LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Part. 1

1 [both wheezing] [relieved chuckle] [roaring] - Whoa! - [crying out] [roaring] [roaring] [] [Dr.
Wu]: The topic for today is Genetic Engineering or more specifically, DNA splicing to create new dinosaur hybrids.
Imagine a Triceratops crossed with a chameleon.
It would change colors depending on the environment and Boring.
Listen, Dr.
Wu, Allison, Jurassic World's attendance has been declining because people want something new and unexpected! I need you to really push your ideas.
I really want you to surprise me! - Simon - [Simon yelps] Claire.
Come on! You know about my childhood fear of surprises.
Oh, sorry [chuckles weakly] but Simon, there is a slight problem that I'm sure is gonna be fine, - so no need to freak out.
- Beep-boop! Seat goes up seat goes down.
- Seat goes up seat goes down.
- Um the cargo helicopter bringing the dinosaurs from Isla Sorna, - it's late.
- What? That shipment with the three dinosaurs is critical to the park's new surprise exhibit.
- Yes, it seems - "New exhibit"? I wasn't aware of any new exhibit.
Because it's a surprise! A secret surprise! It is, without a doubt, the single-greatest idea I have ever come up with, outside of, uh, investing in Jurassic World, of course.
These three dinosaurs are the key to ensuring Jurassic World is at the forefront of theme park entertainment for the next century.
[glass cage shatters] Maybe we should postpone the Postpone? [cackles defiantly] Did John Hammond, the visionary of the original Jurassic Park, "postpone" putting dinosaurs on this island? - N-No, but, as we know - [crashing] that didn't really turn out that well.
Claire it is my life's work to make John Hammond's dream of a dinosaur theme park a reality! It will be the greatest achievement in science since splitting the atom, the combustion engine 30-second rice! I love 30-second rice! - Y-Yes, but - Oh, Claire, I hired you straight out of business school because you were a "can-do" problem-solver.
Was I wrong? Are you a "no-can-do," Claire? Hmm? - No, I - Because, if you can't get 12 tons of feral dinosaurs across the Pacific Ocean and into their exhibit way on the other side of the island, well maybe you you aren't cut out for being the "Assistant Manager of Park Operations.
" [in awe]: "Assistant Manager"? [jealously]: "Of Park Operations"? No! I've got this! Not a problem.
I just wanted to keep you apprised of the situation.
And now that you are apprised, it'll be taken care of.
Don't you worry.
I've got this! - [bonk] - Oh! Heh-heh.
And that's called leadership.
Whoo-hoo! - Oh! Heh-heh - [crash] [dinosaur roars] Oh, aren't you a sweetie? [roaring viciously, jaws gnashing] [Simon]: Oh! Ah! That tickles! [elevator bell dings] Yes.
Patch me into the inbound transport chopper, A.
[muttering to self]: Phew! All right.
This will be easy-peasy.
Just be firm, take control, and [radio crackles, man's voice]: Yeah, hi.
Hello? This is Claire Dearing, almost-Assistant Manager of Park Operations.
- I need you to - Yeah, listen, that's that's great, but, uh, can I call you back a little later? I don't really have time to talk.
We, uh, we have a bit of a situation up here.
"Situation"? What kind of situation? Well - the bad kind.
- [Red barks] [thunder crashing] I hope the safety restraints on that cage hold! This storm's gonna be rough.
Keep an eye on those raptor eggs, Red.
[barks] [Claire]: Excuse me, whoever you are.
- What is going on? - I'm Owen Grady, the animal behaviorist you hired to accompany these dinosaurs from Isla Sorna.
- [thunder crashing] - Whoa! [grunting] I did not, however, realize it was going to be through a freak storm.
- I actually think I deserve more money.
- "We" deserve! We deserve more money.
Is there any way you can speed things up? We're on a tight deadline here.
In that much of a hurry to meet me, huh? I mean, I get it.
I'm pretty handsome.
Gah! Just get the dinosaurs here or else that money you are so concerned with won't be paid to you at all! Okay? Of course.
Nothing to worry about.
- [crashing] - [snap] The safety restraints are failing! [Claire, panicked]: What was that? Nothing! Uh, nothing to worry about.
We'll talk later.
Awesome! Bye, now! Wait! I demand to know what So, Captain, what's with all the bells and whistles? The storm has weakened those restraints.
If we don't do something fast, that cage is gonna detach from the chopper and we'll lose those dinosaurs.
Not on my watch, we won't.
What are you gonna do? Save the day, of course.
[Red barks] [barks] Yes! [] [urgent beeping] If you're gonna do something, you better do it quick! That second restraint just busted! [dinosaurs roaring] Seriously, though, they are not paying me enough for this.
Paying "us" enough! [] [Owen grunts] [growls] Whoa! [gasps] Whoa! [klaxons blaring] [Owen grunting] Hey! Whoa! Ha.
Hey! Watch it.
Missed me.
Oh-oh! Oh.
Uh Whoops! Uh Whoa! Oof.
