Lethal Weapon (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

Flight Risk

1 ("MONEY" BY CHARLI XCX PLAYING) The best things in life are free But you can give them to the birds and bees I want money Excuse me.
Sir, we're actually going to be landing soon.
I'm sure we have time for one more glass of wine, no? If we did, I wouldn't ask you to take your seat.
Fair enough.
Ladies and gentlemen, just a brief announcement.
Uh, the good news is, your flight to Los Angeles will only be slightly delayed.
The bad news is, this is a robbery.
(GASPING) Now, please hand your valuables over to me.
Necklaces, jewelry, watches.
That's a knockoff, isn't it? You think I'm an idiot? Sir, would you be so kind as to hand me your briefcase? I don't think so.
My gun doesn't care what you think.
Now! (WHIMPERING) You've got to be kidding.
I mean, who robs a plane? You realize the police are going to be waiting when we land.
What? (SIGHS) I knew I forgot to think of something.
No, I didn't.
This would be a perfect time for all of you to fasten your seatbelts.
Buckle up.
Everybody, buckle your seatbelts.
Thank you all for your cooperation.
This ends the entertainment portion of your flight.
Thank you.
(GRUNTING) (GASPING) (GRUNTING) (GASPING) (GUNSHOT) RIGGS: All right, time to start travelin' light.
One frying pan.
Barely used.
A "Remember the Alamo" ashtray.
That there is a limited edition.
You doing a little spring cleaning? Eh, just trying to clear the clutter.
You know, get down to the bare essentials.
How much for this beauty? Well, that depends.
You a David Lee Roth or a Sammy Hagar guy? I won't dignify that with a response.
This is a hell of a rifle, son.
Almost forgot that was in there.
You sure you want to get rid of it? I can't afford to give you what it's worth.
Even trade? (CHUCKLING): Yeah, okay.
All right.
NATHAN: This was your granddad's.
Then it was mine.
Now it's yours.
Doesn't feel right, being out here when Mom's sick.
Being out here's the best thing you can do for her right now.
She gonna be okay? Your mom's a fighter, just like you.
That's not an answer.
(SHUSHING) He's yours.
Now, get in position.
Be still.
Don't forget to lead him.
Aim where he's going.
(GUNSHOT) (GUNSHOT) It's okay.
I missed on purpose the first time, too.
MURTAUGH: You only get one chance to have your first meal of the day.
(CHUCKLES) - And you're not even listening.
- (PHONE CHIMES) (CHUCKLES) That's funny.
(CHUCKLES) Thank you.
I mean, yeah, I have a weird little sense of humor No.
It was a funny text.
From who? No one you know.
(CHUCKLES) How do you know? I know a lot of people.
(CHUCKLES) Why does it matter? What do you mean? I'm your dad.
I should be in the loop.
I should know who you're hanging with, - who you're texting.
- That's creepy.
Oh, come on.
No, it's called being a part of a family.
- (PHONE CHIMING) - Do you know I used to know every one of your friends? Yeah, when I was, like, five.
(CHUCKLES) I got to go.
Riana, I made breakfast.
Uh, it's not breakfast.
It's an ambush.
You do it every time Mom goes away.
- (HORN HONKS) - What do I do? My ride's here.
Riana, okay.
We're still on for dinner tonight, right? I figure we can get into a nice hibachi situation.
Yeah, I can't.
I'm going out.
With-with who? (SIGHS) No one you know.
RIGGS: So, your 16-year-old daughter would rather hang out with her friends than her dad? Yeah, Rog, you are raising a monster.
I'm her dad and her friend.
I'm a twofer.
Yeah, maybe you should have that printed out on some shirts.
Maybe that'll push her along.
Hey, but look at this.
This ought to cheer you up, right? Riggs, it's a crime scene.
It's an awesome crime scene, where a man robbed the rich at 20,000 feet and then jumped out of the airplane.
Come on, this is why I got into this business, lunatics like that.
I imagine the guy who he killed would feel differently.
