Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar (2019) s01e11 Episode Script


Allison, will you stop worrying? We're on a treasure hunt.
Treasure hunts are fun.
Everything's gonna be fine.
I've covered every detail.
Your map's upside down.
Will you smile? Simon Masrani and Dr.
Wu are gonna pay for not appreciating you.
We're all gonna be rich once we find Cap'n No-Beard's treasure, and you're gonna run your own lab in my new theme park, Brachiosaurus Burg.
Ugh, really? I thought that name was a sure winner.
I just can't help feeling you haven't told me everything, Danny.
Speaking of things he hasn't told you Who's the kid? Don't mind this little biscuit, miss.
Totally clueless how to interact with regular blokes and betties unless there's a screen in his hand.
Heh, heh, heh.
Who are you again? No more talking.
The road's getting pretty narrow here.
I need to concentrate.
Boy! Get him, Sinjin.
Or that little brat will ruin everything.
Give it up, you little blighter.
I honed my speed running from the Cult of the Annoyed Cheetah.
Now, be a good sprog, follow our directions, and you'll be home in your jim-jams before you can say: which is Cheetah Cult for "in a jiffy.
" What was that about? He thought he saw a dinosaur tooth and ran to pick it up for a souvenir.
Very dangerous, laddie.
Better keep moving before someone realizes Allison took those files and starts sniffing around.
I'm sure no one at Jurassic World even knows I'm gone.
Where are you? Claire! Claire, Claire, Claire, Claire, Claire.
One sec, Mr.
Something's very strange Blah, blah, boring, blah.
Claire, I have an idea.
- What if we? - Illegal.
- Okay, but how about if we? - Dangerous.
Illegal and dangerous.
You're very good, Claire.
Is something wrong? Dr.
Wu says Allison clocked out of the lab hours ago for lunch, but she never came back.
I called her place, and there was no answer.
There's no trace of her.
Maybe I'll call security.
Are you okay? Sure.
Why? Listen, I can't find Allison and it's probably nothing, but Missing person? Grid search! Vic, I'd just like you and your crew to have a low-key look around and see if you can find her.
Undercover work.
Stealth ops.
Consider it done.
So much for low-key.
I better keep doing my own looking around.
Owen, it's Claire.
Stop butt-dialing me.
Owen, it's Claire.
Stop butt-dialing me.
What? Oh.
Hey, Red.
What's up? It's an okay picture of Claire, I guess.
Why are you giving it to me? What, you think I should give her flowers and tell her I like her? But I don't like her, Red, not like that.
Hi, Claire.
You're fine, how am I? Owen, have you seen Allison? No, why? I can't find her, and I have a weird feeling.
It's probably nothing.
I'll keep looking.
Oh, uh, want some help from me and the raptors? Sure.
I'll meet you by the raptor pen.
Not a word.
Allison, the computer is Mr.
Claire pooh-poohed all my latest ideas.
Something about liability and destroying the island.
And that brings you here, why? Because I'm bored.
But I had yet another brilliant idea.
With Allison not around, I'll step in as your temporary assistant.
Masrani, I don't want to distract you from your important work and you have Nonsense.
I don't get distracted, Doctor.
I am focused at all Ooh.
What is this highly-advanced, scientific, organic culture you have here? That's my dinner.
I'm starving.
I really hope Allison's okay.
Finding her slide rule next to tire tracks leading out of the park? It makes me nervous.
I'm sure she's fine.
Don't stress yourself.
You're right.
I'm probably just being good, old overreacting Claire.
Speaking of people I haven't seen lately, how's Hudson? Uh, I think he might be mad at me.
I kinda told him maybe he shouldn't be around so much.
Oh, Owen.
Because I don't want him getting hurt if things get dangerous.
He's just a kid.
Hudson handles himself better in a crisis than Vic.
Besides, things don't get that dangerous, that often around here.
Okay, okay.
Sure, occasionally we come close to real disaster, but there hasn't been anything we couldn't deal with.
I mean, it's not like the volcano's erupting.
Run! Run! Yeah, right, like that could happen.
Too much mud.
Can't see the tire tracks anymore and the road forks here.
Let's fan out and see if we can't pick up some sign of Allison.
I'll do it, I'll do it.
So Claire.
I just want to say I think you're awesome.
And I am super lame.
Give her flowers.
Uh, Claire, I just want to give you this token of my Apparently poisonous flower.
You know, Red, a bark would've worked just as well as a face full of spit.
Ugh, what happened? I downloaded an island field guide.
I think you took a full blast of aerosolized Picrosatic monothemius from a modified Colycanthus occidentalis.
Well, that explains pretty much nothing.
It's a poisonous prehistoric plant, listed under "unlikely to see.
" How poisonous is it? It says here the plant's pollen causes a series of symptoms, each one leading to the next.
Symptoms? Like what? "First, loss of motor control.
Second, loud talking.
"Third, compulsive truth-telling.
"Fourth, delusions.
And finally, fifth - Oh.
But there's good news.
- Really? What? - It's not contagious.
- Hooray.
Don't worry.
A few old Jurassic Park emergency medical field stations are still standing somewhere around here.
One of them could still have some supplies in it.
Like an anti-poison shot that maybe hasn't gone bad.
"Somewhere," "could," and "maybe" are not encouraging words, Claire.
Keep cool and let's find one of those stations.
We have time.
You haven't even started showing symptoms yet.
Keep cool.
No symptoms.
Loss of motor control.
Okay, well that's only the first symptom.
You're a long way from having to worry.
We'll help you into the Jeep.
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.
I've written it all down.
Just do the things on the list, and you'll help me immeasurably.
Okay? Consider it done.
