Lethal Weapon (2016) s02e08 Episode Script

Fork-Getta-Bout It

1 Let's take a trip on a plane WOMAN (OVER P.
): Pharmacy Services, please call station four.
Pharmacy Services So you're saying that it occurred this morning.
MAN: Can I get some help here? She's at six centimeters.
Just breathe, honey, just breathe.
If you tell me to control my breathing again, I might kill you! MAN: Okay, where have I heard that one before? (CHUCKLES) (DISTORTED PANTING) (DISTORTED VOICE OVER P.
It's Ton.
Nah, I'm still in L.
You'll never guess who I just (QUIET GASP) (PHONE CLATTERS TO GROUND) (EXHALES) (GRUNTS, EXHALES) MOLLY: Martin, every time I invite you over, you find an excuse to do housework.
Because every time I come over, your house needs work.
- You're both right.
- Now, Ben, what have I told you? - It's only fun if one of us is wrong.
- Her.
- Him.
- Nah, I beat her to it.
Uh, would you go grab me a wrench out of my truck? Socket or pipe wrench? Pipe.
(PHONE RINGING) - Hey, would you get that for me? - Mm-hmm.
Riggs Plumbing and Heating.
Can I help you? Uh, yeah, he's under my sink at the moment.
Okay, I'll tell him.
That was your partner.
Said meet him at County Hospital in 30.
Well, thank you, Mrs.
Please hold the rest of my calls and reschedule my work lunch.
If I could I would I forgot how beautiful she was.
See you again Yeah, she sure was.
I've known you since you were eight trust me, she'd want you to be happy.
To find somebody, right? Are you dating at all? (SIGHS): Ah, I got enough bad habits.
Martin, seriously.
Heck, I'm back in the game.
I've already been on three terrible dates.
(CHUCKLES) Honestly, it was kind of fun.
You've been in town for one month.
You gone on three dates? Two months.
And I'm moving on with my life.
- Hey.
- You should give it a try.
(GROANS) Would you please tell your mom to mind her own business? - Don't do that.
- Because (GROANS) I know exactly what I'm doing.
- Oh! - (YELLS) Okay, okay, hold on, hold on.
Here you go.
Uh, maybe your next date will be a plumber.
Later, Ben.
- Good-bye.
- Whoa! - What the? - You're leaving? Yep! MURTAUGH: It wasn't like that before.
Have you been messing with my fence, McNeile? Murtaugh.
Do you actually think I would do anything to allow you to get closer to me and my property? My posts are wobbling.
My posts don't wobble.
Not what I heard.
(CHUCKLES) What the hell you mean by Aha! Busted, McNeile.
You climbed over my fence.
That is a lady's shoe.
Size eight, if I'm not mistaken.
And how would you know that? I am a dentist.
Teeth are my job.
But feet (BREATHILY): are my passion.
Passion? (GASPING) (WHISTLING) MURTAUGH: We have an emergency! Hey, honey.
Did you fix the fence? We have bigger problems than that.
I believe that our daughter, the apple of our eye, climbed our fence to go be and with that - Robbie McNeile.
- Yeah! Yes, Roger.
They've been dating for two weeks.
Dating mini-McNeile? Why didn't anybody tell me? RIANA: Oh, I don't know.
Maybe because I was worried you'd overreact? Sweetie I just don't want you to to limit yourself, that's all.
There are so many other fish in the sea.
Have you tried a dating app? I know one it's called - Hurry Up and Wait.
- Oh, no, okay, gross.
(CHUCKLES) Dad, seriously, Robbie has nothing to do with your stupid feud - with Dr.
- He's not a doctor.
He's a dentist.
Lower than a proctologist.
Roger, - that's enough.
- RIANA: Whatever.
Hey, just promise me that when he comes to pick me up for my homecoming dance, you'll be nice.
The homecoming dance?! - Roger - You mean there's gonna be pictures - of this travesty? - Okay.