It's the last thing you'd expect to see at 20,000 feet.
I mean, he opened the hatch, and then they were gone.
How did he get a gun on board? (SIGHS) Perks of being rich.
Private planes, no security.
They walk on with whatever they're carrying.
$50,000 watches and $2.
1 million in stolen jewelry? That's our clientele.
And every one of them a crappy tipper.
And the great plane robber? Seen him on any other flights? Never.
Okay, well, thank you for your time.
I know, right? Like, who needs all this stuff? Swiss watches, diamond-encrusted belt buckles? You know, look, I hate to say it, but some people just got it coming, you know? Oh, so you're saying people who have too much stuff deserve to be chucked out of a plane? I'm saying people should simplify.
I did.
I have one pair of boots, one pair of jeans, a few shirts, and one jacket.
All right? I pack light.
I'm not falling out of any planes.
(CHUCKLES) You pack light? Riggs, you got more baggage than anyone I know.
CAHILL: I'm going to ask you again why are you getting rid of all your stuff? No, not all of it.
Just the things I don't need.
I'm simplifying.
You're clearing your life of the things you don't need.
Are you gonna keep saying that until it means something? Well, other than kitchenware, what else are you getting rid of? Um, some tools I don't ever use, a sweater I don't wear, an old rifle That doesn't shoot? That I haven't shot since I was a little boy.
Uh, it was my dad's.
What else? That's interesting.
What, that I held on to something my father gave me? Or that you'd get rid of it.
- You never talk about him.
- (CLEARS THROAT) Or your mother.
Your entire childhood Oh, come on, Doc.
You know, just catchin' crawdads down at the creek, running home to Mama after she's made her homemade blueberry pie.
Sounds idyllic.
Doesn't it, though? Riggs.
Mm-hmm? If you really want to get rid of stuff, childhood's a good place to start.
(KNOCKING) Deputy Chief Santos.
How was the leadership conference? It was amazing.
Thank you for nominating me.
Nominating? Avery, you do understand that the leadership conference is a disciplinary action.
I did not understand that.
I-I thought I was on a promotional track.
When-when you when you say "disciplinary" It's a step before suspension.
A captain needs to garner the respect of their detectives.
If you can't, I'll install someone who can.
I don't know what happened in my absence, but I can assure you there is no one in this building who garners more respect RIGGS: Avery! - What's up, man? - How was captain camp? - Yeah.
- What, they run you up the flagpole - by your skivvies? - What's wrong, big boy? They cut your hair with a toenail clipper? That is enough out of both of you! Sit down and zip it shut! Now, if you'll excuse us, I have some leadership to impart.
RIGGS: Captain Avery, bringing the thunder! I love it when you said, "Sit down - and shut it!" (LAUGHS) - "And shut it!" (LAUGHS) Hey, what's-what's the latest on the robbery? Uh, the latest is it's awesome, because a man not only robbed an airplane but then he jumped out of it.
We lifted a print.
His name is Dan Cooper.
He's got a record.
Bailey found us a lead at a motel in Burbank.
Why is he looking like that? Why are you looking at us like that? The deputy chief is going to fire me if I don't show a semblance of control over you two.
So you guys are gonna help me out, right? Just dial it back a notch? - I just don't think we can.
- I don't think so.
RIGGS: I don't feel comfortable.
MURTAUGH: Hey, Riana, it's Dad, calling about dinner tonight.
Hibachi, hibachi.
Call me back.
Love you.
They said he's upstairs.
He registered under "Charles Ponzi.
" - How cute is that? - Why is that cute? Charles Ponzi? The Ponzi scheme.
He's having fun You really love this guy, huh? You know what, I don't love him, but you could have a little more fun sometimes.
We missed him.
I think it's an inside job.
(PHONE BEEPS) I can't believe you would do this to me, Dad.
The airline's gonna find out and fire me.
What is wrong with you? Dad? That is no way to talk to your father, young lady.
You know what? I blame myself.
You know, we never asked her point-blank, "Is the suspect your father?" - That's so true.
