Lethal Weapon (2016) s02e03 Episode Script

Born to Run

1 - (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) - REPORTER: This way, this way! Ah-ah, ah-ah - I was cool already - Shaye! Shaye! MAN: Shaye? Shaye? When's the next album?! - You'll just have to wait, baby.
- Aah! Yeah, see my skies all sunny Got a pocket full of money And maybe there's not a lot But damn, I'm in a good spot Got nothing to hide You're not playing this right You want some advice? Boy, don't be killing my, boy, don't be killing my vibe My vibe Oh, my vibe Boy, don't be killing my, boy, don't be killing my vibe - My vibe, my vibe - (DISTANT ENGINE RUNNING) Boy, don't be killing my, you just might be killing me (CRICKETS CHIRPING) (LAUGHS SOFTLY) (ZIPPER OPENING) (ENGINE REVVING TIRES SQUEALING) What the hell? (ENGINE REVVING) - Shaye, somebody - (ENGINE REVS, GUNSHOTS FIRE) (TIRES SQUEALING, GLASS BREAKING, ENGINE REVVING) Sweetie, I don't want your cookies If you're looking for applause, keep looking (THUDDING) You should bring your life jacket 'Cause people like you can't handle this, no Where were you when People like you can't handle this, no Where were you when I needed (BIRDS SINGING) We shouldn't be here.
It's like we're going in unarmed, unprepared.
You're gonna be okay.
And since when do you go into anything prepared? This is a disaster, a suicide mission.
Sometimes you just got to be brave.
Every instinct in my body is saying to just floor it and haul ass out of here.
Riggs, you are gonna be fine.
I believe in you.
And besides, worst case scenario - No one lives forever.
- Right.
Okay, here we go.
- Hi.
- Hey! I-I hope we're not late.
TRISH: Oh, gosh, not at all.
The brunch doesn't start until the champagne arrives, so Well (LAUGHTER) - I'm glad we're finally doing this.
- So glad.
Yeah, we were just saying the same thing in the car.
Really? (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) Yeah, those exact same words.
(SIGHS) Have you tried this yet? This is delicious.
- Mm.
It's all Roger.
- Mm-hmm.
He's become obsessed with frittatas.
What is it you keep saying, honey? The frittata is like a quiche With the personality of a pizza.
(BOTH LAUGHING) I've never heard you say that.
That's because it'd be lost on you.
Oh, 'cause I can't appreciate a good frittata? Well, that's a pancake.
You are eating a pancake and calling it a frittata.
(LAUGHTER) Look, while I can appreciate a meal that encompasses both breakfast and lunch, I just want to know what this is, or what are we doing here? Roger, this is what civilized adults do.
- Mm.
- Martin is our good friend.
Our good friend has met a new friend, and I think we should get to know each other.
Right? It's how the world gets bigger, baby.
Yeah, Rog, it's how the world gets bigger.
You got a problem with that? PALMER: I'm personally thrilled that we're doing this.
Going back and forth to D.
, my schedule is crazy.
Oh, it's got nothing to do with your schedule.
She can only spend two or three days with me, then she's got to get the heck out of Dodge.
- (LAUGHS) - MURTAUGH: Treat Riggs like a vacation.
I wish I would have thought of that.
PALMER: Well, it is kind of like a vacation.
Although, like, six months at a time, it would be Is that a possibility? You know, my supervisor keeps floating the idea around, so He does? (LAUGHS) Riggs just choked on his frittata.
- Stop.
- RIGGS: I-I think it's a great idea.
I think it would be interesting, you know, to be down at the, um down at the beach together, you know? Well, I'm-I'm Did he just ask me to move in with him? - I think so.
- That's what it sounds like.
- No, I'm not - You did, right? Just go on record.
- Shut up.
That's not what I - I heard it.
- Brunch just took a turn.
- I'm not in I was just saying, - that I'm Look.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - TRISH: Just saying.