It is her dance, not yours.
Roger promise me you will not interfere or embarrass her.
- Honey? - Whatever makes her happy.
MURTAUGH: Got to figure out how to stop this.
I mean, even if the kid is a fraction of the freak that his father is, it's A freak? What do you mean, like sexually? No.
Why would you say that? Get that out of my head.
Oh, Rog, it's teenage romance I wouldn't worry about it.
- It'll peter out on its own.
- Yeah, so says the guy who was just under a woman's sink.
I was at Molly's.
- Oh, as in Jake's Molly? - As in "she's basically my kid sister" Molly.
And for the record, you don't know sex lingo.
You talkin' sex lingo? Sweet.
Earlier today, Riggs was - "under someone's sink.
" - Ho-ho, boy I don't know what that means.
'Cause it doesn't mean anything.
Who's the dead body? Victim's name is Anthony Tibone.
Age 52.
Career criminal from New Jersey.
Apparently here on a - fishing trip.
- (RIGGS GROANS) Don't you hate when your work follows you on vacation? MURTAUGH: He's got his gun, but he didn't try to fire it? Killer was quick.
Hit him square in the carotid artery - with this little guy.
- A fork? Who kills someone with cutlery? Someone without a gun? Well, someone tried to save him.
Did you run the prints? - Maybe a nurse? - Or a doctor Jerry Johnson, MD, of huh Teaneck, New Jersey.
His prints match those found on the fork, and Okay.
Wow, this is weird.
It says here he was declared dead five years ago.
Well, that could be a clerical error.
Or a ghost doctor.
Either way, it looks like someone got caught under the wrong person's sink.
(IMITATES GUNSHOTS) Right? 'Cause Well, I was trying to get it in context, and it just it still makes no sense.
Jerry Johnson was a doctor at Mount Sinai in Manhattan until May 22, 2012, which is when he was incinerated in a car bomb on 103rd Street.
NYPD had to use dental records to ID him.
Just another reason why I don't trust dentists.
So why was this guy hiding? I mean, ex-wife? Ex-IRS? AVERY: I just got off the phone with the FBI.
Our victim, Tibone, aka Tony Bonesaw, was a notorious enforcer for the New York mafia.
(SNAPS FINGERS) I knew it! I knew it was a mob story.
This guy in my writers' group, he used to be, you know, mobbed up back east.
He's helping me write a new script that's just like this.
I thought we just made fun of him as a writer.
- So you're really a writer? - Yeah.
Look, the way I see it, this ruthless mob doctor has been on the run for years out here in sunny Los Angeles, thinks he's in the clear, till one day, the Bonesaw pays him a little visit, then bada-bing, bada-boom (IMITATES CUTTING) the doc forks Bonesaw in the neck.
Except the hospital records show that Jerry didn't work at the hospital.
So what was he doing at the hospital? RIGGS: We don't know.
Still waiting on a warrant so we can get security footage and patient logs.
But the guard saw him peel out of the parking lot, - so I put out a BOLO.
- Put out a BOLO.
Classic Murtaugh using old-fashioned grunt work to track down a lead, just like in my script! Wait a minute, I Am I I'm in your script? Yeah.
You and Riggs.
By-the-book veteran paired up with a loose cannon with mental issues.
Oh, hey, wait a minute, now in Roger's defense, man, he doesn't have mental issues.
I got Cahill.
Did you get my notes? I did.
Very insightful, actually.
(MUMBLES) Hey, you can't develop a character based on me.
- You don't know who the real me is.
- the real me is.
Rog, I've been studying you.
Your speech, your mannerisms.
I know you better than you know yourself.
Yeah, well, I'll be - the judge of that.
- Judge of that.
RIGGS: Quick question.
When is it too soon, or when's the right amount of time, for someone to start dating after they've experienced, like, a traumatic event? Uh, and not for me it's for a friend.
That depends.
Did your friend lose his wife a few years ago? I'm serious, Doc.