- Right.
- I mean, we always forget that one.
- Mm-hmm.
But she could've said so.
Well, she could have.
I was afraid if I did, you'd think I had something to do with it.
What are we thinking now? But I had nothing to do with it.
Until today, I hadn't seen my father in years.
I spent my life trying to distance myself from him.
When exactly does that start? What? The, uh, creating daylight between yourself and your father.
And follow-up question: Is there anything he could have done to avoid that? Uh, let's see, he could have not been a criminal.
Could have taken us on a vacation that didn't involve casing jewelry stores and lying to the FBI.
So, when you saw your father, why didn't you just have him kicked off the plane? Because he did what HE DOES BEST: he lied.
Convinced me he was there to make up for lost time, that despite everything, he was still my father and we were family.
RIGGS: So your father has stolen goods he's gonna need a fence.
Do you know any of his old associates? Maybe a couple of guys he used to see when I was a kid, but that was years ago.
I can't believe I fell for his crap.
Someone died because of me you should just throw me in jail.
Or you could help us catch your father and put his ass in jail.
Come on, man.
It's her dad.
- You don't expect her - I'm in.
She's in.
RIGGS: So, your dad brought you here when you were a kid? Well, so your childhood wasn't all that bad.
Oh, yeah, it was great.
I got to exchange his stolen crap for cash, while he hid in the Dumpster looking out for cops.
Yeah, I won! - Thank you.
- Hey, I want a refund.
Or-or that giant panda.
This gun is faulty.
Gun's fine it's your eyesight, cop.
RIGGS: Oh, let me guess, this is the guy we're looking for? - NORA: Mm-hmm.
- Nora Cooper.
What are you doing slumming it with the LAPD? Looking for my dad.
I'm starting to feel a little hostility from I got an idea.
Let's go downtown and clean him up.
Come on, lighten up, guys.
I haven't seen Cooper in maybe eight years.
We had dinner at the beach.
It was lovely.
That is amazing, considering eight years ago he was in San Quentin.
MURTAUGH: A place you're about to become very familiar with, considering your friend is wanted for murder and you're starting to look like an accessory.
I saw him this morning.
That wasn't so difficult, was it? He opened his mouth, and it came right out.
So, where is he now? I don't know.
All right.
(STAMMERS) Honestly, okay? He came in, he was in a big hurry.
He was trying to sell his stuff for 50 cents on the dollar, which I could not do.
Listen, Nora, I know you have your issues with your father Like he's a criminal who put me in the middle of a murder investigation? Okay, all I'm saying is, if you find him, go easy on him he just wants to make it right - before it's too late.
- Dugan, it was too late when I was ten years old.
It's different, Nor.
He's dying.
(CLEARS THROAT SOFTLY) Hey, uh, sorry, I know that wasn't easy to hear.
Or maybe it was.
Do you know how many times I've heard he's dying? By my count, the man's had his appendix out four times, two brain tumors, malaria, lupus oh, and West Nile disease.
He's not dying; he's fleeing to Mexico.
Well, well, great.
Then we'll go to Mexico.
Yeah, but wait.
First he's going somewhere else.
How many? How many what? How many quarters did it take? That's irrelevant.
Riana's gonna love it.
You bought your daughter a giant panda? - (CHUCKLES): Yeah.
- Sweet.
She's 16.
- Also a little weird.
- Mm-hmm.
What makes you so sure he's gonna be here? Dugan said he's looking to drop off merchandise for quick cash.
This is the place.
My dad used to drag me here every couple of months.
How do you know he just didn't want to have dinner with you? 'Cause I sat in the car until he walked out with a bag of cash.
We never ate.
RIGGS: You hungry now? Because that gentleman sitting right there hasn't touched his soup since we landed.
- You noticed that, too, huh? - Mm-hmm.
MURTAUGH: What's he waiting for? My guess, he's Cooper.
Someone wants you dead more than me.
What are you doing here? (GROANS) Rog.