- It's gonna be fun to have you (PHONE BUZZING) Oh, got to go.
- Homicide on Mulholland.
- Okay.
- Mwah.
- Bye.
All right.
Um You-you Would you like to go? You want to? You interested in, like, tagging along, or? I'm still on vacation.
But you have fun, and let me know if you see any drugs or anything weird.
It's already weird.
Very weird.
RIGGS: All right, what do we got? BAILEY: Her bodyguard was killed, but it looks like Shaye was the target.
MURTAUGH: Shaye? You mean like - Shaye Shaye? - Who's Shaye? She was lucky.
She walked away with barely a scratch.
Forensics, air bag deployment, and the guy's pants indicate they were fooling around in the back seat.
So is this like, uh, Shea Stadium? Che Guevera? Who are we? - Who are we talking about? - We're talking Shaye, the pop star, man.
She has that song, "Broken Window.
" "Shattered Glass.
" Yeah, and and-and she had the other hit song.
- "Pop! Pop! Pop!" - MAN: Active shooter! Oh.
(LAUGHS) is the name of Shaye's song.
Honest misunderstanding, but awesome response time.
- Step back behind the tape.
- Who the hell are you? Uh, Detective Bowman.
I transferred this morning.
The deputy chief sent me here.
Is that soup? Yeah, yeah, I've got, uh, minestrone and, uh, split pea.
- Why? - 'Cause soup makes people happy.
It's like my thing, you know, first day at a new gig? - Hit 'em with soup.
- No.
Why did the deputy chief send you here? No clue.
Maybe 'cause she wants me to learn from the best.
- Ooh, I'm gonna do the minestrone.
- Split pea.
You guys really are doing the soup? What? This is a great idea.
Soup to a crime scene? You know, most people do coffee, donuts, bagels.
This guy soup.
That's new.
I wasn't able to finish brunch, so You need to get on board, Rog.
Ooh, idea man.
Keep up the good work, Slim.
I know your face from somewhere.
(LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) Soup? Got my eye on you, Bowman.
(POP MUSIC PLAYS QUIETLY IN THE BACKGROUND) So what exactly happened last night? Michael was driving me home.
There were gunshots, we crashed.
How many times do you need me to keep telling the same story? Well, we're hoping you can provide some additional details.
RIGGS: Like you were sleeping with him when the crash happened.
That's a good detail.
Uh, please don't touch that.
That's not a toy.
- That was Bob Marley's guitar.
- Hmm.
Really? Bob? I hear some Marley in your, uh, work.
Oh, really? Uh, which album? I'm not I'm not really good with names.
- Shaye? - Phil, this is a waste of my time.
I have a session to get to.
It's canceled.
Sweetie, you need to take a break.
What I need is for people to stop telling me what I need.
Phil Green.
I manage Shaye.
- How's it going here? - Oh, it's going kind of slow, Phil.
So, we know you were sleeping with the bodyguard.
Is there maybe an angry boyfriend, or, like, an angry wife? Can you think of any other angry stuff that? PHIL: Wow.
Are there other, maybe more sensitive detectives who can deal with this? - No.
Cream of the crop.
- We're the best.
SHAYE: Ray's a lot of things, but he's no killer.
We're going through a rough patch right now, but he didn't know about Michael.
RIGGS: All right.
- So, where he was last night? - Know where we can find him? He was at work, as usual.
- As usual.
- All right.
I'll go with you.
He left me, like, 20 messages.
- Nah, it's okay.
- We'll handle it.
- Okay, then I'm going to the studio.
- Shaye, you deserve a day off.
(WINE POURING) - Oh, it was like a cage match.
- It was so bad.
We were just tearing into each other at the end there like - Wow.
- like we decided we couldn't leave the marriage until we were both completely unfit to ever be with another human ever again.
- Gosh.
It sounds brutal.
- Yeah, it was.
But, see, that's the beauty of Riggs, right? We are both pretty incapable of a lot, so, it's pretty perfect.
