LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Part 2

1 [BOTH PANTING AND WHEEZING] - Whew! - [RELIEVED CHUCKLE] - [SCREAMING] - Whoa! [ROARING] [ROARS] - - Rarr! Rah! Rarr! Rrr! "Oh, no.
It's a T-Rex!" "We need to go faster!" Rah! Pow! [DEEP VOICE]: Nothing can stop the T-Rex! Rah! [TUMMY GROWLING] Ooh! [CHUCKLES] [NORMAL VOICE]: Except maybe his tummy rumbling! Time for dinner.
Claire? Claire? [BELLOWS]: Claire! Ah, well, usually she has my sandwich ready by now.
[BEEP-BEEP] [RINGING] [CLAIRE]: Hello? Uh-oh, whoops.
- Hello? - Claire? Where are you? I'm waiting for my crust-less sandwich.
Hi! I'm just delivering those dinosaurs you wanted for your ultra-secret exhibit.
Yes! I almost forgot.
[HUSHED]: Are you at the exhibit now? Almost.
I think I see it now.
That's my go-getter! Well done! When you get back, could you make me a crust-less sandwich? [CLAIRE SIGHS] Uh sure.
Great! I want to open the exhibit tonight.
Call me as soon as you get there.
I'm completely lost.
[SLURPING LOUDLY] [GULPS] Wow! This room is amazing! - You can see the entire park from here.
- Rarr! [DEEP VOICE]: I'm going to eat you! - [HIGH VOICE]: No! Rarr! Ahh! - Hi.
Oh, sorry! I'm Danny Nedermeyer, the new I.
I'm glad they called you in.
I have an important job only an I.
guy can do.
You do? What is it? Which do you think is a better password "Dino Dude" or "Billionaire Boy"? Oh! Uh, I, um "Dino Dude"? Yeah! That's what I thought, too.
[CLICKETY-CLACK] - Perfect! New password set.
- [BEEP] Also, there's a problem with the copier.
It's been on the fritz all day.
No clue why.
- Oh I'm a bit overqualified - Great! - Ah! - So, you can have it done before I get back.
Good man! Come on, everybody.
Wu is making cookies! [WILD CHEERING] [ALL, CHANTING]: Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! "Fix a copier"? Pfft.
I'll fix more than a copier, you megalomaniacal fancy-pants.
Or should I say "Dino Dude"? - [BEEP!] - Let's see Where shall we start today? Oh, look! It's feeding time at the Aviary.
Giant flying carnivores what could go wrong? Lunch has arrived! Extra non-crispy, just the way you like it.
[SHRIEKS] [GULPS] So good you can lick your fingers, am I right? I mean, if you had fingers.
And away we go! [ALARM BLARING] What? [HYDRAULICS WHOOSHING] Oh, no.
Easy, girl.
[SHRIEKS] Oh, no! [PANTING] Come on! [SQUAWKING] Oh, no! [DANNY SNICKERS] Oh, this is gonna be fun.
[OWEN, SIGHING]: It really is beautiful up here.
Sorta peaceful, you know? No annoying bosses that won't give you your paycheck [COVERING COUGH]: Claire! Or dinosaurs trying to take a bite out of your butt.
Just the open air - [CRASH] - [GASPING] [VET]: Mr.
Hoskins, this is the Aviary! We have a code black with a rogue Pteranodon.
Repeat code black.
No kiddin'! Strap in, kid.
I've finally got somethin' to zap.
This'll be just like rustlin' cattle back home.
You rustled cattle with a helicopter? - [CHUCKLING] - Wait, you were a cattle-rustler? Yippee-kai-yay! How old are you? - [OWEN SCREAMS IN TERROR] - Ya-a-ahoo! If I can get you close enough, you can use those tranquilizer darts.
Come on Come on.
Gotcha! Ahh! [OWEN]: Sorry! [VIC]: You aren't getting away that easy.
Vi-i-i-ic! You don't fly a helicopter into a jungle! Relax, kid! I'm a professional.
- Ow.
- Just hold on.
I know what I'm doin'.
Vic! Can you even see? Ha! I don't need to see.