It's for Molly.
You know, Jake took off a few weeks ago, and she's already gung-ho to find someone new.
Good for her.
That sounds healthy.
Eh, she doesn't always pick the best men, so Maybe she's changed.
You know, that that does happen.
If one works on it.
I see where this is going.
I wonder if what bothers you about Molly is that she's able to do what you haven't yet.
I stopped wearing my wedding ring.
Have you noticed that? Right? I mean, that's got to be worth something.
- Yes, yes, I did.
- And so what if Miranda's picture's still on my phone, all right? I can't change it.
The settings.
It's very complicated.
I go on there, and I There's just a lot of buttons and options and That I believe.
(SIGHS) Riggs, you will never forget Miranda.
And that's a good thing.
But if you don't at least try to move on, you might miss your chance at something good, something special.
MURTAUGH: No, no, no, this isn't me at all.
Sure, there's the heart attack and the surprise baby, but you've missed my essence, Scorsese.
Where's my roguish charm? Here, for instance.
I would never say BOTH: "We gotta wait for backup.
" What-what if I said this instead? BOTH: I'm all the backup we need.
MURTAUGH: Damn it, - you did study me.
- Hey, that's good to hear, because the BOLO just came back with a hit.
Jerry renewed his wait for it LargeMart membership.
Why would a coldblooded killer running from the mob go to a LargeMart? Maybe he's buying forks in bulk? (MUSIC PLAYING OVER P.
): Welcome to LargeMart.
Look for last-chance savings items marked on every aisle.
LargeMart savings made simple.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) WOMAN: Membership card, please? Okay.
Try our pigs in a blanket? Here you go, sir.
It can't be this easy.
Wait a minute.
Is that our guy? It is this easy.
Hey! Jerry? Hi.
(SHOUTING) Get down! (GUNFIRE, CUSTOMERS SCREAMING) What's he doing? (CRYING OUT) MAN: You come any closer, she dies! - WOMAN: No, please let me go.
- MAN: Shut up! Please let me go.
(SCREAMS) MAN: Shut up! I said shut up.
- WOMAN: No.
- MAN: Be quiet.
Hoo! He came back for the diapers.
- (TOY SQUEAKS) - Well least we know why Dr.
Jerry was at the hospital.
He's got a new baby girl to protect.
- He's gonna need more than a shotgun.
- (SIRENS APPROACHING) AVERY: Gentlemen, this is Agent Graves.
He's our liaison with the FBI's crime unit in New York.
Tibone and the two shooters at LargeMart were all contractors for a crime boss named Frank Truno.
Five years ago, Dr.
Johnson saw Frank Truno suffocate a state attorney in his hospital bed.
He was going to be the star witness in a federal RICO case against Truno until he disappeared.
(CLEARS THROAT) So, how does this nice young doctor fake his death, and both the mob and the FBI can't find him for years? Sorry, Detective, that's all I'm permitted to disclose at this time.
Thank you, Agent Graves.
You will have the full support of the LAPD.
Thank you.
Listen, Cap, this guy at the LargeMart is not some Al Capone, M.
I mean, the guy seemed like he was in over his head.
Which is why we need to find him before Truno does.
What doe we know that the FBI doesn't yet? We know he checked into the maternity ward under an alias, um, his wife's still there.
Okay, you go there, talk to her.
Keep in mind she may not know anything that's going on.
And you go talk to Scorsese's CI.
See what he knows about Truno.
Scorsese's mob flunky writing partner? Are you serious? Yes.
Have you not read Scorsese's script? His-His stuff on the mob is really accurate.
Wait a minute, you read the script? Yeah, and you you come off great.
A very nuanced characterization.
Riggs, nuanced? - Well - Ridiculous.
He really captured your voice it's uncanny.
ADRIANA: There must be a mix-up, Detective, my-my husband's a caregiver at an old folks' home.
He's never been in trouble with the law.