Can I offer a suggestion? (SIGHS) Riggs has been to this house for maybe 100 meals.
And I think this is the first time he ever washed his hair.
I'm so sorry.
That's awful.
I'm just (SIGHS) I'm just saying that if you do feel that you're cut out for something else, he might surprise you.
(CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING) So I'm checking in with Trish.
You want me to tell her to let Palmer know we're still out on this thing? Huh? No.
Oh, you already checked in? Why would I do that? Because it's what you do.
We left brunch early, so you got to check in and let her know that we're still on this thing.
But she knows I'm still out because I'm not there.
Rog, do you honestly believe that Trish thinks you're at the house right now? No, of course not.
Because I checked in.
You have no clue how relationships work, do you? I'm looking for Ray! - LAPD.
Anybody where I can? - Yeah.
He's in the back, prepping the maid of honor, okay? All right.
It's actually called the check-in.
WOMAN: What the hell? Ray? Where where's my dress? RAY: Get back, get back.
RAY: Oh.
- It's quite the prep process.
- Just working.
Well, clearly, and you're naked, and that's how most of the great photographers did it in the nude.
- Really? - Yes, to relax the models in the nude.
RIGGS: Oh, wow.
Well, here's the thing.
We need to, uh, ask you some questions about (WHISPERING): your girlfriend.
Girlfriend? You jerk! Now, hold on.
I can explain.
Yeah, she was almost killed last night.
I heard.
I I was horrified.
He was horrified.
All right, so, where were you last night, Ray? Uh, last night I was with her, uh, at the rehearsal dinner - taking photos.
- SHAYE: You weren't working! You lowlife, - cheating son of a bitch! - Shaye, oh, my God, - you're okay! - Oh, my God, were you so worried, Ray? - Who is she, your grief counselor? - I-I (GRUNTS) She can't do that.
(GROANS) - No, Shaye - Let go of me! - Little help here, Rog.
- I love you.
I tried calling you.
Oh, was that while you were banging her, - or did you wait till after? - I love you, Shaye.
Rog, grab the legs.
Please? Rog? Rog? Rog? (YELLS) (PEOPLE GASP) HUH.
RAY (GROANING): Aw, God You're right, Rog.
Relationships are complicated.
Y-You might want to put that on.
In our defense, there are risks to having outdoor weddings.
This is true anything could have fallen on that cake.
Including the naked man you tossed off the balcony.
We didn't toss him off the balcony.
- Did we toss him off the balcony? - Is Avery around? He has a way of giving feedback that's more like a a compliment sandwich.
Let me explain.
You take a slice of compliment - Mm-hmm.
- you fill it with your ham and cheese, which is your constructive criticism, and then close it back up with another compliment.
An example.
"Great job tracking down a lead.
"Despite the regrettable chaos and nudity, "you cleared a suspect.
Outstanding!" Avery's at a leadership conference, learning how to lead.
If only someone would teach you two how to be led.
Seriously, I have no desire to be here any longer than necessary.
I came to get answers and provide solutions.
The poster.
MURTAUGH: That's where I know him from.
The guy's not a cop, he's a model.
SANTOS: (CHUCKLES) Oh, Zach Bowman is a very real cop.
No one's been promoted faster.
What about raw experience? If any face should be the face of the LAPD, it should be this face.
- He is dreamy, Rog.
Tall drink of water.
- Okay, all right, this department has been tasked for 24/7 protective detail on Shaye.
Riggs, take the first shift.
You want us to babysit? I want you to drop no one off a balcony for 24 hours.
Feels like an open-face compliment sandwich.
There's no compliment in that at all.
I don't want your cookies MURTAUGH: Hey.
Where's your mother at? - If you're looking for applause - Had to run to a late meeting.
Your recipe's boring Need a little more spice in my cooking What you listening to? No one you know.