All great pilots can fly blind.
It's all about using your instincts and your instruments to always know where you are at every point in the flight.
Pull up! Pull up! Trust me, kid.
I know exactly where we are.
Whoa! Oh! [OWEN]: All right, Vic, I'm really starting to doubt your piloting skills! Relax, kid.
I've been Whoa! I wasn't expecting that! Wasn't expecting what? [VIC]: Gotcha! - [ALARM BLARING] - Oh, no.
The engine's stalled out.
You got some sort of back-up plan, right? [BARKS] [VIC]: Well, other than getting the propellers going again, not really.
Whoa! Hold on tight! It's going to get bumpy! This is better than a movie.
[CHUCKLING DARKLY] [OWEN]: Come on, Vic! What's the plan? [VIC]: If we're gonna get those rotors started again, somebody's gonna have to give us a kickstart.
- [OWEN]: "Somebody"? - [VIC]: It's the only way to jumpstart the engine! [SIGHS] This is crazy.
Uh, what are you gonna do? Save the day, of course! Phew Here goes everything! Agh! Oh, no, you don't.
You got us into this mess, you're going to get us out! Come on.
Come on! Start.
Start! Gotta get closer.
[OWEN GRUNTS] Hope that works! Ohh! For the love of dino DNA, start! [ROTORS BEATING] It worked! It worked! Whoo-hoo! [OWEN CACKLES] Last one to the Aviary is a rotten egg! He really has a way with those dinosaurs.
- [RED BARKS] - You can say that again.
- [RED BARKS] - All right, that's enough.
Aw, man.
That guy ruined all the fun.
Guess I'll just have to try harder.
[KEYS CLACKING] Agh! Who even uses a map anymore? Isn't there an app for this? Face it, Claire.
You're lost.
Don't worry about it.
No big deal.
[ALL CHEERING] [RED BARKS] Well, well, well.
Look who it is.
- You lost? - So you finally decided to show up and finish your job? "Show up"? Are you kidding me? Do you know what I just went through? [DRYLY]: I'm sure it was harrowing.
I'm on a major time-crunch here.
Masrani has given me the added responsibility of delivering these dinosaurs for the opening tonight of his latest visionary, totally unique exhibit once I figure out this map.
This is the deal.
I'll read the map and get you to the exhibit in time for the opening, but, after that, I get paid.
I accept your terms.
Why is this map upside-down? I was just inspecting the quality.
That's right, quality control.
It is part of my job.
Oh, of course, quality control.
It is! I'm going to talk to Simon about making a GPS app for the park.
That is a pretty good idea.
I know, right? It's exactly the type of go-getter innovation Simon is always talking about.
[CHUCKLES] All right, innovator.
The exhibit is straight ahead.
I knew that! - Okay.
- Just stop.
- [OWEN]: What? - [CLAIRE]: Okay.
Why don't you let me drive? [OWEN]: Can you drive standard? [PURRS] [ALLISON]: The liquid sugar is hardening Extra-crisp, toffee-like texture around the outer edges.
All our hard work, all our combined scientific expertise and it's come down to this.
Do you think they're ready to be tested? Only one way to find out.
Hmm Nice color.
No burns.
Crisp edges squishy in the middle.
[SNIFFING] Smells good.
[CRUNCH] [MUNCHING] [TENSE THEME PLAYS] These are the best cookies I have ever tasted! - [LAB TEAM CHEERING] - They're so good, I'm going to double my order! - [DEJECTED SIGHING] - Better get cracking eggs, that is! [SIMON LAUGHS] Did you see what I did there? Eh? Heh-heh! Ooh.
You know I think we could shave off some time by turning right just up ahead.
[CLAIRE]: Let's just stick to the main road, okay? What? I thought you were in a "major time-crunch"? You're not afraid of a little adventure, are you? I'm working on an island filled with dinosaurs.
How much more adventurous do I need to get? Ho-ho-ho! You've probably never even touched a dinosaur, have you? I don't need to touch them.
My job is to facilitate other people touching them.
Besides, I prefer my desk.
It's comfortable.