Uh Hi.
[roaring] [chuckles cockily] Not quite, Tiny Arms.
Must be a pain when you have to scratch your back.
[roaring and snapping] All right! That's it! Knock it off! [whistles loudly] - Listen.
- [dinos fall silent] I'm down here, risking my neck, so you don't go swimming in the ocean.
I'm lookin' at you, Carnotaurus.
There's no way you'd stay afloat with those tiny arms.
- [whimpers knowingly] - Ah! You two shouldn't laugh.
You wouldn't do much better.
Now, are we good? All right, then.
[grunts] Thank you.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll head back up - to the helicopter.
- [crashing] [Red barking] Oh, no! I got 'em.
I got 'em! [gate creaks] [screams] What? [chuckles] [carnotaurus growls] Oh, ho, ho! Whoa! I take back the rude things I said about your tiny arms.
- [carnotaurus grumbles] - Thanks, guys.
[dinosaurs purring] There it is.
Welcome to your new home.
[Allison]: So, by piecing together segments of existing genes, in a process called "molecular cloning," we can develop genes with new properties.
What do you think? - [alert plays] - Oh! Goody! The purchase orders for the new park Jeeps are in.
This is so cool! I cannot wait to take one of these babies out for a spin! In fact Uh, desert [whispering]: This is not good.
He hasn't heard a word.
And if he doesn't like our ideas, we are finished.
How can we compete with a billionaire with the attention span of a [both, overlapping]: A three-year-old.
What does he want us to do? Bake cookies? - What did you say? - Nothing! Uh, I You said something about cookies! No.
She didn't mean it.
We were just Oh too late.
Dinosaur sweet-treats! Stygimoloch sponge-cakes chocolate Carnotaurus cookies! Baryonyx brownies! Yes! The perfect thing for my new secret exhibit.
How many can you get to me by the opening tomorrow? I am sorry, Simon, but we are scientis - Ten dozen! - Perfect! Dinosaur treats.
The kids will love them! I knew I had you two around for a reason.
Okay! I am a marketing genius.
[chuckles smugly] Yummy-yummy-yummy, in Simon Masrani's tummy! [] Uh ooh! Here you go, guys.
Three new dinosaurs as ordered.
Carnotaurus, Baryonyx, and Stygimoloch.
[whistles loudly] All right, gang! Time for a field trip.
Jump inside those dino containers, and you'll be to your destination faster than you can say "Micropachycephalosaurus.
" [clanging] [Red barks] - [roars] - Huh? [barking] [cracking] [Red keeps barking] What is it, Red? - [shell cracking] - Would you look at that? You decided to come out and see what all the commotion was, huh? Hey Oh, ho, ho.
There you go.
[chuckling] Yeah, that-a-girl.
[shells cracking] Look, Red! The whole family's here.
[chuckling] Well, nice to meet you, too.
Easy there, guys.
- [roars] - Wait! You have a real way with those dinosaurs.
Well, they're like any animal.
Respect them, they'll respect you.
I'm Owen.
- [scoffs] - Okay Respect? Ha! That's where you're wrong.
Animals are meant to be dominated.
It's important that they know who's boss.
Once they do, they'll follow you around like puppies.
- [Red growls] - [Vic yelps] Whatever you say.
Speaking of puppies, there were supposed to be some velociraptor eggs on board the chopper.
Any idea where they've gone? [whistles] [Owen]: Not so much eggs anymore.
After what they've been through, they're a little skittish.
I'd take it easy.
"Easy"? Step out of the way, kid.
Let me show you how it's done.
Come here! [growling quietly] I said come here! [growling] Okay.
[anxiously]: Stop right there.
- [Owen snickers] - I mean it! Don't take another step! [panicking] Ahh! Ahh! [Owen whistling loudly] Everyone in the cage gets some beef jerky! [dazed]: Oh! Wh What happened? Hey, uh, can you point me to Claire Dearing? I need to get my paycheck and get off of this rock.
Claire Dearing? Hi, I'm [] Wow Your name is "Wow"? No.
I'm, uh heh, I'm Owen Grady.
I just delivered those dinosaurs.
Oh, fantastic! They're finally here.
Yeah, listen, I'd love to stay and chat with you, but I've got to get back to Costa Rica for a party which I'll do, just as soon as you hand me what is due.
You'll get paid as soon as the job is done.
Uh, dinosaurs are delivered.
Safely, I might add.
And about that there was quite a storm out there, I think I deserve "We deserve!" Come on, man.
We deserve some danger pay bonus or something.
Actually, the job was to deliver the dinosaurs to their exhibit, which is on the other side of the island.
So, if you want your money to "par-tay," you'll need to get a move on.
Seriously? Seriously.
You can follow me in the transpo truck.
I have to make a quick stop at Gyrosphere Valley, but if we hurry, maybe we'll make it to the exhibit before nightfall.
[sighing] Ahh.
This is why you always get paid up front.
Come on, Red.