(BABY FUSSING) Oh, it's okay, Eva.
One more test and you'll be right back to Mommy.
That may be true, but the fact is there are some very bad men trying to kill your husband.
Kill him? What? His prints were found on a murder weapon in this hospital.
No, not my husband, Detective.
He is a good man.
Too good to be on the run from criminals.
You have to find him so he can explain to you whatever it is that's really happening.
Detective Riggs, the staff said the security footage is available now.
Thank you.
(CLEARS THROAT) Here's my information.
If you hear from him, give me a call, okay? Of course.
He gets a little touchy around cops, so please show some respect, capisce? Bernard, my muse.
How you been? Mwah, mwah.
Bernard? Oh, right, that's why we gave you a nickname.
Nick Graziano, please meet From the script, right? From the script.
Detective Bert Haugh.
Grizzled veteran past his prime, but still holding on for the glory, right? It's Murtaugh, and, uh, the character's undergoing a massive rewrite.
Oh, good, 'cause Bert's snoozeville.
He's too safe and one-dimensional.
You know what I mean? Anyway, Bernard said that you might be able to help us find this guy.
You recognize him? Oh, Bernard, what are we doing here? You trying to turn me into a snitch? Uh, no, it's not snitching, exactly, it's uh, think of it as story research.
Okay, I knew your guy would turn out to be Hollywood poser.
Hey, hold up, hold up.
Take it easy.
Let me see it again.
Yeah, this is that doctor that got whacked five years ago.
They blew up his car.
Okay, let's say, for story purposes, the doctor isn't dead.
Is there any connection between him and Anthony "Bonesaw" Tibone? I don't know.
(ITALIAN ACCENT): Hey, Bernard, this guy even connected here? I mean, I'm getting nothing from him.
He's killing me here.
- Yeah, he's useless.
- No, no, no, no.
Very funny.
Useless, huh? Yeah.
Okay, how about this, wise guy? You see her in the corner? - Yeah.
- You know who she is? No.
That's Adriana Stabilito, Frank's top contract killer and former lover.
She's the one they hired to kill him.
To kill Tibone? Yeah, okay, try to keep up, T.
She was hired to kill the doc.
Capisce? Whoa, back that up.
Pause it right there.
Thank you.
Call Riggs, tell him to meet us at the hospital.
Tell him to keep an eye out for - Oh, Jerry, the husband! - I know, Scors No, Jerry, the husband's, right here.
(TIRES SCREECH) He just made us.
(HORNS HONKING) Okay, Bert Haugh would want to play it safe, - so we sh - No.
(TIRES SCREECHING) Get out of the way.
- (HORNS HONKING) - Excuse me.
He's got nine lives and he used them up (TIRES SCREECHING) He's the Ripper's son, this guy is bad luck Trying to add to everything you despise Whoo-oo-oo Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
(SIREN WHOOPS) Who's playing it safe now? Okay, call Riggs.
Where is she? She said she had to go to the nursery.
- No signs of the husband yet.
- Thanks.
(BABIES CRYING) Hey, hey, hey.
Look I just want to hear your side of things.
- Okay? - (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) It's not safe for you here.
Come on.
- Duck! - (ALARM BLARING) (PHONE RINGING) Hello? It's the wife.
She's the killer.
Yeah, hell of a plot twist, Scorsese.
Come on, Jerry, we know that your wife stabbed Tony Bonesaw right before going into labor, and you, the good doctor, tried to patch him up.
Adriana? No.
No! - She would never - Hey, hey, hey, do you have any idea who you're married to? A woman who loves me very much.
A woman who was hired to kill you.
Well, why not both, Detective? Adriana contains multitudes.
That's one way of looking at it.
One night she sidled up to me at a bar He's gonna take the rap for her.
Well, I'm not charging an innocent man, so if you need him for your RICO case, - Agent Graves - Unfortunately, the Fifth Amendment bars us from trying Truno again for what Jerry saw.
- He's useless to me as a witness.