You got any Shaye on there? Some "Broken Glass"? Broken glass - (HUMMING) - Oh, okay, stop.
That's so cringey.
'Kay? Don't act like you know who Shaye is.
Yeah, you're right.
Even though, uh, she did show me her Bob Marley guitar, today, at her house.
- I-I probably - Wait, wait.
The Shaye shooting? You were there? You were working that? LAPD.
It's what I do.
What's she like? Is she okay? Her car was all shot up.
Can I meet her? Yes, she's okay.
No, you cannot meet her.
And how do you know about her car? Where do you think? On ShayeNation.
- They keep running the news clip.
- What's ShayeNation? "What's ShayeNation"? Oh, my God.
Okay, tell me you did not ask her that? It's gonna be so embarrassing when I meet her.
Yeah, you're not gonna meet her.
Show me ShayeNation.
(PHONE RINGING) Hey, I was just PALMER: What, no phone call? Wait, are y are you serious? Hey, Murtaugh just said the same thing.
- Like, I-I - Yeah, except one of us is kidding.
What would you even be calling me to say? Exactly.
Unless you're telling me you're shacking up with a pop star.
More like babysitting an entitled little punk.
Say, what about, uh, you and I, I don't know, grab a beer and maybe a burger later? You know where to find me.
So, that's when she stopped dating Drake and started up with Ray.
You know, if you put this kind of time into AP history, imagine the possibilities.
Yeah, right? Here's the shooting.
BOWMAN: LAPD considers this a high-priority investigation.
We're pursuing all leads, and we won't rest until we find the shooter.
Detective Bowman's a hottie.
- Is he in charge of the investigation? - No, he is not Can I meet him? What else on this Web site do I need to see? Uh, paparazzi shots, tribute videos Oh, this fan was there when Shaye got into that huge fight - at Boyle she blogged about it.
- A fight with who? - (DOOR CLOSES) - TRISH: Hello, honeys.
I'm home.
- Hi.
- Hey.
What happened? They realized that it was Sunday, and decided to send you home early? - (LAUGHS) - Dad thinks you work too much.
I didn't say that.
- Is that Boyle? - Yeah.
- I was just there.
- MURTAUGH: Today? - Yeah.
- I thought you had a meeting.
I did.
My boss owns the restaurant he likes to meet there.
Well, that sounds like a date to me.
Yes, Roger, I was on a date with my boss, and the CFO, and the marketing team, and outside counsel.
And guess what? We're doing it all again tomorrow.
Wait, were you there when Shaye and her manager got into that fight? I heard he dragged her out of there.
- Her manager? A guy named Phil? - TRISH: No, I missed that, but I heard it got weird.
Hey, tell you what, next time she's there, I'll text you.
I love you.
See, Dad? That's how parenting is done, okay? (LAUGHS) Roger, you coming up? You know, sweetie, I hate to say this, but I think I have to go back to work.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) SHAYE: I'm no chef, but I hear they're better if you heat them.
Yeah? Well, they're for you the bruise on your neck.
The cold'll help.
It's, uh, it's getting much better.
The car crash really did a number on me.
Except you didn't get those bruises in the accident.
They're old.
You're an expert on bruises? I know they're easy to hide with a jacket.
Even though it sucks 'cause it's really hot outside.
You got one on your upper arm, too, right? See, 'cause when you grab the neck, instinctively, you put the other hand on the arm.
That way you can dig your fingers in.
So Boyfriend? Bodyguard? Well (CLEARS THROAT) in my experience, the best way to avoid those kind of bruises is to avoid the guys who are giving them to you.
Well, in my experience the guy giving them to you knows you can't avoid him, because your whole life, career, whole world depends on him.
So bruises heal.
- (POP SONG PLAYING) - PHIL: Look, Shaye and I are creative partners, so, you know, sometimes we're gonna get into creative disagreements.
No, we're talking about an assault.
Which never happened.
Look, I didn't make it up it's all over the Internet.
