Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

The Monsters and the Mech

1 Stay back, girls.
Put me down.
Put me down! Danny! Everyone get to the drone.
Hurry! This crate can't carry all of us.
It just needs to give us cover! Go! Careful! This Unh.
Armor Unh.
Was A Gift.
He better hope his metal contraption can take a pounding.
Vic, take the drone and get Hudson back to the park.
No way.
I'm staying here to help.
Besides, like I said, the drone's only built to carry one.
I'll fix that.
Hudson's safety is the priority.
We can handle things here.
Vic get in, and set the drone to hover a few feet off the ground.
Are you sure this will hold me? Almost positive.
Now go! This is awesome! As cool as this ride is, I still feel like we should be back there helping Owen and the others! I hear you, kid, but Claire's right.
Whatever's going on at Jurassic World, has gotta be safer than here.
You know, you forget how big and utterly terrifying dinosaurs can be until they're about to have you for an afternoon snack.
Wu, tell me you made the dinosaurs allergic to billionaires and scientists.
Nothing is safe.
That's several thousand tons of prehistoric muscle! They'll trample every structure in the park unless we distract them.
Here, take this.
- What do I do with this? - Light it first! Get their attention! It's working.
Hey, Sinjin, I think I'm getting the hang of this armor.
Bully for you, mate.
Try your dino-trainer thing.
Cool that allosaurus down.
Where's my clicker? I must have dropped it somewhere.
Owen! Get back here! Stop right there, mate.
That it's, move away from the treasure.
You've got no chance.
I finished third in the All-Rogue Improvised Sword-Fighting Championships.
- Aah! - What's the matter? Finally found a beast you couldn't train? Are you waving goodbye? I'm waving.
Just not to you! Okay, girls! Now! Huh? Get away! Shoo! Shoo! I'm okay, pal.
But we've gotta help the raptors! Aah! Lay off the armor! I don't know where I can get replacement parts! That looks like Wu and Masrani being chased by those dinos.
Hang on, kid.
It's hero time! Oh, no.
Oh, no! Oh, yeah! We're out of nets.
Switching to tranquilizer mist.
Well, thanks to Mr.
Hoskins, it appears we can relax.
I see Dr.
Wu has already started.
Hoskins, might I ask your help with one more teeny, tiny thing? We're on it.
Woo-hoo! Huh? We're out of tranquilizer mist.
Whoa! That's okay! The T.
rex is just what we need to rescue the others.
We'll lead her back to the volcano.
Where she'll take care of that goof in the dino-mech armor and the allosaurus in no time flat.
Another brilliant Vic Hoskins mega plan.
Just get close to her! - I'll handle this! - Careful, kid! I don't want her taking a bite out of you! Or me.
She won't bite us.
I'll let her know who's boss.
I learned from the best.
Okay, listen up.
I'm in charge.
Aah! Go, Mr.
Hoskins, go! You did it, kid.
She's following us.
You know, you're getting some real VIP treatment.
We don't usually let guests get that close to the T.
Lucky me! One small stomp for the Nedry family Hyah! One giant crushing stomp on Jurassic World-kind! - Huh? - Huh? Girls! And ha! Girls! Thank goodness you're okay.
And ha, ha! Huh? - Huh? - Hi.
I'm just distracting you.
And Hudson? Whoa! Whoo-hoo! Vic, I thought I told you to get Hudson to safety.
I did.
This was the kid's idea.
Sounds like they brought someone with them.
Okay, feeling much better.
Huh? Figures.
The T.
Rex followed you? How? Owen's a great teacher.
Even when he doesn't know he's teaching.
Wasn't that spectacular? Ooh.
I'll just call security to get the sleeping dinosaurs back in their paddocks.
I never remember their number.
Yes, I'm dialing, Dr.
I think the number starts with a Dilophosaurus! No, I'm pretty sure that's not it.
No! Get back! Allison, stay back with Hudson.
This won't do.
Can't push this chest.
What do I carry the gold in? Hudson, stay here.
"Hudson, stay.
" This must be what Red feels like.
What stinks? Stop! What's all this, then? Unh.
Oh! No one deserves to be eaten by piranha.
That's the last favor you get.
Home run! What do we do while they tango? For starters, jump! - Huh? - Oof! Ha! It'll take more than a conk on the bean with an oversize kipper to get rid of Sinjin Prescott.
The same thing could happen to us if we can't end this situation.
Fast! Is Vic going to be okay? When I grow up, I wanna be a security chief.
Or a rodeo clown.