You okay? Aw, we got to make a stop.
Hospital? Arcade.
Somebody's gonna pay for this panda.
- When can I see my daughter? - Mm what do you say, Rog? Never? Well, I don't think she wants to talk to you.
But the good news is: we do! Who shot up Chinatown? (CHUCKLES): You got me.
Whoever did it hates your car.
(ALL LAUGHING) He's funny.
You stole from the wrong person.
Who was it, and what did you steal? Oh, man, the list is long.
Um (CLEARS THROAT) It was Emily Draper.
I stole a ruler from her in fourth grade.
Of course, there was Peter Markey I took his skateboard in the sixth grade of course, I said - that Seth Murphy did it - He's adorable, isn't he? This is good! Oh.
You know, everyone loves a charming thief.
Ah, well A charming murderer - not so much.
- It's not so much when it comes to murder, is it? I'm not a murderer.
You know, Eli Woodcock would he would disagree with that.
The guy that jumped me? No.
That was self-defense, man.
He pulled a gun.
My gun wasn't loaded.
Ask anybody I don't carry a loaded weapon.
So the theory is: he shot himself and then jumped out the plane.
Ooh, or maybe maybe he jumped out of the plane and then shot himself.
I'll tell you what.
(CLEARS THROAT) I'm done talking.
That's not a wise decision.
Look, we've got lunatics running around the city wearing body armor, shooting up the place with MAC-10s.
So what are you not telling us? I'd love to help you boys, but until I see my daughter, this mouth is staying shut.
BOWMAN: So, he's telling the truth.
Cooper's gun was a nine-millimeter, and Scorsese pulled a .
358 slug from Woodcock's skull.
So why are we just hearing about this now? Well, the body was in 138 pieces maybe it took a bit of time to collect it all.
RIGGS: All right, thanks, buddy.
(SIGHS) All right, fantastic.
So we'll nominate Scorsese for a coroner award.
The Morguey.
The Corpsey.
The Stiffy.
Think there's already an award for them.
(LAUGHS): Yeah.
All right, so what are we gonna do? We're gonna dangle Cooper from a plane until he talks? Or convince Nora to speak to him.
I mean, if he's really sick Rog, he's not sick, and she's not gonna talk to him.
Dad? Never underestimate the bond between a father and daughter.
See? She visits me at work.
I don't think it's a voluntary visit, Rog.
What the hell? Is this a joke? 'Cause I'm not laughing.
I'm gonna let you work on that unbreakable bond thing.
- Hey, Riggs.
- Don't you wave at him.
What did you do? That's your first question? Yes.
Because usually people that walk in here with handcuffs on did something.
Bailey, what'd she do? A few kids at the zoo got arrested, and a uni from booking recognized Riana's last name and sent her up here.
Arres Arrested for what? For protesting the inhumane treatment of animals.
The mistreatment of animals? It's a zoo! Whose stupid idea was this? I don't have to tell you.
I'm not gonna name names for some list.
Riana, I'm your father, and you I know my rights.
Okay, that's how this is gonna happen? Mm-hmm.
Bailey, read her her rights.
And loosen up the cuffs you got that damn thing a little too tight.
RIGGS: Did you notice anything out of the ordinary? Something that someone might not report? It was chaotic.
Ask him.
We did.
He won't talk to us unless you talk to him.
What? No.
Not interested.
Can't you just whack him a couple of times with a phone book? No.
They don't make phone books anymore, so, makes it difficult.
Is your family as messed up as mine? (LAUGHS) Um (CLEARS THROAT) Listen, if I can find out what it was that he took, than I'll have a better understanding of who it is that's trying to kill him.
Or you could just let them do it.
It took me a long time to get to a place where my father can't hurt me or disappoint me or ruin my life, and I'm finally there.
He's not my father anymore.
I'm over him.
If you can't be in the same room with him, you might not be over him.
Okay, whose idea was this protest? Write legibly, please.
Okay, fine.
We'll go with an easier question.
Who do you sit with at lunch? What does that have to do with anything? Context, background.