- Useless? You flew cross-country to make sure we arrested him.
You used us to get to Adriana.
Nailing Frank Truno is no joke.
Every time I'm close, he walks, but his girlfriend and top contractor, I'm betting she has the dirt to put him away.
And if her testimony is solid, I'm authorized to offer her WitSec, immunity, - anything.
- It's been hours.
She's probably in Mexico by now.
JERRY: That's when she finally came clean, said, "A guy like you, Jerry, you don't kill him, you marry him.
" Aw, a true shotgun wedding.
- (PHONE RINGING) - JERRY: It's not perfect, but isn't love always complicated? Excuse me, guys.
Any chance you're free tonight? Uh, maybe.
What'd you have in mind? You want me to retile the bathroom or fix your garbage disposal? You and Ben can do whatever you like.
You're babysitting.
Another date.
Another date, same guy.
Well, just remember it's a school night.
Will do, Dad.
So, how about it? You want to corrupt my son for a few hours? Yeah, I'd love to.
So, what are we talking, three-beer limit? For him or for you? Oh, I'll be drunk when I get there.
(HAMMER POUNDING) (GASPS) McNeile! Don't you scare me like that.
(WHISPERING): Simple wood and nails won't put an end to this.
- It's time to get high-tech.
- No, I don't even want to know.
I was coerced into promising that I would leave it alone.
You can't neglect something like this, Rog.
It's how tooth decay starts.
One day you don't brush, next day you're dead.
Of tooth decay? Of tooth decay.
They're in Riana's room right now.
If we don't put a stop to this, we could wind up in family photos.
- Together.
- Never.
Well, then, the question is, Roger, what are you prepared to do? ROBBIE (OVER PHONE): Our dads are in the backyard.
RIANA: That's why we're in my room.
They know we're out here.
This is so wrong.
- H-How did you even - Shh.
I bugged his phone.
Never thought I'd say this, but I'm starting to respect you, McNeile.
Let's roll.
No, no, no, no.
Intent will only take us so far.
We need incriminating evidence.
RIANA: The dance is so far away.
I don't know if I can wait that long.
ROBBIE: Why don't we fool around now? Aha.
Busted, Dad.
RIANA: You were in on this, too? (SCOFFS) Why am I not surprised? Uh, what? In on it? No, no, no.
I-No I-It was his idea.
- What? What? - I was coerced.
I'll call you.
You know what? It doesn't matter.
You had a boy in your room.
You broke the rules.
I pretend-had a boy in my room.
Yeah, well, you're for-real grounded.
- What? - Yep.
You invaded my privacy.
Starting now.
Two weeks.
Two weeks? But homecoming is, like, next week.
Oh, right, the dance.
I forgot about that.
Oh, well.
I guess you're just gonna have to do without it.
You're only doing this to try to stop me from seeing Robbie.
No, I'm not.
You can see him out the window.
Trapped face.
The original emoji.
(DOOR CLOSES) Man, if Mom found out about this, she'd be so mad.
Remember you said that.
- She's not gonna find out.
- Yep.
Operation Bedtime is a go.
All right, how long have you been asleep? Uh, two hours.
All right, go, go, go.
Good night.
(LAUGHS) I had a great time.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Am I interrupting? - You are.
- No, not at all.
Uh (LAUGHS SOFTLY) I'll call you later.
Uh, mm-hmm.
You better.
His name's Chip.
He loves water polo and turtlenecks.
- His name's Chad.
- Chad.
MOLLY: Just sold his company for five million dollars.
I'll do a background check on him.
Martin, stop it.
Come on, I just want, you know, I don't want you to get hurt.
Well, you date someone, you might get hurt.
That's the way it goes.
And I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself.
I know you can take care of yourself Martin.
I want you in mine and Ben's lives.
But if you're gonna be my friend, then be my friend.
Not my father, or some self-anointed protector.
You're right.
Have a good night.
- What? - This is for you.