Get ready to wish I was your assistant full-time.
That's my butt.
Will there be anything else, Dr.
Wu? Listen, Mr.
Could you do me a favor? Anything.
I never did have dinner.
Could you pick something up at Winston's for me? Splendid idea.
You can count on your assistant.
I'll be right back.
Thank goodness.
I think we need to go through the waterfall.
Through? - How do we do that, mate? - You could swim.
- Swim? - Hey.
That lagoon is infested with man-, little boy-, and candy-eating piranha.
You want us to swim? You first.
We'll cut down a tree so it falls across the lagoon, and use it as a bridge.
Sinjin, hand me your chain saw.
Why would I have a chain saw? You're a rogue.
A scoundrel.
Isn't a chainsaw something a guy like you should have? Queen Victoria's corset, man, what movies have you been watching? I'm a globe-hopping fortune-hunter.
I travel.
Have you tried getting a chain saw through airport security? I'm getting you a chain saw for your next birthday.
Please don't.
A raft was gonna be my next suggestion.
It totally was.
And the crate? We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Or just a second raft.
You stay here.
I'll check out the medical station, find some anti-poison serum and come right back.
I'll wait here.
Okay, are all of these anti-poison? Is one of these anti-poison? If so, which one? Eh, maybe I won't share any of these questions with Owen.
Hey, I think I'm feeling a bit better.
I said a bit.
Okay, Owen, I think I found Shh.
Claire! It might be a predator! Stay very quiet! I'm talking very loudly, aren't I? The second symptom.
Don't talk.
Symptom two? Oh, no! Oh, no Oh, no Give me the antidote before I hit symptom three and can't keep myself from telling the truth! Like, how pretty I think you are and how much I like you, Claire.
"Like" like you.
And I'm so scared you don't like me back.
Darn it, now I'm telling the truth.
Also, I think we found our missing Allosaurus.
Yeah, that's definitely her.
It's okay, I'll handle this! In about five minutes! No.
I'll lead the Allosaurus away.
Claire, no! The raptors can handle this! It's their nature! Come on, big girl.
Follow me.
She's so brave.
And cute.
I'm not talking loud.
And I can move.
Red, go help Claire.
The first three symptoms are gone.
Is the poison wearing off, or am I headed for? Oh, no.
It sure gets dark under these volcanoes.
How do you turn this thing on, anyway? Did you put in new batteries? Sinjin, I am the mastermind.
The mastermind does not change batteries.
I don't know which one of these guys you're related to, but it sounds like they skipped a few details in their plan.
I'm not related to either of them.
I'm Hudson Harper, and I'm a golden platinum triple-five black-diamond annual VIP guest pass-holder at Jurassic World.
They captured me 'cause I heard their evil plan.
And you're on the wrong side.
They weren't kidding when they said you had an overactive imagination.
How do we know we're going the right way? There's still enough light to read the map.
Just tell me you brought my tablet computer.
I brought it, I brought it.
Even if everything else goes wrong, and it won't, I can still cause more chaos than Jurassic World has ever seen.
See? But they won't get away with it.
My friend Owen thinks I can't handle dangerous situations, but I'm gonna show him he's wrong.
Where is he? I sent Masrani to get my dinner hours ago.
He couldn't even get that right? Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Goal! What a shot.
Come on, Doctor Wu.
Let's play soccer.
I don't want to play soccer.
I want dinner.
And you couldn't get it for me.
Like you couldn't do anything I asked you to do today.
You asked if you could be my assistant, and all you've done is set my research back weeks.
You're fired! Oh, please don't be broken.
Red! Good boy, Red.
But that won't hold her for long.
Come on.
Owen? Charlie? Delta? Blue? Echo? Echo? Wha? Well, Red, it's been a pleasure working with you.
Shake? Owen! Get away quick, before He thinks he's a raptor.
Red, he's having delusions.
That's the fourth of the five symptoms.
If we can't give him the antidote before the final one hits, he'll Exactly.
How could you work with these guys? Hey, I did not know that actually destroying Jurassic World was part of his plan.
But don't worry.
I'll get us out of here, and we'll send back help to stop them.
Follow me.
They're getting away.
Whoa! Hudson.
Send help.
I'll find ways to slow them down.
Don't let go, Hudson.
Don't! Hudson! My soda! Darn it, darn it, darn it.
Let her go.
By the time she makes it back to Jurassic World to blow the whistle on us, it'll be much too late.
I hope they're not arguing over who gets to eat us first.
We're all friends here now.
Right? Owen.
I know you're in there I know you can hear me.
Fight this.
You like me, remember? You "like" like me.
And I I like you.
Hm? Yes! No.
Okay, next idea.
What about you girls? You know I'm your friend, and you know I'm Owen's friend.
If he wants to hurt me, you know that must mean something's wrong with him, right? We need to help Owen.
That's it.
Gotta choose the right one.
If there is a right one.
Oh, no.
No time.
Gotta choose.
Uh, this is a nice shade of blue.
Oh, Owen.
French fries.
Huh? Dr.
Wu? Woo-hoo.
It's Simon Masrani.
I came to apologize, and I brought dinner.
I'm sorry, Dr.
I'm not a very good assistant.
But what I am very good at is hiring the best people and putting them in position to succeed.
So I'm going to stick to being good at what I do and let you be good at what you do.
Enjoy your meal.
Yeah, I don't remember anything after I got hit with that poison.
I, uh, hope I didn't say anything embarrassing.
Nothing at all.
Okay, phew.
I guess we'd better get back on the trail of Huh? Allison? Thank goodness I found you.
Danny's holding a park guest named Hudson prisoner.
And he wants to destroy Jurassic World!
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