Cop stuff.
Who's in your phone favorites? At dinner, who are you texting? At night before you go to bed, I hear you on the phone, laughing with somebody.
Who is that someone, and what are you guys laughing about? This is your dream come true, isn't it? Put me in an interrogation room so you can find out every little detail about my life.
How else am I supposed to, Riana? You don't tell me any of it.
And your friends they don't come by the house anymore.
- They used to come by.
Why is that? - You don't want to know.
I do want to know.
- I'm asking, aren't I? - You hover! Okay, I don't have friends over anymore because when I do, you hover.
I do not hover.
You always hover.
You ask all these questions and tell these corny jokes.
My jokes are hilarious.
Your friends used to always laugh.
Only because they felt sorry for you, or they wanted you to leave.
You know what, young lady? We are done here.
Oh, and you're always fishing for compliments.
You pretend you're asking for fashion advice but really, - (RATTLING DOORKNOB, KNOCKING) - you're waiting for someone to say, "No, Mr.
Murtaugh, that shirt - looks cool on you.
" - (KNOCKING) Can someone open this door? But really it never looks cool.
Bailey! Anyone! I am not done.
I'm glad you're here, honey.
This isn't a reconciliation.
It's about proving I had nothing to do with this.
And against my wishes, it's to help find who wants to kill you.
Eli Woodcock sitting in 1A.
What did you take from him before you shot him? (LAUGHING): Man, why are you making me the bad guy? I don't ever load my gun.
Everybody knows that.
Honey, tell him.
Come on.
That's my move.
Yeah, that's his move.
Along with being a crappy, unreliable father.
But consistent.
He didn't have anything.
He had a mediocre watch and less than 100 bucks in cash.
What am I gonna take from him? So why'd he come after you? Really? - A flight attendant for the rich? - Who the hell are you? That's what you want to do with your life? What I wanted was to get away from you, see the world, go to Fiji.
- Have you been there yet? - Oh.
(CLEARS THROAT) Hey, guys, can we just stay focused? Mr.
Cooper? - Yeah.
- 1A.
You took something from everyone else.
What did you take from him? Briefcase.
(CLEARS THROAT) I took I took I took his briefcase.
Where's the briefcase? (CLEARS THROAT) It's in the Yeah.
Cooper? - What? Where's the briefcase? - In a pond.
- What pond? The one by where I landed.
Dad?! (GROANING) Dad? Knock it off.
This isn't funny! (COUGHING) Can we get an EMT in here?! - Dad? - (COUGHING) WOMAN: It's an invasive myocarditis.
Now that's a it's a viral infection of the heart tissue.
His heart functions are shutting down.
Can you operate, or treat it with statins, beta-blockers? No.
Uh, the damage is irreversible.
How long does he have? Six months? Could be longer with a little luck.
I'm sorry.
Thank you, Doc.
Why don't you go to him? Could be the thing his heart needs right now.
How you doing? The good news is, I have an inordinately healthy appendix.
You guys call me? Can you, uh, take a seat, Detective? Can you tell us where you were last night? Usually, I cannot, but, uh, last night, yeah.
I was at the trailer cleaning up.
Place is really spacious once I get all the clutter out.
So, anyway, I'm thinking about doing, like, an Airbnb deal Did you rob a liquor store in Echo Park? (SUCKING THROUGH STRAW) Last night? No.
What's going on? A Winchester '94, registered in your name, was found at the scene.
Uh, listen.
Yesterday (CLEARS THROAT) along with many other items, I took the said Winchester down to a pawn shop, and I traded it for this nifty little item here.
You sold it at a pawn shop? A rifle you never disclosed was in your possession? - No, no, no, I traded it.
- Riggs, have you even read the LAPD policy regarding personal firearms? I loved it.
It's a little slow in the middle, but it really picked up towards the end, you know? See, this is what I'm talking about.
Where are we on the case, Riggs? Ah, so, turns out the Chinatown shooters were after the briefcase.
