Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

To the Extreme

1 ALLISON: What is this meeting about, anyway? I was told there'd be donuts.
Why am I here at 5 a.
? Mr.
Masrani said he wanted all park employees here for an "extremely important announcement.
" - Is that a teddy bear? - No.
HUDSON: Am I late? - Has it started yet? - Hudson? You're not an employee.
My Golden Platinum Triple-Five Black-Diamond Annual VIP Guest Pass gives me access to all pre-park-opening mandatory staff meetings.
You dropped this.
Uh, where is Mr.
Masrani, anyway? Good morning, Isla Nublar! It's your beloved employer, Simon Masrani, coming to you from 12,000 feet above your heads.
Sir, what are you doing up there? Getting ready to make an extremely big announcement.
Be right down.
He's not wearing a parachute? [ALL GASP.]
See you in a little bit.
I think he means little bits.
Yes, whee! Your screams of encouragement delight me.
Okay, everyone.
Hudson, don't look.
- Hey.
- We need landing places for Mr.
Tear down those kiosks.
Reconfigure them into a giant trampoline.
All right, squad.
Operation Prehistoric Pillow.
- Stat.
- SQUAD: Hup.
Pop a spongy cushion of fluffy kernels, you magnificent machine.
Pop as you've never popped before! Maybe if he aims for the lagoon? At the speed Masrani's going, he'd smack into the water like a cantaloupe hitting a brick wall.
Oh, I can't watch.
- Wasn't that extreme? - Heck, yeah, it was.
Popcorn! Half off.
That is only the beginning of the extremity.
I am proud to announce Jurassic World is getting its own all-natural vitamin-infused energy drink.
Pteranodon Ptea.
Get it? There's a silent P before both words.
Pteranodon Ptea.
Sir, there's no silent P before the word "tea.
" Yeah, that'd be Pteranodon Puh-tea.
Right? No, no.
Both P's are silent in this case.
You see You can't just say a P is silent.
It's Pteranodon Ptea.
End of discussion.
To promote our exciting new product, Jurassic World will debut an Extreme Stunt Extravaganza tomorrow.
With awesome skateboard slaloms through the Brachiosaurs' legs.
- Rad.
- SIMON: BMX runs down the side of the Aviary.
SIMON: And spectacular jumps over the Mosasaurus' lagoon at lunch time! Mr.
Masrani, the dinosaurs aren't here to be part of a stunt show.
Maybe we should rethink I need to see this, or I will explode! And these extreme stunts will be performed by actual Jurassic World employees.
That's you guys! Oh, Mr.
Masrani, no.
It will be amazing! I mean, extremely extreme! [PHONE RINGS.]
Now, don't worry What is it, Sinjin? I'm watching Masrani freak out his entire staff, and it's awesome.
: I'm at the loading dock.
The package has arrived.
Are you sure it's the right package? It's the right one, all right.
: Great.
Bring it right to the park.
Danny, this thing's bigger than Goliath's Step-Stool.
We'll need a big truck to move this thing into the park, and then an even bigger distraction to sneak it out in that truck when we're ready.
Just bring the package back to the park.
I'll think of something, like always.
Have I ever let you down? Do you want the list chronologically or by location? [PHONE DISCONNECTS, DIAL TONE DRONES.]
Now, who wants to be the first to try our new Pteranodon Ptea? It's sugar-free, it's gluten-free, it has some sort of, uh, energy-stuff.
Oh, and there's a week's worth of riboflavin in every glass.
Me, me, me.
Me! Not for you, Hudson.
I'll try some of your puh-tea, sir.
And it's pronounced "tea.
" Mr.
Masrani, we should make sure [SPITS, HEAVES.]
That is foul.
Like old sauerkraut in a gym sock.
That's the worst puh-tea I've ever tasted.
Wu, I'll need three new flavors of puh-tea I mean, tea.
each more delicious and thirst-quenching than the last.
No problem, sir.
Leave it to me.
What do you wanna bet he passes that buck over to me? Forget him.
Once you go back to the lab, And you grab the cloning data files we need to start my new dinosaur park, Thunder-Lizard Lodge, you are outta there.
"Thunder Lizard Lodge"? That's seriously the name? Pfft.
That was Sinjin's idea.
Look how frantic he is.
That puh-tea stuff must be incredibly strong.
Vic? You gonna be okay, buddy? Actually.
I feel pretty good.
I feel great.
I feel.
Extreme! Follow me, Squad.
Stunt training begins now! Hup, hup, hup, hup.
ALL: Hup, hup, hup, hup.
That is the kind of enthusiasm I'm looking for.