(GASPS, SNIFFS) Chicken Parm.
It's a thank-you for babysitting Ben.
Ah, thank you.
Kid's great.
He's a natural at craps.
And, all the girls at the strip club loved him.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Good night, Martin.
Good night.
(PHONE RINGING) ADRIANA: You know my husband didn't kill Tony Bonesaw.
All right, then why are you letting him take the fall for everything? If I turn myself in, both Jerry and I end up in jail.
We never see our daughter or each other again.
What if I told you there was a way the family could stay together? All three of you.
We both know city cops can't grant WitSec.
But there's an FBI agent in town who's got a grudge for your ex-boyfriend.
If you're willing to talk, I think he'll make a deal.
Adriana? (ENGINE STARTS) (CAR APPROACHING) (BRAKES SQUEAK) If I go with you, promise you'll help me keep my family safe? I promise.
PAULIE: Welcome to L.
, Frank.
You screwed up, Paulie.
The cops showed, and then she ran away.
She's a pro at this stuff.
Pull over, Paulie.
He's killed more people than I can even count.
First, there was Blue Eyes Murphy, then, Big John the Greek, in Bensonhurst.
Want to say 2010.
RIGGS: Wait, wait.
So there are two John the Greeks? There were.
GRAVES: You were given these orders by Frank Truno, personally? No, um he always went through an intermediary, but everyone knew who was calling the shots.
How about when you guys were dating? Did you ever overhear anything? Frank never talked shop with me.
He compartmentalized.
A true psycho.
Why are you here? Where's Eva? Don't worry.
Eva's safe.
I made a deal to keep us all together.
Detective? Yeah.
WitSec isn't an entitlement.
It must be earned.
Adriana didn't offer anything valuable.
But she did confess to her own crimes, including the homicide.
What the hell are you saying? I can't go back to the Bureau empty-handed.
She's being transferred to our custody.
RIGGS: So that's it? You're just gonna give up on bringing Truno down? Look, I promise you, Detective Riggs, if you can give me a real shot at Truno, I'll make any deal you want.
How about in act four, they throw the body in the freezer? Mm-hmm.
They don't realize the cold keeps him alive.
SCORSESE: Yeah, that works.
Yeah, finally, all right.
Our story got some zatz, you know? But I feel like we're still missing something.
- Dream sequence.
- Yeah, maybe.
But I don't know, we need, like, um We need, like, a better, uh, like, a better bad guy.
You know, someone who can like, send chills down your spine with, like, just a look.
Yeah, like that.
FRANK: Nicky G.
Long time, huh? Frank? Wow.
(LAUGHING): How you doing? What, uh what brings you to L.
? Me? Uh, I'm just thinking about getting into the movie business.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Really? 'Cause that's fantastic.
We we're writing a script, Nicky and I, actually - Bernard, meet Frank Truno.
- Yeah.
How you doing? You working on a script with him? Uh This it here? What's it about? It's, uh it's animated.
It's an animated, uh, musical.
Yeah, like a cartoon.
Yeah, it's like, just Well, that sounds about right, coming from you.
Right? Da-da, da-da, da-da.
(CHUCKLES) Do me a favor.
Beat it, will you? - Cecil B.
- Yeah.
Nicky, I'll see you.
Did you hear? The doctor's still alive.
I know.
Do me a favor.
Find him for me, all right? I'd like to, Frank.
I really would.
But I'm out of that line of work.
What, you're a big shot writer now? - Is that it? - No.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? I always heard they treated writers like crap in this town.
Not always.
But it happens.
Do me a favor, Nick.
Find the doctor.
You're free to go, Dr.
This way.
TRISH: What the hell is going on? Riana and Robbie are going to that dance together.
No, she is not going, okay? She is grounded.
She broke the house rule by having a boy in her room.
And rules are rules.
They asked me first, and I said yes.
This is crazy, Roger.
You might not like McNeile, but she is not dating him.