The one that Cooper ditched after he jumped.
Why? What's in the briefcase? Well, I called Woodcock's employer.
Apparently, he was returning from a mine in Venezuela.
He had two million dollars in uncut diamonds in the case.
But not to worry.
LAPD's finest is on the case.
(MUFFLED): I put my flippers on too early.
I I can't understand you, Bowman.
I put my flippers on too early.
You need to walk me to the water.
(BRAKES SQUEAKING) I can't believe I'm actually diving for buried treasure.
Bailey? Bailey?! I watched the surveillance footage, and the briefcase isn't here.
Your guy ran right past the camera, clear as day, with the briefcase still in his arms.
And he kept running.
(GROANS) Bailey? Bailey, I can't get up.
(SIGHS) He lied to us.
He still has that briefcase.
Cooper? Well, at least he doesn't need a parachute to go out the second-floor window.
This is Nora's.
(TRUCK HORN BLARES) Hey? Don't I know you? I don't think so.
Yeah, you're the-the flight attendant from the plane that my brother was killed on.
What are you doing here? Following you.
No! No! MAN: Let's go! (PHONE RINGING) Hello? Um, Dad, it's me.
Did you lose an earring? Um, listen to me.
They're gonna hurt me unless you get them the briefcase.
Tell them that I'll bring it.
When and where? Um, tomorrow noon, Echo Park Lake.
You will bring it, right, Dad? (NORA BREATHES LOUDLY OVER PHONE) I won't let you down, Nora.
I promise.
Hey, Dugan? Don't tell me you guys are looking for Cooper again.
Yeah, and the panda was defective.
Look, guys, I haven't seen Coop since Hey, look, we're gonna skip the part where you lied to us and jump right ahead to where you pull out your phone and call him.
(LAUGHS) The people who tried to kill Cooper they now have Nora.
(SIGHS) (PHONE RINGING) Dugan? No, it's your good friends at the LAPD.
That briefcase you stole the guys want it back.
They have Nora, and they're not messing around.
Listen to me, Cooper.
We have to drop the briefcase in Echo Park tomorrow at noon.
Look, you know what these guys are capable of.
MURTAUGH: And, hey, thinking about running doesn't make you a bad father.
Actually doing it? Well, there's not enough diamonds in the world.
(SIGHS) You have the wrong number.
A panda you buy doesn't feel the same as a panda you win.
How's the view up there? No Nora, no bad guy.
No Cooper.
My guess? Father of the year took his last score and hit the road.
Trust me.
He'll be here.
It's what fathers do; it's built in.
Not all fathers are like you, Rog.
Well, obviously, there are standard bearers in the field.
Uh, there's Avery.
Technically, not a father, but.
I guess he's a father figure.
Avery and Gina.
Someone call for backup? I wanted Bowman and Bailey, not Gina.
I didn't want a distraction.
Probably enough caffeine, Detective, don't you think? Clock's ticking and everything.
Oh, look at that.
Told you, it's built in.
That your partner you're talking to? Tell him not to miss.
Cooper says "Do not miss.
" I agree with Cooper.
RIGGS: Hey, Cap.
How long you been listening in? Long enough to know you both think of me as a father figure.
What's the plan? In situations like this, I usually give them free reign.
And that's exactly why I'm here.
The plan? Sending Cooper in now.
You and Gina close in, but keep a distance.
We're going in.
Drop the case.
Walk away.
Where's my daughter? Give me the case, wait 30 minutes.
I'll let her go.
It's not gonna happen that way.
Captain, we're gonna lose the girl.
AVERY: Let them handle this.
Don't move.
Back his play.
Okay, stop! She's here.
Where? The van.
I don't have an angle on Nora.
You let my daughter go and you can have this case.
Drop the case now or they kill her.
(LAUGHING): We can do this all day.
We need to move in.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- RIGGS: Avery.
- Avery, tell Gina to move.
- What? Riggs.
You're breaking up.
You're breaking up.
I've lost comms.
Riggs, comm's down.