Oh, is LAPD investigating charges alleged by fan sites and blogs now? Because if that is the case, I heard Tupac is alive and well, and he's playing the Greek on Saturday night.
Yeah, well, maybe I need to investigate that.
(DOOR OPENS) Riggs, what are you doing here? Did you put those bruises on your client's neck? Did she tell you that? Yes or no? Yeah, she didn't tell you that.
She knows better.
Yeah, but, see, I don't.
I don't know what to do with you, Riggs.
- You hit a private citizen.
- (CLEARS THROAT) You just flat-out hit him.
Well, not Not in so many words? Is that what you were about to say? Something like that.
Is this an act? Excuse me? The loose cannon.
Jumping through windows.
Flirting with police abuse.
Don't care if you die.
- (CLEARS THROAT SOFTLY) - Is it an act? I understand that you were pretty messed up when you first came here.
Yeah, I was.
Well, there are people here who believe you put all that damage behind you, and that you can function as a responsible member of this division.
Yeah, well, there's people out there that believe just about anything.
If you keep jumping out windows, eventually there won't be a cake to land on.
Just take the rest of the day off.
And find a new act.
You want to tell me what happened? Hey.
Got the rest of the day off.
(CLICKS TONGUE) No, no, no.
With Phil.
You hit him.
It's like you went dead for a second.
What was that? A mistake.
Things got out of hand, and it will not happen again, Rog.
So that means that you're gonna talk to Cahill or Avery about this, right? No, Rog, it's unnecessary.
How are you gonna deal with this? BOWMAN: Uh, excuse me.
It's dealt with, Rog.
(SLAPS ARM) Is this a bad time? For the face of the LAPD? No.
So, I called Boyle to get their security video, but, um brick wall.
They said that our request for video needed to be vetted by the restaurant's lawyer.
The restaurant's lawyer? Yeah.
You come with me.
I'm gonna show you how those of us not on the poster climb over brick walls.
WOMAN: Can I help you? Yes.
We're looking for your attorney Found her.
Watch and learn.
So building to LEED specs will cost more, but it will pay for itself in marketing value.
(COUGHING) - Roger.
- Hey.
Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
But a-are you done? With my sentence or my meeting? (BOTH CHUCKLE) My apologies.
This is my husband.
Or Rog.
Detective Murtaugh.
You've probably heard all three Detective Murtaugh, this way.
- Yeah.
- Excuse me.
(CHUCKLES) I'm in the middle of a meeting.
Why does it seem that those people don't even know - who I am? - Because they don't.
I'm at work.
These When you are interrogating a suspect, do you tell them - about your wife? - Depends on the crime.
I just might.
And occasionally, I sometimes show a photo.
Because I'm proud of my wife.
(SIGHS): What is it you want? Security video from the other night when Shaye and her manager - were here.
- Sure thing.
Do you have a subpoena? A subpoe What I-I thought You thought what? You would come in here without a subpoena, interrupt my meeting, ask me to break company policy, possibly the law, in front of my colleagues? N You're putting a spin on it.
(INHALES) I will see you at home.
And, Roger, do not show perps my picture.
It was just that one time.
What is that? The security video.
The hostess just gave it to me.
We were chatting, and then she said there was something about my eyes that made her feel safe.
(WHISPERS): The poster.
How am I ever gonna learn how to do this job if I just keep skating by on my Bowman.
Stop talking.
She also gave me free dessert.
Hold up.
Hmm? - What is that? - That's new.
Oh, I got in a fight with a vending machine.
It didn't want to drop my hot Cheetos.
I know I should have used my words, but (CLEARS THROAT) Yeah.
This is what this is, huh? This is what what is? WELL, THIS IS: we meet up after work, have a bunch of fun, tell a couple lies - Hmm.
- eat Cubanos and go home.
That's what we have here.
Well, we don't always have to eat Cubanos.
- We could eat pizza - (LAUGHS SOFTLY) or burgers - Hey.
