Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

Under the Volcano

Let's get the truck.
There'll be room for everyone.
Nice idea.
Worked out great.
Claire! We can't keep Danny from destroying Jurassic World if we crash before we get to him.
Slow down.
And if something happens to Hudson because we slowed down? Eh, you're right.
Step on it! Why did I get involved in all of this? Once you realized your mistake you handled it the right way, Allison.
Sharp curve coming, Claire.
Our job here is too important to take risks.
Whoa! Oh! Claire, slow down.
Yeah, about that? The brakes aren't working! Turn the truck, Claire! What do you think I'm trying to do, order office supplies? Whoa.
Steer the truck toward the cliff wall.
Are you crazy? Gently, until you're scraping the side against the rock.
Oh, oh, I get it.
Whoa! That was amazing driving, Claire.
I'll look at the brake lines.
I'll join you.
Hey, I know how to build all kinds of things.
You name it.
Heh, heh, okay.
You guys go check out the truck.
I'll-I'll just sit here on this rock, this non-moving rock.
Looks like a cable popped free.
Easy to reattach.
What do ya know, little bit of good news for a change.
All set! Let's get rolling again.
Hey, good job, Red.
This looks like Hudson's golden, platinum, triple, five black diamond annual VIP guest pass.
I could've just said Hudson's pass, couldn't I? Anyway, there's no doubt about it, we're definitely following the right tracks.
Come on.
Everybody into the truck.
Why don't I drive for a while? I think that might be best, yes.
Seriously, Claire, you did good.
Come on, Sinjin, you're barely pushing.
Me? Mate, I'm the bloke who shoved open the door to the vault of the Zombie Knitting Club.
Well, even I can't do this all by meself.
You push too.
Bet you wish Allison left you instructions for the crane before she ran off, huh? Don't try to get in our heads, short stuff.
Why not? I'm sure there's plenty of room.
And don't get any bright ideas about running off yourself.
Without the map you'd never find your way out of the volcano.
I just figured you were going to leave me here anyway.
We're not animals.
Once we've gotten Old Beard's gold and we're off the island, we don't need you anymore.
We'll send you right home to your mum and dad, we will.
Well, the lad's right, I do wish Allison was still here.
She'd know how to move this.
We don't need her.
She may have a bunch of PhD's but we have a PhMe.
That doesn't even make sense.
But it might take a little while to figure this out.
And by the time I do, Allison could make it back to the park and spill what she knows.
Gonna have to accelerate my plan.
What are you doing? Ensuring the destruction of John Hammond's legacy.
Goodbye, Jurassic World.
- Uh-uh-uh, you didn't say the magic word.
- Uh.
Heh, heh, entered the, uh, wrong code.
Ha, ha.
Sinjin, you keep trying to push the crate.
I'll look at the crane again and see if we missed anything.
Aw, why do I have to push the crate? Think like Owen.
He'd know how to slow these guys down.
Claire! Claire? Allison? Allison? Claire? Allison! Allison? Claire! Mr.
Masrani! Dr.
Wu! Have you seen Allison? Have you seen Claire? No.
Our most important cloning files are missing from the lab, and I think Allison was the last one using them.
I need Claire to remind me how to work my radio so I can call her.
Allison? Allison? Allison? Claire? Claire? Claire? This is it.
We crossed the stream and went behind the waterfall.
Now's the time to call in Vic and his team.
We don't know what we're dealing with in there.
I wouldn't.
Knowing Vic, he'll go in all "hup-hup-hup," next thing you know it's chaos.
Hudson could get hurt.
Then the question is, how do we get across to the waterfall? Hmm.
We plop 'em in the stream and hop across.
And did you bring any boulders? We could find a long branch.
When's the last time you pole-vaulted? I gave it up after the last Olympics.
Hey, I've seen you jump off rollercoasters into helicopters.
Let me guess.
A raft was going to be your next suggestion.
That's it, girls, have a big sniff.
You're the best trackers on the planet.
Find Hudson for us.
Claire! Allison! Owen! Claire! Allison! Owen Grady! Sorry, gents, didn't see ya.
I've been looking everywhere for Owen.
We don't know where he is.
I wanna borrow his clicker thingy.
I figure if it works on his dinos it might be a way to train my team.
Giving them dino treats from my pocket when they're doing right ain't working.
We're searching for Claire and Allison.
It seems against probability that we simultaneously can't find Owen, Claire and Allison.
Grid search? Mr.
Masrani to the command center.
Urgent emergency situation.
What is the matter? Someone's hacked the computers, sir, and we can't override it.
Whoever it is locked us out.
When that countdown ends, the fences around all the paddocks will deactivate, freeing every dinosaur.
And there's nothing we can do about it.
So let me get this straight, you're setting the dinosaurs loose? What better way to cause chaos and keep Masrani from sending anyone to try and stop us? And bonus, the dinos will stomp every building in the park, turning them to rubble.
But there are people there.
My parents.
They could be trampled, hurt or worse.
I didn't think about the people.
Darn it, I knew there was a little detail I was forgetting when I made this plan.