[Vic]: Now that I have your undivided attention, it's important that you all have names so it's easier for you to follow my orders.
Charlie Delta Echo and and What comes after "echo"? Uh, doesn't matter.
I'll get to you later.
Right now, it's time for your first lesson.
[velociraptors screech] I said sit! [purring] [Vic shrieks] [gate slams] [sighs] I'm gonna have to establish some more dominance.
[] Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for your patience.
We just have to off-load the Gyrosphere and put it in rotation, and you will be well on your way to your dinosaur adventure.
[man screaming] [crowd cheering] They've obviously never met her before.
What was that? I said, uh, they seem happy to see you.
It's not me they're happy to see.
It's the gyrosphere I brought.
Everyone here has been waiting to enjoy Aw, but Mom! You said that I'd get to ride the gyrosphere.
Oh, you will, sweetie, you just need to be patient.
- Huh? - I don't want to be patient! I want to ride the gyrosphere now! Hmm.
This park, it was John Hammond's dream, and he built it brick by brick.
And then it was Simon's dream, and, soon, it will be [grandly]: my dream.
Is that so? Yes, it is so.
"Assistant Park Manager," then "Senior Park Manager.
" And then - Ugh, really? - then I'll be in charge of this whole thing.
If you just knuckle down and work hard, instead of wasting your life [Owen]: Uh, I don't think you should be doing that! Well, of course you would think that, but some of us want to make a difference.
[screaming] This place It's about bringing families together Ha-ha-ha! A memory they'll share forever.
Come on, Red! You seem capable.
If you play your cards right, maybe we could find a more permanent place for you here.
In fact I'd be willing to put in a good word for you once you've finished the job Owen? [scoffs indignantly] - [distantly]: Whoa-oh-oh-oh! - Wow.
Talk about rude.
Whoa, whoa! [joyrider cackling] Well, I guess partying was more important to him than gainful employment.
Oh, it doesn't matter.
I'll deliver these dinosaurs myself, showing Simon that I'm the go-getter he can count on.
[grunts] Uh This is higher up than I thought it was.
[grunts] Okay.
[] [cackling with glee] If I can get close, maybe we can pull in front and stop the gyro! Uh? Oh-oh.
[] [click-ding!] [chuckles] Whoa! Amazing! It's cracking! Whoa Red.
I want you to wrangle those dinosaurs.
[growls] You've got this, Red.
[barking] [roaring] - [growls] - [shrieks] What [grunts bitterly] Come on, Red! [joyrider cackles as gyro cracks] [Owen]: Don't worry, kid.
It's almost over! I've got you! Oh, boy Okay.
That's it.
You little rascals are gonna stay locked up until you start following my orders.
[man]: Mr.
Hoskins? We might have a problem in Gyrosphere Valley.
Gyrosphere Valley? Finally, some action! It's go-time.
[chopper blades beating] [raptor grunts] [all grunting] [] [grunts] [kid cackling] Yeah! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Take the wheel, Red! [barks] [grunts] Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Okay One two three! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ahh! No fair! I wasn't done! I'm telling my mommy.
You're welcome.
Ah! Whoa.
Whoa Wah! [crashing] Okay.
I guess I'll hang out here.
Hello? [echoing] Hello? Is there anybody out there? [grunting] It's not that far, maybe if I [ground thudding and leaves rustling] [roaring] [screams] Uh, sorry, Miss T-Rex, but I don't feel like getting eaten right now.
[tail thuds cliff] Of course, it'd break [grunting] W Well, hi there, Beautiful! You're a sight for sore eyes.
[screaming] Uh, listen maybe you could give me a hand? If you could help me up, I'd forever be in your debt.
Please? [sighs] Long shot, Owen.
Dinosaurs don't understand English, remember? [roaring] You're just gonna fall into the stomach of a vicious carnivore and never collect that paycheck that Whoa! Oh! [roaring] [screams] [laughs] Better luck next time.
[snapping] Uh Hi.
[roaring] Whoa! [T-rex growling] [grunting] Wow! You did understand me.
Aw, come here, you clever girl.
[raptor purrs] [laughing] Oh! Watch the teeth! Oh! Ha-ha! Oh! [laughing] [Red barking] Wait! Come back! No, I think you scared her, Red.
She saved my life.
[chopper blades beating] [] - We're here.
What do I need to zap? - Nothing.
Well, maybe the kid that took the gyrosphere for a joyride, - but, uh, beyond that, it's handled.
- Darn it! I really wanted to zap something.
And I already filled my quota for zapping kids.
Come on, Red! [barks] You ever thought about coming onboard full-time? We could use someone with your dinosaur-training ability.
I don't know.
I've only been here for a half an hour, and I've fallen out of a helicopter, had dinosaurs try to eat me, been thrown off a cliff, and now it looks like Claire took the truck, which means I'm out of a paycheck.
[sighs] There'd need to be something really great to keep me here, and right now, I just don't see it.
[Vic]: Well, you never know, Jurassic World could be your destiny.
[raptor purrs]