Comfortable is overrated.
Shortcut it is! [YELPS] Owen! - What are you doing? - [OWEN]: Adventuring! - [CLAIRE SHRIEKING] - Yahoo! How [GASPS] How long is this shortcut? Not much longer, I think! [BOTH]: Whoa! [CRASHING] [DINOS GRUMBLING] [PAINED WHIMPERING] - [BANGING] - [GASPING] [BANGING] [GROWLS] [CLAIRE]: No! Come back! [ROARS] Ugh.
Rude! Ooh.
You okay? [WHINING]: No.
- I'm about to be fired - [HONK] Simon asked me to do one simple job, and I can't even manage to get it done.
If I can't help make his dream a reality, I'm finished here, for sure.
There are worse things.
Like what? - Like that! - Whoa.
[ROARS] It's okay.
It's okay.
This fencing is electrified with enough power to knock out even the toughest of dinosaurs.
As long as that light up there remains green, we'll be fine.
And - "Enter"! - Multiple back-up systems - Best job ever! - that ensure the fence - [CLAIRE]: fully powered at all times.
- [BUZZER BLARES] - Uh, Claire? - What? [CLAIRE]: No.
This can't happen! It is.
Something's wrong with the system.
Ya think? [T-REX ROARS AND BOTH SCREAM] [BOTH SCREAMING] [HUFFS] Quick! Get us out of here! - [TRUCK STARTER SPUTTERING] - I'm trying! - It's not starting! - Get in gear! - It is in gear.
- Be careful! You'll flood it! - Do you want to try? - Maybe I should, since you can't! You're the one that wanted to take the shortcut! [ROARS] [METAL CREAKING AND STRAINING] [ROARING] [SCREAMING] [OWEN]: Don't move.
She can't see us if we don't move.
[ROARS] [THUDDING] Whoa-oh-oh! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! [BOTH SHRIEKING] [CRASHING] [BOTH GROANING] Oh ugh.
[CROAKS] You have got to be kidding me.
[ROARING] Red? [ROARING] [RED STARTS BARKING] [RAPTOR STARTS YAPPING] - [GROWLS] - Pretty brave, guys! We have to do something.
They can't last out there against that thing.
Yeah, you're not kidding.
How did that fence get deactivated? Here, follow me! There's nothing here but junk.
Well, one man's junk is another's opportunity.
Come on! [ENGINE RUMBLING] [BRAKES SCREECH] Not bad, right? Yes.
Your building abilities are very impressive.
Now, can we find the dinosaurs and get out of here? Hold on tight! We gotta go! [THUD] Faster! Go, go, go, go! Faster, faster! [ROARING] Ew! [OWEN]: You gals might want to start running! [ROARING] Look out! [BRAKES SCREECHING] [FOOTFALLS THUDDING] [GROWLING] Owen Got it! [CLAIRE SHRIEKING] [PANTING] Ha! Now that should hold her up for a bit! Let's just hope we can get to the new exhibit, without anything else going wrong.
Don't worry, we're almost there.
What could go wrong? [SINISTERLY]: Yeah What could go wrong? [CHUCKLING DIABOLICALLY] [CACKLES EVILLY] [RELIEVED SIGH] It looks like we lost the T-Rex.
Do you think we can find the missing dinosaurs? No problem.
Their trail's pretty easy to follow.
[DEJECTED SIGH] I just wanted everything to go smoothly for the big reveal of Simon's new exhibit, but I can't even get the dinosaurs to the attraction.
I don't know, maybe I'm just not cut out to be the Assistant Manager of Park Operations.
[SNAPS]: What? Claire! You are the most ambitious, determined, aggressive maybe a little too aggressive person I've ever met.
You're a a [HOPEFULLY]: A go-getter? Yeah, that's it! A go-getter! Claire, you are a go-getter! I just hope Simon thinks so.
I'm sure he will.
Why's that? Because we just found the dinosaurs! Keep up, dinos! We're under a time-crunch here! - You too, Red! - [RED BARKS] All right, everyone inside.