What's the play? Rog.
The guys that are with Nora, they're yours.
What do you mean, they're mine? When we get fired, just remember this is the only shot I had.
Dad! You're under arrest.
Can I move now? Nice shootin', Rog.
I think someone owes us both a giant panda.
Thanks for saving my daughter's life and what's left of mine.
My pleasure.
But in saying that, we're gonna do two sets of cuffs.
Can I just hug my girl first? No earrings this time.
I'm sorry I've been such a piss-poor father.
There's still time.
Did you just put this in my pocket? (STAMMERS) We're surrounded by police.
- What's wrong with you? - COOPER: What's wrong with me? This whole thing has been for you.
Just a token of my love for No.
I take it back I take it all back.
You're unfixable, Dad.
Nora, no.
But I'm consistent.
(LAUGHS) She still called me "Dad.
" You know, Cooper.
As far as dads go I've seen worse.
(DOOR OPENS) Drinking to a successful mission? One inch, Avery.
One inch to the left and this mission ends differently.
Usually a narrow margin with these guys.
I can't argue with the result, but you know this is insane.
If you still want to fire me This isn't about saving your job, this is about saving your life.
I don't know anybody that could do what you do and still be breathing.
Thank you.
Say the word and I will have you transferred to a post of your choosing.
(SIGHS) I appreciate that, I really do, but These lunatics are going to bring the walls down and nobody's gonna get out alive.
But you want to stay.
Why? They're my lunatics.
Thought you was going out? Oh, my friends are flaking.
They're always late.
That was for you, but I realized that, uh, you've outgrown big, fluffy things, so he's mine now.
(LAUGHS) Hey, look, Ri.
Uh, your mother doesn't come home until tomorrow.
We still got time for that hibachi thing.
You know? Or we could, um, stay in and watch a movie? Um, I wish I could, Dad, but I think we're getting dinner.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, guys.
You ready to go? Hey, you guys want to lay low tonight? You know, order in, watch a movie? Sure.
Is it cool with your dad? Absolutely.
You can actually take the big TV.
Don't "take it" take it.
And I only say that because there's a felon in the house.
- (LAUGHING) - (RIANA SIGHS) Yeah, okay, Dad.
Good one.
Oh, yep.
I'm getting out of your way.
- Oh, Dad.
- Mm-hmm? Leave the panda.
Oh, yep.
Put him there.
(ALL LAUGH) It's probably now that I need you the most Your dad's pretty funny.
That's not even my best material.
- I got Yes.
- Bye, Dad.
And the other to let you go But time's criminal, love hard-won And love defies everyone Inside my skin, a skeleton Is warming up his act Though my body's my dog and my friend doesn't bite Though he looks severe and erudite A hundred degrees Fahrenheit He's as cool as an ermine If one of these is a poison cup And my acceptance seems abrupt But if you're gonna line 'em up Well, I have to knock 'em down (DEER MOANS) But there's nothing so wrong that what's right can't fix She's not gonna make it.
She's not gonna be okay.
You asked about your mom.
She's not.
She's only gonna get sicker.
Then why are we out here? She's in a lot of pain today, son.
She didn't want you to be a part of it.
I'm sorry, but you're old enough to know what happens, happens.
Step back, son.
Let me take care of this.
- No.
- (RIFLE COCKING) I'll do it.
Amy, what did you leave for us (DEER MOANS) So we could get home (GUNSHOT) CAHILL: So what now? Are you gonna keep it? Damn thing's like a boomerang.
Solomon sang Sheba's grace And he kissed her soft and sulking face Well, things from your past can be hard to get rid of.
Will the other come along? We been on the round and round (GRUNTS) And chased our shadows on the ground And I really was just trying to clean up, simplify things.
Played our songs for everyone So let's simplify things.
With old mythologies Tell me about the gun.
You got to choose You wanted the song To rescue us Amy Well What did you leave for us? this here So we could get home.
is the rifle my daddy taught me to shoot with.
And it's the rifle that shot him.