He's Vic.
Why didn't you say there was a dilophosaurus - behind me? - But I - Argh.
- Must have slipped my mind.
Masrani, what are we going to do? Invite the dinosaur to dinner.
Bon appétit! Impressively quick thinking, sir.
Speaking of thinking, I've just had a new idea for the park.
How do you feel about escape rooms? Aah! No! Don't dinosaurs ever get tired? Ow! Hey! Over here, girls! Eyes on me! It's no use.
If I had my clicker, maybe I'd have a shot.
Owen! Incoming! Good.
All right, girls.
Let's do some separating and herding.
That's it.
Herd them toward the entrance.
Uncle Dennis, I made it.
I'm free.
Nice and easy.
What are you gonna do with them? Hudson led the T.
rex here.
Maybe we can lead both dinosaurs back to the park.
That's it.
Stay calm now.
What is it, girls? Do you hear something? No, don't! Don't get angry! It's okay! Don't get excited! No! Whoa Wait! Come back! Wait.
Where are you going? Okay, I've got this.
I'm not beaten yet.
Stop! Stop! Aah! Help! Stay there! All of you, just stay! Help! Help! Oh, no! No! No.
Ah! Ha-ha-ha! Good girls! Good! Okay, now climb up.
Oh, I'm so glad you're okay.
And so proud of you.
What did you expect? They've been well-trained.
At least they're okay.
But there's no sign of Danny or Sinjin.
If the dinosaurs survived, maybe they did too.
Yeah, but their plan is ruined.
What happened? You saved us, Vic.
You were great.
Of course I was.
Hudson, I'm sorry for what I said before.
Bringing the T.
rex here, finding my clicker.
There's no better guy to have on my side when there's danger.
You did okay yourself.
If we're done patting ourselves on the back, I'm gonna fly back to the park.
We'll need a search party to find them dinos and get them back in their paddocks.
Wait till we all get back, Vic.
I'll go with you and bring the raptors.
We'll let the naturals do the tracking.
But as long as you're going, you can bring this back for us.
It'll make a great centerpiece for a new exhibit on the history of Isla Nublar.
Won't break any speed records getting back.
I bet we beat Vic back to Jurassic World.
He'll probably get lost.
It's me.
No, I didn't get it.
I'm really sorry.
Just come get us, please.
Danny! That you, mate? Do you know anyone else with a dino-mech suit? No.
So what's next? Next, we get off the island, rendezvous with our pickup, and start making a new plan.
'Cause I'm not done with this place.
Not by a long shot.
What a rip.
The fish I caught in the waterfall is gone, and Claire definitely won't let me use the gold to buy the latest Tasers Aah! Oh.
Well, that's bad.
Don't wanna see Claire's face when I come back without the treasure.
But if I come back with a runaway pteranodon What is it? - Starvation? Sun exposure? - Twenty minutes, no soda.
Where's this pickup, anyway? - You must be Diane? Hello, Sinjin.
I've heard so much about you.
Enjoying your soda, Danny? Do you feel like you earned it? No.
Because you didn't bring back the treasure, did you? Now, you know what I have to do, don't you? You're grounded! No TV, phone, computer or tablet for a week! But, Mom! Wait.
Diane is your mother? Unbelievable.
But I'll miss all my shows! Nothing like extra rations after a job well-done.
Masrani, I'm so sorry for what I did.
And, Dr.
Wu, I apologize to you too.
I'm prepared to face whatever actions you wanna take.
Actually, sir, I'd urge you to let this incident go.
It sounds like Allison more than made up for her mistakes with her actions today.
And I couldn't make half as many discoveries and breakthroughs, maybe more than half, without her.
Hear, hear.
In fact, Allison, I'm promoting you.
To Scientist Supreme.
Wait, what? Um, sir, I appreciate it, but maybe something more accurate? Like associate chief scientist? Now back to the lab with you.
I'm not paying you to stand around.
I better go too.
Gotta check in with my parents.
To let them know you're all right? No, to make sure they're all right.
See you tomorrow, pal? You know it, pal.
Claire, come with me.
I want to outline for you the 13 amazing ideas I've had - since we've been standing here.
- Ugh, sir, could it wait? I haven't eaten since I don't know when.
Of course.
I'll meet you later in my office.
Hopefully, the dilophosaurus has been removed by now.
I guess I'll go to Winston's for a quick bite.
Wanna join me? I guess that's a yes.
Is this a date? Nah.

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