- Mm-hmm? You're not happy with our situation? I am.
I am, most of it.
It's just, um, you know, we start talking about vending machines and flex hours (GROANS): All right.
(CLEARS THROAT) Um I hit a guy.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- That happens, you know? - Mm-hmm.
Somebody resists arrest, throws a punch at you (SMACKS LIPS) Nope.
Wasn't a suspect.
- Huh.
- Mm.
What did he do? Um, I asked him if he roughed up his girl, and I could tell he was lying.
Yeah, he was one of those tough guys that, you know, if a female doesn't do exactly what he says or talks back, then watch out.
- So - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
- So they sent you home.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) Is there anything that you want to talk about? (CHUCKLES): Uh, no.
Why would I want to - why would I want to - Stop.
- Look, I - That's what people do, Riggs.
(GROANS) But why, if I've already said the thing Isn't it enough to say the thing? Right? Like, why do you have to say it again, or-or dissect it? You don't have to do anything you don't want to do.
I was just offering to All right, here's the deal, right, here's the deal.
Um like, we both have our issues, right? You-you have your crap, I have mine.
I just feel that it's best, you know, the decent thing to do if I don't, uh, you know, unload my crap onto you.
Well, yeah, that would be way too much crap for one person entirely.
Too much crap en one See? All right, I'm gonna go take a quick shower.
(SHOWER RUNNING) (DIALING) (LINE RINGING) MURTAUGH: Hey, I was just gonna call you.
Hey, Rog.
I need your help.
I think I'm screwing things up with Palmer.
- What things? - I don't know.
I think I'm doing something wrong.
Sexually? What? What? You know what? Forget forget it.
And no, not sexually.
What were you gonna call me about? Okay, I'm looking at security video from the other night when Shaye and Phil had the altercation at the restaurant.
He definitely got physical with her.
But it's not like he was attacking Shaye it's more like he was steering her away from this other guy at the bar.
So, who's this other guy? I don't know.
But whoever it is, Phil was definitely trying to protect her from him.
(SHOWER CONTINUES RUNNING) Hey, so, I, uh, got a work thing.
Riggs, stop it.
If you don't want to stay, then don't stay.
Don't make it weird.
Wha What's weird? You said you were gonna take a shower, and now you're completely dressed, you're not wet is there even a towel on the floor? and you're going to work, but you left the water running, so That is weird.
- It is.
- Huh.
Good detective work.
You are a great agent.
I'll call you later.
- Really? 'Cause it looks like you ushered Shaye out of the room to avoid him.
And yet, he really seems to know you.
Hey, where's Shaye? Keep this guy away from me.
Look, see, I got witnesses this time.
Look, would you just How about this? Take a shot at me.
And then we're even, right? No, come on, nobody's gonna do that.
Did you really have to hire private security? Well, we're not comfortable with the LAPD.
SHAYE: What is going on? Sweetie, you don't need to be here - Shut up.
Shut up.
- It's more harassment.
- I swear to - This is from two weeks ago at Boyle.
I told you we've never seen him before.
I've never seen him before.
Look, someone wants you dead.
Let us help you.
I'm sorry.
I don't know him.
We're done.
Next time you come to this house, have a warrant.
All right, we're walkin'.
We're walkin', Riggs.
My guys'll show you out.
Don't push it.
I ran it through LAPD's facial recognition protocol.
Yeah, I've never seen him before.
In addition, Detective Bowman also doesn't recognize him.
(CHUCKLES): Oh, you're saying it's a computer thing.
Yeah, I thought you were asking if I'd seen him before.
Yeah, I've got it now.
Riggs is calling in a favor to get us into a federal database.
What's our guy doing right there? Look at his hand.
Bailey, play that back.
Right there.
He's paying for a drink with his credit card.
There's a name on that receipt.
(WHISPERS): I think you should turn it off.
Bowman, please.
You have a genius at work.
And so modest, too.