Yeah, but You-you know what my father thought about you at first? Your father? You father loves me.
But when we first started dating, he he was not for it.
What? W-What, because I was a cop? I understand that.
No, that wasn't it.
What-what was it? He thought you were too safe and anxious for his daring, see-the-whole-world daughter.
- Safe? - Mm-hmm.
And he was worried that I might grow tired of you.
But I haven't.
Not yet.
Make it right with Riana, huh? Thank you.
GRAVES: Since you signed a confession, your husband was released to CPC to pick up your child.
Once Detective Riggs signs your confession, all accessory charges against him will be dropped.
- Yeah.
Would you describe me as someone who's safe? Yeah.
That's a fair description.
Uh, this is a good "safe," or a bad "safe"? Eh, there is no good "safe.
" (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) GRAVES: Adriana's aded for the Spotlight Hotel.
Our intel has Frank Truno checking in there yesterday.
You guys hear that? Uh, we're still five blocks away.
Hey, Cap, those Bureau cars have radios? (SIREN WAILING) Adriana.
Adriana, listen to me.
(SIGHS) What? Killing Frank's not gonna solve anything.
It'll keep Jerry and Eva safe.
You do this, it's all over.
It's already over.
All right.
Wait, if I help you, they'll kill me.
If you don't, I'll kill you.
Guys, it's me.
I forgot something.
GRAZIANO: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Expected you a little sooner, babe.
You're a little rusty.
You should've stayed in New York, Frank.
Any last words? Yeah.
Why'd you leave me for him? (EVA CRYING) Get off of me! - (EVA CRYING IN DISTANCE) - Wait, wait, wait, wait.
We can't go in guns blazing, right? (EVA CRYING) Got an idea.
It's a little dangerous.
Might even be stupid, but Listen, I don't want to lose momentum, but I want you to know I am very proud of you right now.
Come on.
(GRUNTS) (OPERA MUSIC PLAYING) First I figured Old Man Battaglia whacked you and disposed of your body to get back at me.
ADRIANA: Frank, please.
FRANK: The old man denied it until I slit his throat.
Then I realized, you must've left me.
Let them go.
This is between us, Frank, not my family.
Leave the cannolis.
These are croissants.
(SIGHS) For five miserable years, I asked myself what'd I do wrong? Baby's out of the line of fire.
Adriana and the doctor are in the main room.
Four gunmen plus Frank.
Listen, you take Frank.
I'll get his backup.
On three, okay? Okay, on three.
You picked him over me! No! Can't wait for you, Rog.
One, two (SHOUTS) Three, three, three! (OPERA CRESCENDOS) (EVA CRYING) (CRYING): It's okay, my baby.
Hey, Riggs.
A little help here? Oh.
Hey, Rog.
Now get off me.
No, yeah.
GRAVES: Frank Truno is in stable condition, so he'll be able to stand trial for kidnapping and attempted murder.
That is, if you two will testify.
With complete immunity and WitSec for everyone.
GRAVES: Of course, due to your assault of a federal officer, your options for relocation are now Dismal, Tennessee and Boring, Oregon.
That is what we in the Bureau call a joke.
(LAUGHS) Though they are real towns.
Well, we prefer somewhere warm.
Adriana is legitimately bronchial.
Yeah, we can talk about that.
Thank you, Riggs.
You saved my family.
Do me a favor.
Thank my partner.
And, uh, tell him he's dangerous.
Trapped in an air duct, mobsters below, armed to the teeth, he draws his weapon, he says Insert catchphrase then bang-bang.
(YAWNS) Yawn factory.
You know, I've realized I think I can move on from this mob stuff now that I've kind of lived it.
New idea for a new script.
Oh, can't wait.
Forbidden romance, young lovers, uh, their families hate each other, you know.
It's, uh, Romeo and Juliet, but modern.
But what-what about the, uh, the set piece? The-the character arc? Oh, you're still in the picture, but now I see you as the villain.