- [GATE SLAMS] - [CLAIRE GROANING] [CREAK-BANG] [WEAKLY]: Nailed it - [THUD] - Ugh! 'cause I'm a go-getter.
Ohh What are you doing? I was just, uh fixing your copier when I saw your security cameras [GASPING] Claire made it to the exhibit? Wonderful! I better go meet her for the big reveal.
Phew! - Danny? - [DANNY FREAKS OUT] Did you say you fixed the copier? Yeah This was jammed in it.
Is this, um yours? Hee-hee, ooh-hoo-hoo! It kind of tickles! No.
[AWKWARDLY]: Never seen it before in my life.
Now back to busine Uh you know what? Heh.
I'm done! [CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] Uh, the copier's fixed.
[CLAIRE GROANING] [LAUGHS] Okay! Okay, Red! That's enough.
I'm okay.
What happened? Um gate malfunction? Yeah.
Gate malfunction.
Dinosaurs are in their cage, and you owe me a paycheck.
[LOUD ROARING] And a rampaging T-Rex is headed this way, so if you could hurry it up and pass along that check, I'll be on my way.
Are you kidding me? Ugh.
[ROARS] [T-REX CRIES OUT] All right! Where do you want her? [BARKS] Oh, wow! - So cool! - [CACKLING GIDDILY] [ALL GASPING AND OOHING] - Stygimoloch sponge-cakes! - Cookie! Here's the money I owe you.
You earned it.
I really did, didn't I? [LAUGHS AND SIGHS] I also owe you something.
An apology.
I was wrong about the shortcut.
I'm sorry.
An apology? Huh.
Maybe I was wrong about you.
Oh, probably not.
[BRAKES SCREECH] Claire! So this is where you've been? At the secret exhibit, getting it ready for the big reveal! That's the kind of go-getterness that I expect! [GRANDLY, BROADCASTING]: Are you ready for the greatest thing to happen to Jurassic World since the T-Rex? [CHEERING WILDLY] Let's get pumped for the biggest, most fantastic exhibit to ever hit Isla Nublar! - [CROWD ERUPTING] - That's the spirit! I give you the Dino-Carousel! [CROWD SUBDUES] [RED-CAP BOY]: That's awesome! Huh? I've been dropped out of a helicopter, hang-glided on a Pteranodon, nearly fell off a cliff, and was almost almost dinner for a raging T-Rex twice! All for a carousel? Are you kidding me? Well, not just any carousel a dinosaur carousel! What do you think, Claire? Well it is revolutionary.
Exactly! "Revolutionary"? Well, it does go in circles.
[LAUGHS] [RED-CAP BOY CACKLES GIDDILY] Whoo! So, what do you say, Claire? Up for a little adventure? Well, why not? Can't be worse than the T-Rex.
Hey, Vic! Look who we found.
Ha! I knew there was four! [ROARS] - [YELPS] - Sorry.
Blue can be a bit protective.
"Blue"? Don't look at me.
Red came up with it.
[PURRING] You've been a good friend.
[ALL CLUCKING] Unbelievable! Do something else.
Red, turn around.
[CROAKS AND PURRS] Listen, kid.
You're a natural with these things, and from what I have seen, your skill with these reptilian rascals is, well, pretty special.
So, what do you say? He's a lost cause, Vic.
He just wants to get back to Costa Rica and leave this place behind.
[CHUCKLES] Maybe I will stick around.
Wonderful! This is great! Once you sign the paperwork, we'll get you a uniform No uniform! Okay! No uniform! But maybe, if you're lucky, you can have one of these 'Course, you'll have to go through some training, learn how to master - [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] - Ooh! Ooh-hoo! Ahh! [WEAKLY]: Finally got to zap something.
Ooh! Ahh! Oh! Not again! Oh, come on! Guys! Ow! Ooh! Gee! [DANNY, HUSHED]: You're right Uncle Dennis would be proud.
By the time I'm done, Jurassic World'll be as prehistoric as the dinosaurs.
[DOOR BANGS] [VELCRO RIPPING] Wait till they see what I do next.
I'm going to ruin Jurassic World! [LAUGHING MANIACALLY] [SLURPING LOUDLY]