Hey Hey.
This is a great - surprise.
- Mm-hmm.
Sorry to interrupt you at work, but I guess it runs in the family.
Good Got it.
- Good one, good one.
- (LAUGHS) Listen, I'm sorry for snapping at you earlier.
So purely out of guilt I got you the security What is that on the TV? Oh that's a a screen saver.
Roger, I'm confused.
'Cause I remember an attorney who looks a lot like me telling you you need a subpoena for that video.
Would you care to respond? Yes.
But before I do, what are the chances that we could look at a receipt from the credit card at that restaurant? Bailey, can you give us the room? Thank you.
Give us? Thank you.
- I was just about to call you.
- Yeah? Oh, good.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I was scared it was just me.
(CHUCKLES): Um, I started to feel like a freak for wanting to talk about, you know Right.
Uh, me, too.
Yeah, how we left stuff earlier.
That's weird.
Right, yes.
Exac Yes, that is exactly why I was calling you.
So that is clearly not why you called.
Hey, Palmer, you don't know that.
What is this, like, a work thing? Oh, maybe I'm calling you for a variety of reasons, uh, one of which could be Riggs, why are you calling? (CLEARS THROAT) Okay, fine.
If I send you a photo, can you run it through the DEA's facial recognition database? Also if you would like to talk about Just send me the photo.
All right.
(RINGTONE PLAYS) Hello? Bobby Claypool.
Ex-con that just got out.
Do you know him? No, - I-I don't know - Shaye, this guy gets out of prison, and the first thing he does is come after you.
Phil said he was gonna take care of What? That he's gonna protect you? He can't, Shaye.
Now, listen, who is Bobby Claypool? (EXHALES) He was my first boyfriend.
We were together when I was starting out.
So why is he after you? He went to prison for vehicular manslaughter.
Who did he kill? No one.
Bobby didn't kill anyone.
I did.
Hang up the phone, Shaye.
Shaye, is that Phil? Do not hang up this phone.
PHIL: Get off the phone.
Shaye, do not hang up the phone.
Now! Shaye.
(GASPS) (PHONE BEEPS, CALL DROPS) Your boyfriend's back.
(SCREAMS) You miss me? (PHONE RINGS) Shaye? (PHONE RINGS) Hey, I can't talk right now, baby.
Everything all right? Dad, do you know what's going on with Shaye? Do I know? Do you know what's going on with Shaye? I'm watching ShayeNation's live Periscope.
The thing we put on your phone the other day.
Open it now.
You have to.
Look at us.
Just like old times.
Bobby, don't.
Don't do this.
Oh, come on.
Put your peddle to the metal.
Let's show your fans how we used to do it.
That brings me back.
Now that reminds me of a story.
Now, stop me if you've heard this one before, but I'm pretty sure you haven't.
Shaye kept it to herself.
MURTAUGH: East on Mulholland.
Are you sure? We're going the wrong way.
- The car just passed the 3000 block.
- All right.
BOBBY: It was a drive just like this.
We were out celebrating.
Shaye was behind the wheel.
Do you remember what we were celebrating, baby? Sure you do.
Your first record deal.
(BRAKES SQUEAL) Well, she killed a man that night.
Didn't see him before we hit him.
- Isn't that right? - Yes.
BOBBY: But who went to jail for it? You did.
Why? Tell them! Because we made a deal.
Because you were supposed to take care of me.
Five years, not one visit or phone call.
I wanted to reach out.
I tried.
Phil wouldn't let me.
That's why he's gonna die, too.
Nice try.
(SCREAMS) Drive, Shaye.
Now we're gonna see if we can fly.
(SHAYE SCREAMS) Found them.
(CACKLING) (SIREN WAILS) He's gonna take them over the edge.
How do you feel about off-road? You know I hate that question.
(SIREN WAILS) I told the truth.
What do you want? BOBBY: You ruined my life.
And now I'm gonna ruin yours.