For tomorrow's launch of the Extreme Sports Show, I want half-pipes, full-pipes, bag-pipes.
All kinds of pipes all over the park.
And ramps.
And most important, Pteranodon Ptea kiosks everywhere.
Masrani, even if we could do all that so fast, we'd have to cut corners for safety and Triple overtime bonus if you finish by sundown.
You heard him, people! Let's make it happen! One more thing.
This is all the Pteranodon Ptea we have.
If even one drop were to go missing, I would not rest until I hunted down the person responsible and made them pay.
Okay, that's all from me! Have an extreme Jurassic day! Happy stunting.
I don't like this.
At all.
One drop, huh? [CACKLING.]
Swallowed a bug.
CLAIRE: Why can't I be on vacation when Mr.
Masrani has ideas like this? Oh, because I don't get a vacation.
Why'd you push my hand when I wanted to try the puh-tea? Because that stuff could be dangerous.
That's okay.
I've been in danger lots of times since I met you.
I know, and most of that is my fault.
I feel responsible for you when you're around, Hudson.
I don't want to be the reason you might get hurt.
Are you saying you don't want to hang around with me anymore? [WOOD CREAKING.]
Help! Help! Hey, look out.
We have to do something.
Stay here, I've got this.
You, you're coming with me.
Whoa! [GRUNTS.]
Hang on.
Are you okay? Owen.
That was amazing.
Can you do that every 20 minutes, from open to close? [CHUCKLES.]
Yeah, right.
You're serious? Mr.
Masrani, I'm an animal behaviorist, not a stuntman.
No one who works for you is qualified to do what you're asking.
Everything you're having them build is one gust from collapsing.
This is a bad idea.
Look, here, Owen, I need everyone on board to make this event truly spectacular.
And that includes you.
Not me.
I can't go along with your wacky ideas anymore.
You're crazy, and I quit.
You can't quit, because I quit first.
Wait, I can't quit.
This is my park.
I'm re-hired.
Okay, but I want a larger office.
Now that that's taken care of, Owen, you're fired.
I demand you come back to work so I can fire you.
He doesn't pay me enough for this.
Me either.
Danny's Lair.
: Meet in the alley behind Main Street right away.
And bring the package.
The package? But I just got it [LINE DISCONNECTS.]
Danny? Danny? [GROANS.]
Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup.
I'm good.
- No, no! Next! [GRUNTS.]
No, no, no, no, no! Over the dinosaurs.
Let me show you.
All right, outta my way.
Whoa, ha.
Doesn't matter if you do it right, as long as it's extreme, get it? This is going to be a horror show, not a stunt show.
Do you think Owen's leaving because he felt like he had to look out for me all the time? And what about the poor dinosaurs? They could get hurt too.
This is Claire Dearing to all employees.
Attempt no stunts of any kind without my express permission.
I was just going to, uh, connect all the puh-tea kiosks to the tanker truck.
Eh, sure.
Good work, Danny.
And done.
One perfectly restored classic bike, and I am just about ready to hit the old road.
What? Don't look at me like that.
You'll be fine.
You're dinosaurs, for crying out loud, not house pets.
Claire will make sure you're doing okay.
Or somebody else.
I gotta finish packing.
Okay, you ready on your end? Yeah.
Where does this pipe go, anyway? I don't know.
Out to the ocean? Who cares? As long as it gets rid of all this puh-tea and covers us getting out of here.
Take a good look at this place, Sinjin.
The next time you see Jurassic World, it'll be in ruins.
Huh? [GROWLS.]
A little spy, eh? [GASPS.]
Tell me how much you heard.
My name is Hudson Harper.
Golden Platinum Triple-Five Black-Diamond Annual VIP Guest Pass serial number 1377-stroke-B-298.
That's all you'll get from me.
Bye-bye, puh-tea.
I'm writing an acceptance speech for whatever awards I'll win next I thought you were supposed to be making new flavors of puh-tea.
Actually, I was hoping you might handle that for me, please? If you're not too busy? [SIGHS.]
Anyway, would you call me one of the great minds of my generation, or the greatest mind? I'll tell you what I'd call you.
I think better with coffee.
Before you start the puh-tea, could you run to the break room? Thanks.
Always telling me what to do.
Hey, Stella.
What is that smell? It's-it's like a garbage dump belched.
Twice a month, I test every dino's drinking water for harmful microbes.
So basically, swamp water plus dino spit.
You get used to it.
Just what Dr.
Wu's coffee needs.
Hi, Allison.
Masrani sent me to check on the new puh-tea flavors.
Wu's working on that now.
I spilled puh-tea on these folders, so I'm taking them to be cleaned.
The effect of chimeric formation would give the hybrid a fitness advantage [SLURPS.]