The villain? The antagonist.
Bald head, flaring nostrils, declaring, "I stand in the glorious path of love!" Oh, it almost writes itself.
I don't "stand in the glorious path of love.
" Do I? (SIGHS) You ran a background check on your friend's date? (CLEARS THROAT) I know.
I promised I would stay out of it, but come on, the guy's name is Chad.
(CLUCKS TONGUE) Who do you think she should be dating? I don't know.
Someone great.
You know, like a-a doctor or an astronaut or, ooh, a barbeque pitmaster.
- That's kind of good.
- Or a cop? Look, Doc, we're friends.
Okay? Plus, I'm not some white-picket-fence kind of guy.
You know? And that's what she deserves.
What about you? What do you deserve? (CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) Oh.
All-all the best.
All good.
Leak fixed.
That was Chad.
Told me his car was towed, unpaid tickets.
Know anything about this? Uh, only that unpaid parking tickets tends to lead to, you know, more serious criminal behavior.
I was calling him to cancel our date.
You were right.
He wasn't for me, - Oh, okay.
- but that doesn't mean you had any right to sabotage it.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- No? - No.
- Ah.
Like-like the time you flattened Kip Cole's tires in the 10th grade? I was doing you a favor.
Kip Cole was a loser and you've always kind of had a tendency to be drawn towards losers, right? - Oh, maybe.
- Well, just saying.
And that would explain why you tried to kiss me that night.
(CHUCKLES) I'm sorry.
Are you referring to the cheek brush after the Odessa game? Need I remind you, I had a concussion.
So, I was just a little dazed.
Okay? And maybe stumble-y.
Not my most gracious moment, but not a kiss.
Right, right.
You were concussed.
That's too bad.
Maybe if you were healthy, you'd have pulled it off.
When the day is done We'll be out in the open And the time will come When I never have to ask again Ooh, I'm Yelling it out that we can't wait no more Ooh, I'm Coming after, coming after you TRISH: Oh, my God.
Perfect, perfect.
You look so beautiful, honey.
Hey, do you guys really need this many pictures? Yes, we do because we want to remember how beautiful you are today.
That way, baby.
That way.
Wait, wait, wait, I-I-I can't get a good angle.
All right, McNeile.
The ban on you being on my property is temporarily lifted.
One photo.
Come on.
Make it quick.
Go for it.
Okay, I'm gonna do a solo.
A few, just a few.
- Real quick, right here.
- (SIGHS) RIANA: Right.
Yeah, yeah, that's perfect.
I want to say thank you for letting me take Riana to the dance, Mr.
Fall in Are you afraid of me, Robbie? Uh, terrified, sir.
MCNEILE: Robbie.
- Yeah? - Can I get a shot? Yeah.
Fall in Hey, Ri.
I'm sorry that I let my thing with McNeile get in the way of your Life? Yeah.
You've proven to be more than capable of making good decisions.
Honestly, we only started dating to drive you two crazy.
Oh, how sweet.
Funny enough, I actually kind of like Robbie.
I mean, he's really sweet and he's nice to me.
Now that's what I wanted to hear.
You go and you have fun, all right? And, uh, and, hey You have her back here by 8:30.
MCNEILE: Uh, Big Rog, the dance starts at 8:00.
I'm aware.
Off the property.
Don't worry.
(TRISH LAUGHS) You can have her back by 11:30.
Ooh, I Coming after Okay, look back.
Watching my baby girl go off like that, scariest thing that's happened to me today.
And I dropped out of an air duct into a mob lair earlier.
TRISH: That's so sweet, baby.
I don't think you heard what I said.
Air duct, mob lair.
You should call your dad, tell him about it.
See how safe he thinks I am now.
(LAUGHS) My own superhero, huh? (LAUGHS) You got a catchphrase, baby? Actually, before I dropped, I said, "I'm too old for this.
" Okay, well, you know what, forget it.
Save it for the movie.