Kind of a big little detail to forget, don't ya think? What am I so worried about? The park has a disaster protocol for a situation like this.
They'll be fine.
On with the show! Let's have another look at this crane.
Maybe we missed something.
Really? Heh, good spotting, buddy.
What's that? Bats! Bats.
Why did it have to be bats? Ugh.
Whoa! No, the instructions.
No! Ha, ha.
Where did those bats come from? Well, it doesn't matter.
I can build what was in the crate without instructions.
It'll be easy.
After all, I'm an underappreciated genius like Uncle Dennis.
Aw, come on.
Dang thing! Yes, yes, please proceed to our underground Uh, pop-up restaurant.
That's right.
Plus, whoever eats the most gets to be Park Owner for a day.
When the cooks evacuate the kitchen, have them bring sandwiches down to the shelter.
Lots of them.
Um, Mr.
Masrani, is this impromptu promotion really a good idea? It's a brilliant idea.
Why? What's wrong with it? I'm just surprised you'd hand over control of the park for 24 hours.
Oh, that.
Wu, being a billionaire park owner is easy.
First, get a billion dollars.
Then all you have to do is come up with amazing ideas and let Claire handle the details.
It's a miracle that news about the countdown hasn't gotten out.
I can only imagine what incredible confusion that would have caused.
Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup.
Take up defensive positions and attack.
What's the matter? Sir, there's nothing to attack, sir.
And sir.
If we attack from defensive positions, won't our defensive positions no longer be, you know, defensive, sir? Uh Mayday, mayday.
Hoskins here.
Today is not May Day.
I think it's sometime in July.
Who is this? I'm a golden platinum triple Nah.
This is Hudson Harper, and I'm being held prisoner under Mt.
Sibo, right.
Um, what's Mt.
Sibo? The volcano on the island? Big, pointy mountain, sometimes smoke comes out of it? Oh Just come quick.
On my way.
Team, stay here and help Mr.
Masrani and the doctor keep things under control.
Where are you going? To save a life.
Maybe millions of them.
Then, shouldn't you hurry? Oh.
Hoskins away! I never should have let Hudson think I didn't want him around.
He wouldn't have been snagged by Danny if Owen, you don't know that.
I was trying to keep him safe, but instead I put him in more danger.
We'll get him back.
Yeah, you bet we will.
How long you two been a couple? Oh, uh Oh, we aren't.
What set those bats off? It definitely wasn't us.
Must have been something ahead of us.
We're getting closer.
Hurry up, mate.
That gold is waiting for us.
Let's see.
This goes here.
And then Aha! Perfect! Who would send you that? Friends.
Friends who want to see Jurassic World taken down as badly as I do.
With this dino-mech, digging up No-Beard's gold will be a snap.
Finally, Uncle Dennis.
Finally, I'm going to finish it for you! Ahem! Whew.
Hang on.
Danny, the treasure? Ah.
Good reminder.
You guys are my first passengers.
Tell me if there's anything I can do to make your ride more comfortable.
Yeah, don't drop us.
Hoskins to Hudson.
You still there, buddy? Well, if you are listenin', I'm comin' in to find you.
Maybe I should be callin' for backup.
But I can't help it.
I'm just so darn valiant.
Hey, ha, ha.
Even if I don't find the kid, this day won't be a total loss.
Hoskins, away! According to the map, this is it.
So where's the treasure buried? Gee, I don't know.
Guess I'll have to dig up the whole cavern.
If this weren't so scary.
It'd be really cool.
Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup.
How much time left in the countdown to the free buffet? Fifteen seconds.
That's every guest accounted for, sir.
They're all in the shelter.
Good job.
Now, all of you go in.
What about you and Dr.
Wu, sir? It's an unspoken rule.
The park owner and the chief scientist always stay with the park.
No one told the chief scientist that rule.
I'm afraid it's all academic now.
Where is everyone? Excuse me.
At least they don't look angry.
I recognize that laugh.
Let's stay quiet and find a place to hide so we can plan how we Owen! Hello, friends.
And welcome.
To the final triumph of the Nedry family! Nedry? That jerk who made Jurassic Park go kerflooey? Well, if it isn't B.
Kind Rewind, - the world's worst golfer.
- The name's Sinjin Prescott.
And if it ain't Owen Grady, the world's most gullible animal behaviorist and his well-trained pals.
My uncle was not a jerk, Claire.
I changed my name so I could get a job at Jurassic World and bring it down from inside, in his honor.
So you're why things keep going wrong at the park.
That's right, and now things are about to go very wrong.
For you.
Heads up, it's Hero Hoskins here to save the day.
Run! Vic! Vic.
Are you okay? I'm good.
Luckily, I landed on my head.
I'll be a pygmy's beanie.
The treasure! I can't believe it's really real.
And it's all ours.
I wouldn't start counting that gold yet, guys.
I think this Allosaurus might have different ideas.
Same Allosaurus that escaped from the park? Uh-huh.
That's a challenge.
She thinks that dinosaur mech is a rival.
Bring it on.
Is there gonna be a battle between Danny and the Allosaurus? - Cool.
- Not so cool, Hudson.
Because in case you haven't noticed, we're right between them!
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