple shifts, not a ghost.
And I know about working triple shifts.
Everyone out here! Line up! Now! [MUSIC.]
All right, I get it.
The hours are long, the pay is low, the work is hard.
And I'm sure sometimes we wonder why we even do this when we could be taking bubble baths.
- Uh - CLAIRE: Never mind.
Point is, one of you has let your bad attitude put your fellow workers at serious risk.
Who sabotaged the treetop villas? WORKERS: Uh.
Was it you? Markus? [WIND WHISTLES.]
I don't remember the weather forecasts calling for any cold fronts moving through.
There was a sudden drop in temperature.
Then he was grabbed.
Where's his hat and flashlight? [GASPS.]
Trophies were taken from him.
Hudson, don't cause a panic.
We should probably go too.
Whether there's a ghost in the jungle, we don't know if it's safe to stick around.
We're staying to figure out exactly what's happening.
We know what's happening.
Ghost ghostiness.
We'll see.
I never thought I'd say this, but I wish I was with my parents for their date night.
Did I keep an alphabetized list of everyone who wronged me? You bet.
Aaron Alan Abernathy.
Aaron Arthur Abernathy.
I spy with my little eye something we've only spied twice so far.
Is it that? DENNIS: Junior the Second Yes.
Oh, yeah, here's that thing about gold.
Jerry Gold.
Totally stole my idea for a self-cleaning dental retainer, and made millions.
Where is technical support? Allison, do you know if there's a support department that supports technical support? - [GASPING.]
I think I did it! - Did what? - Fixed the computers? - No.
I isolated a single nucleotide, and then reorganized the double-helix.
It needs triple-checking, but with this DNA strand, I Hang on, let me get Mr.
Masrani so I can show you both at the same time.
Be right back.
Yeah, um, you guys asked for tech support? Finally.
Yes, our computers are malfunctioning, and telling me I'm wrong.
Okay, no prob.
Uh, first step is to restart all the computers with no programs running.
Now who's shivering? You must be really scared.
North jungle has a bunch of micro-climates.
We must be sitting in a cold one.
Who's scared? I'm just trying to keep you warm.
Another date night.
Ghost sign number two.
Strange noises.
Okay, that's unusual, but not unexplainable.
I'm not going to commit to believing in ghosts until I see one with my own two eyes.
Uh, guys.
I am getting very close to believing! [MUSIC.]
Oh, no.
You know, I've noticed Jurassic World is tough on radios and Jeeps.
Uh, guys? [SIGHS.]
I'm really starting to hate it when anyone says, "Uh, guys.
You know what we should do? ALL: Run! [MUSIC.]
In here.
This is bad.
The only thing spirits love to haunt more than a jungle is a cave.
Ah, I gotta say, I-it sure seems like we're in danger, but my instincts are still saying we don't have anything to worry about.
You stay out here and have a nice conversation with your messed-up instincts.
Tell them I said hi.
I'm going inside.
I should maybe go in there, make sure they're okay.
It's true, sir.
After all these weeks of intensive research, [YAWNS.]
I think we may, may have solved how to develop functional hybrid dinosaurs.
I was having an amazing dream about riding a pet shark, and jumping it over a pool of motorcycles.
You? What? [GASPING.]
Complete battery of diagnostic tests on all our computers.
That'll teach them to tell me I'm wrong.
I had important research on there.
Make it come back! All those numbers and stuff? Oh, yeah.
That's gone.
But you saved it, right? [MUSIC.]
I'm going back to my shark.
How could you? You knew how hard I'd been working, and then I finally, finally! How could I know what you were working on, Allison? Besides, the computers weren't even working right.
Actually, it looks like all your computers are working perfectly.
- What was that? - [GASPS.]
You mean, there was no reason to open them up?! - Nope.
Still, it's a good idea to have computers inspected once in a while.
That's what I thought.
That's it.
I knew this wouldn't end well.
CLAIRE: What is all this stuff? Oh, nothing, just victim trophies.
We're standing in a ghost shrine.
The ghost.
Well, it's been nice knowing you both.
Owen, if this is the end, there's something I need to tell you.
OWEN: Uh, then you'd better say it fast.
I just want you to know that I think I I love Hang on.
Why aren't I terrified? Why are my instincts telling me we're still not in danger? - Owen? - Don't point that at the ghost.
You'll only make it [GASPS.]
A dinosaur? A hybrid? That's what chased us and did all the damage? This isn't a ghost shrine.
It's the hybrid's nest.
Some dinosaurs are attracted to shiny objects.
Maybe we should leave her stuff alone and get out of here? Uh, we're not getting past Big Head here until we calm her down.
Easy, girl.
Lullaby and good night Go to sleep Hybrid dinosaur Rest your head Time for bed [IN UNISON.]
Go to sleep, little girl [DINOSAUR RUMBLES.]
That was awesome! [RUMBLES.]
Remember you said, I'd never know you were here? I know.
Rock-a-bye dino In your big nest Please go to sleep Um, that would be best.
: That was awesome.
CLAIRE: We did release some unsuccessful hybrids near here a while back.
Maybe their paddock fences [GROWLS.]
failed too, when we had all our surges.
She's going back to the Hybrid Area? Yup.
With the fences working again, that's the best place for her.
Eh, it doesn't feel like a good idea, Claire.
Especially if Simon's gonna keep expanding the park up this way.
Well, Masrani Corp.
bought up several of the uninhabited islands around Isla Nublar.
I'll see if we can move the hybrids to one of them.
Somewhere we can keep an eye on them.
A metal-hoarding dinosaur.
Not a ghost.
I told you there's always a rational explanation for everything if you dig deep enough.
What about the sudden drops in temperature? Micro-climates.
Like I said, the island's full of 'em.
You girls will not believe the night we had.
Speaking of which, you never finished what you were saying back in the cave.
About how you love Oh.
I love motorcycles.
Which is why I grabbed you this from the junk in the cave.
The exact wheel I need for my motorcycle.
Not until you admit you were a little scared back there, no matter what your instincts told you.
Hey, my instincts are never wrong, and I always - [RED GROWLS.]
: Ghost! [BARKS.]
Very funny, Red.
Claire! You're all right.
I am so relieved.
Thank you, sir.
I'm going to go home and get some sleep.
Of course.
Right after you get the ball rolling on my new idea.
Sir? - Remember my dream? - No.
- The shark? - No.
- The motorcycles? - No.
Claire, Jurassic World is going to be the home - of an extreme sports stunt extravaganza.
- CLAIRE: Yay.
My instincts say Claire won't be going to sleep anytime soon.
- Good instincts.
- dream about riding a pet shark DENNIS [ON SCREEN.]
: This is all John Hammond's fault.
If he'd pay me what I'm worth [SNORING.]
I wouldn't need to be out here searching for that Huh? This is it, mate! I remember! This is where we see the map.
from digging, and a heck of an appetite.
The third piece of the map.
DANNY: That's it.
That's it.
And once we enlarge that image, it's hello treasure and goodbye Jurassic World.
All well and good, but when you start your own park, who's gonna make your dinosaurs for you? You're not that kind of scientist.
ALLISON: No but I am.
Whatever all this is I'm in.

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