(SCREAMS, PANTS) Help me! Please, help me.
Help! Damn.
Roger Mayfield Murtaugh.
(GASPS) The trunk! Phil's in the trunk.
Oh, my God.
(GRUNTS) Help me.
- Please! - Hi, Phil.
(PANTING) Come on! (PANTING): We're gonna die.
Yeah, now, that is a guarantee.
Maybe today, you know, maybe later down the road.
It's not an act, is it? RIGGS: It all depends on you.
(PANTING): Please.
Sucks being scared, doesn't it? Did you hurt her? Yes or no? Pull up! (PANTING) Answer the question.
Yes, I hurt her.
I did.
I hurt her.
Tell her I'm sorry.
Tell her yourself.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
(WHIMPERS) (SIGHS) (METAL CLATTERING) Is this your doing? It was a team effort.
I think I created the perfect cop.
Your brains, his body.
Well, you take your partner and you teach him some paperwork.
That's right.
He's all yours now.
SANTOS: Apparently, our recruiting numbers are suddenly through the roof.
You laugh.
But a couple of tweaks and that's a very compelling poster.
You saved the girl's life.
It was haphazard police work.
Excessive collateral damage, and nearly a lawsuit, but not a bad outcome.
Now, that's a proper compliment sandwich.
Yeah, you closed it up.
Any chance you retire early and take Riggs with you? I can't leave.
I'm the face of the department.
Painted blood on my door But I ain't waiting for a Christ (KEYS JINGLING, DOOR UNLOCKS) Give us just a sec? (CLEARS THROAT) Thank you.
Gave me some, now I want more How you holding up? (STIFLED LAUGH) I'm gonna lose everything.
And I'm okay with that.
I didn't deserve it, anyway.
For the record, I fired Phil.
For the record, you didn't deserve what he did to you.
You know that, right? Come light the day Hang in there, okay? Oh, sun, start to wake My eyes Bless my eyes Don't hesitate, oh, my Hey.
You see your dad on that old Periscope? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Periscope, Twitter, TMZ.
I've been getting texts about you all night.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Are they saying how heroic I looked? - 'Cause that's what they say down - No.
They're saying "Your dad just killed Shaye's career.
"And now, no one's gonna hear any new music from her for decades.
" - No, do but I - All 'cause of you.
I I saved her life.
Don't tell me you're still mad at me, too.
Not at all.
Those of us not in your daughter's demographic find what you did very heroic.
Really? Really.
You should see me on this poster.
- Poster? What? - I got big chest, big arms, yep.
I get to sleep with the guy on a poster? - Mm-hmm.
- Sexy.
(LAUGHS) - Guess what.
- Hmm.
I don't think I'll be making that strategy session tonight.
It-it moved upstairs.
That's right.
- Mm-hmm.
- Way upstairs.
Come here.
I'm right by the hotel.
PALMER (OVER PHONE): Oh, I should've called you earlier.
I'm about halfway to the airport already.
Oh, bummer.
Well, I was gonna pick you up and see if you wanted to grab a burger, and then, I'd give you a lift to the airport.
No worries, it's my fault.
Murtaugh told me I should've called.
Well, I decided to take an earlier flight.
(HORNS HONKING OVER PHONE) (HORNS HONKING) So, when you coming back? Um, I don't know.
Might be a while, huh? Yeah.
Uh look, um when you left the hotel the other day, that bothered me.
I know.
And I'm sorry.
No, um, what I'm what I'm trying to say is thank you.
Um I really did not think that I was capable of anyone bothering me anymore.
Or that I would want them to.
And it turns out, I do.
You know? It's it's so stupid.
It's like I want a guy that sits around and watches dumb TV with me and will talk about his feelings, brings me flowers, all that dorky stuff.
That's not you.
And I would really hate anybody that tried to change you into that guy.
You and me both.
Thank you, Riggs.
You please take care of yourself, okay? You too, Palmer.