Oh, that is good coffee.
S over 5.
99, but then who carries the S? Claire.
I found something weird in the dinos' water supply.
Elevated vitamin levels, caffeine, and a whole lot of riboflavin.
The kind of stuff you'd find in an BOTH: Energy drink.
Somebody dumped all of the energy drink into the dinosaurs' water supply.
Okay, we shouldn't panic.
It won't harm the dinosaurs.
They'll just be really energetic for a little while, and possibly more aggressive.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Yeah! Who wants an extreme preview of the new Jurassic World Pteranodon Puh-tea Stunt Show? [PEOPLE CHEERING.]
Vic, stop.
I ordered no jumps.
It's too dangerous.
Aw, somebody always rains on my parade.
Extreme! I'm the King of Jurassic World! [CHEERING.]
Woo-hoo! Yeah! [WHOOPING.]
Vic! Are you okay? I'm awesome! This is the extremest! I'm going to get help.
Just don't move, okay? Ha! Couldn't move if I wanted to.
Extreme! [MUSIC.]
Claire! How goes everyone's stunt training? Someone emptied your tanker into the dinosaurs' water supply, and now the animals are going super-wild.
We have to shut everything down.
I'll go find Owen.
I'll have the puh-tea flushed out of the water.
Sir, you tell the employees to keep the guests away from the dinosaurs.
Someone emptied my tanker? Attention, all employees.
: This is Simon Masrani, owner of Jurassic World.
And your boss.
Stop whatever you're doing and report immediately to my office for questioning.
When I find out who emptied my tanker, you are really going to get it.
He sounds mad.
We better get to his office right away.
Come with us if you want to leave.
Good, you've got the files.
Owen! Owen, somebody dumped the puh-tea into the water supply, and now all the dinosaurs are going: Gee, who could have predicted? Hopefully Dr.
Wu will whip up an antidote and miraculously save Masrani's park at the last second.
Wu's affected too.
And Vic.
We need to tranquilize the dinosaurs until they're.
If you won't do it for Mr.
Masrani, or the park, or me, then do it for the dinosaurs.
None of this is their fault.
All right, for the dinosaurs.
And maybe, a little, for you.
Red, lead the raptors back to the compound and make sure they don't drink any water.
Where are we going? To get tranquilizer fluid out of the darts.
We're gonna water it down so our dinos just take peaceful little naps until puh-tea clears their systems.
I know this sounds strange, but I don't like the idea of sticking the dinosaurs with darts.
It feels like punishing them for something they didn't do.
I agree.
I have a different delivery system in mind.
- Water guns? Really? - Let's do this.
Hey, hey Hey, hey Hey, hey Hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey But then, who ever carries the S over 5.
Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey [BOTH SNORING.]
Did we get all the dinos? How are the guests? The dinosaurs are snoozing peacefully and they're going to be fine.
As for the guests, they're in the hotel, thirsty but safe.
I saw every extreme jump and flip from my office.
That was the most extreme display of extreme stunt riding I've ever seen.
I will let you come back to work for me, as long as you do those same stunts six times a day.
Seven on weekends.
No sale.
Not if you won't admit all of your ideas for this park are crazy.
Just like you are.
How dare you call me crazy.
This park functions perfectly.
I am in total control.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to reassure my guests that everything is fine.
I'll just turn on the public address system.
CLAIRE: You're both acting like children.
Sir, no one here is better in a crisis than Owen.
He proved that today.
Owen, you can call Mr.
Masrani crazy, but those schemes built Jurassic World.
Where else could you work with raptors like you do here? You need each other.
Can we just admit that and move on? Fine, but I have a couple conditions.
One, Claire gets a two-week vacation.
One week.
Days not to be taken consecutively.
Two, I want your word that there won't be anything "extreme" added to the park.
No stunt shows, no vitamin drink, nothing.
Of course.
Anyway, we won't need any of this once we finish building the new idea.
A 4-D virtual reality journey through a T.
Rex's digestive tract.
Okay, sir, let's hold off on new ideas for now.
We have a bigger issue to deal with.
Who tainted the water supply? And why? Where are we going? I thought we were leaving the island.
We need one more thing from Isla Nublar.
The legendary buried treasure of Captain No-Beard.
Why do we need a treasure? Because I can't just write a check to start "Stegosaurus Junction.
" But when our package back there helps us find the treasure, money won't be a problem ever again.
And then, we'll bring down Jurassic World forever.
- You mean financially, right? - Financially? Oh, oh yes, of course that's what I mean.
Stegosaurus Junction is the worst name yet, mate.
DANNY: Don't look at me.
- Allison thought of it.

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